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Hard and Soft Magnets The magnetic materials are classified according to their B-H curve (or the hysteresis" curve

) into soft and hard magnetic materials. In soft materials, a large magnetic flux B can be produced by relatively low magnetic field intensity and the induced flux more or less follows the primary field . This means that soft magnetic materials are easy to magnetize and demagnetize. The B-H loop in this case is narrow and the hysteresis .loop has a smaal area On the other hand, hard magnetic materials require relatively large magnetic field intensities since they are difficult to magnetize and demagnetize. With these materials, it is possible to induce a large permanent magnetization by some external field. The magnetization can be switched between +B and –B with suitably high values ".of field intensity. The B-H loop in this case has a broad shape Electrical materials Dr.Ahmed Refaat Azmy This text is accurate as it is technically in it's use of specialized terms such as (…(magnetic flux, hysteresis curve, magnetic field The text is also concise as it explains the difference between soft and hard magnetic .materials in a short text It is also clear as it is written in simple sentences although it contains highly .specialized terms This text is coherent because it is talking around a specific point of subject matter and (.. it uses linking sentences such as (this means , on the other hand The text is appropriate for it's purpose of explaining briefly difference between soft and hard magnetic materials , and it is appropriate to the audience who are not .necessarily experts in such a field Finally, this text has the basic criteria of technical writing - - accuracy, conciseness, . - - clearness, coherence and appropriateness