Lazy Newb Pack VERSION 9.1 with DF v0.31.25 -------------------------FORUM THREAD:

topic=59026 RUN "Lazy Newb Pack.exe" to change Settings, Graphics, Aquifers, Exotics, Keybindings, Run utilities, and MORE! FULL CONTENTS ----------------------Dwarf Fortress v0.31.25 Windows SDL w/Sound -Phoebus Graphics 32.25v06 -Mayday's Graphics 31.25 -Ironhand's Graphics 0.57 & April Fools version (All sets are interchangeable!) -Dwarf Therapist 0.6.10 -StoneSense Slate v2.3 -Runesmith v0.1.9 -DFInit Utility 1.53 -DFHack 0.5.12 -SoundSense r27 (NOTE: To get sounds go to "Soundpack update" and press "Start automatic update") -Quickfort v1.11 and v2.00pre3 -Chromafort 4/25 -Lazy Newb Pack GUI v1.3! -Custom Embark Profiles (LNP, Mayday, DFVIDTUTS2011, DFVIDTUTS2010) -Custom World gen (Lazy Newb World) -Laptop Keybinds ALTERNATE KEYBINDINGS -------------------------------------"LazyNewb" Keybindings: UP Z LEVEL: "," and "<" DOWN Z LEVEL: "." and ">" Menu Select UP: "-" Menu Select DOWN: "=" Menu Select PAGE UP: "_" (shift + "-") Menu Select PAGE DOWN: "+" (shift + "=") One-Step: "/" Zoom In: "]" (and mouse-wheel) Zoom Out: "[" (and mouse-wheel) ------------------------------------

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