111trobl-tcti0l1 to Yoga
witl1 tl1c Kl-it1tl"lit1i Y05" Sets Metlit"tiot1s of
'Ihe "Greatest Hits" of Kundali.ni Yoga
Cbncise survey of the thrust, scope,
effects and Olll[onents of Kundalini Yoga
Detailed advice on at-hc:JIe practice
Just what a beginner wants to kocJw about
Kundalini Yoga
111{ l{l1als , Ph. D.

Al1l1 Marie Maxvvcl1
At1l1 M.,\xwdl
INTRODUCTION TO KY. 1-888029-05-6
COpyright June, 1989
by Gururattan l<aur Khalsa, Ph.D.
and Ann Marie Max'Nell
a . n q r q : a t n < X I - p u t : ?
- e 6 o x ~ } I
] : 0 . 2 a t f I . t 2 J l u e ( : - e q a 1 f o x q r .

We are grateful to Mark Lamn (and others whose names we don It know) for
their graphic and intelligent notes, and to Gordin Martin and Robert Eckert
for their support and enoouragement. We also thank our brothers and sis­
ters on the spiritual path whose time and effort sharing this work is
helping to expand and up lift mass o:>nsciousness for a better world.
We are also deeply indebted to the Kundalini Research Institute and the
3HO Foundation for permission to use their previously published material.
May you all be blessed with the love, peace, happiness and prosperity
of the Aquarian Age, and with the happy, healthy and holy lives of the
'!hese sets and meditations, with their titles, cxmnents and claims have
been as accurately transcribed as possible fran the original class notes.
'!hey are not offered in substitution for medical advice or treatment.
Best results will be obtained by exercising camon sense and l:x:ldy awareness
in the practice of Kundalini Yoga, and supplementing it with a regular
exercise program.
Additional copies of this manual can be obtained by wr1ting to
Yoga Tec'kl101og\1 Press
Gururattan K. Khalsa
913 DA-.enue
Coronado, CA 92118
(after August 1999 check address by phone or email)
(619) 435-3390 email: rattanak@concentric.net
Your cx::mnents and suggestions are welcome 1
Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga is the uncoiling of the being.
It is the potential of creativity of the Infinite in the finite.
It is the widening of the behavior, and it is ultimate
happiness in life. It is super-humanly human.
It is intelligence.
It is grace.
It is upmost compassionate being.
It is classic Truth which radiates in every facet of life.
It is a scientific technology which can be learned and
It is taught; it is not a momentary diversion to look
unusual or feel unusual.
It is the central. neIVe system we are talking about which
extends the grasp of the brain to imagine Infinity in
its totality, and then it is a gradual process to work
for that experience.
It is a scientific technology for happiness.
Practicing Kundalini Yoga at Heme 1 1
Raising Kundalini 12
THE SEl'S 19
WAKEUP SERIES - Reccmnended daily practice (All YTP B(X)KS) 21
O1cx>se the ones you need to ccxnpliment a set. (NOI'ES)
15 MINUI'E MORNING SEI' - Raises Kundalini energy, excellent prepar- 26
ation for meditation lALL YCGA '.I'ECHNQL(x;Y PRESS a:xJKS)
('!'his, together with serabandanda Kriya and running in place
canprize the ''Warrior Workout" in Kundalini YC9a. Yogi Ehajan
gave it this way.) (5&5)
Another challenging workout (HEART)
keeps us strong and healthy and effective. (JOY)
set in Kundalini Yoga. A little taste of everything, canbin­
ed with RESULTS! (HEART)
MEDITATIOO (Makes meditation easy, even for beginners! (SAnA)
NABHI ~ Y A - sets the navel, strengthens abdaninal muscles (MEn) 27
RELEASE THE NAVEL ENERGY - Fun, regenerating! (MID) 28
THE NAVEL CENTER & ELIMINATIOO - G:x:ld, balanced workout. 30
ELL'1INATIOO & CIRa.JLATIOO KRIYA - Another excellent workout. 32
5AT KRIYA - 'Ihe rrost basic kriYa in Kundalini Yoga. (SAnA) 34
B.lU.ANCING THE DEPOSIroRY SYSTEM - For the 'Ihymus & Inmune System 36
VATSAR KRIYA - Kundalini 1'I\Jms"! self-healing. (NOI'ES) 38
SERABANDANDA KRIYA - For Curing any disease (HE'ARl') 39
EXERCISE SEI' FOR ELECI'RO-MAGNEI'IC ~ C Y - A strong magnetic 40
'ID REMJVE NEGATIVITY - Feel great in 1-4 minutes (REUIX) 41
RAISE KUNDALINI IN CUIa< ORDER - Really works. Try it! (RELAX) 42
OPPORroNITY & GREEN ENERGY SEI' - '!his may be the rrost popular 44
PINEAL GLAND KRIYA - Another set to make rneclltation easy! (5&5) 48
SEHAJ SUKH DTIiAN WITH MUL MANTRA - To connect with the True self. 57
The "Mill Mantra" is the highest of all mantras and the root
of all mantras in Kundalini Yoga. (RELAX)
Q1e of the rrost IX>pular meditations (SAnA)
best f:riend (5AnA)
MJRNING CALL - Long liE)< Q1g Kars". To open and balance all the 58
chakras. (5&5)
IAYA YCQ.. MEDITATIOO #1 - Raises Kundalini, produces bliss. 59
KIRl'AN KR!YA - OVer a period of time, this meditation can be your 60
MARA DEV KRIYA With long "Sat Narns" - To cormect with the soul and 61
open the heart (NCTI'ES )
ooI SHABO MEDITATIOO Accelerating Spiritual Growth - ''What you can 62
do (in 2 hrs.!) cannot be described ( S&S)
ASTRAL PROJEX::I'IOO - Up, up and away! (RELAX) 63
MAHAN KAL KRIYA - Brings innocence, dispels fear. (REr.JVC) 64
SHAKTI-BHAKTI MEDITATIOO - Produces physical euphoria, the "Great 64
B::dy" experience, and induces sleep by relaxing the solar
plexus. Blissful and effective. (RELAX)
ADI SHAKTI MEDITATIOO - For female p:JWer and attraction (in l:x>th 65
men and waren.) (REl:.AX)
PROSPERITY MEDITATIOO - This was designa:ed as the mantra for 1989 66
by Yogi Bhajan. (Taught at RebirthJ.ng Course in san Diego
in January, 1989) (HEART)
BASIC BREATH SERIES - Pranayama to clear the mind (SADA) 67
BREATHING TO O!ANGE NOSTRILS AT WILL and alter mental states. 68
Everyone should know hOol to do this (SURV)
and the Central Nervous System. Brings elaOOrate changes!
Excellent practice for begirmers. (RELAX)
ENERGY & RELAXATIOO FOR THE NERVES - Another good beginner's exer­ 69
cise. Unite with Universal Spirit! (REr.JVC)
ELEVATlOO OF a::NSCIOOSNESS MEDITATIOO (sahaj Yoga) "Any person 70
in a non-improved state can do this and can rise to any state
of consciousness". (S&S)
MARA SHAKTI PRANAYAM - Whistle Kriya - Massages and stimulates the 71
brain, prcrluces tolerance and eliminates tension. Six pages
of scripture describe the effects of this exercise! (HEART)
SITALI PRANAYAM - Traditional cooling, healing and cleansing pran­ 72
ayarn. It is said that those who practice this will have all
the things they need and be served by the heavens! (SADA)
BREATH PURIFICATIOO & NAVEL ENERGY - For a "glow" and powerful 73
energy. (MED)
FOR PSYOiIC DEVELOPMENT - Works on Life Nerve in shoulder (S&S) 74
GURUDA MUDRA For self-Identification. Do this when you need to 74
know who yOU aJ;'e. (S&S)
Kundalini, Prana & Apana, Kriyas
Kriyas and Asanas
Pranayarna and Meditation
Focus of Attention, Visualization and Projection

