The City’


lood curdle me, my darling, brand me electric, fire my lust and kiss

my breath a suicide note. I am the art inside the soul, the flow of passion in rivers. I am the noiseless words of unspeakable truths. I am your hidden shrieks of sorrow. Twist my fingers and cut my bones, strangle my body and choke my mind. Unbearable inflict on the action. Motives value faltering swiftly into oblivion, the abyss of open wonder and where your mind is sprawled in blood. You are isolated in the prison we built for you. Your hands multiplied by hour, and moonlight looms black tears. Rip open your skin and strain the kill. Transform and transpire fleet to finite days. Fear is only but vital, a link to humanity, it is not reality it is the madness to obsession. I am the city. I hold society in my dainty hands. Beat me breathless, my children, and eliminate the future. We are now. Omnipresent emotion flails raw ebony, and words of myth are reason. Possession in the brain waves and the train to nerve is a flawless path of insanity. You are alive in the world of the dead, obligated with darkness, and captivated with secret. 23/4/11

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