Nautican Army list draft 5.

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Draft 5.0

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Draft 5.0



Nautican army allowances & special rules .................................................................................................5 Army Special Equipment .............................................................................................................................8 Aqua Lore (Magic) and Spellcasters .........................................................................................................10 Lord Level Characters ............................................................................................................................. 13 Nautican Lord ............................................................................................................................................13 King of the Seas .........................................................................................................................................14 The Guardian of Time ...............................................................................................................................15 Mermaid ....................................................................................................................................................17 Hero Level Characters ............................................................................................................................ 18 Nautican Prince .........................................................................................................................................18 Chanty Singer ............................................................................................................................................19 Zharc .........................................................................................................................................................20 K' Li Mare ..................................................................................................................................................21 Zheala ........................................................................................................................................................22 Vortex "the Water Shield" .........................................................................................................................23 Zu-Xhi .......................................................................................................................................................25 The Coastal Hermit ....................................................................................................................................26 Siren...........................................................................................................................................................27 Nautican Character "Mounts" ...................................................................................................................28 Magic Items ........................................................................................................................................... 30 Magic Weapons.........................................................................................................................................30 Magic Armour ...........................................................................................................................................32 Arcane Items ..............................................................................................................................................34 Talismans ...................................................................................................................................................35 Magic Banners...........................................................................................................................................38 Core Units .............................................................................................................................................. 40 Coral Hunters ............................................................................................................................................40 Crest Riders (“Cresters”) ...........................................................................................................................41 Wave Breakers...........................................................................................................................................42 Sandgangers ..............................................................................................................................................43 Stingrays ....................................................................................................................................................44 Special Units .......................................................................................................................................... 45 Aqualops ....................................................................................................................................................45 Interceptors ...............................................................................................................................................47 Oceanic Trident Guard .............................................................................................................................48 Giant Crabs ................................................................................................................................................49 Lobstrosities ...............................................................................................................................................50 Tripoon Battery..........................................................................................................................................51 Rare Units .............................................................................................................................................. 52 Octobipods ................................................................................................................................................52 Weresharks................................................................................................................................................53 The Leviathan ............................................................................................................................................54 Octopus Giganteus ....................................................................................................................................55 Fortunis the Infinity Turtle ........................................................................................................................56


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Some Nauticans bear reptilian like spines on their backs and crests on their heads. never again to achieve the greatness of the old ocean empire. The Nauticans nurtured a symbiotic relationship with the marine life around them and together they shared the fruits of the seas and the protection that many . Indeed. were fought and Chaos all but destroyed the once proud underwater civilisation. The tectonic plates parted under the Chaos pressures and the Nauticans world was torn asunder by submarine quakes.Draft 5. Lesser daemons and heralds were sent hither and thither and were ever intent on searching out the hidden people of the ocean world. Typically a Nautican noble will stand slightly bowed but six feet in height when fully upright. protected from the outside world with what remained of their elemental magics. learning to work in alliance with ocean creatures and in unison with the natural ways of the deep.0 The Nauticans The deep ocean empire of Nautica was established many thousands of years ago before the inhospitable surface world was fully formed. the Nauticans have not even been part of history until now! The first incursion from the realms of Chaos was almost cataclysmic for the Nauticans. these are seen as marks of knowledge. wisdom and experience that may extend for up to a millenia in man years. For millenia the Nauticans were successful in their endeavours and they lived peacefully. Thanks to the Mermaids and Sirens who sensed the turn of evil some of the Nautican leaders were saved before their final underwater enclave was discovered and the gates of Chaos opened. their survival depended on it. The Nautican's wide jaws host gills that they can use to breathe underwater or to syphon the surface air for the short hours* they can survive out of water before they need to return for vital salts and nutrients. What remained of the Nautican princes and nobles hid themselves in deep ocean trenches. As the Chaos incursions ravaged the surface world the Nauticans were ever vigilant and made every effort to protect the ocean floor and keep their presence in the world a secret. Page 4 . The Nauticans remained a small race. Most Nauticans have black eyes that can see deep into the dark ocean depths. wrists and ankles that all help to streamline their bodies for ocean life. Their presence on land is helped by the powerful elemental magic that surrounds the Nautican army and keeps the air moist and cool. It was inevitable that the Nauticans would come into contact with the surface dwellers. The deep had become uninhabitable. As the ages passed the Nauticans established small princedoms and provinces in secret places on the ocean beds beyond the minds or imagination of any surface dweller or even the Daemons of Chaos. for which the Nauticans were ill prepared. their hands and feet are usually webbed and they bear residual scales on their necks. Terrible underwater wars. The Nautican seers believe their race are the ancestors of the humans and the Elves and that the Nautican people have some great part to play before the end of times when the seas will once again engulf the world. devastating currents and grotesque underwater daemons intent on reaping their foul God's will. The Nautican Form The Nautican nobility and their people are bipods and are generally similar in stature to humans and elves although just like other creatures of the deep their appearance is as variable as the oceans they inhabit. Long the Nauticans lived in peace but the Chaos Gods had not forgotten the sea dwellers and their first underwater wars. the Nauticans had no choice but to find safe dwellings in shallower coastal waters. * Nauticans are able to breathe the surface airs for several hours at a time albeit not comfortably. The old Nautican Empire pre-dates the histories of all the surface dwelling races and the very existence of the oldest land based creatures.

Draft 5.000 2. Lords 0 1 2 3 +1 Choosing Troops Army Points Value Less than 2.000 Core Units 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ +1 Special Units 0-3 0-4 0-5 0-6 +0-1 Rare Units 0-1 0-2 0-3 0-4 +0-1 Army Wide rules:     Hate Daemons of Chaos Units Aquatic . except for sandgangers that cannot occupy water features) All flaming attacks and flaming missiles (whatever their source) reduced by -1 strength Before deployment.000 or more 3.000 or more 4. Page 5 .000 or more 4. Nauticans share common characteristics and these are represented by the Seaborn rule which is noted in each unit's special rules.treat all water features as open ground (Nauticans in water benefit from soft cover.0 Nautican army allowances & special rules Allowances Character Choices Army Points Value Less than 2.000 or more Each +1.000 or more Each +1.000 Total Characters 3 4 6 8 +2 Max.000 or more 3.000 2. after table sides have been chosen the Nautican player can place a water feature (no larger than 6” in diameter anywhere within the Nautican deployment area) the army can summon a Sea Storm (see below) if it includes a Chanty singer Seaborn rules The Nautican army is a composite mix of a various sea creatures and Nautican peoples.* * All units in the Nautican Army have the Seaborn rule except for Sandgangers which come from the shores and not the seas. Special Characters have the seaborn rule if noted in their profile.

* * if both armies have sacrificed the option to choose who goes first then roll a D6 as normal. Creatures from the Deep have a regeneration save of 5+ Page 6 . All enemy units with one or more models within 12" of the marker at the beginning of each Nautican turn are affected as follows (while the storm lasts):    All enemy BS -1 Gunpowder weapons do not work on a D6 roll of 6* (test for each weapon fired). Roll a d6 at the beginning of subsequent turns to see if the storm continues.Draft 5. These Nauticans are the most resilient of the Nautican creatures and their bodies have adapted to heal quickly. ** a roll of 6 is always a fail *** Lore of Heavens : Forked Lightning The storm always lasts for the whole of turn 1.special rules The Nauticans are comprised of Creatures and Nautican peoples from across the oceans. the creatures are bound by Nautican magic to serve their Nautican masters.. * The storm has made the gunpowder wet. Enemy units’ basic move rate is reduced by 1 ** (flyers must pass a strength test to fly if they fail they can only move at half of their movement rate) At the beginning of the battle. Turns 2 & 3 : storm continues on roll of 3+ Turn 4 : storm always ends after turn 3 Sea Creature Origins .. If the Nautican player summons a Sea Storm then he sacrifices his chance of going first and the opponent has the option of taking the first turn. Special Rules:Creatures of the deep The Nauticans of the deep oceans live in an extremely inhospitable environment. the Reefs or the Shores. The sea people unite to protect their common interests. from the deep to the very shores of their surface dwelling enemies. * The Sea Creature Origin rules do not apply to all Special Characters (see their respective profiles).0 Sea Storms The Nautican player can declare at the beginning of the game that he is summoning a sea storm (if the Army includes a Chanty Singer). To summon a Sea Storm place a marker on the board at the very beginning of the 1st Nautican turn (the marker remains immovable for the duration of the storm). Both creatures and peoples have different origins. The They are plagued by denizens of the deep spawning around chaos vents leaking twisted magic into the seas.. these origins affect their natural abilities and translate into very disparate battlefield abilites. All Nauticans* are either from the Deep. the Nautican player can cast a bound (power level 6) lightning strike spell *** on one enemy unit which inflicts D6 str 4 hits.

They move easily and quickly adapting to the changing tides and are ever the most battle ready of all Nautican units.Deep Mermaids & Sirens . Creatures of the Reef who are not in combat and do not move in the movement phase benefit from soft cover (-1 to hit for missile fire) Creatures of the Reef gain +1 to their combat resolution* as coral forms around them and they become more difficult for the enemy to dislodge. Sea Creature Rules are noted in the Special Character's profiles where applicable. Creatures of the Shores The shoreline dwellers that reside in coastal inlets and shores are at one with tidal magic.Draft 5. On land. Creatures of the Shores can deploy 6 inches further into the battlefield (beyond the usual deployment area for pitced battles) Sea Creature Origins:- Reef Core Units Special Units Rare Units Coral Hunters Crest Riders Lobstrosities Octobipods Giant Octopus Shore Wave Breakers Sandgangers Giant Crabs Aqualops Deep Stingrays Interceptors Trident Guard Weresharks Leviathan Fortunis Note: The Tripoon Battery is crewed by Wave Breakers which are Cretures of the Shore but because it is a war machine it does not benefit from the advanced deployment rules. They are at one with the conditions and they carry with them the magical essence of the coral environment.Deep *not including special characters. the living coral will form around "Reefers" who do not move. Characters* Nautican Lords & Princes . This provides some protection from missile fire and makes "Reefers" move difficult to shift in close combat.0 Creatures of the Reefs (or "Reefers") The Reef dwellers live in symbiotic harmony with the living coral about them. * This benefit does not apply in the first turn of combat if the Reefer unit charged into combat. Page 7 .

The Fisher Speargun Designed for fishing in the shallows. armour piercing. This trident is however. Weapons:The Oceanic Trident The Nautican Speargun The oceanic diamond tipped trident is an extremely rare but fearsome weapon due to it's reach and the barbed nature of the three forked diamond tipped spikes which glow white hot and can never be blunted. strength 4.Draft 5. 16 inches.0 Army Special Equipment Much of the Nautican equipment is unknown to the surface world. can be used in 2 ranks (except when charging) A specialist tool designed and used solely by the deep divers for prising open giant clams in search of their rare and precious rainbow pearls. in all respects. This single handed weapon has been adapted into a formidable machete like weapon capable of tearing apart light armour and cleaving shields in two. However. While some weapons have clear equivalents like the Nautican sword or spear other weapons and armour have special abilities not usually associated with weapons of their kind in the armouries of the surface world. strength 3. can be used in 2 ranks (except when charging) The Sea Trident Used primarily for underwater deep sea fishing these weapons adapted well to surface use and were tipped with poison by the Nauticans. the clam machete's highly honed edge is soon blunted by modern metal armour that is designed to absorb impact. 16 inches. a mundane weapon albeit a unique and powerful addition to the Nautican armoury +1 strength. It's reach and light weight allows it to be used with a shield and in two ranks like it's cousin the oceanic trident. +1 strength. Page 8 . the weapon nonetheless remains effective on land. Clam Machete The sea trident is the common weapon of choice for the Nautican elite warrior. It is also a formidable weapon against both cavalry and armoured foot troops. Their range is limited but they remain a versatile weapon which can deal with high toughness enemies. This weapon is imbued with elemental energy and emits a high pitched ring when it is brought down into a defensive position and the haft is driven into the ground. strength +1 and armour piercing in 1st round of each combat. poisonous.

The mail illuminates the deep oceans and wards off predators and attracts other fish which congregate in giant shoals that can even be seen as small pin pricks of light on the ocean surface. The Leviathan was the scourge of the Nautican Empire while it was in it's prime and before Chaos arrived.Draft 5. know this not to be the case. over millennia. The mail acts as light armour 6+ save. It is in fact dangerous to strike one of the nobility's great clam shields because it does not absorb the full energy of the strike but rebounds it on the assailant. Clam Shields* provide a 5+ armour save * clam shields do not provide an armour save against attacks which ignore armour saves. Page 9 . * Leviathan shields do not provide an armour save against attacks which ignore armour saves. The scales and light they emit is so bright on the surface world that any enemy seeking to strike a Nautican wearing scalemail suffers -1 to hit. Leviathan Scale shields provide a 5+ armour save* and Magic Resistance (1). the Leviathan became resistant to. Even the Dwarfs would wonder at their toughness if they could only swim and retrieve some of the rare giant clams from which the shields are harvested. Indeed. Clam Shields Few materials in the known world are harder than a clam shield. from bitter years of experience. some of the wise said the emergence of the underwater behemoth was the first sign that Chaos had forced it's way into the world. The Nauticans defended themselves from "The Beast" with strong elemental magic that.0 Armour:Leviathan Scale Shields Scalemail The Leviathan was thought to be a mythological beast by the surface dwellers found only in sailors songs and in tales to frighten children away from the water. The Nauticans. This is a light chainmail like armour which is sewed together from giant scaled fish that traverse the deep uncharted waters in ocean trenches unknown to the surface world.

