Welcome to the Circle Design calendar builder!

This template contains: y y y A calendar design in 3 color variations 2 choices for displaying the days of the week (Sun-Sat and Mon-Sun) 1 sample page and 12 blank calendar pages for you to customize

How do I use it?
By selecting options from your Quick Parts menu, you can mix and match colors and calendar formats to create a calendar for one month or for an entire year. Simply delete any blank or unused pages before printing your calendar.

To get started
1. Click the top of a blank page. 2. Click the Insert menu on the Ribbon. 3. Click Quick Parts, and then click a Calendar Design. 4. Click Quick Parts again, and then click the Calendar Format that you want to use. (Note: Some Quick Parts might appear to be blank because the preview displays content that will appear at the top of a page only. If you click them, these Quick Parts will still appear in the correct place on your calendar.) 5. Type in the month, year, and days of the month, and then repeat these steps for each calendar month that you want to create. 6. When you re finished, delete any blank or unused pages, and then print your calendar.

Tips and tricks
y y This template is theme-ready! After you create your calendar, you can use the theme, font, and color options on the Page Layout tab of the Word 2007 Ribbon to customize it further. Because it can be difficult to delete something from a page that contains more than one Quick Part, try pressing CTRL+Z to undo the last Quick Part that you inserted. You can press CTRL+Z more than once to undo a series of Quick Parts, if you need to, or you can start over on a new page.

by noon Presley LAST day of School 18 Journals for LIT Britton comes back 19 Britton Leaves today Take PSY quiz this week Presley romp and roll class 2010 .JUNE 13-18 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 13 14 Lit paper 15 16 LIT DB Q due OT @ 2:45 17 LIT paper 1 DUE.

2:30Presley OT 6-7: Romp and Roll 2010 . #1 due respond to 4 folks by the 7th.MAY/JUNE 30-5 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 30 31 Lit-All intro quizzes and General DB question 1 5:30-9:30 Bio Lab DTC637 2 3 4 HISLearning activity 1 Due 5 PSYPersonal paper due by tomorrow Lit-400 Bio-DB word min.

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