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INTRODUCTION It is nestled in the heartland of Tagaytay where whiff of Cool Mountain breeze with a dramatic flora and fauna

that envelope the place to maintain its country charm. It is a place where all your comfort is within reach from sports facilities, spa, to your shopping spree. Come and experience ... Tagaytay Country Hotel grandeur of nature and renowned dedication to its warmth and personalized service. Tagaytay Country Hotel is Operated by The Olivarez Group of Company and owned by former Major Pablo Olivarez of Paraaque, with 68 rooms the hotel is rated as Standard Hotel by the DOT and 4 star hotel rate by the Philippine Travel and Tours Inc. for its amenities and services. Tagaytay Country Hotel is manage by Ms. Analyn Sio (Resident Manager).

Tagaytay City is considered as the "second summer capital" of the country next to Baguio City because of its crisp and cool weather climate,balmy winds and foggy mists all year round. It is a treasure box of pleasure points by itself. It is a perfect picnic spot. Tagaytay, however, is more than a picnic haunt. The place has many congregational houses, retreat centers and most especially to Hotel accommodations wherein you can find a place, a haven under the sky the splendour of "TAGAYTAY COUNTRY HOTEL". Thus, the masterpiece of nature that is Tagaytay is not to be missed for tourist itinerary. It should always include a visit to the Volcano Island enumerable side spots. Tagaytay City, located 2,500 feet above sea level, enjoys a cool climate characterized by a relatively low temperature, low humidity and abundant rainfall. Average temperature is 22.7 degrees Celsius. Tagaytay Country Hotel offers 68 elegantly designed guest rooms and function rooms with complete amenities and facilities that can accommodate 500 to 800 persons.

Restaurants Experience Country Food and desserts in a cozy countryside ambiance here at Country Caf it serves sumptuous International and native serving a combination of different types of cuisine, which expresses both light snacks and complete meals that will surely satisfy guest needs. Its operational hours are from 6am to 11 pm (Room Service also available during these hours). Caf Amadeo A right place were you can enjoy a European cozy outlook with your friends and family, drinking local coffee from Cavite and other variety of coffee blends along with your choices of pastries and desserts. La Costa Spa Comfort and pamper your body from head to foot. Invigorate your body,mind and soul as you relax your body with our variety of spa amenities suchas aroma therapy bath, healing massage, sauna bath, and other relaxationtreats like Facial Care, Body Treatment, Hand Care, Detoxification and Hair care Facilities Aside from the room amenities, Tagaytay Country Hotel offers the following facilities to its guests. Sports Facilities: Tennis Court Badminton Court Swimming Pool

Open Basketball Court Indoor Basketball Court Billiard and Table Tennis Dart Other Facilities: Laundry shop Spacious parking lot Business center Safety deposit box


Tagaytay Country Hotel is located within Olivarez Plaza alongAguinaldo Hi-way, the Business district of Tagaytay City 56 km

travel fromManila to Tagaytay. The place is near view site at Tagaytay Rotonda, thehotel is beside Caltex at the right side of the map and across caltex is jollibee.Mc Donalds is the easiest land mark to find Olivarez plaza and TagaytayCountry Hotel. The left side of Emilio Aguinaldo highway leads to silang, dasmarinasand carmona,on the right side it leads you to rotonda an intersection thatleads to tagaytay highlands and batangas. olivarez plaza also have a short cut at the back side leading to tagaytayhiglands. this place is also near a jeep ang van terminal, a few blocks away,across the street the plaza is also a bus stop going to silang, dasma and carmona.