The Nautican spellcasters are exclusively female. in which case the Nautican counts as charging in the following combat phase). The giant albatross will swoop down and lift the character. those within it and those that live upon and around it. please take this to mean Mermaid as well. 1 .Waterblast (Casting Power 5+) A powerful blast of sea water surges from the spellcaster's fingertips at astonishing speed to crash into enemies foolish enough to approach within range.Summon Water Elemental 6 . Sirens and Mermaids. Aqua Lore Spell Generation Note: when you see "Siren" below. Those that do not succumb to the sheer force of the blast are often drowned or incapacitated as the water fills their lungs. the giant albatross will answer and come to their aid.Sea Surge 4 .Symbol of the Southern Ocean 3 . Little else is known about the Sirens on the surface world except that powerful elemental magic always follows in their wake.The Dead Seas of Time 5 .0 Aqua Lore (Magic) and Spellcasters Each Nautican Spell caster can choose a single Lore from the Lore of Light. moving it anywhere within 20" of it's original position (even directly into combat. When the Sirens sing the melody of ocean breeze. They are rare and mostly shy but sometimes venture to the surface waters to sate their curiosity about the "land beings". 2 .Draft 5.Symbol of the Southern Ocean (casting power 6+) Sirens and Mermaids have a close affinity with all of the creatures of the seas. This spell can be cast upon any unmounted friendly Nautican character that is not engaged in combat. Others say the Sirens are friendly and have rescued drowning mariners. Lore of Life. Target any unit in line of sight within 18". Roll a d6 to randomly generate:1 . The power of the water is such that is hits the enemy like a solid wall.Tidal Wave The Sea Sirens and Mermaids float atop ever present magical waves and join the Nauticans in their quest to inhabit the shallows and colonise coastal bays away from the terrors of the deep. is within 18" of the Siren and has a starting profile wounds characteristic of 3 or less. The unit suffers d6 str2 hits with no armour save allowed. Page 10 Spellcaster Special Rules Sea Sirens (levels 1 & 2 magic users) Mermaids (levels 3 & 4 magic users) . Lore of Heavens or Aqua Lore.Waterblast 2 . Many stories are told about these beautiful spellcasters which surface dwellers call by the names of Muses. Many races fear the Sirens saying they deliberately draw their ships onto rocks enchanting the sailors with their songs.

the unit's armour save.Draft 5. scales. The unit is immediately moved 2d6 inches directly forward*. The elemental must remain within 8" of the caster at all times. weapon skill and bow skill are all reduced by -1 for the remainder of the battle.0 3 . 5 . Armour is of small help against a water elemental. If this results in contact with the enemy then resolve combat in the next phase as though the Nautican unit had charged**.The Dead Seas of Time (casting power 8+) Through song and dance the Siren conjures up images of the dead seas where no being or thing can survive. Target any friendly unit with the Seaborn rule within 18" (no line of sight is required). the only allowable enemy charge reactions are "hold" or "flee.reapermini. Drown. M Water Elemental 4 Ws 4 Bs 0 S 4 T 4 W 4 I 4 A 4 Ld 8 Base Size : 40 x 40mm Special : Stubborn. Mermaid & Water Elemental from :.http://www. A highly corrosive salt covers everything and instantly eats into the enemy's skin. Casting this spell more than once on a unit has no additional effect. The concentration required for such a feat is great and exhausting and the elemental's existence in this world is a fragile one held in place only by the great will of the Nautican spellcaster. A Siren within 18” of a Water feature may summon a water elemental. The salt is not lethal but very painful and distracting Target any enemy unit within 18" that the caster can see. Elemental Singularity:A water elemental cannot coexist in the presence of it's equal and opposite fire elemental or any part of it (even a single ember) A water elemental will be immediately banished and cease to exist if it is hit (not necessarily wounded) by any kind of flaming attack whatsoever. armour and weapons Page 11 . 4 . Elemental Singularity Drown:The Water elemental attacks by attempting to drown it's enemies in a torrent of water and punches with watery fists as hard as iron that can smash stone and bones alike." * no unit can be moved more than once with the Sea Surge spell per Nautican magic phase ** the Nautican unit is not subject to any charge related psychology tests.Sea Surge (casting power 8+) The crest of a wave is summoned to drive the Nautican army into the fray. if for any reason this distance is increased then the elemental waters will immediately dissipate into the ground and become but a puddle ! Only a single elemental can be controlled at any one time by the Nautican Army.Summon Water Elemental (casting power : 10+) In times of dire need and usually only for their own protection a Siren can use great powers to animate water elementals to do their bidding.

scaly skin and cavalry are particularly vulnerable because they are less able or totally unable to rise above the wave. * Tidal Waves can be cast into combat because Nauticans suffer no ill effects from being hit by a tidal wave. Enemies encumbered by armour or heavy. A power that can sweep across the battlefield destroying all in it's path. can breathe underwater and are literally in their element ! Page 12 . they sense it coming.* within 6” – d6 str 5 hits >6” . The raw unadulterated power of the seas is captured in a tidal wave. The tidal wave emanates from the caster and affects all enemy units wholly or partly within 18" of the caster whether or not they are engaged in combat.0 6 . flooded or rendered inoperable. Likewise.18” – d6 str 3 hits Any low level obstacles such as hedges and walls are completely destroyed if a tidal wave hits them. they are literally pinned to the ground and are crushed and drown where they stand.Draft 5. The longer the undead are held under the waters the more damage that is done.12” – d6 str 4 hits >12” . those inanimate objects which not designed to function underwater are more readily damaged.Tidal Wave (casting power 13+) The spell is equally effective against the undead (even though they cannot be drowned) because the wave is infused with Nautican magic that cleanses the unnatural sorcery that binds the undead to the living world. The most powerful and deadly of all the Siren spells.

Points/model: 105 pts M Nautican Lord 4 Ws 6 Bs 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 7 A 4 Ld 9 Equipment: hand weapon Options: may have a great weapon (+8 pts) or an Oceanic Trident (+8 pts) or a Clam Machete (+6 pts) or an additional hand weapon (+8 pts) May have a Nautican speargun (+8 pts) May wear Scalemail (+12 pts).Draft 5. The Nautican peoples gladly answer their rallying call in times of war.0 Lord Level Characters Nautican Lord The Nautican Lords are at the pinnacle of the Nautican civilisation in regards to nobility. honour and wisdom. Leviathan Shield (+35 pts) or Clam Shield (+18 pts) May ride in a Royal Chariot (+110 pts) or on The Great White Titan (+80 pts) May choose up to 100 pts or magic items from the Common or Nautican magic items list. Special Rules: Seaborn Page 13 .

Armour save 2+. Royalty. Large Target The First Trident Forged of ancient elemental wave magic unknown to the surface world. The Nauticans fight for the King of the Seas rather than him fighting for them. Magic armour is therefore treated as mundane armour of the same type. Additionally.Draft 5. the King of the Seas is the last remaining ocean sentinel.0 King of the Seas Sometimes known as the elemental father. Image used with permission The King of the Seas at taban-miniatures. it is beneath him to join a unit and he will never join a unit irrespective of the circumstances facing him. deceptively resistant to the land based winds of magic. enemies that can regenerate can only do so on a 5+ (rather than the usual 4+) Natural Scale Mail:The King's lower body is a hard scaled fin that extends well over 20 feet when fully stretched. Ward Save 4+ Royalty:If the King leads an army he is automatically the army general. Stubborn. The King stands over 20 feet tall and is the most feared sea dweller. The King's upperbody has a human like appearance. He despises all land based creatures and denies them all access to his oceanic world. Points/model: 490 pts M King of the Seas 6 Ws 7 Bs 6 S 7 T 5 W 5 I 3 A 4 Ld 10 Equipment: The First Trident. Magic Resistance (2). Natural Scale Mail Special Rules: Seaborn (hates all non-Nautican enemies).com Page 14 . The First Trident ignores all magic armour (but not other magic items) which enhances the wearer's armour save or provide a ward or regeneration save. The King is of great power and ancient nobility. Causes Terror. The fin and the underlying muscle is almost impenetrable to many land based weapons.

Loner. The Anchor of Time Special Rules: Anchor Bound. As far as the Nauticans are concerned he is timeless and has always dwelt in the deep. bolts and lead shot is pulled towards the anchor and absorded into it's mass. At the beginning of each subsequent combat phase the entrapped model must pass a strength test to break free (a roll of 6 is a failed str test) or suffer a d3 str 6 automatic hits. The Anchor is utterly indestructable and immovable. Points/model: 425 pts M Guardian of Time 6 Ws 4 Bs 3 S 6 T 6 W 5 I 5 A 5 Ld 9 Equipment: Huge Anchor Chains. as though the units were within soft cover. An enemy that breaks free can attack in that combat phase and can be attacked normally by the Guardian. * while using the throttle attack other enemies automatically hit The Guardian of Time in close combat The Anchor of Time (50 x 50mm base):This is not a weapon or armour but a unique gigantic immovable relic in the shape of a ship's anchor that materialises anywhere within the Nautican's deployment zone and within 6 inches of the Guardian at the beginning of each battle. The Guardian of time cannot be killed. Throttle . range 8 inches.the Guardian can stand and shoot using the chains. Page 15 . cannon balls. 2. The units cannot be targetted by war machine weaponry as the rocks. Lash . Terror Huge Anchor Chains:These chains have been the death of countless enemies. when defeated in combat his spirit leaves the battlefield and returns to an earlier time to weave future events to his liking. it will instantly disappear for the remainder of the battle if the Guardian of Time is destroyed or moves more than 12" away from it. The Guardian makes his throttle atempt before combat begins but after impact hits. 1.0 The Guardian of Time The Guardian of Time is a sea dweller of completely unknown origin and purpose. Large Target. The entrapped enemy cannot attack the Guardian of Time until it breaks free. d6 str 6 hits.the Guardian can forego his usual attacks and attempt to wrap the chains like a noose around a single enemy model (of any size !) in base to base contact. Other ranged weaponry targeted at units within 6 inches of the anchor are at -1 to hit. the Guardian uses them in close combat to lash and throttle his enemies. The Anchor is of unfathomable weight and a gravitational protection surrounds all units within 6 inches.Draft 5. If the Guardian passes an initiative test and the enemy fails their initiative test then the enemy is trapped in a chain noose and immediately suffers d3 str 6 automatic hits.

The power dice can only be used by a friendly spellcaster within 12 inches of the Anchor. The Anchor's pure size and weight absorbs the residual magical energies on the battlefield like a giant Page 16 .blackscorpionminiatures. Loner:The Guardian may never join a unit or be the army's general. For a suitable Guardian of Time miniature try http://www.0 Anchor Bound:The Guardian is Stubborn whist within 12" of the Anchor (which remains stationary throughout the battle).Draft 5. A Nautican army including the Guardian of Time gains 1 extra power dice and 1 extra dispel dice (while the Guardian remains alive and within 12" of the Anchor). he has his own mysterious agenda.

preferring to rely on their own wits. Ocean Grace :- Mermaids are able to manipulate the waves of magic like no others. Ocean Page 17 . The miscast is ignored on a roll of 5 or 6 Sole Legend :- While Mermaids possess great strength of mind and will they are naturally reclusive and are reluctant to join most units. Civilized races find themselves restrained for virtuous reasons. Few of the good can bear to look into a Mermaid's eyes and suffer the reflection of their own conscience.Draft 5. * If the Mermaid is operating independently or has joined a unit and is being selectively targetted by a missile weapon (a hochland long rifle for example) then the ranged missile unit must take a leadership test -2 to fire upon her. Lore of Light. Mermaids only be field alone or in a unit of Trident Guard. * spellcasters (ie models allowed to take arcane items) and units immune to psychology can see through the mystical presence of the mermaid to the threat that lies beneath and do not need to take a leadership test. Lore of Life or Lore of Heavens Peerless Beauty :- Enemies can barely bring themselves to attack a Mermaid. for instance. their only peers on the surface world are the High Elves and the Slann. Miscast rule – if a miscast is rolled then roll another dice. an area effect template could result in the mermaid being wounded or killed). Peerless Beauty. can be upgraded to Level 4 for +35 pts. Sole Legend Mermaids can choose one of the following lores of magic :Aqua Lore. Equipment: may choose up to 100pts of magic items for the common or Nautican list May ride The Eternal Wave (+100 pts) Special Rules: Seaborn. it would be akin to striking a flower with a mace . enchanting beauty. Points/model: 205 pts M Mermaid 4 Ws 3 Bs 3 S 3 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 1 Ld 9 Magic: Level 3 spellcaster. Mermaids radiate an aura of unadulterated grace.0 Mermaid Creatures of exquisite. Even evil enemies are left confused and disorientated in a mermaid's presence.pointless) Mermaids can only be attacked in hand to hand combat if the attacker passes a leadership test -2. Image from http://www. If the Mermaid has joined a unit the enemy does not have to take a leadership test to fire upon the unit as a whole (even if. evil creatures for the fear of the heavenly consequences (unthinking creatures simply do not see any reason to attack a mermaid.freebooterminiatures.

Leviathan Shield (+25 pts) or Clam Shield (+12 pts) May ride in a Royal Chariot (+110 pts) or on The Great White Titan (+80 pts) May choose up to 50 pts or magic items from the Common or Nautican magic items list.Draft 5. Special Rules: Seaborn Battle Standard Bearer . * a Chanty Singer must be included in the army for the Nauticans to benefit from the Sea Storms rule (see Nautican Army Special Rules) Page 18 .0 Hero Level Characters Nautican Prince The Nautican Princes are trained and nurtured from early age to turn them into true leaders of their people.if the army does not include a Chanty Singer* then one Nautican Prince can carry the Battle Standard onto the field of combat (for +25 pts). They are honourable. The standard bearer cannot take any magical items if he chooses a magical standard (which can be of any points cost). Points/model: 65 pts M Nautican Prince 4 Ws 5 Bs 4 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 6 A 3 Ld 8 Equipment: hand weapon Options: may have a great weapon (+5 pts) or an Oceanic Trident (+5 pts) or a Clam Machete (+4 pts) or an additional hand weapon (+4 pts) May have a Nautican speargun (+5 pts) May wear Scalemail (+8 pts). The Battle Standard Bearer cannot be the army's General even if he has the highest leadership. tactically aware and have the admiration of all Nautica.

