Death Was a Girl C

old as the moon, fearsome the night, married to the wonder of her own haunting plight, she walks, guided by sense, blinded from light and plunged to immortality, pale flesh and blood paid, and without doubt the innocence gone. Trailing, looming, sadly, sighing, alone, lost, forever. Such valuable stares, and inspirational thoughts, painted onto her nails. Scratching, and trying, bleeding but dying, veiled with such filthy lies. Dirty, bad, cruel, she’s mad, sight was darkened by love. Twisted, and turned, enchanted but burned, beauty prevail all reason. Halted and waned, saddened, but gained, touched by death’s elder soul. Dreaming, falling, darkness, calling, screaming into eternal nothing, matter dies, feeling cries, with hours sifting throughout the memory, a rising sun, laced yet undone, crafted the wood wielded shield. Burdened and drained, castrated with chain, a prayer unanswered the need. Blooming, like a rose, growing as she grows, frosted and curious to the past. Rabbits are the eyes, mellow tears deeply seeping the sneak, brushing ever slightly, unwaveringly so, the poetic voice hidden yet out stretched. Lethargic, mechanic, alienate bodes, a glass house of hearts, a queen of game, playing the plain sided card. Diced and cupped, frustrated with muck, inscrolled significant stars. Dazzled, so frequent, deliriously edging to the fall, beaded sweetly with moment true. Softness, compassion, beauty with rational perspective need, entrancing, webbing, fragile risk with irresistible lips, seeded through the flesh, gentle from the gist, deadly to the bone and throughout the kiss. Death was a girl you see, unable to escape her heart, clutched, and clinging, screaming, but singing, a fool in love, no less. Among her black hooded head, lays emotion with dread, her life, behold a sad girl. With moments of tears, mirrored are fears, hung on the great wall of thought. Specs of hope with light provoked everlasting coldness inside.

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