F<."")Rv-]OR D
For the first time in the history of the planet, the ancient secrets
of personal transformation and fulfillment are available to all, regardless
of educatioTl, social status, profession, incane, reli 9.on, nationality,­
age or sex. We are in an age of the "dem:x::ratization of spirituality".
The science of Kundalini Yoga and meditation was developed 50,000­
70,000 years ago by rishis in India and Tibet, who systematically tested
and perfected the precise rrovements, postures, sounds and breathing that
activate different parts of the body and brain to produce specific results.
Their goal was to develop a ccxnprehensive methoo for hurrans to activate
their fullest potential, creativity and intuition to maintain healthy,
vital bodies and to experience and dwell in the ecstacy of God-conscious­
ness. Until recently, these secret teachings were passed from teacher
to selected students who had passed intensive tests and trials. He 'NaS
then given one meditation, only, which had to be mastered (in 10-12 years!)
before he could begin to practice another. Kundalini yoga, which incorpor­
ates all other yogic teachings) 'NaS brought to the west and presented
to the public for the first time in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan. Not only is
this the first time it has ever been taught publically, this is the first
time it has ever been written down and made available to all who desire
to practice.
We are living at a critical juncture in planetary evolution. '!he
survival of the planet and the hwnan species depends upon nothing less
than a healing transformation of consciousness. It is, then, not surpris­
ing that Kundalini yoga, one of the YJOrld's IrOSt powerful tools of trans­
formation, should again appear to facilitate personal change and empower
us to effect social change.
'!he practice of spiritual disciplines such as this contributes to
global healing in several ways. (1) '!he collective state of mind is raised
and is reflected in the environmental condition and the political/econanic
situation. '!hus, fear, anger, hatred and confusion become confidence,
faith, love, acceptance and clarity implementing planetary healing. (2)
Conscious, balanced and loving individuals are better able to make cons­
cious, balanced and loving decisions in their daily personal, business,
social and political lives.
It is my observation that rrost of us already have enough information
about "what IS the matter" with our 3elves and the planet. We are rroti­
vated and deeply desire change! What we are looking for now is the means
to effect change and actually experience a difference - inner peace and
grace, living a truly happy, fulfilled and creative life and making signif­
icant contributions. SUch changes necessitate powerful technology. Kunda­
lim yoga and meditation was designed for the job. Even a small dose
offers experiences of instant relief from stress, the feeling of dcminion,
and access to powerful energy. Dedicated practice offers lasting exper­
iences of joy, peace, empJWerrrtent and permanent, rapid improvement in
consciousness and health.
As a teacher, it is my observation that Kundalini yoga invariably
works 1 I have never had a student who did not llmtedi.ately experience
noticable changes in well-being. And I have often been surprised at how
little a new student had to do to get results fran chronic problems such
as back pain and insannia.
It is also my ecperience that Kundalini yoga can be beneficially
a:xnbined with any other spiritual practice, therapy, or healing rrode. It
is a generic technology for reaching the highest human p:>tential to accomp­
lish any human or spiritual goal.
I have studied the o::mronest issues of the age - co-dependency, heal­
ing the inner child, relaxation and stress reduction, s e l f ~ e n n e n t ,
weight-reduction, maintaining youth and beauty, self-love and esteem,
and overcx:xning addictions, fear, depression and anger. Kundalini yoga
gives one the mental p:::rwer, physical stamina and em::>tional balance to
deal rrore effectively with all these issues. It changes the neurological
and chemical balance in the l:xid.y and brain that triggered these problems

to see a yogi in a remote cave to receive a secret meditation. '!he test.
today is having the grit, courage and will to take the first steps to
change. '!he challenge is to do it, using the available technology.
We can choose between rredi.ocrity or self-ernpowerment. 5eLf-empower­
ment cannot be achieved for you or given to you. It can ba read about,
thought .about or taught in a seminar, but personal transformation is a
participatory sp:>rti It only v.crks if you are in the game. And it is
rrore fun to be in the game, with the rewards in the playing. So get in
the game and bring your friends. '!he rrore players the better. It is
a win, win, win game. You win, I win, the v.crld wins. Play balll


in the first place. And best of all,
alive and canfortable in your l:x:rly.
Kundalini yoga belongs to everyone.
before in the history of the planet have
change been so accessable. '!he challenge
it makes you feel good, happy,
It is a gift to hurnanity. Never
so many p:>ssibilities for radical
today is not to climb a rrountain
as taught by Y09i Bhaja."'l, Master of Batha, Tantric & Kundalini Y09a
Unreasonable Happiness
can you imagine a state of being
in which you wake up HAPPY every rrorn­
ing? Happy for no reason - just happy!
- without winning the lottery, without
a new ranance, a raise or prOITOtion
and without even looking forward to
a 2 week vacation!
Not only that! You find that
you really can exert control over your
life, do the things you want to do,
be the person you want to be, and
live that life you choose to live.
If you know that it is possible
to be happy, healthy and effective
but up to nCM have achieved no rrore
than glimpses of your power - if you
are waiting for "a break", some luck
or the secret knCMledge that will
change your life, here it is, in Kunda­
lini yoga as taught by Y09i Bhaj an!
Kundalini Y09a
Kundalini yoga is the science, art
and technology enabling one to access
and utilize his own creative power
for elevation of consciousness, healing
and other purposes beyond reproduction.
'Ihis power, ( "shakti" ) is thought
to lie dormant in the lower end of
the spine and is often pictured as
a coiled, sleeping serpent ("kundalini"
means "coiled") until it is awakened
(spontaneously or by Y09ic techniques)
and arises to unite with Universal
Energy ("prana"), errp:IYJering the indiv­
idual with awareness beyond ordinary
perception and powers ("siddhis" )
beyond ordinary ability (see "Benefits
of Kundalini Y09a").
This ancient (I mean ancient
- like 70, 000 years according to the
master) science has been honed and
refined by generations and generations
of learned yogis until it is now offer­
ed in tact with all its esoteric prac­
tices adapted for the western mind
by the master, Y09i Bhaj an.
It imparts a se."lSe "dominion" \or
sovereignty in Yogi Bhaj an's words),
derronsU'ating the ancient wisdan in
all religion and epitomizing the new
age slogan, "you create your own real­
ity". Everyday problems are transfor­
med into stimulating opportunities
to grCM, experience and enj oy, instead
of limitations or excuses. 'Ihey l:ecorne
the warp through which you creatively
weave your woof!
Kundalini Yoga, as practiced
by Yogij i 's students, consists of
exercises or postures (Asanas) with
special breathing (Pranayama) , hand
and finger gestures (Mudras), body
locks (Bhandas), chanting ('Mantras)
and meditation (see canponents of
Kundalini Y09a - Appendix), together or
in sequence to create exact, specific
effects. This science has been studied
in the rronasteries of India and Tibet
for thousands of Years, and if we
practice it exactly as taught by the
master, we will achieve the p:JWerful,
precise effects predicted. A kriya
is an exercise or group of them, with
one or rrore of the other components,
whose total impact is grE:!a.ter than
the sum of the parts. The sets taught
by Yogi Bhajan are kriyas, rather
than simply calesthenic series.
Kundalini Y09a is t.l-}e rrost power­
ful and inclusive ofa l l ~ . '!here
are many other schools of yoga: Hatha

Yoqa, the best known school in the
in the West, is mainly, but not exclUs­
ively physical. Raja Y09a claims


to be the highest Yoga (Raja means
"royal" ) but omits the physical.
Mantra, Japa and Nad Yoga concentrate
on sound and meaning, Swara Yoga on
breathing, Bhakti Yoga on devotional
prayer and meditation, Karma. Yoga
on work and service, and Tantric Yoga
attains enlightenment through the
union and balance of male and female
energy, either in sexual intercourse
(Red Tantra or the Left Hand Path),


