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CAM101 Complete Course Notes Reduced Size

CAM101 Complete Course Notes Reduced Size

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Published by: haydenfarquhar on Jun 11, 2011
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• Nutrients are substances our bodies obtain from food that are believed to play an important role in the
functioning of our bodies.
• Nutrient Reverence values are indicators of the quantity of various nutrients healthy humans need per


• Various indicators are used, all based on assessment of an individual’s average daily intake
o Estimated Average Requirement (EAR)
o Recommended Daily Intake (RDI)
o Average Intake (AI)
o (for some nutrients, AI is used instead of EAR and RDI)

EAR, RDI and AI indicate the quantity of a nutrient we need to avoid deficiency.
For a given age-gender group:
• EAR – estimated average requirement
o is the amount that should prevent any sign of deficiency in at least 50% of people
• RDI – recommended dietary intake
o is the amount that should prevent any sign of deficiency in 97% of people
o therefore rather higher than most individuals would ever need
o it is wrong to diagnose a person as being deficient simply because their intake on a given day
is a little below the RDI

• AI – adequate intake

o is an amount that’s ‘probably’ enough to avoid deficiency for most people
o used instead of EAR and RDI where the available data for some nutrients were considered
inadequate for estimating those nutrient reference values

The NRVs are based on estimates of the amounts needed to avoid deficiency of a specific nutrient.

Calculation of NRVs is based (where possible) on intervention studies, where volunteers are kept on a
controlled diet known to be adequate for all nutrients bot one’ levels of that one nutrient are manipulated,
and the volunteers are monitored of deficiency.

UI – upper level of intake

This value indicates the quantity that may lead to toxic side-effects. This is the amount above which there is
a significant risk of adverse effects from the nutrient.

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