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Managers are responsible for keeping their establishments efficientand profitable. In a small establishment with a limited staff, the manager mayoversee all aspects of operations. However, large hotels may employ many ofworkers, and the general manager usually is aided by a number of assistantmanagers assigned to the various departments of the operation. In hotels ofevery size, managerial duties vary significantly by job title. The GENERAL MANAGER, for example, has overall responsibility forthe operation of the hotel. Within guidelines established by the owners of thehotel or executives of the hotel chain, the general manager sets room rates,allocates funds to departments, approves expenditures, and establishesexpected standards for guest service, decor, housekeeping, food quality, andbanquet operations. Managers who work for chains also may organize andstaff a newly built hotel, refurbish an older hotel, or reorganize a hotel or motelthat is not operating successfully. In order to fill low-paying service andclerical jobs in hotels, some managers attend career fairs. Assistant Manager, help run the day-to-day operations of the hotel. In hotels, they may be responsible for activities such as personnel, accounting,office administration, marketing and sales, purchasing, security, maintenance,and pool, spa, or recreational facilities. In smaller

hotels, these duties may becombined into one position. Some hotels allow an assistant manager to makedecisions regarding hotel guest charges when a manager is unavailable. Computers are used extensively by hotel managers and theirassistants to keep track of the guest's bill, reservations, room assignments,meetings, and special events. In addition, computers are used to order food,beverages, and supplies, as well as to prepare reports for hotel owners andtop-level managers. Managers work with computer specialists to ensure thatthe hotel's computer system functions properly, managers must continue tomeet guests' needs. Computers are used extensively by hotel managers and theirassistants to keep track of the guest's bill, reservations, room assignments,meetings, and special events. In addition, computers are used to order food,beverages, and supplies, as well as to prepare reports for hotel owners andtop-level managers. Managers work with computer specialists to ensure thatthe hotel's computer system functions properly, managers must continue tomeet guests' needs. Manage the hotel's business plan or direction Hire and train new staff Handle requests and complaints from guests Keep records, plan budgets and deal with accounts

Advertise the hotel and deal with tour operators Supervise the day-to-day running of the hotel Greet guests Take bookings and allocate rooms Devise the annual business plan for the hotel Having final say in quality and cost control Resident Manager lives in hotels and is on call 24 hours a day to resolve problems or emergencies. In general, though, they typically work an8-hour day and oversee the day-to-day operations of the hotel. In manyhotels, the general manager also is the resident manager. Executive Housekeeper ensures that guest rooms, meeting and banquet rooms, and public areas are clean, orderly, and well maintained.They also train, schedule, and supervise the work of housekeepers; inspectrooms; and order cleaning supplies. Front Office Managers coordinate reservations and room

assignments, as well as train and direct the hotel's front desk staff. Theyensure that guests are treated courteously, complaints and problems areresolved, and requests for special services are carried out. Front officemanagers often have authorization to adjust charges posted on a customer's bill. Executive Chef will train and manage kitchen personnel and supervise/coordinate all related culinary activities; estimate food consumptionand requisition or purchase food; select and develop recipes; standardizeproduction recipes to ensure consistent quality; establish presentationtechnique and quality standards; plan and price menus; ensure properequipment operation/maintenance; and ensure proper safety and sanitation inkitchen. The executive chef may cook selected items or for select occasions.The executive chef may oversee special catering events and may also offerculinary instruction and/or demonstrate culinary techniques. The executivechef directly supervises kitchen personnel with responsibility for hiring,discipline, performance reviews and initiating pay increases. Typically reportsto a food service director. Sales & Marketing Manager directs the actual distribution or movement of a product or service to the customer. Coordinate salesdistribution by establishing sales territories, quotas, and goals and establishtraining programs for sales representatives. Analyze sales statistics gatheredby staff to determine sales potential and inventory requirements and monitorthe preferences of customers. Chief Engineer, Manages all engineering/maintenance operations, including maintaining the building, grounds and physical plant with particularattention towards safety, security and asset protection.

