Missing your own point completely aren't you. Being a loser as some stage is the key to success.

Persistence arises from failing. Persistence happens when you've failed just so many fcuking times that motivation and drive are no longer necessary. you realize its no longer a goal, a motivation, or a source of frustration ~ you've made that choice. Stop focusing merely on the result, keep process in mind. Either accept you have regrets, or accept compromise. That's when you change, you improve yourself but aren't so interested in yourself anymore and you start doing shiit like it matters. "loser", "winner" - wrong. If you're still thinking in terms of things other people did/could/want to label you, you're missing the point entirely. Winners accept what's already handed to them on a silver platter. Winners are overprivileged; winners are dead weight. Winners expect a round of applause for their pointless kowtowing to what's inevitable. Inventors, creators and trouble makers on the other hand reinvent their own destiny. They don't look to get what they deserve. They aren't short-sighted. They leave the petty to waste away on their expectations like chain linked scoundrels. Potential begins when you don't have any goals and you don't have any limitations and your only motivation is to reflect what that makes possible, in everything you do.

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