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Hypothesis Formulation

11/06/2011 6:57 AM In research, a Hypothesis is a suggested explanation of a Phenomenon, is an alternative (Alternative Hypothesis) way to explain the phenomenon. It is often based on Observations the evoke suspicion that the Null Hypothesis is not always correct.

A) Instruction and Order B) Logical Form (Hypothesis) 1) Null Hypothesis (no difference) a) a Hypothesis which a researcher tries to disprove, it represents the current view/explanation of an aspect of the world that the researcher wants to challenge. 2) Associated Difference (non-directional hypothesis) ex. Variable A changes/effect Variable B, there are relationship between A & B. 3) Directional Difference ex. Variable A increases/decreases, then Variable B increases/decreases (it can also inverse relationship) 4) Magnitude of Difference ex. if Variable A increase by 2pts, the Variable B decrease by 3pts (it can also inverse relationship) * Variables – anything that varies, changes, or has differences. 1) Attribute – variables that only have two extremes 2) Independent Variables – are those things thought to be the cause or bring about changes in other variables 3) Dependent Variables – are those things changed or affected by Independent variables 4) Confounding Variables – are variables with a significant effects on the Dependent variables that the researcher failed to control or eliminate.