or in non-sexual union (White Tantra
or the right hand path, as taught
by Yogi Bhajan).
All yoga aims at the saIne goal _
union wi th the Universal, Divine Source
or God. It has been said that the
practice of Hatha Yoga leads to libera­
tion in 16 years, but that the practice
of Kundalini yoga (a canbination of
raja and hatha yoga) prcxnises that
goal in 1/3 or 1/4 of the time, accord­
ing to the dedication of the practic­
Kundalini yoga is addictive! Once
t.l-te results are experienced, we want
rrore! Yogi Bhajan has taught thousands
of sets and meditations, an abundance
covering every phase of human and
super-human experience, attesting
to the tireless dedication of the
master. This material can only be
taught by a master like him. Luckily,
notes from his earliest classes here
in 1969 have been preserved, as well
as the video taped later material.
vie are honored to be able to transcribe
and prepare it for the public for
the very first time.
Many of the kriyas are venerable
2..:."1d ancient, having been passed down
by word of rrouth from guru to initiated.
chela (protege-student), and are there­
fore sacred and secret. Yogij i has
at last made them available to the
public, saying that knowledge belongs
to everyone!
Practicing Kundalini Yoga at Hane
Once you try it, you probably
won't be satisfied with just a weekly
class and will begin to practice at
horne. Optimum results are obtained
by practicing "sadhana" every morning,
but most beginners will not commit
to practicing in "the primal hours"
until they discover its benefits.
and may simply wish to add a Sunday
session at horne to the weekly class,
a"1d build gradually from there. Others
may do it only when they have the
opportunity, and of course, some will
do it every rrorning.
It is generally best to choose
and do t.l-te sarne set daily until it
is mastered (when the p:::>ses can be
held for the specified times), but
it isn I t necessary to do a set for
40 days. (as it is reccmnended for
meditations). Sane sets, however,
do specify 40 days in a row, and if
you are working on a particular talent
or problem, you may wish to do a set
daily. '!he recarmended sequence is
as follows:
1) Wake Up series (in bed. See pg. 21)
2) Cold shower
3) 'IUne in with the Adi Mantra
4) Warm ups (see page 22-25 ). Qui t
those that appear in prop:::>sed set.
5) Perform chosen set
6) Relax a few noments
7) Meditate
8) Grounding exercises (see page 18 ).
If you wish to meditate later,
but haven I t time for a set, warm up
the spine first with spinal flexes,
and try one or more of the "Meditation
Facilitators". A session can be as
long as 3 hours and as brief as 15
Always practice a'i: least 2 hours
after eating in a clean, quiet place,
with the hair pinned on top of the
head (in a "rishi knot"), or at least
confined and feet bare for maximum
effectiveness. Like the yoga classes
you may
the hook
this precious time with yourself. )
After each exercise, it is import­
ant to pause a m::xnent to observe its
effects and the altered flow of energy.
Each exercise generates
ific effects, unlike
so relax and take a
before going on to the
important adj unct of
practice is b:x3.y awareness. If you
become sensitive to your own b::x:1y,
aligning the spine, and making neces­
sary adjustment, knowing when to stop
be attending, at-home yoga
should be approached with
dedication, resolve and
(So, take the phone off
and really slow down for
its own spec­
breath or. two
next one. An
Kundalini Yoga
or press on, feeling the urge to rrove
a certain way, you will multiply the
benefits and prevent possible injuries.
(A teacher cannot see everything to
correct your errors, so you must rely
on your own For example,
if the spine is misaligned and you
perform Plow Pose, you will not achieve
the benefits and you might aggravate
the problem, but if you rrove it as
awareness indicates , you can also
it). Close your eyes and visu­
alize the spi:le, a'1d see if you can
make adjustments to align it, especial­
ly before meditation. (see Relax
a'1d Renew for sets to adjust the spine
a..."1.d neck.)
All of us carry physical tension
in various places, like shoulders,
groin or neck. Exercise or massage
can often alleviate that problem.
But if the intestines are in knots,
cannot pass from the lower
chakras up the spine, and it is dif­
ficult to perform or appreciate Root
Lock (Mulbhand) . We can relax the
intestines by
to relax, in
with the eyes
Many of
simply c:cmnanding them
a kind and gentle manner
closed and the breathing
us find it almost impos­
sible to relax the heart, which can
be constricted by negativity, self­
hate and fear (see Transitions to
a Heart-centered World) and this muscle
can also be relaxed by a simple, kind
corrmand, allowing energy to flow freely
to the higher centers. If you exper­
ience such problems, take a rroment or
two for internal relaxation before yoga
practice and learn to "tune in" to
your body rrore often during the day.
If you simply cannot perform
an exercise as after doing
your best, it is helpful to visualize
yourself doing it, which benefits
the body almost as much as the act
itself, and also facilitates actually
do ing the exercise. Concentration
on a mantra or the breath can make
holding a pose easier. Flexibility
can be attained slowly, by holding
the ends of a towel looped over the
feet in forward bends. r::on I t force
anything. Everyone was a beginner
once, and with consister:t practice
improvement will be much faster than
some beginners find it easier
to pull Mulbhand during the inhale
than on the exhale (or vice versa),
but with practice it can be done easily
both ways. Some of us have difficulty
focussing attention or projecting
energy during the exhale (or inhale),
but repeated attempts enable us to
maintain such effects throughout the
meditation, and in fact, therein lies
the magic of Kundalini Yoga. Most of
us have difficulty gazing at the nose
while projecting out of the Brow Point,
but practice, again, obtains all these
abilities and rrore. N::1ove all, don't
force anything, but allow the effects
to happen!
After you establish regular at­
home practice, try to attend regular or
occasional classes, too, for the group
energy and that passed fran teacher
to students, as well as to keep the
feel and tempo of the discipline. (To
locate local Kundalini Yoga classes, as
taught by the master, look up "3HO"
(Healthy, Happy &Holy Organization) in
the nearest large town and call them
for information.)
Sooner or later you will probably
begin the early rrorningpractice of
sadhana ("sud na"), awakening spontane­
ously perhaps at 3:30 or 4:00 a.m. with
a feeling of anticipation and exc'i te­
rnent, and realize that it is time to
practice yoga and meditate. Although
you may hear yourself muttering in
disgust for omitting it, you will
never, never complain or regret having
done sadhana. Never !
You may practice Kundalini yoga
at any time of the day or night, but
you will discover that those before
sunrise hours when the air is cleanest,
quietest and rrost Peaceful, when human
ambition, greed, anger and hostility
still slumber, "the ambrosial hours"
- - - --- -- -

• are the rrost precious and effective.
At such times you can join the exalted
canpany of yogis and other "improved"
beings who grace the planet.

Sadhana practice is like having
an unlirrJted spiritual credit card!
You can bank as much as you want and
withdraw as much as you need to "soup
up" your effectiveness in the "market­
place", enhance your impact on group

consciousness and really make a differ­
ence! YCXJi Bhaj an suggests, wear
white and meditate daily for 40 days
and see what happens!
Regular Sadhana practice fine
tunes timing, telepathy, pre-cognition,
harrronizes interactions between the

inner and outer w;:,rlds, produces a
positive attitude, a happy disposition
and success! You will becane a force
for gocd. on the earth.

No one says "you should" or "you
must". In fact, there is all the
time in the w;:,rld - this life and

as many others as it takes to get
your show on the road. So think of
this moment as a once in a life-time
opportunity to exercise dominion,

elevate your consciousness and join
the a::xnpany of the enlightened leaders
Raising Kundalini

Fundamental to the practice of

Kundalini yoga is the raising of Kunda­
lini energy up the spine to the higher
centers. '!his can be done, quite'
simply, in fact, by practicing the

Kundalini sets and meditations (despite
the legendary difficulty). '!he trick
is in keepding the energy up. The