Accountable formanaging the budget, capital expenditure projects, preventative maintenanceand energy conservation. Responsible for maintaining regulatoryrequirements leads the emergency response team for all facility issues. Accounting Manager, will be responsible for the Accounting Department and its functions. Some of the duties include; cash management, financial reporting, and creating budgets. Establish and enforce appropriate financial policies and procedures Plan and forecast balance sheet and cash flow Cash management Create budget and re-forecasting

Human Resources Manager directs and coordinates all duties related to the position of Human Resource Generalist; recruiting, employee benefits,wage and salary, job evaluations, personnel counseling, employee relationsand the creation and implementation of formalized training programs for allpersonnel.

Food & Beverage Production Organizational Chart Executive Chef The executive chef, sometimes called the head cook or the "chef decuisine", is the one responsible for running the food preparation in a kitchen.He or she takes on much more of a management role than anyone else onthe kitchen staff. Executive chefs are usually employed by large restaurants,hotels, and private country clubs and even cruise lines. Most manage a staffof at least ten employees. Duties The executive chef is primarily responsible for assigningresponsibilities among the kitchen staff to ensure that food preparation isefficient. In addition to overseeing all food production, the duties of theexecutive chef usually include the following: Manage food preparation and cooking. Ensure that food qualitystandards are met. /Cook food, either on a regular basis or for special

unctions only. /Plan the menu and create new recipes. /Prepare the budget,including projections of annual food and labor costs. /Train the kitchen staff toensure the food is prepared according to budget and standards. /Perform aregular inventory of food supplies and equipment. /Project future needs andplace orders to ensure that they are met. /Ensure that the kitchen adheres tosanitation and safety laws. Sous Chef The term "sous" comes from French, and it means "under." A sous chefranks directly below the executive chef. The sous chef is directly in charge ofday to day production in the kitchen. Because the executive chef must spendso much time in his or her office, tending to issues related to business andlong-term planning for the restaurant, the sous chef is generally given theresponsibility of ensuring the kitchen functions efficiently and effectively. Supervising the kitchen staff Preparing and cooking meals to order Demonstrating cooking techniques and proper equipment usage to the kitchen staff Some menu planning

Some ordering of food and kitchen supplies Chef De Partie A chef de partie, often called a "station chef" or a "line cook," isresponsible for one particular area of food production in the kitchen. Thisposition is usually found in larger kitchens with a staff big enough to allow forspecialization. Usually, each "station" in the kitchen has only one or twoworkers on duty at any given time. In a case where theres more than onechef de partie on duty, theyre often divided into a hierarchy using titles like" first cook," "second cook" and so forth. Cooks A chef is a person who cooks professionally. In a professional kitchensetting, the term is used only for the one person in charge of everyone else inthe kitchen; the executive chef. They are the ones responsible for foodpreparation and cooking. Pastry Chef Prepare baked goods, pastries and desserts. In larger establishments,the pastry chef often supervises a separate team in their own kitchen orseparate shop.

Food & Beverage Service Organizational Chart Captain Waiter Oversees the service of the restaurant and reports to the department heads. Waiters & Waitresses Greeting Customers, in some restaurants, there is a host or hostess togreet customers and take them to their tables. Other restaurants, however,require the waiter to greet and seat guests before serving them. Offering and Serving Beverages and Appetizers, upon the arrival of agroup of customers, the waiter should offer beverages and appetizers. Thewaiter should be knowledgeable about the various soft drinks, wines and

spirits that the establishment offers, as well as the appetizers on themenu. The waiter places the orders and delivers the drinks and appetizers tothe customers. Taking and Serving Meal Orders, One of the waiter's main duties istaking and delivering food orders. The waiter must be able to discuss the dailyspecials as well as the restaurant's regular menu items. A waiter should beextremely familiar with the entire menu, including which entrees come withside dishes. Continued Service After the meal has been delivered, the waiter paysattention to the needs of the table, re-filling drinks, taking away soiled dishesand offering napkins or other amenities offered by the establishment. Delivering the Check and Accepting Payment, The waiter totals theguest check and takes it to the customer. He also accepts payment when it isnot done by a cashier and must be aware of the accepted forms of payment.Waiters usually receive a tip of 18 percent to 20 percent of the total check.Whatever the tip may be, the waiter should accept it graciously.

