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Sales Letter

Sales Letter

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Published by: celynmargaret on Jun 11, 2011
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January 27, 2010 Dra. Josephine Villafuerte (Address) Dear Dra. Villafuerte, Greetings!

We are offering you a luxurious and relaxing stay in one of the world s most prestigious destinations, Mandarin Oriental. The hotel welcomes you with legendary service and exquisite facilities, steeped in the values of the orient. When you are travelling on business, you need absolutely reliable support to erase any minor frustrations or indeed, deal with major problems. Staying at Mandarin Oriental can turn work into pleasure. Every time you ask for a service, it is our genuine pleasure to meet your requirement. Quite simply that is our business. Wherever you travel and whatever your needs, it is greatly assured that we are at your service with advice. Also, we have special and tempting offers of rates and packages from around the world. For more information and to view all of the different hotel services we provide, please visit:

Respectfully yours, Sales Manager

ABC Company January 25, 2010

Collections Manager January 27. Sincerely. we request you to contact our company at the earliest. 2010 . you have chosen to ignore our plea to discharge your credit card debt by 30th January 2010. Carmela Estrada MER Botique Alfonso.00 If there is any dispute regarding the amount of debt. As mentioned before. a suit will be filed against you in the small claims court to recover the dues and the amount of prejudgment interest. the total amount of unsecured credit card debts is Php50.Mrs. If we do not hear from you within the next 5 days.000. Estrada Despite our communication on the 10th and the 14th of this month. Cavite City Dear Mrs.

Torres. Claire Torres. Director XYZ Organization Mother Ignacia st. Sincerely yours. Celyn Lampino . I would be most appreciative if you could find the time to answer my questions. For the past few months. A booklet or any brochure will do. Quezon City Dear Ms. TV ads. I am actually interested and curious with the other product features you are offering. I have seen your product commercials through magazines. and web research. Please forward to me the other information about your offers including how I might be able to buy any of your products. I expect that I shall be sending you an order soon.Ms.

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