0 Chanty Singer Nautican Generals often employ Chanty Singer Battle Standard Bearers in their forces.tale sorrow. These songs cannot be heard whilst a Sea Storm is in progress but will have the following effects on all friendly units within 12 inches when the storm ceases. Nautican units with the Seaborn rule add +1 to their leadership 5-6 . roll a d6 at the beginning of each Nautican Turn:   1-2 .Draft 5. Nautican units with the Seaborn rule add +1 to their leadership and re-roll missed hits in combat * Leadership cannot be raised above 10 Battle Standard Bearer: if a Chanty Singer is taken he automatically becomes the army's battle standard bearer and cannot take any magic items whatsoever (including magical banners) or any armour or special weaponry into battle. Special Rules: Seaborn. Page 19 . Sings for Pleasure Sings for Pleasure:A Chanty Singer will uncontrollably chant and sing throughout the course of a battle.echoes of mighty glories.fable of the deep. The Chanty singer is not as adept in close combat as the equivalent Nautican Prince standard bearers but they make up for this deficit with the rousing mystical chants and their power to bring Sea Storms into battle Points/model: 85 pts M Chanty Singer 4 Ws 4 Bs 3 S 3 T 4 W 2 I 5 A 2 Ld 8 Equipment: hand weapon No armour or equipment options. Nautican units with the Seaborn rule suffer -1 to their leadership 3-4 .

if Zharc is beaten in combat the frenzy is lost for the remainder of the battle. The encounter lasted three days and Zharc emerged half shark. miniature from http://www. Causes Fear. Zharc is not granted an automatic additional attack.* Like normal Frenzy. life threatening encounters in the deep. He will never join a unit of "non-Weresharks. The armband made from the teeth of the Great White Shark fortifies Zharc's nerves and makes him Stubborn. Armour Piercing Teeth. The unit does not get any additional attacks from unsaved wounds caused by Zharc and Zharc does not get any additional attacks from unsaved wounds caused by the Wereshark unit. Zharc becomes stronger and more ferocious as he gets a taste for his opponents blood. Scaly Skin (4+).0 Zharc Zharc is renowned amongst the Nautican race for his hunting exploits in the deep." A single unit of Weresharks lead into battle by Zharc counts as a special unit choice rather than a rare unit choice. Points/model: 210pts M Zharc 5 Ws 6 Bs 0 S 6 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 4 Ld 8 Base Size: 40mm x 40mm Equipment: Great White Shark Tooth armband Special Rules: Seaborn. half Nautican. Wereshark Frenzy Unable to contain his voracious appetitie. * If Zharc joins a unit of Weresharks resolve his Wereshark Frenzy separately from the unit's. Unlike normal frenzy. He fought and killed the mightiest Great White shark that ever swam the oceans with his bare hands. Stubborn. Shark Father Great White Shark Tooth armband:- Zharc has lived for hundreds of years and has faced and survived many extremely dangerous. he gets an additional strength 7 attack for every unsaved wound inflicted on his enemy from his normal attacks in each round of Page 20 . Wereshark Frenzy. (http://dimsgalleries. Creature of the Deep.Draft 5.reapermini. Shark Father Zharc can operate alone or lead a unit of Weresharks (his children) into combat. The Weresharks are his offspring. he operates alone in the oceans and is credited with awesome feats of hunting Painted by pascalrooze@hotmail.

0 K' Li Mare The Nautcians entice K' Li Mare to do their bidding because it is the only Octobipod they are aware of that possesses any kind of sentient intelligence. K' Li Mare is immune to "Killing Blows". Melanin Cloud K' Li Mare is permanently shrouded in an inky mist that extends several feet in all directions. Slippery When Wet ! Octobipods have three hearts and a lot of arms that impede even the most expert killers. treat any enemy bearing a shield as though they do not have a shield. The Nauticans believe K'Li Mare is a female octopus although it's be difficult to tell without getting dangerously close ! "She" appears to be some kind of matriarch in the Octobipod world with the ability to direct and control others of her kind. not only that but Octobipods are extremely slippery! Like other Octobipods and Blue Rings. Matriarch. Creature of the Reef. Shields are easily clasped. Melanin Cloud. This bestows -1 to hit from missile fire for both K' Li Mare and any Octobipod unit she joins. weapons and armour from it's foe. Slippery When Wet ! Grapple Eight tentacles and two arms make an Octobipod very difficult to attack. Causes Fear. Points: 115 pts M K' Li Mare 6 Ws 4 Bs 0 S 4 T 4 W 4 I 4 A 4 Ld 7 (* K' Li Mare is a Blue Ring Octopus and while "she" shares the same profile as an Octobipod her venom exudes from all her pores and is more toxic than other Octobipods. Matriarch K' Li Mare can operate alone or lead a unit of Octobipods into battle in which case they can be taken as a Special Unit rather than a Rare unit. Because Octobopids are so difficult to attack enemies suffer -1 to hit in close combat.Draft 5. This is in addition to the special unit of Octobipods that can be taken if the army includes an Octopus Giganteus. Note however that this does not increase the number of special units that the army is limited to. Page 21 . deflected or prised away by a creature with 8 tentacles. A Blue Ring's poison wounds automatically on a 'To Hit' roll of 5+) Base size 40 x 40mm Equipment: none Special Rules: Seaborn. Grapple. Even the most skilful of enemies will find their striking and blocking impeded by the flailing tentacles of an Octobipod that will attempt to wrest shields. such attacks count as normal attacks* * this does not apply to the Wood Elves' "Killing Shot" or any other "Killing Blow" ranged weapon. Poisonous (and immunity to poison). For the purposes of close combat.

reapermini.0 Zheala Zheala is homeopathic healer. a female Nautican capable of reviving and rehabilitating other Page 22 . Points/model: 135 pts M Zheala 4 Ws 4 Bs 3 S 3 T 3 W 2 I 4 A 1 Ld 8 Equipment: hand weapon Special Rules: Seaborn.  All models with the seaborn rule in a unit including Zheala have a regeneration save of 4+ (except for models which already have a better regen save) Poisonous attacks have no effect on a Nautican unit which includes Zheala Zheala must be in the front rank for the unit to benefit from her presence   Nautican Benevolence:Zheala is a lover of the common Nautican and and will only join units of Wave Breakers. Image from http://www.Draft 5. Nautican Benevolence Healer :- Female Nauticans are the healers of the Nautican world. Zheala is the most adept and accomplished using fast acting homeopathic treatments to quickly and sometimes instantly cure ills and battlefield wounds. Healer. Tide Watchers or Trident Guard.

Her presence would be barely perceptible to the naked eye if it were not for the swirling water circling her body reflecting the dangerous light frequencies that could destroy her. The waves of magic in the water ebb and flow in unpredictable ways meaning that a whirlpool that just tore the arm from a Varghulf may seconds later appear calm before once again smashing into the enemy. Vortex is wholly a water entity. No one knows where Vortex comes from or where her purpose lay. at the very beginning of each combat phase (both Nautican and the enemy's). determine if Vortex is able to control the Whirlpool:Roll 2d6. The result of this 2d6 dice roll also determines the number of automatic hits the enemy will suffer. The whirlpool is incredibly difficult to control. When in battle Vortex summons a whirling mass of water around her and any unit she is with.. upon the surface world under the gaze of it's sun. digging up the earth and rocks beneath it until it appears as a whirlpool capable of battering the life (or unlife !) from any enemy coming into contact with it. she is translucent and those who have seen her up close have even noticed small fish swimming within her form. If the unit fless or is detroyed Vortex instantly vanishes. The strength of the hits = the Nautican unit's rank bonus (max 3) 2) if the 2d6 roll is higher than Vortex's remaining wounds then she instantly vanishes. 1) if the result is equal or less than Vortex's remaining wounds then the waters are under control. When at peace and from a distance Vortex appears like a rainbow in the gloom of Nautican mists. even for Vortex. to aid the Nauticans in their time of need. The waters accelerate with terrifying speed. for short periods.Draft 5. Vortex plays no further part in the battle and Victory Points are awarded Page 23 . on occassion. The full savagery of the seas are met upon the enemy's ranks as waters and detritus pound their bodies when they come into contact with Vortex or her unit. She may be the last known Ashray to occupy the deeps and is certainly the only one that can dwell. Whirlpool The pace of the whirlpool gathers in speed and it's ferocity intensifies as enemies near. Points/model: 170 pts M Vortex "The Fateful" * Ws 1 Bs S 1 T 1 W 10 I 1 A Ld 9 Unit Size: 1 (20x20mm base size) Saves: Ward Save 5+ Equipment: none Special Rules: Whirlpool. she can never leave the unit she started the battle with. The following rules apply to every combat phase involving Vortex and/or her unit. The Nauticans believe her fate is interwoven with their own for good or ill and that is why she will appear. unable to control the waves of magic any longer. After impact hits. Water Shield Vortex must accompany a unit of Wavebreakers or Trident guard..0 Vortex "the Water Shield" Vortex is not of the Nautican race or akin to any of the sentient beings in the world.

Draft 5. Enemies gain no combat resolution bonus for flank. Test like a normal break test against a feared enemy that does not outnmuber the Nautican unit. rear attacks or outnumbering.0 to the enemy as though they had destroyed her with their own hands (or claws !). As a result. Page 24 . Vortex's unit does not automatically flee when defeated by an enemy it fears that outnumbers it. Water Shield The vast torrent of waters circling Vortex and the unit she accompanies not only act as a shield but also make it dangerous and difficult for enemies to maneuver in combat and take advantage of flank and rear charges. The unit which Vortex was a part of no longer benefits from the effect of any of the special abilities associated with Vortex. the Nautican unit does not suffer the consequences that knowing they are outnumbered sometimes proffers. Vortex and her unit benefit from soft cover for enemy missile fire purposes. The weight of enemy rank and file troops may continue to bear down upon the Nautican unit but due to the torrents of water obscuring their vision of the battlefield they are unaware whether they are outnumbered or not.

A Bigger Fish ! Zu-Xhi can lead a unit of up to 20 Coral Hunters or Crest Riders or can operate alone. Nautican units never suffer panic as a result of the poor performance of "Sprats" on the battlefield. Units lead by Zu-Xhi can ignore their Anarchic rule while Zu-Xhi lives.0 Zu-Xhi The largest. they are seen as being dispensable and almost inconsequential. A "Sprat" unit lead by Zu-Xhi can switch (reform) between skirmish and normal rank and file formation at will at the beginning of a new Nautican turn*. Nauticans expect "Sprats" to be easily wiped out or flee from combat.Draft 5. This includes a "Sprat" unit being destroyed. A Bigger Fish ! "Small Fry" Other Nauticans look down on all sprats (literally). The unit cannot otherwise move in the same movement phase (unless forced to do so) but the unit can fire in the shooting phase and counts as having moved (ie -1 to hit). Page 25 . "Small Fry". 2) a unit of Crest Riders must start the battle in rank and file formation. in a very disorderly "sprattish" way but organised enough to be able to muster a unit of coral hunters or crest riders and actually get them to obey his orders. breaking from combat or a unit of "Sprats" fleeing through a friendly unit. boldest. Zu-Xhi is the only somewhat reliable Sprat that the other Nautican peoples have ever come close to "trusting" (with a very small "t"). Zu-Xhi is probably the only sprat in history who could be described as organised. Special Rules: Seaborn. Points/model: 50 pts M Zu-Xhi 5 Ws 3 Bs 4 S 3 T 3 W 2 I 5 A 3 Ld 6 Equipment: Spear. See respective Coral Hunter / Crest Rider Safety In Number rules). No Safety in Numbers ! (a unit lead by Zu-Xhi cannot join another unit of "Sprats". A unit of Coral Hunters can adopt a skirmish formation form the very outset of the battle. Reposition the unit into rank or skirmish formation around the most central sprat in the unit. If Zu-Xhi leaves the unit or is killed then the unit can join others as though it were any other ordinary "Sprat" unit. Nautican Speargun (poisonous) Options: Zu-Xhi can take a single enchanted item into battle which can be either Limpet Mix or the Seeds of Maze Weed at a cost of 25pts. No Safety in Numbers !. most intelligent and leader-like of Sprats found in the Nautican realm. * notes:1) if Zu-Xhi leads a unit of Crest Riders they must be in rank and file formation before being able to declare a Breaking Wave Charge (see Crest Rider rules).

1. from it's unit and remove the enemy model from the battlefield (presumably to be dunked into the nearest sea or fed to the chicks !). Snatch and Soar .This spell can be cast against any unengaged friendly unit within 18 inches no line of sight is required.* The mist is not dense enough to have any effect for the purposes of close combat. Impossible to spot (additional -1 to hit for missile fire) Staff of Summoning (bound item : casting power 4) :In times of great need the hermit can summon help from the wildlife about him.This spell can be cast against any enemy unit within 24 inches and line of sight of the hermit.the hermit summons a giant albatross to snatch any enemy model. there are simply too many of them and they are too difficult to hit. Coastal Mists (remains in play) . Enemies targeting the unit with missile weapons using their Bs suffer -1 to (Galladon) Page 26 .0 The Coastal Hermit Not a Nautican but a fervent protector of the coastal regions and it's fauna and flora. If the albatross is slain then it cannot be summoned again during the battle. 2. he cannot use the same spell in consecutive turns. M Giant Albatross Ws 3 Bs S T 5 W 1* I A Ld - The targetted enemy model can either attempt to kill the albatross by using his normal attack(s) or can take a strength test on d6+2 to avoid being snatched. The Mists surround the unit until the beginning of the next Nautican magic phase. Points/model: 100 pts M Coastal Hermit 4 Ws 3 Bs 3 S 3 T 4 W 2 I 3 A 2 Ld 8 Equipment: Two handed Staff of Summoning (treat as great weapon) Special Rules: Loner (cannot join a unit). within 18 inches and in line of sight.Draft 5. If the spell is not dispelled then the target unit will suffer -1 Ws. The hermit can use any of the below bound spells in the Nautican magic phase. on a roll of 1 the power of the staff is not great enough to use that turn. Roll a d6 before using the staff to summon. If the targetted unit has missile weapons it can make a stand and shoot reaction (at the usual -1 to hit) to attempt to slay the albatross before it plucks a member of their unit. This spell can only be cast against models with 1 wound on their starting profile. * does not affect missile weapons that do not use Ballistic Skill Miniature from http://Reapermini. the spell can be cast into combat. The Gulls are summoned to harry enemy units and cannot be killed like an albatross. -1 Bs and -1 Initiative until the end of the Nautican player's turn. The Hermit has formed a mystical alliance with coastal wildlife and will lend his services to the Nauticans because he perceives them to be allies in his eternal pursuit to conserve natural harmony. 3. Call Gulls .

reapermini. joy. can be upgraded to Level 2 for +35 pts.0 Siren Sirens are similar to Mermaids in form with a fish like tail and Nautican like upper body largely covered with scales and small fins that allows them to glide gracefully through the seas. Enchanting Dream Sirens can choose one of the following lores of magic :Aqua Lore. Conversely. patience. fear. the same songs fill Nauticans with pride and spur them on to greater deads of valour. Sirens scour the seas looking for contact with surface dwellers to sate their curiosity about the air breathers. These magic users sing medolic enchantments that bewilder and confuse those that do not understand the bewildering nature of the seas. * The siren adds +1 to the combat resolution of a Nautican unit if she is positioned in the front rank. virtue. Equipment: may choose up to 50pts of magic items for the common or Nautican list May ride The Eternal Wave (+100 pts) Special Rules: Seaborn. Points/model: 115 pts M Siren 4 Ws 3 Bs 3 S 3 T 3 W 2 I 4 A 1 Ld 8 Magic: Level 1 spellcaster. recklessness and wrath confuse and bewilder enemies within ear shot. heroism. Sirens can only be attacked (in close combat) if the attacker passes a leadership test. Image from http://www. Lore of Life or Lore of Heavens Enchanting Dream :- The Siren's songs of sorrow. * spellcasters (ie models allowed to take arcane items) and units immune to psychology can see through the mystical presence of the mermaid to the threat that lies beneath and do not need to take a leadership test.Draft Page 27 . Lore of Siren painted by Pascal Rooze (available for commission work : pascalrooze@hotmail.

