DJ ANGGA JUNIO PROFILE Name Nick Name/Name artist Age Nationally Email :Dewangga Junio Shindra :Dj Angga

Junio : 21 : Indonesian :

More about DJ ANGGA JUNIO Angga Junio a.k.a DJ Angga Junio was born in Jakarta,June 24th 1989 and starting carrier Djing From 2006. Dj Angga Junio become first resident at The Wave Club Bali on Maret 2006 then he move to My Room Club Bali in September 2007 until February 2009.

Dj for many event such as: Private party at Villa Kamma,Supermonday University Party at Blue Eyes Bali,Special event at Ambacang Club Padang,Special Event Party at B+ Club Padang,Rainbow Night Party at 66 Club Bali every Sunday,House of MiLo @ 88 Club Bali,MiLo Inc on Java Invasion Tour
Jalan Gunung Soputan, Ulun Residence No.4-7, Br.Abian Timbul, Denpasar 80119 Bali, Indonesia Tel/Fax: (62)(361)499235 | Mobile: (62)(0)81936003789 | Blackberry PIN: 21D583CF Website: | General Enquiry: | Party Enquiry: Facebook: miloincbali | Twitter: @MincParty | Music:

com | General Enquiry: Facebook: miloincbali | Twitter: @MincParty | Music: House Music.etc contact :085936106694 Jalan Gunung .BingoPlayers.2011 @ KampusMenaraImperium Jakarta & @ Mithas Cirebon. Indonesia Tel/Fax: (62)(361)499235 | Mobile: (62)(0)81936003789 | Blackberry PIN: 21D583CF Website: http://www.Syke N Sugarstarr.Muzzaik.whatever to make people dance. Ulun Residence No. Br.DavidPenn.DavidGuetta.Jimpster. Denpasar 80119 Bali.catchy sounds.Alex Costa.Loko. Dj Angga Junio become resident at Vi Ai Pi Club Bali in LegianStreet.Stefano Noferini. The Music of Dj Angga Junio many inspirated from producer artis like Alex Kenji.. Grand Opening Boshe VVIP | Party Enquiry: party@milo-inc..milo-inc.TechHouse.Dj Angga Junio Has good taste music and genre he play like Soulful..Belocca&Soneec.Abian Timbul.Xmas Soul @ Huu Bar Bali ft Junior Jack & Kid Crème (Belgium) etc.soundcloud. Daniel Portman.