Livelihood Program Introduction Putting up a business will be easier if you have adequate technical skills and knowledge about

the industry which you’re planning to invest in. This is why attending business and livelihood training seminars is an important step which all entrepreneurs must consider. But during our immersion to Sitio Gulod in Brgy. Muzon we observed that several community are depressed and does not have fund to put up or invest in their own business. Our group agreed to have a free seminar regarding Candle Making.We decided to choose this livelihood program because it has a small amount of capital needed and as for the community leader Ate Lisa related to us about their plan of conducting a seminar of either candle, perfume or soap making. By simply using your imagination anyone can progress in this kind of business. Seeing the desperate situation many young parents face in making ends meet including sending their children to school, has moved us to help arrange livelihood training/education for them with the goal that these people will be able to get better jobs and thus be able to adequately care for their children. Purpose/Goal The goal of the livelihood program is to enable the Sitio Gulod members to attain financial independence through self-help, the mobilization of local capacities and optimum utilization of external resources that the communities can gain access to. Project Objectives To achieve the above project goal, the following shall be aimed for: 1. To develop the entrepreneurial capabilities of the people and improve their knowledge and appreciation on the value of money and household financial management in general 2. To mobilize local savings and provide an effective mechanism for its safe-keeping and utilization, particularly for investments in various livelihood activities 3. To reduce the people’s dependence on usurious lending activities in meeting operating capital requirements and household expenses 4. To develop livelihood activities which the people can themselves effectively manage, and which can augment incomes and provide employment in the area. 5. Create alternative avenues of employment for Sitio Gulod. 6. Alleviate poverty through participatory approach. 7. Socio-economic empowerment. 8. Livelihoods Project formulation, Appraisal and implementation.

Entrepreneurial attitude. Itali sang dulo ng mitsa sa stick at gupitin. 12.90/kilo) Wick/mitsa (no. Hintayin matuyo at kusa itong matatanggal sa hulmahan. Ihanda ang uling/lutuan kung saan lulusawin ang wax 2. 11.buhosan ng bahagyang wax upang matakpan ang tali. Ibuhos ang tinunaw na wax hanggang sa bukana lamang ng umbok ng lata. Conclusion: After the project has gave knowledge for their economic conditions its beneficiaries and become a viable source of additional income . 9. Lagyan ng palamuti ang kandila. knowledge and skills on the part of beneficiaries. 10.Candle Making Materyales: • • • • • • • • • Paraffin Wax (Php. 8. 13. Lagyan ng maliit na butas sa ilalim ang coke in can at ilusot ang mitsa. 7. They develop team spirit and oneness of purpose in improving the economic wellbeing of families in the community. 5. Baliktarin ang coke in can at gumupit ng 1 inch na tali mula sa lata upang magsilbing mitsa ng kandila.18) (2/yard) Polyethylene (pampatigas) 10gm/1kilo of wax Gunting Hulmahan (coke in can) Stick Takure Masking tape Uling o lutuan Hakbang sa paggawa: 1. Idikit ng tape ang tali sa ilalim ng lata. 6. Patuyuin at ptulin ang tali. Ihalo ang polyethylene habang tinutunaw ang wax 4. Ilagay ang isang kilong wax at hintayin itong malusaw o magkulay tubig 3.ito ang magsisilbing unang base. Matapos patuyuin ang second base magbuhos muli hanggang sa bibig ng lata. at magbuhos muli ng wax hanggang sa gitna ng lata. Patuyuin ang unang base. .

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