Scaly skin 4+.Draft 5. Magic Resistance (1) Equipment: Scythes. Armour Piercing Teeth.0 Nautican Character "Mounts" The Nauticans do not field conventional cavalry like many other armies. Options available for Nautican Lords and Heroes:- Royal Chariot (110 pts) M Royal Chariot Trident Guard Captain Two Hippocamps* 4 7 Ws 4 3 Bs S 5 4 3 T 5 W 4 I 5 3 A 2 1 Ld 8 - Armour Save: 4+. As such. The White Titan is a formiddable opponent once it has tasted it's enemy's blood. Oceanic Trident & Scalemail for Trident Guard Captain Special Rules: Seaborn *Sea Horses (resembling normal horses with fish-like tails) The Great White Titan (80 pts) A giant Great White shark that was raised by the Nauticans specifically for the purpose of hunting daemonic denizens of the deep. the Nautican commanders have fashioned in their own manner magically enhanced means to take the fight to their enemies and provide support to their "foot soldiers". M The Great White Titan 7 Ws 4 Bs - S 5 T 4 W 3 I 2 A 2 Ld 4 Special Rules: Bloody Frenzy. The powerful magics of the nautican council of mermaids and sirens keep the titan suspended in everlasting ethereal waters allowing it to "swim" across a battlefield at great speed with it's master mounted on top above the waves. MR (1) continued… Page 28 . The Nautican commanders do however recognise the importance of being able to traverse the battlefield at some speed. Causes Fear.

The is only one White Titan so only one can be included in a Nautican Army.Draft 5. "Monstrous Mount" The Great White Titan follows all the rules for monstrous mounts. Held Aloft. "Monstrous Mount" Nautican Army Page 29 . If the Mermaid or Siren is slain the wave immediately disappears. This elemental force acts as a monstrous mount holding the spellcaster some 15 feet above the battlefield. Magic Resistance (2). M The Eternal Wave 20 Ws - Bs - S 4 T - W - I - A - Ld - Special Rules: Flyer. The wave it totally indestructible only the death of the Mermaid or Siren will banish the wave. The Wave follows the rules for monstrous mounts in relation to distributing hits from shooting. Held Aloft While independent from a unit the Mermaid or Siren floats several feet above the ground which provides her with full line of sight over both friendly and enemy units. This also means the mermaid or siren is in line of sight of the enemy in the same way as a Large Target (although the enemy do not gain a +1 to hit for missile fire). For every unsaved wound the Great White Titan causes in it's first round of attacks during each combat phase it may make 2 additional attacks. Breaking Wave If the Mermaid or Siren charges into combat the wave crashes down into the enemy causing d6 str 4 hits. Breaking Wave. Options available for Mermaids and Sirens The Eternal Wave (100 pts) A single mermaid or siren can go into battle on the crest of The Eternal Wave. If she leaves the unit then the Eternal Wave immediately swells again and holds her aloft. While being held aloft the Mermaid or Siren benefits as being in soft cover.0 Bloody Frenzy Once the White Titan has caused an unsaved wound on an ememy it becomes Frenzied for the remainder of the battle. *Only one Eternal Wave can be included in a If the Mermaid or Siren is part of a unit then she descends to ground level and is treated like any other normal character that is part of a unit. This frenzy is never lost even if the White Titan is beaten in combat. +1 army dispel dice Flyer The Wave allows the Mermaid or Siren to move across the battlefield in the same way as a flyer except that it cannot pass over enemy units.

on a roll of 1 or 2 the staff's power has been drained and it cannot be used again for the duration of the battle. Life Saver rules : Once per battle. Great weapon. the sword was retrieved from the charred and defiled bed chambers of a Nautican queen in waiting. Nautimo is credited with the greatest underwater display of individual heroism in Nautican history. poisonous attacks*. speed and power of it's ocean namesake. Each unsaved wound on any enemy with the Large Target rule causes not 1 but d3 wounds. bound item power level 5) A solid magical shaft consisting entirely of sea water held together by elemental water magic. * or better if the bearer's strength and target's toughness would ordinarily give a lower "to wound" roll requirement. * replaces bearer's attacks. the Nautican wielder can declare that he's unleashing the power of re-life from Snake o’ Nine Tails (40 pts) A nine thronged lash of venomous sea snake heads. d3 wounds A regal Nautican heirloom. Prince Nautimo travelled far and wide in his time as the Kingdom's principal emissary. While much of his great victory is remembered in the Nautican history books as a result of his valour. The bearer cannot carry any additional magical items if they carry the staff because the staff is so sensitive to other magic. his enchanted trident played no small part. Life Power one use) After the staff has been used roll a d6.This sword is imbued with the spirit of a life cut short and destiny unfulfilled. He ventured ever further abroad for months at a time and ever deeper in search of his kin from which his people were sundered during the catalysmic Daemonic Wars. at the very beginning of any combat phase. Swordfish Broadsword (45 pts) the sword.Draft 5. Sea Staff (45pts. Page 30 . Life Saver (50pts. The Sea Staff is a magic weapon which also bestows the ability to cast the Waterblast spell. Oceanic Trident (+1 str. He mortally wounded a Leviathan and chased it back to the deep before perishing from his injuries. armour piercing) Always hits and wounds on a minimum of 3+* irrespective of any other modifiers (armour saves taken as normal). A light and powerful great weapon that moves and strikes with the same grace.0 Magic Items Magic Weapons Nautimo's Leviathan Vanquisher (75pts) Prince Nautimo was the son of a Nautican King and heir apparent. If the Nautican is killed in the following combat phase then he/she is immediately restored to life with d3+1 wounds* * this can take him above the number of wounds on his / her starting profile. ** the sword's power can only be unleashed once per battle but counts as a magic weapon for the whole battle. 9 str 2. The Prince was the King's most accomplished and loved son and he was entrusted with many of the greater affairs of state. Realising that the Daemonic hordes had breached the Royal quarters and her life was now forfeit the Princess had thrown herself onto the blade rather than be carried away and used as a Daemonic plaything. Characterisitcs : +1 strength vs undead.

When the blade causes an unsaved wound (whether or not this results in a kill) the enemy and any unit it is a part of suffers -1 to it's leadership until the beginning of the next enemy turn. regeneration or any other means) the weapon attempts to mimic the properties of the enemy. Page 31 . wielder is subject to Frenzy. The attack can be directed against any enemy in base contact. Fin Flail (20 pts) This weapon infuses the bearer with a maniacal fury. akin to asking a terradon how to fly. From afar his deadly thrashing appears akin to the frantic shark feeding frenzy. The Replicator Cutlass (25 pts) A mysterious rune encrusted cutlass found by the Nauticans in Red Beard's sunken Slayer Pirate wreck.0 Stinger Whip (25pts) A whip comprised of long. Doldrum Sword (25 pts) When this weapon cuts an enemy. When used as a stand and shoot weapon the whip does not cause paralysis (the stinging tendrils do not make enough prolonged contact with the charging enemy to deliver sufficient nerve agents to paralyse them) Red Beard however was quite mad (too much grog !) and not one to take "no" or even a gritty. Red Beard entrapped some sandgangers in a huge glass egg timer and threatened to sink the vessel deep into the seas where it would be lost forever unless the sandgangers revealed the secret of their powers. This was. The whip can strike any model in an enemy unit in base to base contact with the bearer's unit and within 6 inches of the bearer. of course. it spreads the ancient despair of thousands of lost mariner souls and the enemy is almost overcome with the hopelessness of their cause. Flail. As a result the cutlass demonstrates similar properties to a sandganger's doppleganger powers. sandy "huh ?" for an answer. The tendrils are so long that the bearer can use the whip as a stand and shoot charge reaction weapon with a range of 6 inches using the bearer's Ballistic Skill (with the normal -1 to hit stand and shoot charge reaction)* * The whip "shoots" with the number of attacks on the bearer's profile. He then had the sand bound in a rune of entrapment and a rune of magnification. Red Beard separated a part of a sandganger from it's body before sinking the egg timer into the abyss. (+2 strength in 1st round of combat due to flail rule). ward.Draft 5. Attacks strike the enemy at the strength of the bearer. All whip attacks must be directed at the same model (if the model is killed then any additional wounds caused are not carried over to the rest of the enemy unit and therefore do not count towards combat resolution). When the replicator causes a wound (even if this is saved by armour. trailing jelly fish tendrils that can strike paralysis into a body wounded by the nerve agent stings. If the enemy incurs one or more wounds (that do not kill) then the enemy model loses 1 attack. This results in the bearer temporarily gaining an additional attack for that combat phase using the enemy's unmodified profile strength and the bearer's Ws.

dragons. Tha Nauticans have become immune to the poison over many millenia but it remains extremely toxic to nearly all land dwellers. It's no suprise that this suit of armour is so rare. It is occasionally borne into battle by Nautican Princes and Lords as a symbol of determination because it is said that no army that bears the crown into battle will ever route from the field.Draft 5. A magical embodiment of the power of the Seas. chaos warhounds. Any non-weapon bearing attacker* that scores one or more hits on the cloak wearer during a combat phase suffers a single automatic poisonous hit at a strength equal to the attackers basic profile strength. Lion-Fish Cloak (40 pts) The Lion-Fish is an extremely venomous spined sea creature. Eg. All units within 18" of the general can use his leadership while the bearer remains alive on the battlefield. Heavy Armour 4+ save that can never be reduced below 5. The shroud wearer Causes Terror. "The Majesty of the Crown"    The crown can only be worn by the army general. * This includes any unit that does not a have "hand weapon" in their equipment profile and has not paid points for an optional weapon. Most monsters and many other units fall into this category. Leviathan Platemail (45 pts) Great Clam Shield (40 pts) Probably the hardest natural substance known in the world. 3+ armour save*. This cloak billlows about the bearer invoking dreadful visions of a wrathful. Few weapons can penetrate the surface of the great clam shield. Bejewelled Guantlet (50 pts) Encrusted with rare jewels of enrapturing beauty and power. Magic weapons lose all their magical properties and become mundane weapons of the same type* when striking the bejewelled gauntlet wearer.* The first break test taken by any Nautican unit with the Seaborn rule that is within 18" of the army general can be rolled against the general's unmodified leadership. The gauntlet is naturally resistant to any magic that might damage it.0 Magic Armour Spirit Shroud of the Seas (45 pts) The Cystal Crown (65 pts) The Cystal Crown is a royal Nautican artefact of legendary renown. drayds. veangeful Ocean. Very few Leviathan's have ever been killed ! Heavy plate armour. crypt ghouls. Magic Resistance (1) * cannot be combined with any armour other than a shield. * if for any reason the enenmy's magic weapon does not / cannot have a mundane equivalent then the attacker is assumed to use a mundane hand weapon instead. The gauntlet confers Magic Resistance (1). Page 32 . eagles. The cloak does not confer an armour save but the bearer becomes immune to poisonous attacks.

This helmet brings doom upon an enemy that slays their opponent in the belief that victory is theirs.Draft 5. Shield 6+ armour save (even when no enemy is in base contact) In close combat the shield provides an armour save in proportion to the enemy threat based on the number of enemy attacks* attacks 1 = 5+ armour save attacks 2 = 4+ armour save attacks 3 = 3+ armour save attacks 4+ = 2+ armour save * use the enemy model in base contact with the most attacks The armour save applies to all close combat attacks directed at the Nautican shield bearer. This shield will shatter razor sharp coral in the face of the enemy when it is hit.* * The helmet was designed to explode in a forward facing direction so most of it's power is focused in front of the wearer. Friendly and enemy units in base contact to the wearer's side or rear suffer d6 str 3 flaming hits. Each successful armour save roll results in a str 3 hit on the enemy. Starfish Shield (25 pts) A shield with protruding starfish shaped "arms". The shield can be combined with other armour but cannot improve the bearer's armour save to better than 2+ Reef Shield (20 pts) A large square shield not noted for it's power to stop a blow but notable for the danger it presents to the attacker. On the wearer's death the helmet explodes like a small underwater volcano causing 2d6 str 4 flaming hits (distributed as shooting hits) on all enemy units in frontal base contact. Page 33 . Shield 6+ armour save. This shield responds to enemy attacks and instantly grows arms to provide further protection to the bearer.0 Volcanic Helm (30 pts) Fashoned for the Nauticans by Vulcanis for their help in ridding his volcanic underworld of Daemonic monstrosities. The save even applies if the enemy with the most attacks in base contact with the bearer does not attack the bearer.

