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1 1. The boys are supposed to have finished their homework when we come home.

This means: we expect that________by the time we come home. A. the boys are going to finish their homework B. the boys will be finishing their homework C. the boys will have finished their homework D. the boys were finishing their homework 2. Yesterday my friend said that he had never seen such good film like “Slumdog Millionaire”. From the above statement we may conclude that_________ A. It was the first time he went to see a film. B. He seldom went to see good movies. C. That was the best film he had ever seen. D. The film he saw was a bad one. 3. I can lend you my car next week because by that time I ______using it. A. will be finishing B. have finished C. am finishing D will have finished 4. Bono: “When had the workers finished their work?” Budi : “They had finished it when all the goods_______________” A. Were unloading B. had been unloaded C. were being unloaded D. Unloaded 5. We could not get a room at the Beach Hotel because we________reservations. A. would not make B. does not make C. were not making D. had not made 6. Anton: “Why didn’t Budi want to go home?” Toni: “His father_________________him for causing the firehouse.” A. Had blamed B. would blame C. is blaming D. has blamed 7. Nadira : “What’s the prediction of our boss about what will be achieved by this company at the end of this year?” Syifa : “It ___________________ its peak progress.” A. will achieved B. will have achieved C. will have been achieving

which D. had put 11. Tina: “Is everybody graduated from SMU 25 invited to the party?” Tono: “Well. which D.” . This is the best picture of my mother___________have ever taken A.2 D. I really didn’t know where I _________it” A. to whom are 1993 graduates D. Ari : ”What will actually happen on you for the next two days?” Arai: “My brother______________ me his secret” A. was putting D. where D. whom B. the party is exclusively for those_________” A. Decky said that he lost his wallet yesterday.Anwar…. A. were 1993 graduates C. there C. will tell B. C. of which C. had taken D.who B. they graduated in 1993 B.which 12. where B. which I told you whom I told you about I told you That I told you 15. B. has taken C. Jono : “What did you look for yesterday?” Joni: “Yesterday I looked for my dictionary. This is A. who graduated in 1993 16. May be somebody______it. have been putting C. will be telling C. Bajuri : “Where did the fire start?” Bajiru : “In the fifth floor of that building______my brother worked last year” A. will achieve 8.whose C. will have told D. The doctor is treating a patient____________leg was broken in an accident. D. would take 10. Tomi : “What did Bambang say to you?” Tomo: “He said________he would join us at the restaurant after his meeting. whom 13. A. takes B. that 14. is telling 9. Mr. have put B.

were B. A. A. How Bali 20. Whether C. whether C. would have . Lost lost B. Badu: “What do reporters usually ask the authorities nowadays?” Budi: “_________Indonesia will soon be able to overcome its economic problem very soon”.3 A. will make families ever B. that Bali D.” A. have left C. When B. would be C. Lands and houses are often the largest single investment that most______ A. Riza : “Do you know that Tanto had withdrawn his money from the bank just before it was liquidated”? Roni : “Oh yes. A. will make ever families D. could have been D. otherwise he__________a great deal. left B. The Arman’s family would not have lost their bag. if they____it in the hotel. had been 22. has lost D. had left D. Ani : “ Why do you want to see Ridwan?” Ana: “Oh. I want to congratulate only him on his graduation C._____________” A. why D. ________is a beautiful island has been confirmed by tourist from around the world. that 17. I only want to congratulate him on his graduation B. A.where D. I want to congratulate him only on his graduation 18. families make ever will 19. Bali B. would lose C. If he______________more confident during the interview. he might have got the job he wanted. in case C.why 21. Only I want to congratulate him on his graduation D. would have 23. families will ever make C. Whether B.

did not lend him C. Bill has become a rich man C. should go “Success Is Sum of Efforts Repeated Day In and Day out (Continuously)” http://abudira. A. has to be 29. can B. should be C.must be 28. has to be 30. and now he acts as if he were the owner. Bill is a shareholder 25. “It is possible that there will be another rise of the price of fuel soon”. you__________drive on the right side of the road. Should be D. The traffic regulations in the USA are different from those in Indonesia. Was B. Bill is not the owner of the store D. would not have lent him D. had not lent him 26. A. may C. We can also say: “There_______another rise in the price of fuel soon”. should have B. should have been D. Fatimah : “Rita has just missed the plane to Medan” Nadira : “She________at the airport at least two hours before departure” . would not lend him B. Bill has been working for this bookstore for many years. ought to be going B. might have D. From this sentence we may conclude that:_______ A. must be B. I___________my Bill is an honest man B. Had I realized that Tim a bad driver. the family___________ on vacation. must have gone C. In US. A. may be C. A. The whole kitchen was still very dirty. had to go D. she______might have forgotten to clean it. A.4 24. must D. Myrna’s house is empty. would rather 27. would have C.

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