abundance of Eastern tradition aOOut
the phenomen makes us w;:,nder why it was
not mentioned by Jesus d1rist, Gautama
or Moharrmed. It has been postulated by
Bhagwan Rhajneesh (see Meditation,
the Art of Ecstasy) that when the
central chal1.nel is clear, the ascent
of Kundalini energy is imperceptible,
and it is only in piercing through
blocked chakras that it is felt.
A few people have spontaneous
Kundalini arousals that sometimes
resul t in severe traurro and even psych-
physical inj ury or permanent mental
disfunction (which explains why Kunda­
lini yoga practice is sometimes regard­
ed as dangerous) . SUch traumatic,
spontaneous Kundalini arousals occur
arrong the practitioners of "'ll'!" and
other disciplines that raise psychic
energy without first preparing the
physical body for the high vol tage
psychic energy. '!his never happens
to t'1ose who practice Kundalini YCXJa
as taught by Yogi Bhajan, because
the body and nervous system are prepar­
ed for this potent energy. Regular
practice not only raises Kundalini
e.l1.ergy safely, it keeps it up for
living on a higher plane.
We have been told by some female
YCXJis that raising Kundalini is very
much like experiencing orgasm. (Men,
unfortunately haven't a similar refer­
ence.) Apparently it is a unique
experience for each person (like orgasm
or an LSD trip) • sane experience
heat along the spine and others see
it as brilliant light. It is described
as spiralling up the spine by some,
and as shooting straight up the spine
by others. Whatever the individual
perception, it is definitely a delight­
ful and euphoric sensation, often
attended by extraordinary phenerrona
exalted consciousness.
'!he follO'w'ing are exe.yts from
lectures and oonversations by Yogi
Bhaj al1. in 1969, borro-....oo frcrn Kundalini
Meditation Manual.
"I 'have recognized, by the bless­
ing of my Master, that it is possible
to be Healthy, to be Happy and to
be Holy while living in this society.
B"U,t you must have energy so that your
dead computer may live and pass on
the signal to you, and compute all
that you want to do in this society.
We call this energy, in the olden
science, Kundalini (which has been
blocked in the Muladhara, the lowest
of all chakras or lotuses). '!hough
these are all imaginary things, there
is a way of setting our computers
to be in direct contact Him,
tJ1e biggest a:xnputer, and all things
must then work autorratically. That
canI10t work until the Kundalini (the
spiritual nerve) breaks through the
blockage and travels up to the stage
of SUperconsciousness in consciousness.
Hhen the semi is (thus) awakened,
this vehicle of yours will be chauffer­
ed by the soul instead of the negative
ego and you will have found Go::l in you.
You must generate the pressure
of Prana (spiritual, life-force energy)
and mix it with Apana ( eliminating
energy) , and when the two join, you
get heat in the Pranic center (at
the 8th vertibra). With this heat,
you put pressure (or a charge) on
thG Soul Nerve, or I(undalini, which
is coiled in 3 ~ circles on Muladhara,
a'1d this will awaken it so that it
may pierce through the chakras and
pass through Jalandhara Bhanda (Neck
Lock), the final blockage in the spine
before the energy reaches the head.
Prana is the life force of the
atan, and Apana is the eliminating
force. When these two forces, positive
and negative, are joined the pressure
brings Kundalini up the central nerve
channel, Sushumana, and when it reaches
the higher chakras, man can look into
his 'future, his psychic power is activ­
ated, he knows the totality of his sur­
roundings, and he is a blessed being.
Under the 8th vertibra, there
is a cavity called the "Pranic center"
the navel p:>int (with Root Lock) prana
and apar.a mix at t.l-)e navel (Nabhi)
chakra at the 4th vertibra. Heat is
fel t during Kundalini a'Nakening. That
heat is the filament of the SUshurnana
being lit by the joining of prar.a and
apana. Energy leaves the navel and
goes to the rectum and then it rises.
There are six rrore chakras through
which Kundalini must rise and it will
happen all at once. Once you have
raised it, thehardest job is to keep it
up &keep the channels clean and clear.
Fran the rectum to the vocal
cord is known as the Silver Cord.
FRom the neck to the top of the head

where prana is stored. Yogis create
pranic energy reserVoirs in that cavity
and live on the reserve. AlJ., IT IS
one inhales pra.'1a deep down t o ~
navel p:>int, and pulls apana up to
is the passage. Fran the 3rd Eye
(between the brows) to the Pineal
Gland (Crown Cha1<ra) is the Golden Cord
To make energy rise through these cords
and passages, you apply hydraulic locks
just as you do to bring oil out of the
ground. Mulabhanda (Root Lock) brings
Apana up to the navel at the 4th verti­
bra, the central seat of Kundalini.
Uddiyana Bhanda (Diaphragm Lock) takes
it up to the neck and Jalandhara Bhanda
(Neck Lock) takes it up the rest of
the way. '!he Pineal Gland (seat of the
Soul) does not work when the 1Oth Gate
(Crown O1akra) is sealed. But the Pin­
eal Gland will secrete when Kundalini
Heat comes and your Pituitary will act
as radar, keeping the mind fran nega­
tivity. Kundalini is known as the Soul
Nerve. Your Soul is to be awakened!
Is it difficult? There's no
secret. In 20-30 days of honest prac­
tice you can do it.
CAUTIOO: You are playing with
energy that is the life force of the
atan! But with proper preparation
(tuning in, warming up) and following
directions carefully, AND ALWAYS APPLY­
ING NECK 1..00< (neck perfectly straight)
there is no danger."




The medi tations and yoga exercises
in this manual present an opportunity
to acquire the mental, physical and
spiritual capacity to enjoy life
to the fullest. Instead of becarmi.ng
stressed fran the intensifying energy
and rapid changes occuring on the
planet today, we will be able to
"get highII fran the transition to
the New Age. Practiced, these tech­
niques will "tune us in". Kundalini
Y ~ a is a p::JWerful scientific tech­
nology, developed over thousands
of years, to access higher light
energy and produce a conscious rrode
of living, implementing creativity
and productivity fast! We can
expect the following results.
PROBLEM SOLVING: We can't always
avoid problems, but we can be m::>re
effective in handling them. By chang­
ing perspectives, being less eaotional
and uninvolved, we can raise our
consciousness to attract or provide
solutions, thereby rising to a p::>si­
tion of power, able to effect change
rather than helplessly stand by play­
ing the victem.
CI..EANSING: Yoga and meditation power­
fully cleanses us of physical, mental
and em:>tional obstructions, worn­
out attitudes and beliefs, leaving
us space to acquire beneficial and
useful new ones, and opening us to
access higher J<nor.rledge and our om
inner selves.
A BETl'ER WAY OF LIVING: '!here are
three levels of being ­
1. Life is a series of problems to
be solved, and the best we can hope
for is to find solutions, or that the
problem will just go away.
2. Life is a series of opportunities,
and problems can be turned into oppor­
tunities for lessons and growth.
3. Life is a miracle, a series of
synchronistic events unfolding at
the right time and place, in a cons­
tant flow. As we raise our vibration­
al frequency, we m::>Ve into miraculous
The ability to manifest our deepest
desires reveals itself, and we can
perceive and draw opp:>rtunities to
us. We no longer have to go out
and manipulate or fight for what
we want.
aNI'ROL: As we gain m::>re control
over our lives, we have less need
to exercise control, because we are
in the process of discovering and
accepting life as it unfolds, and
we feel m::>re secure and trusting.
DIVINE ATITTUDES: As we transcend
the mind's duality, new attitudes
ab:>ut life, ourselves and others
appear like acceptance, trust, grati­
tude and non-attachment, and we live
with fewer expectations or judgements.
OIARACI'ER: Greater mental clarity
and focus is achieved, and it is
easier to act consistently, to finish
tasks, be truthful, fair and honest.
HEALING: 0Jr healing powers manifest
and our presence, touch, words or
smile heals.
HFALTH: '!he imnune system is streng­
thened and we enj oy vibrant health
ann abundant energy.
PRESENCE: With the developnent of
the electro-magnetic field (aura),
not only is our health improved,
but we become more p:>ised and effect­
ive human beings.
PURE KNa-ITNG: Wi th meditation cernes
intuition - knowing and feeling what

is right and best, and no longer
having to reason through the pro I s
and cons IS of each situation.
PRO'rEX:I'ICN: Intuitive pc7W'erS alert
us to dangers, and we do not attract
negative forces. 5anetimes the univ­
verse changes our plans so that we
don I t get on the plane that crashes 1
PRAYER PCMER: Clarity, humility
and devotion clear the channels for
our prayers to be heard and answered.
JOYnJL LIVrnG: Life becanes relaxed
and fun. We feel taken care of,
and becane "unreasonably happy".
HIGHER AWARENESS: 'Ibrough meditation
we establish an intimate relationship
with ourselves and the Q:ld wi thin.
'Ihis relationship opens us up to
higher level relationships with others
THE UNIVERSAL ~ C N : '!be congru­
ent alignment of b::x3y, mind and spirit
opens c.'1annels to other dimensions
of existence and the universe unfolds
within our minds.
A FORCE FOR GX>D: '!be nore we elevate
consciousness and the quali ty of
our internal being, the nore posit­
ively we affect the 'NOrld and those
around us. Inner peace becanes outer
A DRUGLESS HIGH: Recreational drugs
are used to fulfill the deep longing
for spiritual identity as much as
for the euphoria, relaxation, sensual
delights, mental and physical energy
and the other pleasures they may afford
sane drugs enable us to talk wi th
God, transcend time and space, exper­
ience sights and sounds cellularly
and perceive the world as pure sens­
ation devoid of meaning and norality,
and ourselves as simples I sensers I
without character, purpose, self­
interest or ego. Other durgs, of
course, magnify the ego and seem to
sharpen the rational achievement­
oriented mind while diminishing sensory
awareness. ~ t the price is ahvays
high - loss of health, freedan, self­
respect, dignity, family, friends,
merrory, feelings and/or mind!
In practicing Kundalini yoga,
we can experience the same pleasures
without the loss of character, ego
or values. Furthermore, we are enabled
to apply the insights gained to the
physical world, it allows us to exer­
cise nore (rather than less) control
over our lives, and we are enpowered
to live successfully in, enjoying
its demands and challenges wi thout
judgements. r-breover it is eminently
healthy, perfectly legal and satisfies
the deep craving for spiritual meaning.