With great effort and concentration a Mermaid or Siren can sing a whale song to communicate with their magical brethren. the spell is effectively transferred from one caster to another and can no longer be used by the original caster for the remainder of the battle. This trinket lets out a high pitched.0 Arcane Items Surface Rod of Divination (70 pts) Knowledge of Shoal of Strength (30pts) In preparation for their emergence into the surface world. The bearer can target enemies within 24 inches and line of sight. Their battlefield tactics resemble. An enchanting music emanates from the harp. The spell transfer can result in the recipient having one more spell than they would normally begin the battle with. Once communicated. If the recipient fails the leadership test then the spell is not transferred and is lost by the transferer for the remainder of the battle. A spellcaster with the gift can communicate a spell to any other friendly Nautican spellcaster on the battlefield (no line of sight is required). like a shoal in the sea. +2 to all casting attempts. one use) A seemingly innocuous charm to the Nauticans but a great threat to enemy spellcasters. If the enemy fails its leadership test then it is enchanted by the music and unable to move in it’s following movement phase. After the Harp is used roll a d6. Crystal Chime (30 pts. adds +1 power dice to the army's casting phase while the bearer lives. in some ways. All enemy spellcasters must pass a leadership test (at -1 Ld) to be able to cast any spells during their following magic phase. Page 34 . To communicate a spell the Nautican spell caster transferring the spell must nominate a recipient spellcaster. piercing sonic wave across the battlefield before it shatters into a thousand tiny shards. Gift of Whale Song (20 pts. Emerald Eye of the Kraken (40 pts) The Nauticans are all too aware of the benefits of acting as one. Even Nautican spellcasters adopt a similar approach. on a roll of 1 or 2 the harp's energy is depleted for the remainder of the battle. one use) Rare Corals sometimes bloom around magical underwater vents that channel the waves of magic into the Warhammer World. Muses Harp (30 pts) (Bound Spell Power Level 4). The Coral Amulet is carved from such coral.Draft 5. The recipient must pass a leadership test at the very beginning of the Nautican magic phase to understand the Whale Song. The wizard with the knowledge of Shoal Strength can allow any other Nautican spellcaster on the battlefield to use his/her power dice. These corals absorb the magic on it's path into the oceans. Does not affect units immune to psychology. Magic Resistance (1) Any enemy spell cast against the bearer or the unit they are with will be permanently lost to the enemy on a roll of 5 or 6 on a d6. the survival instincts of sea creatures. the Nauticans developed a rod of divination to seek out and draw power from subterranean "sweet" water. The Nautican bearer can ring the crystal chime but once during a battle. It praises the listener's inner desires and beguiles them into actions they are scarcely even aware of as they amble around the battlefield with no purpose but to feed their own ego. Coral Amulet (25 pts) The eye of the Kraken embodies the indomitable will of the giant sea monster. Nautican spellcasters have deciphered whale song and adapted it's use to communicate in the deep and on land while many leagues apart from one another.

The Nautican has irrevocably committed his soul to the Gods of the Seas to dwell ever more in the After Deep and the Nautican model is removed as a casualty. or cast any magic or count towards any benefit that a normal unit might bestow upon an army. this horn can be sounded to automatically rally all friendly Nautican units within 24 inches (except for the bearer's unit. charging if possile. These giant talons strike doubt into the minds of enemy flyers which fear that they might lose their ability to fly should they come into contact with the talons. Illusions and mirages are common place in coastal shallows and on small islands where this occurs. The targeted unit must pass a leadership test or move directly towards the bearer at the maximum allowable rate. Many coastal dwellers have been deceived by what they believe they espy from afar. the conger is rarely seen or captured. Units immune to psychology are not affected. . priceless beauty. one use) Shell Horn (20 pts. it cannot shoot. The unit acts in a normal manner with regards to incurring casualties from missile fire. If he jons any nonskirmishing units he permanently loses these skills.0 Talismans Glass Orb of Illusions (50 pts) The vial can be used at the beginning of the Nautican turn to instantly heal 1 wound to the bearer or any other friendly character in base contact. Enemies in sight of the pearl are overcome with desire to possess the wonderous gem. The Nautican army can take one additional illusionary unit of up to 15 Nauticans* into battle. Talons of the Father of Sea Eagles (20 pts) These talons belonged to one of the first and mightiest of giant Sea Eagles that preyed on the Nautican people when they hunted in shallower waters. * Only Nauticans with the Seaborn rule. Ring of Oceanic Rapture (40 pts. The unit is but a mirage and whilst it can be made to move as if it were a real unit. They perceive a time when Chaos will ruin all lands and seas and the gods will rescue their souls before the ending of the world. The Eagle was evetually destroyed by Nautican magic which denied the eagle it's natural gift of flight. The salt cannot be used to revive a fallen hero (it's not that good !) Rainbow Pearl (20 pts. the bearer of the ring can increase all of his starting profile characteristics by +2 until the beginning of the following Nautican turn at which point his form and soul disappears from the battlefield. The bearer can target 1 enemy unit within 12" and line of sight. Flyers must pass a leadership test to be able to charge the bearer or the bearer's unit. only to find nothing on closer inspection. fight. If the unit is targeted by magic the illusion is lifted as soon as the spell is successfully cast or the bound item is used and not dispelled. Once per battle. The Oceanic Rapture is a mythical event long held as fact by the Nauticans. At the start of any Nautican turn. The bearer becomes a skirmisher and gains the special scout rule. one use) This horn reverberates around the battlefield with a reassuring sound of the waves that brings courage to the Nauticans. Once an enemy approachs to within 12 inches the illusion is immediately lifted and the enemy can see that the unit never existed. Vial of Healing Sea Salts (30 pts. Page 35 A small glass vial containing rare exquisite sea salts that can be administered to cure anything but the most mortal of wounds. one use) The Seas of Magic are ever changing and leaking into the surface world and vying with the winds of magic for control of the mystical world. This action is irreversible. The Nautican mages have captured this illusionary energy in an Orb. one use) A unique pearl of magnificent. Enemies gain victory points for as though the Nautican had been slain by their actions. at the start of the Nautican turn. the bearer will be too busy running to blow the horn !) Talisman of the Conger (20 pts) Famed for their stealth and hunting skills.Draft 5.

The weeds affect the enemy's movement when they pursue or flee from the current combat engagement.Draft 5.a playful gift from a Nautican prince to his bride. on the roll of a 1 or 2 it's power has been depleted for the remainder of the battle and it cannot be reused and no longer counts as magical.0 Enchanted Items Book of Malaise (45pts) (bound spell. one use) The prince and his bride have long since disappeared from the underwater world. Enemy units cannot use the character's leadership in any tests until the beginning of the enemy's next turn. For other sea faring races the weeds are a dangerous hazard and have resulted in the loss of countless lives as boats and even ships become entangled and lost in the endless maze of weeds that can extend for countless miles across the ocean. Units that usually pursue/flee 2d6 inches now move 2d6-2 inches. Enemy models in base contact attacking the bearer always strike last* and lose any frenzy or hatred they were subject to (for as long as the enemy is in base contact with the bearer of the dream staff)**. Maze weed is grown by Nautican farmers and eaten with relish by the Nauticans. Nautican magic has created a virulent weed that can grow almost instantaneously. If the enemy fails it's leadership test-2 then the character appears distracted and confused. The bearer can throw the seeds (during the magic phase) at any enemy within base contact. The aura of Malaise which pervades the field disturbs the concentration of enemy spellcasters who suffer -1 to all casting attempts in their following magic phase if they are within 12" of the book and the bound spell was successfully cast in the previous Nautican magic phase. Seeds of Maze Weed (25pts. Dream Staff (40pts. when uttered in the strange guttural tongue of the Nauticans. When the bound spell within the ring is successfully cast and it's power unleashed the targeted enemy unit is buffeted by powerful winds and cannot march move in it's following movement phase. After every use of the ring roll a d6. The unit immediately becomes entangled and loses it's always strikes first rule (if it had it) for the next round of combat (as they attempt to slash the weeds out of their way). Once per battle. The words from this tome. the Nauticans generals now use the ring in battle for it possesses the power to raise a gale on the surface world! Target an enemy unit within 24" and line of sight of the bearer. power level 4) The Silver Gale Ring (30pts) (bound spell. power level 3) This ring seemed to be but a small inconsequential Nautican heirloom . All enemy units with any models within 12" must pass a leadership test at -2 or immediately have their initiative reduced to 1 and lose any frenzy and hatred they are subject to until the end of the Nautican turn. The Nautican's foe become overwhelmed with lethargy as the words sap their will to fight. invoke the calming seas of the doldrums in the minds of the enemy. the dream staff can target any enemy character within 24 inches and line of sight. After the words are spoken from the Book of Malaise roll a d6 on a roll of 1 or 2 the book's powers are exhausted for the remainder of the battle. Page 36 . * If the enemy model has the always strikes first rule then models attack in initiative order. one use) This staff is usually used by Nautican Lords in the quest for precious Kraken eggs to calm any Kraken they should encounter. It was only when the Nauticans made landfall that they discovered the true power of the ring on the surface world. units that usually move 3d6 inches will move only 3d6-3 inches. ** The staff counts as a magical weapon with the above properties for the duration of the battle whether the bound spell is cast successfully or not. The ring simply enabled the Nautican princess to guide the underwater currents before her. With the power to cast an enemy leader into a languid state of absent-mindedness this artefact is unique and powerful in the hands of a wily commander. Flyers are unaffected.

This could include to hit. armour save. to wound. Pearl Charm (20pts. The bearer can re-roll one d6 dice per battle for any test the bearer has to make. Enemy models with scaly skin cannot remove the limpets (until the battle is over and there is time to burn them off !) and suffer -1 str for the remainder of the battle but gain +2 armour save from the presence of the limpets. ward save. The Nauticans use these to weigh down passing ships that are deemed to be a threat. If the enemy does not pass an initiative test (a 6 always fails) then the following effects apply: Any armour bearing enemy that is hit will lose -2 from their armour save for the remainder of the battle as they remove pieces of armour and drop shields and helms that have been overwhelmed by limpets. initiative test or any other test the bearer would usually use his/her profile for. no -1 modifier for long range). one use) The Nauticans hold the jewels of the sea in great esteem believeing them to be things of mystical origin that grant fortune to the bearer. A Nautican character can throw the limpets at an enemy unit within 8" in the shooting phase (roll to hit as normal. one use) A bag of magically enhanced limpets that stick to flat surfaces and grow at a remarkable rate. The limpets are all but impossible to remove and great ocean going vessels have been sunk within an hour by the weight of these limpets which can quickly grow to giant proportions.Draft 5.0 Limpet Mix (25 pts.* * the pearl charm cannot be used to re-roll any test where more than 1 dice is usually used (leadership tests for example)  Page 37 .

Draft 5. the Trident guard always leave an empty space in their ranks. the Trident Guard unit that bears the standard will leave a space in it's ranks at the beginning of a battle and will always Creatures from Below (40pts) Even the bravest Nauticans fear to go to the deep places of the Ocean. was retrieved by Nautuno. The Millenial Fathom (110 pts)  be deployed with a frontage of 5 and either 14. This banner is imbued with the trapped essence of those few who tried and lived to tell the tale.0 Magic Banners The Tsunami Wave (135pts) Containing the raw unadulterated power of ocean magic this banner washes the air of the winds of magic and cleanses all "unclean" land based magic in it's path. a malicious chaotic spirit that scours the blackest waters for souls. believed to be a standard of the Ancients. The Trident Guard will not suffer another unit to carry the banner or even a hero or lord. The unit suffers no movement penalties for any movement whatsoever on the battlefield. Nautuno discovered the standard in an uncharted abyss a thousand fathoms beneath the waves. The unit is naturally aware of it's surroundings and can automatically navigate the quickest route through any terrain. Units carrying this banner cause Fear.. No one other than "the appointed" may touch the standard so if the battle standard bearer dies the unit loses the banner and their unbreakable quality.  The Compass Banner (45 pts) The unit bearing this standard moves with a deliberate direction and pace like no other. Any enemy magic spells or items that would normally affect the unit's movement continue to do so. especially those areas tainted by Chaos. with his life.     The standard makes the unit Unbreakable The unit cannot be joined by any character except for the Battle Standard Bearer.* note however    the unit cannot move into or over impassable terrain. The unit continues to be subject to the normal shoot and move rules. spells and magical attacks of all kinds. The unit's attacks count as magical attacks. 19. He wrestled the prize from the "unspeakable one". In honour of Nautuno. The Bull Shark Banner (35 pts) Depicting terrible visions of frenzied shark attacks. All enemy Magic items of units in base contact count as mundane items while the enemy unit remains in base contact. reforming and movement across difficult terrain. They keep it in memory of Nautuno who was the greatest of their kind. This mysterious bronze relic. or 24 troops. Nautica's most famous son and the most renowned of the Trident Guard elite. Nautuno swam deeper and for longer than any Nautican had ever managed before or since but paid for the withering endeavour. This standard belongs to the Trident Guard and the Trident Guard alone. No other magic standard can be included in a unit bearing the standard. this banner imbues it's bearing unit with a savage blood lust rage that can never be quelled. The unit bearing this banner is totally immune to all surface world magic including magical missiles. This includes but is not limited to turning.. other than the Army's Battle Standard Bearer to join their unit while they march into battle with the Millenial Fathom. Page 38 . Unit is Frenzied and never loses Frenzy. The banner can only be carried by the battle standard bearer (who cannot take another magical item) In honour of Nautuno. Spellcaster within enemy units in contact with the banner bearing unit cannot cast spells while they remain in base contact.

