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.0 Interview Questions And Answers,Latest Siebel Interview Questions And Answers The Major differences between siebel 7.x and 8.x 1) Siebel 8.0 has introduced Task UI for task automations. 2) Business user properties have become drop down list in tools and hence no need to remember syntax for each Load balancing is maintained by the Gateway server using the third party software Resonate Central Dispatch.As mentioned above Siebel load bal is done by third party software such as Resonate Dispatch manage or can be done with the help of lbconfig.txt file, which is generated at siebel server and is place in webserver.which helps in identifying the concerned OM..and transfer the request as per the load in supoprtweb.nice document is given for it. While importing product or Account data why we are populating BU_ID ? bu_id is user key for S_ORG_EXT and S_PROD_INT table. These 2 tables are base tables for Account and Product entities. Explain when we use the following scenarios: Base table having extension columns Extension table have extension columns Which one do you prefer, Explain? In Siebel 7.8 there is no restriction in the number of columns in tables, but depending on the frequency of use and the relationship you should use it discretely (when 1:1 relation is there). Its better to extent the base table rather than the extension table. As per the Siebel best practice we are supposed to extent the base table only if the required type columns are not present in the extension table. Suppose there is a search spec on BC, and Applet both. explain the execution of this scenario. This is not true . Actually BC search specification will be replaced by Applet Search specification(NOT appended) and finally you will get the data queried using Applet search spec. When we set search spec in BC and Applet it will do an AND between the Search spec of BC and Applet. For Exp: Bc level search spec is Name=Vijay and Applet level Country=India then the records display where Name=Vijay and Country=India. When we have search spec on both BC and applet, both these search spec will be AND. that is it will retrieve only those records where both the conditions(applet and BC)are satisfied. How do convert single value fields into multivalue fields in the Field object type found under Business component? select the Multivalued property to true. and need to take care about the MVL and Destination Field. In the list applet field we have 10 records but i have to display only 2 records in list applet,what is the process should i follow Select that applet in tools and in OBLE there is an option called "HTML no of rows" specify the number of rows u want.

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