Before beginning Kundalini Yoga prac­
tice, always "tune in" by chanting
the ADI MANTRA as follows:
Si t in meditation posture wi th a

straight spine and center 'yourself
wi th long, deep breathing. Then
place the palms together in Prayer
Mudra at the Heart Center, fingers
p::>inted up at 60
, base of thumbs

pressing against the sternum.
Inhale, fcx:ussing at the 3rd Eye

Point and chant,
Ong na. me

("I 0111
Infinite Creative Consciousr:ess'j while
exhaling and ex ­
tending the:
sound, Vibrating it in the cranium.
Ta\e a sip of air and
Gu.ru. dev name
("I call on Divine Wisdom".i
Inhale and repeat 2 m::::Jre times. This
chant protects and connects us wi th
our higher selves. Properly done,
it stimulates the pituitary and auto­
matically tunes us in to higher cons­
The effects of the sets and medita­
tions is enhanced by thoroughly warm­
ing up the spine and stretching before
practice (see following page).
During each exercise, focus at the
3rd eye (brod) point unless otherwise
specified, without blocking out other
awareness (breath, posture, etc.)
Unless otherwise directed,inhale,
and hold the breath (still maintaining
the posture) and apply "Mul Bhand"
(root lock - see appenrlix) ei ther
\vith the breath held in or out.
Relax a rroment afterwards, and go deep
within to observe the effects of each
exercise (making each exercise a
If you are unable to do the exercise
for the specified time, cut them
all proportionately (ie. in half) and
then repeat the set if possible.
Always follow directions as precisely
as p::>ssible. Neither emit nor add
an exercise, and don 't skip around,
but do them in order, without inter­
uption for maximum benefits.
Conclude each set with adequate relax­
ation followed by "grounding exer­
cises" (see "Concluding a set").
a long relaxation, particularly one that follows a series of
exercises, you will find that doing concluding exercises below
belps to ground you and bring you back to reality:
1) On your back, begin rotating
your feet and bands in small
circles. Continue in one direction

for 30 seconds, tben in the otber

direction for another 30 seconds.
2) Cat Stretch: Keeping both
sboulders and the left leg flat on
tbe ground, bring the right arm
back behind the head and the right
knee over the left leg till it . .:-.r..
touches the floor on the far
of the body. Switch legs and arms
and repeat the exercise.
3) Still on your back, bring the
and to sides, rub
knees up the and
the soles of the feet and the palms "\';'7)(/
of the hands together briskly,
creating a sensation of heat. I
Continue for 1 minute .
."" .. -_._--.......
, -..
4) Clasping knees to chest with
both hands, begin rolling on the
spine. Roll all the way back till

the feet touch the ground behind
the head, and all the way forward
till you're sitting up. Do this 3
or 4 times at least.
(5) Sit up in easy pose, palms
together in prayer mudra at the
heart cen ter . Eyes are c loseSf .

Inhale completely and say a prayer
of thanks. Exhale and let toe
thought go.
(6) A happy conclusion is to sing
this song: May the long time sun
shine upon you, all love surround

you, and the pure light wlthln you,

guide your way on. Repeat. I

, . ~ - _ . _ ~ ......
/ ~
- - ~
'. /
~ I
We are tapping, through
consciousness, the Supreme
Consciousness. It is not
a subconscious process.
There will be no miracles,
tricks or denials, for this
is the Yoga of Fulfillment.
The first qualification
for Kundalini Yoga is that
you seek that awareness.
We will not get rid of the
ego. For that matter, we
will not deny anything in
us. We will expose the ego
and make it universal!
We will not sit and beg
softly that we may someday
find God. We will make
ourselves so strong and
pure that God must come and
look for us and look aLter
God has got your number
let him look you up!
Santa cruz, california

Yogi Bhajan recarmends the following series, every I1Drning upon (or even
before) arising. 'Itley can be done while still in bed.
1. Stretch Pose: Lying on back, arms
and legs kept straig. raise feet
head and hands 6" off the ground and
hold with Breath of Fire fran ~ ~ ~
minutes or as long as possible. Eyes
should lcx:>k at big toes, and hands
point towards feet. If the waist
canes up, place hands beneath hips
for support. If held less than a
minute, rest and rePeat pose, increas­
ing time daily. sets the navel.
2. Nose to Knees: Bend the knees and
clasp legs with arms, raising head
so that nose canes between knees and
hold with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.
canbines Prana with Apana..
/ '
/ \
.' \
3. Spinal Rock: In same position,
: \
rock back and forth on the spine fran
neck to tailbone for 1 minute. Distri­
butes pranic energy and relaxes spine.
4. DJo-Eradicator: Sit in Easy Pose
and raise anns to 60
out to the sides,
fingertips on pads of fingers, thumbs
extended straight up and hold with
Breath of Fire for 2 minutes. 'Itlen
deeply inhale and VERY S!.D'lLY raise
arms until thumbtips touch overhead,
flatten hands and slowly arc them
down, sweeping the aura with the palms, ­
collecting any darkness, negativity
or sickness, and press and release
it into the earth, to clean and ener­
gize the aura. Feel light around
you and meditate on that light. \
• \
......... --- ..........
",' ....... "
,. ....
,/ ,
/ "­
All exercises are to be done 1-2 minutes with por.verful Breath of Fire
unless otherwise specified. You may select frcm the list, but do them
in the sequence given.
6. Sternum Rotations.. Rotate the
upper torso without noving the hips
15 times in each direction. For flexi­
bility, tension release and heart
5. Pelvic rotations. In Easy Pose,
rotate the lowe>I torso 15 times in
each direction. For digestion, flexi­
bility, and grounding sexuc.l energy.
4. Sit with soles of feet together,
heels touching Perineum, hands grasping
feet and move the knees up and down
to touch the floor. Releases tension
in the groin, adjusts hips, facilitates
sitting in meditation.
3. Feet hip width apart, stretch anns
overhead and arch backwards, inhaling,
and exhaling, bend forward,. , hands
touching the ground between and behind
the feet. For abdomen, elimination,
1. Standing, lock hips (bending knees
if necessary), feet hip width apart,
and twist upper torso frcm left to
right, swinging the anns for m:xnentum.
Adjust hips, stimulates liver, pronotes
spinal flexibility, slims ..:aistline.,_..
- ---­
2. Place heels together and swing the '.
torso frcm side to side, using the ..
anns for rranentum, allowing the lower
ann to swing behind the txXI.y, as the .
upper rises overhead. Be sure and
keep the txXI.y straight, lnot ',piking'
at the Qxxi for waistline,
liver, thighs, flexibility and elim­
ation. 1-2 minutes.
7. Spinal Flexes: Try to keep the
head in place, lTOving it neither up
and down nor forward and back to give
the entire spine,' including the neck,
a good workout:
a. In Easy Pose, grasping ankles,
inhale, arching the back forward at
the waist, and exhale, contracting
it back. For 1st & 2nd chakras.
b. 'Then place hands on knees with
elbows straight and continue arching
and contracting the spine with the
For the upper spine.
c. 'Then, in Rock Pose, seated on
heels, hands on knees, continue with
spinal flexes, coordinating the breath.
~ v e s energy to the navel.
8. Side to side twists, still sitting
on heels, hands on shoulders, fingers
in front, thumbs in back, inhaling
as you twist to the left, exhalina
to the right. M:;)ves energy fran navel
to heart, slims waist.
(Alternate: Upper arms parallel
to the ground and out to the sides,
forearms up at 90°, hands in Gyan
Mudra (thumb and index fingers joined),
twist back and forth with the breath,
as above.
9. Shoulder Shrugs: Alternately shrug
shoulders up to ears and dcrwn to the
limit. For It'Oving energy fran heart
to throat, releasing shoulder tension,
and stimulates heart, thymus and throat
10. Still on knees, roll the head
evenly and slowly forward, right,
back, left and forward again, ironing
out kinks as you go. 'Then reverse
directions and continue. For thyroid
and releasing tension in the neck.
(Alternate: Bend the head fran
side to side, keeping spine straight,
touching ears to shoulders.)
: L ' : : : : = : : : : : ' ~ -­

