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Introverts are a minority in the general population, yet a majority of gifted individuals are introverts.
Introverts are a minority in the general population, yet a majority of gifted individuals are introverts.

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Published by: qldpsHK on Jun 11, 2011
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Minority In Japan I’m a minority, I belong with the 10 per cent of the population roughly defined as ‘gaikokujin’, that

is foreigner. In Australia “white” people are a majority that I belong to. In Japan many people’s skin is a hell of lot whiter than mine. I’m referring to the ‘white Australia’ and ‘the yellow peril’ you hear mentioned in old film archive newsreels talking about the prior 50 or so years of politics in the Australasian region. It’s interesting being a minority Caucasian in a culture that prides itself on the group coming first and homogeneity. When I was growing up I had a non-typical take on the relationship between the majority and the minority. Traditionally, Australia is also a monoculture – the politics, the economics and for a long time even the judicial system favoured the white Australian male. Only faggots, coons and women (who, if they expected equal pay for equal work the term ‘lesbian’ applied) soured the picture of a chundering yobbo’s utopia. I wasn’t a fan of this monoculture. This monoculture perceived aborigine as the cliché drunk. The few aborigines’ I knew had master’s degrees. The cliché gay was a threat if female. The few dykes I knew being as young as I was, told me that “if they were into men, they’d go for someone like me”. This strikes me as politeness verging on the complimentary. As for women I was raised by them. In yobbo-dom, guys had only male friends, females had only female friends and never the twain should meet, except in clearly demarcated masculine or feminine behaviour and roles. In my case, my older sister was the one that read maps and removed scary insects from the room. My Mum was the provider-type that paid the bills. I sided with the minority. Some people call my political outlook “white guilt” or “bleeding heart liberalism”. I tend to characterise my views as “under-dog champion-ism”. Japan puts a different spin on things. In one way it’s the same. Men supposedly cum first – pardon the pun. Truth is I am rather naïve – I had to watch hours of porn before I even realised women cum at all. I’m an introvert you see – the ultimate minority. Introverts tend to fall in love before sex. That’s the criteria you see; if you’ve never fallen in love (note the word here is love not lust) prior to sex, stop kidding yourself that you have even the slightest clue of what it is to be an introvert. In some ways Japan is different. Japanese people don’t tend to make quick decisions. In other words, though they favour the group over the individual, they are only stubborn after consultation. They rarely say no, mostly yes, but only during the first round. It confuses the hell out a ‘quick results are more important than deliberating over process’ cultures like that of America. So same or different, in public or private Japan is an introvert culture, that’s why, despite the uniformity I love it. Here shyness is the majority and I’m the foreigner.

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