Protection of the Shoal (25 pts) Invoking the power and protection of ocean shoals and strength in numbers. Note: the banner does not affect units with the undead rule. Surrounded by water but not a drop to drink. The enemy cannot use the stand and shoot charge reaction against a unit bearing this banner. The first enemy spell each turn that targets a unit carrying this standard is absorbed on a roll of 5 or 6 and the spell does not affect the unit. * The banner only affects an enemy unit the first time it encounters the banner bearing unit. Units carrying this banner have a 6+ Ward Save against all mundane enemy attacks including missiles and close combat. This banner shines with the radiance of a blistering summer sun on a cloudless ocean. Page 39 . The banner does not protect against magical attacks (missiles or close combat) Blistering Sun (10 pts) What any surface dweller fears most about the seas is thirst. New enemies in base contact must pass a toughness test* before their first round of combat against the unit carrying this standard (characters test separately). Healing Salt Spray (25 pts) The banner behaves like a huge magical sail pulling the unit swiftly into combat with enemies of the Nauitcan race. The enemy soon realises that while the unquenchable thirst seems to sap their strength.0 The Vemonous Spine (35 pts) Sea Sponge Standard (25 pts) Depicting images of the lethal poisonous spined denizens of the deep. This banners brings to the mind of the enemy a terrible quenchless thirst. the unit benefits from +2 to it's combat resolution (rather than the usual +1 for a standard bearer) Scourge of the Sailor (25 pts) Few creatures can withstand the crushing pressure of the deep ocean.   +d6 inches charge range +d6 inches pursuit The banner rains powerful healing sea slats down upon the unit bearing it. The unit bearing this banner make poisonous attacks and gain a regeneration save of 4+ against poisonous attacks (both missile and close combat) Eversail (30 pts) This standard protects a unit against hostile enemy magic. * This is always a wound incurred by a rank and file model. The cumuluctive effect is that the unit suffers less in battle than others without the banner. Pressure of the Depths (25 pts) The unit carrying this standard can never opt to flee as a charge reaction and must always pursue.. This banner mirrors this crushing pressure in order to protect the Nautican army from enemy weapons. The enemy causes 1 less wound in combat * The wound is restored before the combat resolution calculation. In addition. they must toughen their resolve and fight to survive . never a character. Enemies failing the test suffer -1 strength in the ensuing 1st round of combat* a roll of 6 is a fail.thirst is the least of their worries ! Because this is a toughness test it affects units usually immune to psychology. The glare is so unforgiving that the enemy is unable to ready their missile weapons in preparation to receive a Nautican charge. The unit carrying this banner counts as double it's usual size for the purpose of psychology tests (such as losing a combat resolution to a fear causing enemy).Draft 5. These salts instantly salve cuts and soothe the effects of concussion and minor blows.

these "lower sea beings" group together for safety and hunt quickly in numbers. Nautican units never suffer panic as a result of the poor performance of "Sprats" on the battlefield. naturally instinctive hunters of underwater caverns and deep faults. breaking from combat or a "Sprats" unit fleeing through a friendly Nautican unit. Units of Coral Hunters cannot be joined by a character. Anarchic. they remain nervous and somewhat unreliable in combat. they are seen as being dispensable and almost inconsequential. Points/model: 3 pts M Coral Hunter Sharpshot Unit Size: 10-25 Equipment: The Fisher Speargun Special Rules: Seaborn. Nauticans expect "Sprats" to be easily wiped out or flee from combat.0 Core Units Coral Hunters The smallest and most timid of all Nautican creatures (nicknamed "Sprats" by other Nautican units). The greater Nautican Generals spotted their potential and trained them to wield spearguns and respond to battlefield commands. "Small Fry" Options: Upgrade a Coral Hunter to a Sharpshot +2 pts 5 5 Ws 2 2 Bs 3 4 S 2 2 T 2 2 W 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 1 Ld 5 5 Anarchic "Small Fry" "Sprats" are extremely protective of their self governance and will not suffer the internal leadership of anybody but another "sprat". This includes a "Sprat" unit being destroyed. Their internal disorganised state is in any case a mystery to the other Nautican peoples who have long since given up trying to make sense of "sprat" behaviour. Other Nauticans look down on Coral Hunters (literally). Nonetheless. Note: Coral Hunters do NOT count towards minimum number of Core Units Page 40 . Fishers are small. They group together for safety.Draft 5.

Anarchic. javelins * +1 str during a Breaking Wave Charge Special Rules: Seaborn. The most powerful Siren or Mermaid has embued the unit with the power to summon a magical wave. Other "non-Sprat" Nautican units never suffer panic as a result of the poor performance of "Sprats" on the battlefield. sea dwellers closely resemble their land based cousins.Draft 5. A Nautican army can only include 1 Crest Rider unit per Siren and 2 units per Mermaid. Breaker Wave Charge. "Crester Sprats" however remain extremely protective of their self governance and will not suffer the internal leadership of anybody but a "Sprat".0 Crest Riders (“Cresters”) The smallest of all Nautican creatures (nicknamed "Crester Sprats" by other Nautican units). with which they share similar traits. Units of Crest Riders cannot be joined by any character other than Zu-Xhi. Crest Riders are small and light enough to be propelled across the battlefield by magic waves prepared before battles by the magical elite of the Nauticans. Unlike the skinks however. Wave Magic use bound. these somewhat skittish. This includes a "Sprat" unit being destroyed. breaking from combat or a "Sprats" unit fleeing through a friendly Nautican unit. nervous. "Small Fry" Other Nauticans look down on Crest Riders (literally). The wave can be used to charge the enemy (in exactly the same way as a unit which can fly**). Page 41 . The wave crashes down upon the enemy and causes d6 str3 impact hits While charging into combat on the crest of a wave the riders benefit from soft cover from the waves surrounding them. "Small Fry" Options: upgrade a Crest Rider to a triple fin +6pts Wave Magic Bound Anarchic 5 5 Ws 2 2 Bs 3 3 S 2 2 T 2 2 W 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 2 Ld 5 5 The Cresters are magically bound to a nautican spellcaster before the battle. they are seen as being dispensable and almost inconsequential. This means that any eneny unit adopting a stand and shoot charge reaction suffers a further -1 to hit. the skinks. Nauticans expect Crest Riders to be easily wiped out or flee from combat. ** The wave can pass over friendly Nautican units but not enemy units. they are not comfortable adopting a skirmish formation and work as close knit units on the battlefield. They are drawn into service by the Nauticans for specialist purposes for which they are richly rewarded in the form of Nauitcan protection from the creatures of the deep. Their internal disorganised state is in any case a mystery to the Nauitcan people. Breaking Wave Charge Once per battle a unit* can move 20 inches on the crest of a wave. "Crester Sprats" have little to rebel against. * Crester units with fewer than 10 models do not have the collective magical energy to summon a wave. Points/model: 6 pts M Crest Rider Triple Fin Unit Size: 10-25 Equipment: Spears*.

musician + 5pts. These troops are the backbone of the army and can be found in numbers across all of the Worlds Page 42 . Standard bearer + 10pts.Draft 5. shields +1pt or clam shields +2pts. 1 unit can carry a magic standard of up to 25pts. 4 4 Ws 3 3 Bs 3 3 S 4 4 T 3 3 W 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 2 Ld 7 7 Image (Komodons) from http://armorcast. Points/model: 6 pts M Wave Breaker Ripcurl Unit Size: 10+ Equipment: hand weapon Special Rules: Seaborn Options: spears +1pt. promote a Wave Breaker to a Ripcurl +10pts 1 unit may wear scale mail for 2pts per model.0 Wave Breakers The common rank and file in the Nautican army.

Ignimbrites can adopt the form of enemies up to and including Ogre sized enemies (ie an individual model unit strength of 3). Crumble Options: can upgrade one Sandganger to an Ignimbrite for +5pts Dopplegangers:All profile stats are the same as the enemy opponent's stats minus 1 pt so if the enemy has a weapon skill of 4 then the opposing sandganger has a weapon skill of 3.0 Sandgangers Silicon based life forms made wholly of sand. Note: the wounds stat for a sandganger is always 1 and for an Ignimbrite it is always Page 43 . 4 4 Ws 2 2 Bs 0 0 S 2 2 T 3 3 W 1 2 I 2 2 A 1 1 Ld 5 5 Note: Ignimbrites are not affected by Sea Storms. When not in contact with an enemy model the following profiles apply:M Sandganger Ignimbrite Crumble Units reduced to less than 5 models immediately crumble to dust as the magical power holding the unit together dissipates. The sandgangers and Ignimbrite can only adopt the characteristics of models in base to base contact. Unbreakable. it is optional at the beginning of each round of combat but the whole unit must either use the power or not. therefore when fighting cavalry the sandganger can only adopt the characteristics of a rider or his mount not both. Image from http://www. The doppleganger effect can only emulate a single type of enemy. Points/model: 5 pts M Sandganger Ignimbrite * * Ws * * Bs * * S * * T * * W 1 2 I * * A * * Ld 5 5 Unit Size: 10+ Equipment: none Special Rules: Dopplegangers. Each sandganger can only adopt the form of enemies up to a unit strength of 2 (eg cavalry). They only adopt the profile stats. At the beginning of each round of combat each sandganger can choose which model to copy if more than 1 is in base to base contact. No stat can be less than 1. Sandgangers and Ignimbrites do not have to use their doppleganger power. always strikes first). not any weaponry or armour being carried or any other special rules that the enemy models benefit from (eg. Immune to poison. There is a limit to how much Sandgangers and Ignimbrites can grow in size. These perculiar creatures which the Nauticans appear to have some control over. try to adopt the form of the enemy they are fighting.reapermini.Draft 5.

for dinner ! The Nautican commanders are careful to protect a unit of Stingrays for use in battle but they cannot keep them all safe. further units must be taken as special or rare choices.0 Stingrays These creatures magically glide through the air as gracefully as they traverse the oceans. Barb Charge. The first unit of Stingrays can be taken as a core choice. Barb Charge:- A vicious poisonous barb extends infront of the stingray when it swoops down upon it's foe. all rights reserved. Image from Warpstone Flux blog. Models are copyrighted Games Workshop Chaos Screamers of Tzeentch. Page 44 .. used with permission.Draft 5. The Nauticans use these creatures to quickly get to grips with enemies out of range of other Nautican units. Magic Resistance (1). Octopus Giganteus and Weresharks which are very fond of having Stingrays . Poisonous attack. Points/model: 25 pts M Stingray 1 Ws 3 Bs 0 S 3 T 3 W 2 I 3 A 2 Ld 7 Unit Size: 4+ (40 x 40mm base size ) Equipment: none Special Rules: Flyer. +1 str when charging Note: Units of Stingrays are rare in the Nautican world because they are the natural prey of other creatures such as The Leviathan.

Draft 5. Stubborn Spore Rock 6 Ws 3 Bs 3 S 5 T 4 W 2 I 1 A 3 Ld 7 These rocks contain the lifeblood of the Aqualop race . Their tight grip keeps enough pressure on the Seaweedling spores to keep them from exploding forth into the surface world. They dwell so deep and are so scare that the Nauticans rarely encounter them because even the bravest Trident Guard captain would fear swimming under such deep water pressures. The Spore Rocks usually sprout very slowly.sea sprouts or "Sweadlings" as they are known by the Nauticans. just once every few years in the deep ocean chasms but the low air pressure on land vastly accelerates their growth rate turning them into living seaweed bombs ! Shooting a Spore Rock An Aqualops can throw the spore rock during the shooting phase at the enemy or into open ground (if there are 2 Aqualops in a unit then they must both throw their rocks at the same time although they may choose different targets). If the spore rock did not cause a direct hit then move the template in the direction of the scatter dice but only half of the distance indicated by the artillery dice. these perculiar organisms spawn from spores in laval rock. Pts/model: 80 pts M Aqualops Base Size: 40x40mm Unit Size: 1-2 Equipment: One Spore Rock.0 Special Units Aqualops The strange race known to the Nauticans as the Aqualops live deep down in the oceans. The Aqualops farm sea sprouts for food. use the small artillery template and roll the artillery and scatter dice as usual. Any models hit suffer a str2 hit with no armour save from the exploding spore that sprays blinding acid and spreads choking toxic fumes. Claws and bad wind ! Special Rules: Scaly Skin 3+. Aqualops eat sea sprouts. If the artillery dice indicated a misfire then the Aqualops has inadvertently dropped the Rock Spore causing d6 str 2 hits (on himself only) with no armour save. Immune to Psychology. They resemble seaweeds but have been given an animate existence by the magical hot underwater vents forced open by the ceaseless incursions of chaos. in fact they eat nothing but sea sprouts (hence the repugnant odour that surrounds them in the low pressures of the surface world). An Aqualops cannot use the Spore Rock in a stand and shoot reaction (they are far too dim witted and Page 45 . Each Aqualop carries a single Spore Rock into battle. The Aqualops can throw the spore up to 8 inches.

Entangle All models in an enemy unit in base contact with a Seaweedling unit lose the always strikes first rule (if they had it). An Aqualops that flees will automatically toss the Spore Rock over his shoulder. all models in the enemy unit suffer -1 to their strength as the "weeds" tug at their legs and weapons while the suffocating "Sweadling" toxic fumes sap the enemy's strength. If the templates did not touch.http://hydraminiatures. Seaweedlings will usually be lined up with the enemy's front rank but if the Spore was thrown from within the enemy's flank or rear arc then the Seaweedlings should be lined up against the enemy's flank or rear respectively. once it has been thrown or dropped the Aqualops cannot throw another one. The Seaweedling unit suffers an additional wound for every point by which they lose a combat Page 46 . They are therefore unbreakable. This causes no damage to either him or anyone standing behind him ! He cannot retrieve the Spore Rock later in the game. Miniatures of Aqualops and Sea Sprouts (Seaweedlings) :. M Seaweedling 4 Ws 3 Bs 0 S 2 T 1 W 5 I 3 A 5 Ld 10 Base Size: 40mm (swarm base) Equipment: none but an annoying habit of getting in the way ! Special Rules: Unbreakable. Entangle. If the Spore missed it's target then line the Seaweedlings' front rank around the centre of the small template pointing towards the enemy the spore was thrown at (no closer than 1" from it's target) Seaweedlings erupting from rock spores which hit their target in the shooting phase count as having charged in the following combat phase. then the Seaweedlings count as 2 separate units. If the Spore Rocks thrown by two Aqualops in the same unit land in the same place (ie. have the skirmisher rule and suffer additional wounds if beaten in combat.Draft 5. In addition. The Spore Rock Spawning Spore Rocks explode on impact and instantly unleash the astonishingly fast growing Seaweedlings "living" within it.0 slow to be able to think of such a thing !) If an Aqualops or his unit is engaged in combat before he has thrown his Spore Rock then he will immediately drop the rock causing d6 str2 hits on himself and d6 str2 hits on the enemy that engaged him in combat (with no armour save for either the Aqualops or his enemy). Note: an Aqualops only takes one Spore Rock into battle. if the small templates are touching) then the resulting Seaweedling units can be formed up as a single unit. Swarm The Seaweed "Swarm" Whenever an Aqualops throws a rock during his shooting phase (not when he drops it when receiving a charge or fleeing) the spores will spread and instantly turn into Seaweedlings. Each spore will explode into d3 Seaweedling swarms on impact. Swarm Seaweedlings are swarms. A Seaweedling unit does NOT suffer casualties as a result of being hit by a Spore Rock. If the Spore hit it's target then line the Seaweedling swarm up against the enemy unit with the maximum number of Seaweedlings in base contact.