, ­

, ,
" '\
l ~ .
" '
"',,'" ,
" Y
17. Setting the navel. (You should
feel a strong heart beat with the
fingertips pressed together, around
the navel after these exercises.)
a. Leg raises on back. Raise legs,
alternately or together to 90° as
you inhale and lower them as you exhale
for lower abdaninal strength and the
navel. ~
[ ~ ~ ---. '--;:
15. Aiternate leg stretches with legs
wide apart. Inhale up at center,
and exhale as you stretch forehead
doWn to alternate knees. Opens the
14. Life Nerve Stretch: Wi th left
heel pulled into groin, stretch out
over outstretched right leg and hold
with p:::Merful Breath of Fire. Repeat
on the other side. Relieves tension
in the small of the back, noves energy
up the spine, and prepares legs for
16. 'I\«) leg Life Nerve Stretch with
legs together, holding on to the toes
or ankles, knees remaining on the
floor, inhale up and exhale down.
For spinal flexibility, releasing
tension in the pelvis.
13. Massage the legs on the outsides,
backs and behind the knees.
12. Rock and Roll on the spine from
the base to the neck, knees clasped
to chest, nose between knees. Circu­
J.ates energy in the entire spine.
11. cat-(bv.': en hands and knees, flex
the spine up (like an angry cat),
head dropping down on the exhale,
and then down (like a tired cow) ,
head up on the inhale. start slowly
and increase speed, with ~ f u l
breathing. Fbr heart center, upper-
spinal flexibility and the glandular .
system. ~
l ~ b .
i7c... .
b. Crunches: Sitting with knees
up, anns folded, lean back back as
far as possible, keeping the spine
straight on the inhale, come upright
on the exhale. '!hen lean back, twist­
ing to the left and theY't right. For
strengthening the upper abdaninal
muscles and the navel point.
c. Stretch Pose: With the hands
under the buttocks to protect the
back, raise straight legs and head
6" off the ground, and hold with Breath
of Fire. Strengthens 'abs' and navel.
18. Cobra variation: en stomach,
clasp hands in Venus IJ:x:k behind the
back, and raise legs and upper torso.
keeping antIS and legs straight, and
hold with Breath of Fire. '!hen inhale,
exhale and pull Mulbhand, tightening
the buttocks to raise Kundalini energy
up the spine.
19. Go iIrmediately into normal Cobra
(on stanach, hands under shoulders,
straighten anns as you arch the back,
drop the head back and look at ceiling.
Inhale, exhale and apply Mulbhand
and feel the energy rise up and out
the top of the head. F.elax dcYwn,
vertebra by ertebra.
20. Bow Pose: Still on stomach, bend
knees, grasp ankles and rock back
and forth on the stanach, using the
breath to ITOve you. Good for tension
in the upper spine and shoulders,
digestion and elimination.
21. camel Pose: Kneeling, press the
pelvis forward and drop head back,
laying palms of hands on soles of
feet. Prevents P.M.S in women, rerroves
stress fran ovaries and pelvis, and
adjusts the calcium/Magnesium balance.
~ ~
, _

April 9. 1970
,"'" ~ .f
~ .......
,. stand and extenu anns straight out " b. .....':
and slightly pressed back, pointing /' I f; ~
thumbs straight up. Hold with Breath' : : :'
/ ' . ,
of Fire for 2 minutes. '!hen i..."l.;ale.: ;' .: _ . ~ :
deeply, slowly raising arms overhead /
' t i ~ thumbs meet, arch back, and ex- ~
hallng, slowly bend forward to touch=='
toes. Olarges electro-magnetic field.
2. 5it, spreading legs wide apart.
Grab left foot and lower head to left
knee, with Breath of Fire for 2 mins.
To end, deeply inhale, o::mpletely ex­
hale and pull Mulbhand, holding as
long as p:>ssible. Relax and repeat
on right side.
3. Locust Pose: en stanach, place
hands palms down under thighs (begin­
ners use fists) and inhale as you
raise the straight legs as high as
possible. EXhale and apply Mulbhand,
holding as long as possible. Repeat
and continue for 3 minutes, relax 2.
4. Cobra Pose: Concentrating at the
3rd eye, arch torso up in CObra. In­
hale, exhale and pull Mulbhand, hold­
ing as lang as p:>ssible. Repeat
ing as lang as possible. Repeat and
continue for 3 minutes. Relax 2 mins.
5. Shoulderstand: en back, raise legs
and hips peJ:pendicular to the floor,
supp:>rting them with the hands, weight
on shoulders, neck and upper arms.
Take 3 deep breaths, and on 3rd exhale
apply Mulbhand, kicking buttocks rap­
idly with alternate heels for as long
as possible. Inhale, repeat and con­
tinue for 3 minutes, resting 2 minutes
6. 5it in Easy Pose, and lie back
down, hands folded in Venus Lock
on the stanach. Meditate at 3rd eye.
a:MMENI'S: . 'Ibis powerful set raises
Kundalini energy and is excellent
preparation for meditation. (#3­
6 were designated "15 Minute M::>rning
Set" - #1 & 2 increase the time.) .G.K.

& D
to chest


June 1971
A. On back, inhale and lift
leg up to 90
, exhale and lower

Repeat with left leg. Continue alter­
nate leg lifts with deep, powerful
breathing for 10 minutes.

B. Without pause, lift both legs
to 90
on inhale, and lower them
exhale, arms stretched straight

too, palms facing each other,
balance and energy. 5 minutes.

e. Bend knees and clasp them
with the arms, allowing the head
relax back. Rest in this
for 5 minutes.

D. In He position, above,
open the arms straight out to
sides on the ground and extend
legs straight out to 60

and return to original position. Repeat
and continue for 15 'minutes. (He

are Pavan Sodan Kriya.)

E. On back, bring left knee to
chest, hold it there with both

and rapidly raise the right leg
and down, inhaling up,
down for 1 minute. Switch legs
repeat for 1 minute. Repeat the
plete-cycle once more.

F. Stand up straight, r a ~ s ~ n g
overhead, hugging ears, and
fingers back so that palms face
ceiling. Exhale as you bend
to touch the ground, keeping the
straight and hugging ears, and
up, VERY SI.DilLY with deep breathing.
On exhale, apply Mulbhanda.
at a slow pace for 2 minutes,
more rapidly for 1 more minute.
G. Totally relax or meditate for 10­
15 minutes.
<XMMENrs: 'Ibis set focuses on developing the strength of the navel point.
Times indicated are for advanced students. To begin practice, start with
3-5 minutes on the longer exercises. A is for lower digestive area) B is
for upper digestion and solar plexus. e eliminates gas and relaxes the
heart, while D charges the magnetic field and opens the navel center. E
sets hips and lower spine, F is for entire spine, spiml fluid and the aura.
Together, these exercises get the abdcminal area in shape quickly.
A. In Easy Pose with a straight spine,
place hands in Venus Lock on back of
neck, under any hair that might inter­
fere. Elbows are parallel to the floor,
chest is lifted and chin lock is applied
Begin long, deep and slO'W breathing.
Q1e nostril will feel rrore open than
the other. Concentrate on inhaling
through the ucre open nostril, and
exhaling through the one that feels
m:>re closed. (see To Olange Nostrils
at Will, page 68 .) Continue for 5 mins
B. Inmediately place hands overhead,
interlacing the fingers in reverse
Venus I.Dck with palms up. Breathe
on ccmnand, CXXlcentrating at the top
of the skull. Inhale for 5 seoonds,
hold for 15 seconds, and exhale. '!ben
inhale, exhale, inhale and hold 25
seconds, exhale and relax for 1 minute.
C. Make a "u" with the hands, grabbing
the shoulders with the fingers forward,
thumbs behind and breath long and deep
for 3 minutes. D::>o.'t let the elbows
drop, but keep them parallel to the
ground. '!hen inhale, hold for 15 seconds
exhale and relax.
D. Sit on heels and do Sat Kriya.
(See pg. 34) On
pull in on the navel and apply a light
Mulabhanda, and with
relax the navel. Arms are straight
overhead with ell::ows hugging ears,
fingers interlocked with index fingers
extended straight up. After 3 minutes,
inhale and squeeze energy up fran the
buttocks to the top of the skull and
out the hands. Exhale and relax.
E. Irtmedi.ately lie on the back, press
the toes fonerd and lift the legs
up 6 inches, raising the head 6 inches.
Fixing the eyes on the toes, inhale
deeply, hold, exhale canpletely. '!ben
take a deep breath and laugh loud and
hard for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
~ = - ~
. ~ -
G. Sit up then stand up with a jerk.
Reach high with the fingers, and jump
up to the sky 10 tines.
F. nelax canpletely On the back. EVery
organ and muscle of the body should
relax. Mentally take yourself under
the navel point and raise your mental
body out of the navel up 3-5 feet above
the physical body. Float there for
5-10 minutes. '!hen inhale deeply and
bring yourself back.
H. In Easy Pose, hands in Guyan Mudra,
press the navel in, and go deep within
and explore yourself and ask yourself
about this beautiful machine. How
intricately is it designed? G::> through
every organ and cell•
.'nlen chant sweetly
EJ<: On.g Kar
Sat Nem
Siri Whe He G'U.:r"U.
in any way ccmfortable for you.
October 14, 1971
("Sermon on 2 Cushions")
YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE: If you are not
beautiful and graceful, there is nothing
beautiful or graceful. This is a truth,
for you are the universe and the universe
is you.
' · ~ · .... - -.;•• ·········--7
-. ~ - · - · · r ~ ' · - · " - - · ' "
'.. --:::-:-:, .- .­
... '.' .' .'
'.".,f." ,