ROOM SERVICE If a guest has is in a room and would like to eat inside their room thereis a menu card just right beside the phone so the guest is freely to choosefrom the wide variety of food selection that the hotel serves. They can call forroom service any time they want and be delivered in their respective room;they can use the phone that is provided in the room to call for room service.

Process of Ordering & Deliver Telephonewill be answered by a waiter in courteous manner andprocess the guest's order according to the menu card, the waiter will thendescribe the selection of food & beverage in the menu item to guests byoffering interesting, and vivid descriptions of the each item's, origin, taste, andpreparation methods.

Communicate with guest and take their order including any specialneeds or requests to the kitchen using the hotel's point-of-sales system; checkcompleted kitchen orders with the guest's original order; delivery of items tothe guestroom will be delivered by a Room Service Servers in a timely

manner to ensure proper food quality; properly and accurately close guest checks; record guest charges. Anticipate guest needs, ascertain satisfaction, and offer suggestions, and respond urgently and appropriately to guest concerns and requests. Coordinate amenity deliver by ensuring that all requests are received, filed, ordered from kitchen and delivered in a prompt and accurate fashion.

Table Set-up The guest rooms are provided with tables and chairs for the guest use.The guest are free to set their own table according to set-up they are pleased.Utensils, napkins and plates are all provided by the hotel. FOOD & BEVRERAGE DEPARTMENT Food and Beverage Department is responsible to give the customer satisfaction regarding the food taste and quality service to all customers. It is the responsibility of the food and beverage department isresponsible to give the customer satisfaction regarding the food taste andquality services The food and beverage personnel are responsible to respond to thedemands of their customers. They see to it that customers receive good andcourteous service at all times, they must maintain good working relationshipwith fellow staff and customers. The food and beverage department attends to the customers queriesand requirement. It must be done courteously and efficiently establishstandards. All beverages and food must be in good taste and of qualityservice to ensure customers satisfaction. F&B Manager The food and beverage manager is responsible for the daily operationsof the restaurant and other establishment. The managers also train allemployees to ensure all products are prepared, handled, stored well withconsistency and to maintain standard recopies. He/She coordinates orders

MANPOWER SCHEDULING Housekeeping department have a three shifting: a morning shift at sixa.m. until three p.m. The afternoon shift starts at two p.m. until eleven p.m.And the midnight shifting is from eleven p.m. until eight a.m. F&B Department have two shifting, morning shift at 6 a.m. until three p.m. The afternoon shift starts at two p.m. until eleven p.m. COMMINICAIOTN STYLE The communications style of housekeeping department is through theuse of telephones, fax and computers. All areas of the housekeepingdepartment have a telephone to communicate easily to each areas and otherdepartment hotel. They use fax machine to send a letter or importantdocument for the business transaction. The housekeeping department hasalso the computer especially in the front desk area for the guest reservationssand room assignments. INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP All staffs in Tagaytay Country Hotel maintain a good relationship toeach fellow employee during working hours. In all departments they cooperateand implements good and quality service in their respective working areasand to impress guests. All department heads potrays good image to theirfellow worker. WORKING CONDITION The employees of Tagaytay Country Hotel works in coordination workon time and finished the assigned task in a good and quality performance.The employees also remind each other about the standard procedures of thehotel to meet the satisfaction of the guest. VENTILATION

