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Obama Visit Prep Sheet

Obama Visit Prep Sheet

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Published by: NCGOP on Jun 10, 2011
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Obama Visit Prep Sheet

NCGOP Communications Rundown
As many of you know, President Obama will be in the Triangle on Monday, visiting CREE and talking about jobs and the economy. The NCGOP Communications Team put the following document together to get you ready for his visit. Please let us know if you need anything else.


“We always welcome the President back to North Carolina but I believe out-of-work North Carolinians were hoping he would be announcing a new plant opening or more jobs created. As President Obama is giving another platitude-filled campaign speech on Monday, North Carolina Republicans are already working to hold him accountable for his failed policies and broken promises to cut the deficit and keep unemployment under eight percent.” - North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes


In the latest sign Barack Obama’s economic policies have failed, unemployment ticked up for the second month in a row to 9.1% while job growth plummeted to an 8 month low. Hope still isn’t hiring in America. The President calls the current status of our economy a temporary “bump in the road” but it looks as if we are heading towards a dead end. Debt is at $14.3 Trillion Unemployment is at 9.1% 43 cents borrowed for every dollar we spend. 2.5 million jobs lost under Obama Unemployment ticked up for the 2nd month in a row

Even Democrats are seeing the light on the President – “Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT): "I do think that President Obama has had a bit of a tin ear as far as the business community goes."


The NCGOP produced a television ad “Broken Promises. The television ad highlights President Obama’s failed policies and broken promises to cut our deficit in half and not let unemployment go over 8%. As of today, the deficit has increased more under Obama than all other Presidents combined and unemployment has been over 8% for 28 straight months.

Click here to watch “Broken Promises” (URL = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG4dO2eXQLs)

The 2012 election will be a referendum on President Obama’s failure to lead and his broken promises related to jobs and the economy. Do the people of North Carolina want to re-hire someone who promised cut our deficit in half, but has raised the deficit more than all other Presidents combined? Do the people of North Carolina want to re-hire someone who promised unemployment would not go over 8 percent, but for 28 straight months our unemployment rate has remained over 8% and currently sits over 9%?


Jan. 20, 2009 (Inauguration) National Debt: $10.6T Unemployment: 7.8% Price of Gas: $1.84 p/gal.

June 2, 2011 National Debt: $14.3T Unemployment: 9.1% Price of Gas: $3.79 p/gal.

Difference $3.7 trillion in more debt 1.3% higher despite stimulus Gas has more than doubled

2.5 Million: $14.3 Trillion: $3.7 Trillion: $26.3 Trillion: $1.65 Trillion: $5 Billion: 43 cents: $2.5 Trillion: 73 percent 62 percent 82 percent: 61 percent: 72 percent 42 percent 55 percent

Number of jobs lost under Barack Obama. Current national debt. The amount added to the national debt since Obama took office. Expected national debt in 2021 under Obama’s Budget Current federal deficit (largest in history & 3rd consecutive trillion dollar deficit) How much the Washington borrows every day to fund Obama’s spending spree Amount borrowed on every dollar the federal government spends. True cost of ObamaCare (when Dems budget gimmicks are removed) % of Americans who believe the next generation will be worse off economically (Politico 5/15) % of Americans who believe US is on the wrong track (Politico 5/15) % of Americans rate the economy as poor (CNN 5/11) % of Americans who disapprove of Obama’s handling of gas prices (AP/GfK 5/9) % of Americans who drive less because of gas prices (AP/GfK 5/9) % of Americans cutting back on groceries for gas money (Reuters/Ipsos 4/13) % of Americans think there are too many regulations, 36% disagree (Resurgent 5/25)

#### Paid for by the North Carolina Republican Party www.NCGOP.org

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