1. en back, bicycle alternate legs
1- 1 feet fran the ground with
long, deep breathing, 1-2 minutes.
2. Inhale, rasing legs to 90

exhale, lowering them, rapidly II
for 1 minute. Rest for 30 seconds.
Repeat twice.

af; '-. ... _----...
3. en Stanach, raise up into Cobra
Pose and try to kick buttocks with
alternate legs, exhaling as you
kick one leg, inhaling as you kick
the other. •
4. In Bow Pose on stanach, rock.
back and forth with the breath
for 2 minutes.
5. en the back, clasp knees to
chest and roll back and forth on
the spine for 2 minutes.
6. In Rock R:>se, sitting on heels,
grasp heels and bend fonYard. in
Gurpranam with navel breathing
for 1-2 minutes.
7. In Stretch Pose, raise heels
and head 6" off the ground, keeping
anns and legs straight, hands point­
ing to feet, eyes fixed on toes,
and hold with Breath of Fire for
1-2 minutes.
8. en stanach, hands in Venus Lock
and stretched overhead, anns hugging
ears, raise anns, head, chast and
(straight) legs and hold with Breath
of Fire for 1-2 minutes.
9. Stand, anns at sides and sway
like a pendulum, inhaling as you
bend left, exhaling as you bend
right for 2 minutes.

1o. Still standing, inhale and
twist the b:xJy to the left, extend­
ing the left ann, right hand to
heart, then exhale as you twist
right, right hand extended, left
hand to the heart. Continue briskly
for 2 minutes.
11 . Standing, exhale and touch
palms flat on the ground before
feet, thumbs crossed. '!hen inhaling
straighten up and arch backwards,
holding the breath in for 10-20
seconds. Repeat 10-20 times.
12. Repeat bicycle exercise for
1-2 minutes.
13. en back, hands in Venus Lock
behind the neck, raise alternate
legs t.o 90° at a fast pace for
2 minutes.
14. In Rock Pose, hands in Venus
Lock on the lap, inhale
and exhale
with a soft, rhythmic breath for
1-2 minutes.

15. '!hen perfonn sat Kriya (see page
34) for 2 minutes. (Hands in
Venus Lock, index fingers extended,
or palms together overhead, exhale
"sat" pulling in navel, and inhale
IINamII relaxing it.)

16. Stretch arms and legs straight
out in with Breath of Fire
for 2 minutes.

) lb,
17. In Easy Pose, hands raised
overhead, arms hugging ears, palms
together, look to 3rd Eye and chant
El<: Ong Kar
Sat Nam
Wa (he)

for 3-5 minutes. '!hen relax.
,. In Easy Pose, stretch left ann
straight out to the side, palm up,
and hold with long deep breathing
and right hand in Gyan Mudra on the
knee, for ,.; minutes. Swi tch sides
and repeat.
2. Spread legs wide apart and flex
the spine with palms on thighs for
2 minutes. For sex nerve.
3. Legs still wide apart, press palms
down 18" before groin for 2 minutes.
#2 & 3 drain lymph glands in the groin
and thigh - and stimulate sex nenre.
4. Perform 108 Frogs. (Squatt on toes,
heels together, arms between knees,
weight on toes and fingertips, head
raised and looking straight ahead.
Inhale and raise buttocks, lowering
head to face knees,o then squat on
toes again, and repeat and continue.
Keep the heels raised and together.)
For sexual p:>tency.
5. In Rock Pose, inhale and raise
lxdy to kneeling, exhale and retw:n
to Rock Pose, 108 times.
6. Relax in Triangle (or D:lg) Pose,
hands and feet 2-3 feet fran each
other, hands about shoulder width
apart, and feet, hip width, keeping
legs and arms straight. '!his p:>se
reflexes to the brain and regenerates
the nervous system.
7. en stanach, clasp hands in Venus
Lock behind the back, and raise upper
torso and legs, hold with Breath of
Fire for 2 minutes. Maintains potency,
strengthens the sex nenre and prevents
breast cancer.
8. en stomach, inhale raising hips
and thighs so that weight is on tops
of toes, palms, shoulders and chin,
and exhale, lowering pelvis. Continue
at a rapid pace for 2 minutes.

, .
'I, f'
\\1 , '

, ,,\
\ _I
\ I'

'" ,.' "" J I
- ".:' ,-.. \ j1



9. still on stomach, kick buttocks,
inhaling legs up, exhaling down, at
a rapid pace for 2 minutes.
1o. In Half B:7w Pose, grab one leg
with both hands a"'ld rock b3.ck and
forth naturally (with the breath)
for 1 minute. Reverse legs for another
minute. '!ben repeat holding both legs.
11. en back, arms at sides, palms
cbwn, inhale and raise arms to 180
then raise legs to 90
, then exhale
low: ering the first, and then
the arms. Repeat ar.d continue rapidly
for 1 minute.
12. Raise and lower one leg and bo-:h
arms for 1 minut.e. '!hen switch legs
and repeat one more minute.
1.2 .
13. Raise both legs to 90
, and both
arms to 180
, simultaneously for 1
minute, inhaling up, exhaling down.
'!ben raise and lower legs only, for
one more minute•
14. stand and lean backwards, arching
the back and supporting the weight
with the hands on back of the thighs.
'!ben straighten up, cross one leg
over the other and sit down. Repeat
standing and sitting, quickly, for
2 minutes. (Try not to use arms.)
15. seated in Easy Pose, raise arms
and clasp hands in Venus IJock, arms
forming a circle before th:= heart
chakra (as though embracing a barrel),
and twist fran side to side at a ITOder­
ate pace, exhaling to the sides and
inhaling facing front, for 2 minutes.
For digestion.
16. In Easy Pose, punch straight ahead,
inhaling as hands pass each other ,
exhaling at forward and back extension
at Breath of Fire pace for 2 minutes.
For digestion and shoulder lymph glands
17. still in Easy Pose, stick the
tongue out as far as possible and
pant rapidly, breath striking the
tongue and throat, for 2 minutes.
For the glands in the throat and toxin
18. Relax in Shavasan (Corpse Pose
- on back, arms at sides, palms up)
for 15 minutes.
Sit on the heels and stretch arms overhead, elbc"'''lS hugging ears, fingers
interlocked, index fingers extended straight up 'IDd ch=mt "sat Narn" in a
constant rhythm about 8 times per 10 seconds. Olant S a. t from the navel &
solar plexus, pulling the umbilicus in to the spine, and on N a.. Tn relax the
belly. Continue for at least 3 minutes. Then inhale and squeeze the muscles
tightly from the buttocks all the way up the back, mentally allowing energy to
flow up the spine and out through the top of the head. Ideally you should
relax for twice the time you practice. ("sat Narn" rhymes with "but l-Un".)
aM1ENI'S: sat Kriya is fundamental to Kundalini
Yoga and should be practiced daily for at least 3
minutes. sat Kriya strengthens the entire sexual
system, stimulating its natural energy flow, relax­
ing sexuality phobias, enabling control of the sex­
ual impulse and rechanneling the energy to creative
and healing activities. severely malajusted people
benefit from this kriya since mental problems are
a result of unbalsanced energy in the lower 3
chakras. General physical health is improved
and the heart is· strcmgthened from the rhytiunic
up/down of blood pressure. Since this exercise
stimulates and channels Kundalini energy, it must
always be p r a c t i c ~ with the mantra "sat Narn".
Time may 00 built to 31 minutes but always
with ~ long, deep relaxation immediately afterwards
A good way to builn rluration is to start with 3
minutes and rest for 2 and continue for 25 minutes.
(0:> not jump from 3 to 31 minutes, even if you are
feeling strong or are a yoga teacher. Respect
the power of the technique and allow this kriya to
properly prepare your body for higher experience.)
'nlis is not just an exercise - it is kriya that
works on all levels of being, knO\-ID and unknown.
You might block the more subtle experiences of
higher energies by pushing the physical body too
much. Or, you could have a huge rush of energy,
an experience of higher consciousness, but be un­
able to integrate it into your psyche.) So prepare
yourself with constancy, patience and rroderation.
The end result is assured.
If you have not taken drugs or have cleared your system of all their
effects, you may choose to practice the kriya with the palms open, pressing
against each other. The releases more energy but is not generally taught
in a public class because scmeone may have week. nerves from drug abuse.
Notice that you emphasize pulling the navel point in - don't try to apply
Mulbhand (which occurs natrually when the navel is pulled). The hips and
spine do not flex and the only rrotion is slight up and down of the chest and

