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Hella Chem 211 Final Review

Chapter One Unit Conversions (Squared and cubed units to squared and cubed units are hardest) Significant Figures (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division have different rules) Chapter Two Isotopes and Isotopic Symbols Naming of Ionic, molecular and polyatomic ions/compounds Chapter Three
Stoichiometry (Theoretical yield, limiting reactant problems, and Percent yield)

Dilution problems (m1 v1 = m2 v2 ) Chapter Four Predict Products (Neutralization or Precipitation reactions) Reduction-Oxidation Reactions (Recognition and oxidation numbers) Chapter Five Ideal gas law applied to two different states (If pressure goes up, what happens to temp) Effusion and diffusion rates Chapter Six Heat calculations (heat capacity q=mc t) Calculate Enthalpy change in reaction (products - reactants) Chapter Seven Energy, wavelength, etc. Quantum #'s, labels, and meanings (principal quantum #'s) Trends in Atomic Size (electro negativity, ionization, etc.) Electron configurations and answer questions (such as paramagnetic)

) Chapter Ten Write Lewis structure of any molecule given VESRP and Lewis structure to predict geometry Chapter Eleven Molecular orbital theory (bond order in diatomic ion or ionic) Valence bond theory (hybridization of central atom) *Formulas and constants will be given from all previous exams! **He won't ask detailed questions. it will be more General ***25 question (roughly 3 per chapter) also said that reading chapter summaries will help TEST IS MONDAY FROM 8 AM to 10 AM .Chapter Nine Lattice Energy and Ionic bonding Electro negativity (trends are very. imp.