Tagaytay Country Hotel has a complete ventilation to make the hotel operateswell and adds the quality of service in the operation of establishment. Allrooms (economy, suite, deluxe, studio), the function rooms (el Cavitenoballroom, Amphitheater, convention center, Calabarzon) and offices has itsown air-conditions to make entire area more comfortable. Also the CountryCaf has its own centralized airconditioned to make the whole area breezyfor the customer. The complete lights and decoration of whole hotel areacreates a pleasant appearance of the entire hotel. In the addition of theharmonious music that makes the place more relaxing SANITATION PROCEDURE All areas of Tagaytay Country Hotel are well monitored and sanitized.All departments are responsible for their areas and maintain cleanliness withproper standard sanitation procedure, they conduct checking for equipmentrepair and maintenance. STRENGTHS Establishment Tagaytay Country Hotel has complete facilities for the guests needsand satisfaction. In this establishment, each guestroom is designed to comfortguest, while the staffs and employees are hospitable and friendly to all guests.They have different facilities that will meet the needs of the guest such asswimming pool with Jacuzzi, country caf, La Costa spa, laundry service,supermarket, spacious car park, four indoor badminton courts, tennis andbasketball court, and business center like convention center, amphitheaterand spacious function rooms for conferences, seminars and meetings. Employee

The strength of the employees hear in Tagaytay Country Hotel is thereteam work that makes there work easier and fun. They also give respect towhom that is in the position like the department heads. They also give a goodexample to practicum students and train them with the hotels standards. Management The management in Tagaytay Country Hotel is well managing withproper standards. The resident manger also maintains closeness to his/heremployees to develop team work to reach their goal. Practicumer As practicumer we were equipped and prepared for this trainingprogram to experience the real world of hospitality. In this hotel we weretrained in different types of department. Indeed the training programdeveloped our skills and enhanced our knowledge in this field, this experiencemade us more confident to face the challenges of the competitive world. WEAKNESSES Establishment The weakness of Tagaytay Country Hotel is the unfinished work in theestablishment like unfinished paint jobs and construction that is not beenrepaired for days or so, that makes it an eye sore and unpleasing to the guest. Employee Due to lack of qualified personnel or less trained staff the hotel workgets over delayed and customers receive unsatisfactory service, which createa bad impression about the hotel in the guests mind. And once the

guestleaves the hotel after unsatisfactory service, the guest doesnt come back. Management The managements need more power to implement a task that needs tobe done over his/her employees. The management had established a veryclose relationship that caused over familiarity between employer and employees. Practicumer As a practicumer we were equipped and prepared for this trainingprogram, but the management depended and required too much servicesbeyond the required job description more so assigned us to areas like a dicerin a supermarket. RECOMMENDATION Establishment The Tagaytay Country Hotel as a establishment is now reaching thepeak of success. It should have additional staffs that are knowledgeableenough in terms of their work because of the growing demands. TagaytayCountry Hotel in the other hand still lack some amenities and facilities. Thisshould be given attention immediately to be able to meet the guests needsand demands. They should also pose mission and vision at the front office. Employee In recruiting hotel personnel candidates qualifications and experiencesshould be taken into account. As far as the existing personnel, regular trainingmust be provided. Substitution between the

new and the existing personnelcan be a good option in order to provide satisfactory service to the guestneeds.Management The hotel must have proper monitoring of the maintenance crew as faras the repairs and constructions are concern. The works of the maintenancewill be done in just a short period of time to lessen the problems andinconvenience and to keep-up the good impression about the establishment.The establishment should also hire high standard quality workers with theright training and knowledge of his/her job. Practicumer Every practicumer should be given proper orientation and training about the establishment. They must be informed about the hotels background, strengths and weaknesses in order to respond professionally to whatever situations they may face or encounter. Every practicumer must be hard working, well trained, and have passion for work. CONCLUSION I therefore conclude that Tagaytay Country Hotel being one of the hotelchain in Tagaytay is setting standards that other establishments can follow. Itis essential to be aware of the changes taking place in the outside worldwhich will keep hotels in tune with the race and trends of this competitiveworld. This will help motivate the hotels to reach higher standards, to satisfyand meet the guests needs and be one of the most competitive hotel inTagaytay.. In spite of the fast growing and very competitive world, they stillmanage to stay in their standard but in a step by step growth that madeTagaytay Country Hotel reached its peak of success.