Note: this takes precendence over the normal skirmishing rules that state skirmishers do not negate the enemy's rank bonus. feral Leviathans which they despise. Leviathan Charge. Interceptors have now learnt to hate all their enemies. Note: Interceptors cannot be lead by a character (Lords and Princes have not mastered the Interceptor ways). infact such is the pain in their tourtured souls. Skirmishers. Points/model: 12 pts M Interceptor Destroyer 4 4 Ws 4 4 Bs 3 3 S 4 4 T 3 3 W 1 1 I 5 5 A 1 2 Ld 8 8 Unit Size: 15 (25x25mm base size) Equipment: Spears. Interceptors are not stupid ! They always attempt to surround any denizen of the deep that they are sent to attack. the Interceptors do not receive a combat resolution bonus for flank/rear attacks or unit ranks). Page 47 . They fight unencumbered by armour.Draft 5. daemons and monstrous creatures of the deep. The Interceptors have mastered a fast. Nautican Lords dispatch the Interceptors to try to fend off Leviathans approaching the royal Nautican halls while the Trident Guard prepare the defences. toughest and most fearless of all Nautican units. Angular Attack. In all other respects the normal skirmishing rules apply (eg. Interceptors have finely honed their Leviathan fighting tactics and always enter the battlefield in units of 15. Interceptors are the ultimate in elite Nautican units. Hate (all enemies) Options: promote an Interceptor to a Destroyer +12 pts Leviathan Charge The Interceptors are elite warriors who train solely to protect their realm from the denizens. standards or musical instruments believing that such unwieldy equipment will simply slow their reactions and does little to protect against the power of a Leviathan. +1 attack when charging Angular Attack Unlike regular skirmishers Interceptors do negate the rank bonus of enemy units they are fighting in the flank or rear. Stubborn. These Nauticans are recruited from the ranks of the Trident Guard.0 Interceptors The strongest. only 1 interceptor unit can be included in a Nautican army per Lord or Mermaid. they are fearless slayers of the denizens of the deep at whose hands they have suffered personal woes through the loss of family and loved ones. Javelins Special Rules: Seaborn. Their arch foes are the mindless. They adopt a unique attack and are adept at positioning themselves to charge into their opponent’s flank. overwhelming assault that has sometimes proved to be enough to deter the onslaught of a Leviathan and send it back to the deep. Immune to Psychology.

Draft 5.0

Oceanic Trident Guard
The most skilful, best equipped and disciplined of all rank and file Nautican units. These Nauticans are the pride of their race.
Points/model: 12 pts M Trident Guard Guard Captain 4 4 Ws 4 4 Bs 3 3 S 4 4 T 3 3 W 1 1 I 5 5 A 1 2 Ld 8 8

Unit Size: 10+ (25x25mm base size) Equipment: Sea Trident*, Leviathan Shields*, Scalemail* Special Rules: Seaborn, Stubborn (while the army general or battle standard bearer lives), Bodyguard Options: standard +12 pts, musician + 6 pts, promote Guard to Captain +12 pts. One unit may be equipped with the Oceanic Trident at a cost of 1pt per model. Any Oceanic Trident Guard unit may carry a magic standard with a value up to 50pts. A Guard Captain may carry a Magic Weapon or Magic Armour up to 25pts in value. Bodyguard

The Oceanic Trident Guard are the elite personal bodyguard of Nautican Lords and Princes. It is beneath them to fight for peace loving mermaids and sirens or non Nautican characters.
Only one Oceanic Trident Guard can be included in the army per Nautican Lord or Prince (not including Nautican Special Characters)

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Page 48

Draft 5.0

Giant Crabs
These crabs have grown huge over 300 years in the deep. They come as a mating pair and fight for the Nauticans and for one another. They are extremely difficult to kill but pity the fool who does send one to a watery grave ! Points/model: 160 pts (for the pair) M Giant Crab 4 Ws 3 Bs 0 S 3 T 5 W 3 I 2 A 3 Ld 7

Unit Size: 2* (50x50mm base size per crab), Unit Strength 6 (3 per crab). *only one pair can be taken for each 1000pts in the army Equipment: none Special Rules: Mating Pair (see below), Stubborn, Causes Fear Armour Save 3+ Crab Mating Pair rules:In the event that one crab should die the other will (on a roll of 3-6) gain eternal hatred (every round of combat) and eternal frenzy (every round of combat). Or on a roll of 1 or 2, the surviving crab will bury itself in the ground to die and will take no further part in the battle. Crushing Pincers:The pincers of a crab take little heed for shields or even plate mail armour. Once grabbed by a pincer armour is of little help as the pincer squeezes and crushes the opponent within it's own armoured coffin. For enemies with an armour save of:6, the crab gains +1 str 5, the crab gains +2 str 4, the crab gains +3 str 3 or better the crab gains +4 str Granite Crush:-

The crabs grip is second to none in the Oceans, once the crab has seized it's quarry death is almost a certainty.
In the combat phase the crab can sacrifice it's normal attacks for a single granite crush attack in an attempt to try to squash it's enemy into a pulp. Roll to hit as normal, a granite crush attack causes a single str10 hit resulting in D3 wounds. The crush is so traumatic that the enemy cannot use a Regenerate save. The crush is only effective against single models up to Ogre Size (ie. unit strength 3 or less)

Page 49

Draft 5.0

Half bipod, half lobster - these underwater abberations resemble huge upright, walking insects! The lobstrosities have long been employed by the Nautican peoples - they are mindless and slow to act but are very reliable and easily controlled (with fish !)
Points/model: 32 pts M Lobstrosity Grandimanus 3 3 Ws 3 3 Bs 0 0 S 5 5 T 4 4 W 3 3 I 1 1 A 2 3 Ld 4 4

Unit Size: 2+ (40x40mm base size) Equipment: one very large pincer and a squid beak jaw Special Rules: Unbreakable, Killing Blow or Parry*, Carapace facing, Relentless Options: Upgrade a Lobstrosity to a Grandimanus + 14 pts. Parry Special Ability At the cost of losing one attack per lobstrosity/grandimanus and the unit's killing blow special ability for that turn, the lobstrosity unit can use it's pincers to attempt to block enemy blows*.

* an attempt to parry must be declared before the enemy attacks.
The lobstrosity unit rerolls each enemy dice that hit the lobstrosity unit (a single reroll for each hit). If the roll is equal or higher than the original enemy hit roll then that hit is discarded.

** note enemies which automatically hit (eg. Magic weapon) cannot be parried.
Carapace Facing The lobstrosity is part lobster and part insectoid in appearance. It always moves with it's pincers protecting it's weak underbelly to protect against ranged weaponry until it enters combat. To represent this the lobstrosity has a 3+ armour save against missile fire and 4+ save in close combat. Relentless Lobstrosities might not be fast but they simply do not stop, they are always ready to attack and defend themselves. Lobstrosities can march move even if they are within 8 inches of the enemy. Image used with permission of HydraMiniatures (

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Wounds inflicted on the harpoon machines:3 wounds = 1 harpoon destroyed 6 wounds = 2 harpoons destroyed 9 wounds = all 3 harpoons destroyed Crewmen remaining:3 crew = 2 harpoons can fire normally 2 crew = only 1 harpoon can fire 1 crew = 1 harpoon can fire every other turn Page 51 . note: the harpoons are separate models but act as one in that they must all target the same enemy unit) Equipment: scalemail. Harpoons are unwieldy and not as refined for battlefield purposes as the common bolt thrower. one harpoon can use his ballistic skill Tripoon units are fixed position weapons and cannot move except to pivot on the spot.      Each harpoon in the battery must target the same unit within 36 inches Harpoons do not penetrate ranks. Unsaved wounds from a harpoon cannot be regenerated. clam machete. Special Rules: Bolt thrower rules for each harpoon (with the below Tripoon rule exceptions) Options: upgrade a single Wavebreaker to a Range Fathomer + 15pts Tripoon Battery rules: The effect of wounds against the Tripoon Battery Tripoon units are trained to fire as one to ensure that at least one harpoon hits it's quarry and does enough to deter large monsters from venturing any closer.0 Tripoon Battery Harpoons are used by the Nauticans to fend off monstrosities of the deep from their underwater settlements. If a Range Fathomer is included. Tripoon units consist of 3 harpoons which operate in unison targeting the same enemy each time they fire.Draft 5. The death of crewmen therefore has less of an impact on the operation of a tripoon battery than it would have on three separate bolt throwers. Points/model: 115 pts per battery M 3 Harpoons Wave Breaker crew Range Fathomer 4 4 Ws 3 3 Bs 3 4 S 3 3 T 7 3 3 W 9 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 1 Ld 7 8 Unit Size: 3 harpoons. 9 crew (treated as a single unit. The benefit of grouping harpoons into batteries of three is that all of the tripoon crewmen are in close proximity to one another and can help their fellow comrades load and aim the harpoons when casualties are suffered. The spear from a harpoon is designed to cause maximum (hopefully mortal !) trauma to it's target. The harpoons resemble their land based counterpart the bolt thrower with the exception of the "bolt" itself which is often tipped with large barbs and hooks to cause maximum damage to single targets.

These creatures are extremely dangerous to land creatures. Creatures of the Reef. Slippery When Wet ! Options: A unit of 4 or more Octobipods may upgrade an Octobipod to a Blue Ring +20pts (Blue Rings are very rare !) Grapple Eight tentacles and two arms make an Octobipod very difficult to attack.  Shields are easily clasped. A Blue Ring's poison wounds automatically on a 'To Hit' roll of 5+) Unit Size: 3+ (base size 40 x 40mm) Equipment: none Special Rules: Seaborn. Miniature is “Walktapus” from http://armorcast.0 Rare Units Octobipods Abominations. A Nautican army containing an Octopus Giganteus make take a single unit of Octobipods as a special unit choice (additional units of Octobipods count as rare unit choices). Even the most skilful of enemies will find their striking and blocking impeded by the flailing tentacles of an Octobipod that will attempt to wrest shields. there are also very slippery and therefore are not affected by the "Killing Blow" rule. Grapple. weapons and armour from it's foe. Points/model: 48 pts M Octobipod Blue Ring* 6 6 Ws 3 3 Bs 0 0 S 4 4 T 4 4 W 4 4 I 4 4 A 4 4 Ld 6 6 (* A Blue Ring shares the same profile as an Octobipod but it's venom exudes from all it's pores and is more toxic than it's cousin the Octobipod. Slippery When Wet ! Octobipods have three hearts and a lot of arms that impede even the most expert killers. Poisonous (and immunity to poison). even their Nautican masters keep a safe distance from the Octobipods. A single touch can lead to near instant motor paralysis and almost certain death. it counts as a normal attack* Octobipods are more prevalent in warmer waters where the Octopus Giganteus abides. For the purposes of close combat. Causes Fear. treat any enemy bearing a shield as though they do not have a shield. deflected or prised away by a creature with 8 tentacles. possessing neuromuscular paralysing venoms unknown on the surface world.Draft 5. Because Octobopids are so difficult to attack enemies suffer -1 to hit in close Page 52  . alien looking in both sea and land habitats.

When they do. Miniature is “Wereshark” from Page 53 . Like normal Frenzy. Armour Piercing Teeth. weresharks become stronger and more ferocious as they get a taste for their opponents blood. the unit is granted an additional strength 5 attack for each unsaved wound inflicted on their enemy from their normal attacks in each round of combat. Scaly Skin (5+). If a unit of Weresharks is included in the army then Manta Rays have to be selected as a rare unit choice not a special unit choice. Causes Fear. the unit is not granted an automatic additional attack. a unit of Manta Rays will "go missing". Instead. all too frequently. Insatiable Predator Unit Size: 2+ (base size 40 x 40mm) Equipment: none Special Rules: Seaborn.Draft 5. Wereshark Frenzy. quick to strike and ever more dangerous as the scent of blood pervades their senses and the insatiable hunger for fresh meat rages within them. Insatiable Predator Options: upgrade a Wereshark to a Tiger Wereshark +15pts A wereshark's natural prey is the Manta Ray. if the unit is beaten in combat the Wereshark frenzy is lost for the remainder of the battle. for this reason commanders are often wary of including both of these creatures in their army. Unlike normal frenzy. Creatures of the Deep.0 Weresharks Natural predators of the deep. Points/model: 55 pts M Wereshark Tiger Wereshark 5 5 Ws 4 4 Bs 0 0 S 5 5 T 4 4 W 3 3 I 4 4 A 3 4 Ld 7 7 Wereshark Frenzy Unable to contain their voracious appetitie. Painted by pascalrooze@hotmail. Until the Leviathan has been engaged in it's 1st combat it literally does not know who it's enemy is. miniature from http://www. Endless Pursuit:- Unit Size: 1 (50 x 50mm base size) Equipment: none Special Rules: Large Target. Instinctive Killer.under control Turn 2 . Frenzy Saves: Leviathan Scales 4+ armour save.reapermini.roll of 5+ Turn 4 . The Leviathans are devious and relentless monsters that never.Draft 5.roll of 6 Turn 3 . A Leviathan always pursues fleeing enemies and pursues 3d6+2 inches. it eats and it sleeps. the creatures are intensely territorial and would fight each other to the death. Until the Leviathan has been engaged in it's first (http://dimsgalleries. Territorial. Many a killer whale has died of exhaustion hundreds of miles away from the original start of the hunt. as far as the Leviathan is concerned every creature on the battlefield is a legitimate target. They eat anything and everything but their staple diet is usually whale. has programmed the Leviathan to kill and ask questions later ! Indeed the Leviathan only does 3 things. Magic Resistance (2) Territorial:No army can ever contain more than 1 Leviathan. Endless Pursuit. ever give up a chase. where food has often been scarce and danger ever present. the few which the army has in it's service were raised from captured eggs and carefully nurtured for hundreds of years. A Leviathan will not fight willingly for the Nauticans.automatically attacks nearest unit. Oblivious:- The Leviathan is totally oblivious of inconsequential goings on around it. As the battle progresses a Leviathan becomes ever more conscious of it's feral need to kill and eat.see Endless Pursuit rule below) Turn 1 . it kills. these ferocious beasts are a match for any creature ever fielded in battle on the surface world. (note: the Leviathan always pursues a fleeing enemy .roll of 4+ Turn 5 . Causes Terror. Oblivious. It looks only for threats and killing opportunities. They are the world's underwater Dragons. roll a D6 at the beginning of each Nautican turn (starting from turn 2) The Leviathan does not recognise it's general or the battle standard bearer and gets no benefit from being close to either. Even a "trained" Leviathan remains far from tame and is extremely dangerous for friend and foe alike. orca and giant squid. Instinctive Killer:- For thousands of years Leviathans have hunted in the deep. Millenia in the deep cruel oceans. Points/model: 380 pts M Ws Bs S The Leviathan 6 6 0 6 T W I 6 5 6 A Ld 6 8 On the below results the Leviathan charges the nearest unit (friend or foe) and does not stop attacking until either the unit is destroyed / flees or the Kraken has been destroyed / Page 54 .0 The Leviathan The scourge of the Nautican people.

