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Philosopy on Life 1. The world flows with energy. Learn to ride the currents of nature.

If the river flows up stream, then follow it, but be passionate about the adventure and lift your spirit to new heights. 2. Learn to love yourself and others will follow suit. 3. Set an example for the world to witness. Keep it simple so the seers can follow. My values - Treat others the way I wish to be treated - Keep an optimistic attitude no matter what the circumstance - See the world through the eyes of a child - Be humble because it’s arrogant to be anything else - Dissolve the ego as much as possible or it will disolve you - Find enjoyment in the simple things - Try not to lay a path of bad Karma - Lying is a mirror of your belief system - Be kind to people and go out of your way to say hello - Be true to yourself and others - Stand up for what you believe in