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Svantesson. Writing an essay: Simple techniques to transform your coursework and examinations. 1997. LLB 153. Look at this as a form of workout to mantain the fitness of your attitude.26 FRY 28. Elwood Norman. R 150 CHA This book will show you how to adjust your attitude to restore the positive as you are buffeted by the stresses of daily life or as you take a negative drift. The speed reading book. INC. Ron. use effective learning techiques. revision and examination techniques. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2003. London: Kogan Page. 1995. London: Kogan Page. Research skills for students. Study!: A guide to effective learning. Ron. Barrass. The eight adjustment tehniques can help you retain your positive attitude or restore it. which contributed to the success of the first edition. Plymouth: How To Books. LLB 371. straightforward advice will help you to keep fit for study. Manage your time. LLB 370 BAR The clear. Attitude (audio and video cassettes included). London: BBC Worldwide. tests and examinations. Glendinning.14 HEN 33. Eric H.302 FRY 35. 2001. Ron.. and comunicate your thoughts in assessed course work. Routledge. ENG Reading Skills 36. Chapman. 2003. Study reading: A course in reading skills for academic purposes. LLB 371. finding information. if is necessary. Buzan. London: Kogan Page. and on using computer to help you prepare essays. Robert. citing sources. LLB 371. Learning maps and memory skills. Hennessey.302 FRY 34. 2002. this second edition includes more advice on working in groups. 1997. Tony. 2002. LLB 001. As well as these features. Improve your memory. Last minute study tips. project reports and short talks on presentations. Fry.27. Brendan. London: Kogan Page. LLB 150 BUZ 31. 29. Fry. Ingemar. LLB 150 SVA 30. 2003. 1997.402 RES 32. . Crisp Publications.. Fry. London: Kogan Page.

37. Help yourself! Ideas for independent study: 3. use the right body language and show your enthusiasm. 38. London: The British Council. 2004. 2004. The presentation: A guide to effective speaking (booklet included) [Video recording]. R 428 HEL 43. Help yourself! Ideas for independent study: 2. R 428 HEL 42. Bucharest: British Council. it looks at key issues such as style. Bucharest: British Council. Bucharest: British Council. 1997. Upper . Al-Jajjoka. R 428 ELE 46. 2005. Do it in your own time. spelling. Help yourself! Ideas for independent study: 1. The video makes clear the need to prepare carefully. LLB 371. R 808 LET This video provides an entertainment guide to business letter-writing. Peter. 40. 1997.14 ALJ 49. Elementary: Multimedia materials for language learners [CD-ROM]. LLB 650. R 658 MAR 39. Sail through exams! Preparing for traditional exams for undergraduates and taught postgraduates. 1997.intermediate: Multimedia materials for language learners [CD-ROM]. grammar and structure. TV Choice. Bucharest: British Council. 2004. 2005. TV Choice. R 428 HEL 41. ENG Resource Books 48. 2005. Make the most of your dictionary. London: The British Council. Help yourself! Ideas for independent study: 4. R 658 PRE This video takes the form of a workshop in which three novice presenters illustrate some common problems. 2005. Buckingham: Open University Press. Language skills practice. R 428 HEL 44. Resourse portofolio for teachers of English: A stepping stone to becoming a reflective teacher. London: Kogan Page. Bucharest: British Council. R 428 HEL 45. Romania: British Council. Keep vocabulary in mind. R 428 UPP 47. 2005. know who your audience is. Using a series of case studies set in business organisations.30281 LEV . TV Choice. Letter writting for business: An entertaining guide (booklet included) [Video recording]. Make the connection to the world wide web. Levin. tone. How to pass professional level psychometric tests. Marketing decisions: Typical business problems (booklet included) [Video recording]. Sam. Help yourself! Ideas for independent study.

Gordon. 52. New novelist makes the rewarding process of storytelling both easy and fun. LLB 153. 2001.30281 BRO 59. Basingstoke: Macmillan. Andrew. Study skills for speakers of English as a second language. London: Vermilion. Intelligent memory: Exercise your mind and make yourself smarter. Write great essays!: Reading and essay writing for undergraduates and taught postgraduates.14 GOR 53. Hampshire: Gower Publishing Limited. It offers hints and practical suggestions so you can develop good study skills and build your confidence. LLB 808 LEV This lively. 1999. Kate. then you are taking an even bigger step. Paul. Express Publishing. The National Centre for Languages. 10 point checklist before delivering training [Video recording]. readable book will help you to make the most of your studies. GCSE English (CD-ROM included).3 LEA 56. With this guide you can get the grades you deserve for the work you put in. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Bennett. If you speak English as a second language and are studying in a country new to you. Open University Press. CDR 428 MEA 54. Lewis. . 1999.50. LLB 370 LEW Starting at any university is a huge step. Start writing your novel [DVD]. LLB 371. Brookes. Peter. as well as managers own bookselves. Little book of exam skills. This friendly. Green. 2001. 51. 55. 2003. 2002. Stella. to-the-point guide will help you study and write efficiently and effectively. The Swansea levels test: X-Lex [CD-ROM].3 NEW This beautifully constructed program will help you write a novel or a short story. concise. Harlow: Longman.30281 COT 57. LLB 407. 2003. 2001. LLB 428 INS 60. Cottrell. Meara. Steve. The learning strategies handbook. Uhl Chamot. London: Hodder Children's. 2003. Creativity Software Ltd. The study skills handbook. Levin. Anna.3 GRE 58. Barry. Marilyn. 2004. LLB 371. Action stations!: Transforming language learning through creative strategies. London: HarperCollins. DVD 808. BAH V / 658 POI The video is designed for learning resource and open learning centres within organizations. LLB 407.

James D. Barry. Jones. Richard. LLB 407. Seely.. LLB 425 PAL 64. 2002. 2001.3 JON 63. Palmer. 1999. A Complete Guide. John. London: Routledge. Lester. ENG Writing Skills . Writing Research Papers. Write in style: A guide to good English. Ninth Edition. The Oxford Guide to Writing & Speaking. LLB 428 LES 62. New Zealand: Addison Wesley Longman. Advanced pathfinder 2: Developing learning strategies. The National Centre for Languages. Oxford: Oxford University Press.61. 2000.

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