walls. treats difficult terrain like open ground *. Also. 2) The Octopus involuntarily expels an inky mist from it's glands when it is reduced to 4 wounds or less. enemies cannot pursue an Octopus through the mist if it flees.. It can scale any height and literally pulls itself through woods by using the trees. used with permission.. Octo Wounds (see below). Points/model: 200 pts M Octopus Giganteus 6 Ws 3 Bs 3 S 5 T 4 W 8 I 3 A 8 Ld 7 Unit Size: 1 (unit strength 5. Octo Wounds Special Rule:For each wound the Octupus suffers it loses one attack (eg.. Or.0 Octopus Giganteus A dangerous and cunning predator of the deep . All shooting at the Octopus is at -1 to hit while the mist lasts. Predator Patience:- By nature an Octopus is a patient predator waiting for it's prey to come within range before launching an attack. an Octopus with 4 wounds left only has 4 attacks) Inky Mist:The Octopus may vacate it's ink glands once per battle. Large Target. This mist quickly surrounds the Octopus. 1) The Octopus can voluntarily flee from a combat 2D6 inches and cannot be pursued as the inky mist temporarily blinds it's enemy. houses. Either.Draft 5. Causes Fear. Image owned by dragonrune minis. base size 50 x 50mm) Equipment: none Special Rules: Stupidity (see Predator Patience).. Page 55 . envelopes it and moves with it and any enemy in base contact until the beginning of the Nautican's next turn. and woods are no obstacle for a Giant Octopus. If the Octupus fails it's stupidity test it shuffles itself into the ground allowing itself to adopt a low profile to lie in wait for the enemy. The Octopus can attempt to rally from it's next turn as normal. While the mist prevails All models fighting the Octopus suffer -1 to Hit and -1 to Initiative and lose the always strikes first ability (if they possess it). Predator Patience (see below) * Mountains. Inky Mist (see below).one that the Nauticans have moulded to their will through patience and mutual benefit. The Octopus cannot move until the beginning of the new Nautican turn (if it passes it's next stupidity test). In this position the Octopus no longer counts as a large target and benefits from soft cover (-1 to hit for missile weapons).

magic missiles and spells. Unwavering. a failed roll results in Fortunis instantly vanishing from the battlefield. combat) in which Fortunis suffers unsaved wounds it must test against it's leadership.Draft 5. shooting. The fact remains that no one can answer any of the many questions. Many of the greatest Nautican minds have spent a lifetime pondering the creature's existence and it's purpose.* Page 56 . As soon as Fortunis is reduced to zero wounds it instantly disappears from the battlefield. Points/model: 170 pts M Fortunis 12 Ws 1 Bs 0 S 5 T 5 W 6 I 1 A 0 Ld 10 Unit Size 1: (there is only one Fortunis !) Special Rules: Invulnerable. the appearance of the turtle seems to preceed a change for the better in Nautican fortunes. the Turtle has appeared in the Nauticans darkest hours and in their direst of needs. now in it's translucent ghost like presence. Righteous Destiny Base Size: chariot base Invulnerable It is impossible to kill or otherwise deflect the Turtle from it's course. famine or disease. The Turtle has the ethereal rule meaning that it can only be harmed by magic attacks. magic. This giant ethereal beast endlessly swims the deep oceans occupying a space between reality and the netherworlds. first in it's living form. the Turtle is not affected by any magic effects whatsoever other than those which cause wounds. The best that an enemy can hope for is to banish the Turtle from the surface world back to it's Ocean realm. In addition.0 Fortunis the Infinity Turtle A timeless ever presence in the seas of the Warhammer World. At times. Whether this be a time or war. At the end of every phase (eg. The great turtle has survived for countless millenia.

Fortunis begins the battle at the table edge within the Nauticans deployment zone. The ethereal turtle never veers to either the left or the right and never slows. "to wound" . Righteous Destiny The Turtle is ever the bearer of good fortune for the Nauticans and it's presence seems to greatly enhance the "luck" of nearby Nautican forces while their enemies see the Turtle as a portent of their coming doom.0 Unwavering Fortunis moves across the battlefield at a steady pace in a dead straight line.dice rolls of 1 can be re-rolled All Armour Saves dice rolls of 1 can be re-rolled Magic Spell casting .Draft 5. The Giant Turtle can be engaged in close combat by those in base contact but is not subject to the normal combat resolution and does not provide any benefit for the Nautican army in multiple unit combats . The Nautican player places a marker anywhere along the table edge within the enemy's deployment area. The very first unsaved wound caused during the battle against the Nautican army is always ignored as though it had been prevented by a ward save. you can never roll a re-roll ! The above re-rolls are only applicable if a re-roll has not already been taken. Any Nautican unit including associated characters that are partly or wholly within 12" of Fortunis benefit from the following :Close combat Nautican "to hit". Page 57 .dice rolls of 1 can be re-rolled (excluding miscasts) The presence of Fortunis benefits the army as a whole as it draws in the waves of magic to protect the Nautican forces. While Fortunis exists on the surface world he cannot be stopped by any means other than being 'slain' and thus dispatched back to his magical underwater world. The turtle will continue on it's path irrespective of the attacks against it. Fortunis moves 12" at the very beginning of each Nautican movement phase directly towards it's destination marker. passing through any objects in it's path whether they be animate or inanimate or even if they are attacking it with magical weapons. *note: Fortunis himself cannot re-roll 1's only other Nautican Units ! ** don't forget.

Creature of the Deep. Melanin Cloud. Loner. Large Target Peerless Beauty. Creature of the Reef.0 Quick Ref & Suggested Miniatures (click to see minis online) M W Bs S T W I A Ld Pts Base Unit Special Rules Lord Characters Nautican Lord King of the Seas Guardian of Time Mermaid 4 6 6 4 6 7 4 3 5 6 3 3 4 7 6 3 4 5 6 4 3 5 5 3 7 3 5 5 4 4 5 1 9 10 9 9 105 490 425 205 20mm 40mm 50mm 20mm n/a n/a n/a n/a Seaborn. Terror. Special “named” Character’s Creature Origins are noted above. Page 58 . Poisonous +Immunity. Loner Enchanting Dream * all Nautican units with the exception of Snadgangers have the Seaborn rule. Sole Legend Hero Characters Nautican Prince Chanty Singer Zharc K' Li Mare Zheala Vortex Zu-Xhi Coastal Hermit Siren 4 4 5 6 4 * 5 4 4 5 4 6 4 4 1 3 3 3 4 3 0 0 3 0 4 3 3 4 3 6 4 3 1 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 3 1 3 4 3 2 2 3 4 2 10 2 2 2 6 5 5 4 4 1 5 3 4 3 2 4 4 1 0 3 2 1 8 8 8 7 8 9 6 8 8 65 85 210 115 135 170 50 100 115 20mm 20mm 40mm 40mm 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Seaborn. (Sea Storm) Seaborn. Terror. Healer. Royalty. Stubborn. Slippery When Wet ! Seaborn. Stubborn. Creature of the Reef. Matriarch. Special “named” Characters have the Seaborn rule when noted above. Whirlpool. Hate. Fear. Sings for Pleasure. Wereshark Frenzy. Ocean Grace. Armour Piercing Teeth. No Safety in Numbers!. ** see the Army Wide Special Rules to see Creature Origin Rules which apply to all Nauticans. Nautican Benevolence Seaborn. Fear. Creature of the Deep. Grapple. Scaly Skin 4+. Watershield Seaborn.Draft 5. Large Target Anchor Bound. A Bigger Fish ! Impossible to Spot. Shark Father Seaborn.

Barb Charge. Killing Blow / Parry. Fear. Angular Attack. Leviathan Charge. Hate Stubborn (while the General or BSB is alive). Mating Pair. Bodyguard Stubborn. “Small Fry” Special Units Aqualops Seaweedlings Interceptors Destroyer Oceanic Trident Guard Guard Captain Giant Crabs (pair) Lobstrosity Grandimanus Tripoon Battery Wave Breaker Crew Range Fathomer 6 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 4 4 3 3 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 3 4 5 2 4 4 4 4 3 5 5 3 3 4 1 3 3 3 3 5 4 4 7 3 3 2 5 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 9 1 1 1 3 5 5 5 5 2 1 1 4 4 3 5 1 2 1 2 3 2 3 1 1 7 10 8 8 8 8 7 4 4 7 8 80 n/a 12 24 12 24 160 32 14 115 15 40mm 40mm 25mm 25mm 50mm 40mm 1-2 3d6 15 10+ 2 (pair) 2+ Scaly Skin 3+. Unit Strength 6.Draft 5. MR(1) Anarchic. Unbreakable. “Small Fry” Wave Magic. Stubborn Entange. Swarm Stubborn. Anarchic. Immune to Psychology.0 M W Bs S T W I A Ld Pts Base Unit Special Rules Core Units Coral Hunters Sharp Shot Crest Riders Triple Fin Wave Breakers Ripcurl Sandgangers Ignimbrite Stingrays 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 2 2 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 2 2 2 2 4 4 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 5 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 2 3 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 2 5 5 5 5 7 7 5 5 7 3 5 6 12 6 15 5 10 25 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm 40mm 10-25 10-25 10+ 10+ 4+ Doppleganger. Relentless Bolt Thrower rules plus Tripoon exceptions (see profile) Page 59 . Breaker Wave Charge. Immune to Psychology. Skirmishers. Immune to Poison Flyer. Poison. Unbreakable. Carapace.

Special “named” Characters have the Seaborn rule when noted above. Grapple. Fear. ** see the Army Wide Special Rules to see Creature Origin Rules which apply to all Nauticans. Octo Wounds. Large Target Invulnerable. Inky Mist. Wereshark Frenzy. Territorial. MR(2). Insatiable Predator Terror.0 M W Bs S T W I A Ld Pts Base Unit Special Rules Rare Units Octobipods Blue Ring Octobipod Wereshark Tiger Wereshark The Leviathan Octopus Giganteus Fortunis – Infinity Turtle 6 6 5 5 6 6 12 3 3 4 4 6 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 4 4 5 5 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 6 4 5 4 4 3 3 5 8 6 4 4 4 4 6 3 1 4 4 3 4 6 8 0 6 6 7 7 8 7 10 48 68 55 70 380 200 170 40mm 40mm 3+ 2+ Fear. Frenzy. Instintive Killer. Oblivious. Scaly Skin 5+. Poison + Immunity. Large Target Stupidity (predator Patience). Page 60 . Stubborn. Special “named” Character’s Creature Origins are noted above. Righteous Desinty chariot 50mm chariot 1 (max) 1 1 (max) * all Nautican units with the exception of Snadgangers have the Seaborn rule. Endlesss Pursuit. Unwavering. Slippery When Wet ! Fear. Armour Piercing Teeth.Draft 5.

King of the Seas. Mermaid2 & Elemental Nautican Hero Level Characters Sirens Heroes continued… Page 61 .0 (click here for more model pics & links to suppliers & sellers) use the above link to see most of the “blanked” (copyright protected) images below Nautican Lord level Characters Special Characters .Draft 5. The Guardian of Time (see website) Mermaid1.

Stingrays possible Ignimbrite (sandganger champion) followed by possible sandgangers (personally.Draft 5. Wave Breakers. Chanty Singer #1. Zharc Core Units Crest Riders & Coral Hunters (GW skink skirmishers). Chanty Singer #2. Vortex K’ Li Mare. I plan to use GW crypt ghouls "coated" with sand). Page 62 .0 Zheala.

Ignimbrite painted by Matt Verzani. Crest Riders & Coral Hunters are Games Workshop Lizardmen skinks. Giant Turtle Fortunis (still searching for appropriate miniature) reapermini. "Lilaea" water sprite painted by Alison Scheirman. Oceanic Trident Guard (Lizardmen Temple Guard).0 Special Units Interceptors (Saurus with spears).com water elemental painted by Anne Foerster. freebooterminiatures. Sandgangers painted by Chris "Pearl" Mermaid painted by Marike Reimer. Page 63 . Weresharks. Aqualops and Seaweedling (spores) Rare Units Octobipods. mermaid painted by Bemalt von Brenda Gosman. Giant Crabs Lobstrosity.Draft 5. Interceptors and Oceanic Trident Guard are Games Workshop Lizardmen Saurus and Temple Guard respectively. Octopus Giganteus. reapermini.

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