April 11, 1984
1•a ) In Cbbra Pose, raise and 1<:::l\tJer
chin to chest, 16 times.
b) Bring heels up as close to head
as possible and hold for 2-3 minutes
wi th Breath of Fire .
c) still in Cobra, lift alternate
hands up to shoulder level, inhaling
up and exhaling down for 2-3 minutes.
d) Same exercise as "c", but bring
the raised ann as straight up as pos­
sible, inhalir.g up, exhaling dorm
for 2-3 minutes.
2. Lying on stomach, interlace hands
behind the bad: and lift the uppal:"
body and the anus as high as possible,
and hold with Breath of Fire for 2-3
3. In Bow Pof:e, grasp ankles a'1d rock
back and forth on the stomar-.h for
2-3 minut&.
4. Lying on the back, clasp knees
to chest and rock back and forth
on the spine for 1-2 minutes.
5. 01 the back, raise legs up to 90°
and hold with Breath of Fire for 3
6. Lower leers and arch UP into Wheel
Pose and hold for 1-2 minutes. *
7. Sit UP extendinq leas straiqht
ahead, stretch forward catchinq toes,
head to knees, with Breath of Fire
for 2-3 minutes.
8. In Crow Pose, sauattino on flat
feet, arms extended straiqht out in
front, raise and lower alternate arms
UP to 90° for 2-3 minutes.
9. Meditate in Easv Pose.
NOI'E: Times were unsoecified and added
bv G.K.K.
*Notes soecified t Wheel Pose with
finoers oointino away fran the bodv as
shown in 2nd picture. We found the
oosture too difficult!
3 ..
..y --­ , ...
" "
, it. ,
; . ~ - r . \
r ; } . ~ - . )
~ \!
For the Thym'-ls
& Immune System


.........",,_ .
., -..... -..\
... ­




May 2, 1984
(Times have been added by G.K.)
1. Stand up, bend fon'lard, let­
ing the arms hang, swing
them from side to side,. 2-3minutes
2. Still bending over, swing
al ternate arms up to the sides
and down again, 2-3 minutes.
3.' Lie down on stomach, iock
hands behind the. lower back,
and inhaling, lift upper· body
and arms, and lower
2-3 mihutes.
4. Turn over onto back and raise
legs to 90·, catching the
wi th the hands. Pull leg's
the head into Plow Pose,
raise them back to 90°.
S. On stomach
with arms
across the
rolling back
6. On back, cross

and raise them 1
ankles, and 10\..;er
for 2-3 minutes.
7. Sit in Frog
arise, letting
3S in #1, and
Frog Pose again.
again, Bundle Roll
tightly at sides,
floor and reverse,
to original position
legs at ankles,
foot, reverse
them. Repeat
Pose. Slowly
the hands hang
then squatt to
2-3 Mins.
Put both hands
on ground
raise al ternate }egs as
and as fast as
I \
, .... "

... - .. - -; ..
.. I


• • . .

15. Standing, drop head back,
with chin up., and hold with normal
breathing, for 1-2 minutes.
16. In Easy Pose, with hands
on shoulders, fingers in front,
thumbs in back, tWist from left
to right., 2-:hIinutes.
14. I n Easy Pose, bend f onoJard,
resting on the elbows, and strike
the ground with alternate hands.
1-2 minutes.
13. Sitting, raise the right
arm out to the side and circle
it. Then change arms and circle
the left one. Then circle both
arms in alternate circles.
(Make circles 1 or 2' diameter)
1 minute each.
12. Standing stilL arms up
with one hand on top of the
other, legs slightly apart,
bend over and touch alternate
toes, coming all the way up
in 26 times.
11. Still standing, arms overhead,
squatt into Crow Pose and arise
again, 26 times.
9. Sit in Easy Pose, hands in
Venus Lock, and circle the upper
body in each direction, 15 times.
10. Standing up straight, arms
overhead, bend down and touch
the fl oor., 26t::im:s.

For Acid Stanach
1. Kneel in Rock Pose, keeping spine
straight, and rest the forehead on
the ground before the knees. EXtend

the anns straight overhead, resting
them on the ground. Hold the p:lsitian
for 1 minute or IOC>re with nonnal
2. Sit in Easy Pose with a straight
spine resting the hands an the knees.
Pucker the nouth into a beak and
inhale through it tmtil the lungs
are canpletely filled. Hold the
air in and churn the stanach around
in a circle until you can no longer
hold the breath. Exhale through
the IOC>uth and repeat twice nore.
Drink kilos of water in the norning
and kilos of water in the evening.
CXl>1MENTS: '!his kriya causes the life force at the 4th vertebra to cure
the body. It must be done an an empty stanach. Exercise 1 brings
increased blood flow' to the pineal and pituitary glands, stimulating
secretions of the glands which brings wisdan. Exercise 2 eliminates acidity
in the stanach. &It if it is repeated nore than 3 times, the system will
beccme too alkaline. Avoid hot foods such as peppers and curry.

SICKNESS: Most sickness canes because you
listen to negativity. Protect the self ­

;.,\': '
dan 't indulge in negative conversation.
) March 11, 1970

For CUr1ng any d1sease
October 12, 19??
, • Begin in Triangle Pose, heels
on floor, hands and feet one foot
apart. fran each other. Hands and
feet remain in place throughout.
2.' Fran Triangle position, inhale,
exhale and lower QITN CNLY to the
3. Inhale and exhale into Cobra, back
arched, arms and legs straight.
4. Inhale into Triangle pose CN 'ICES,
then exhale and lower heels. Repeat
fran #1, 26 times. Relax 10 minutes.
Thend repeat 26 trore times, relax
10 rrore minutes, and repeat once rrore,
relaxing deeply afterwards.
a:lv1MENI'S: 'this kriya WILL aJRE 1>NY DISFASE. It opens valves in the veins
and arteries for canplete circulation. It opens the vertebrae to allow
blood to flow through every part of the spine and then to every part of
the body.

1. Slowly inhale through the rrouth with a whistle and then exhale singing
(or sighing) "LAAA.AAAAAAAA." with the eyes closed, several times.

......... _.,- ----.'\

1. In Easy Pose, extend arms out
to the sides with curled fingers
stretched back fran the palms and
tensed like claws, rigid and taut
like t:'NO lion's paws. Alternately
cross the wrists overhead, IroVing
powerfully and rhyrnically with
Breath of Fire, coordinating one
movement with one inhale-exhale
for 9 minutes.
2. Without stopping, stick the
tongue out all the way, and continue
for 15 seconds more.
3 • 'Ib end, inhale and raise the
anns up to 60
, hold for 15 seconds,
exhale down and repeat, holding
for 30 seconds this time. Exhale
and relax.
4. Sitting comfortably, breathe
long, deeply and quietly for 3­
4 minutes (or sing "Nobility" along
with the tape, fran the heart,
for 3-4 minutes).
CXl1MENl'S: This exercise 'NOrks
on the electranagnetic frequency
of the brain. Hand position pres­
surizes each fingertip, controlling
the brain and its functions. Lymph
and nervous systems are tuned up
and the pituitary gland is stimu­
lated, causing the pineal to change
the frequency and radiance of the
Ja:1uary 19, 1973
1. Clasp fingers in Venus Lock,
but curl Mercury (little) and
(ring) fingers into the palms instead
of crossing them. !hen hook left
satUI11 (middle) finger over right
Sun (ring) finger and pull, hard.
Focus at the 3rd eye, continuously
pulling hard on the finger lock
1-3 minutes. Rerroves anger and
thrones the neutral mind.

2. Fit base of palms under

cheek bones and push as hard as
can for 1-3 minutes. It doesn't
have to hurt, but if it does,
have the right spot. Makes you

3. Grasp left wrist with the right
hand and pull the left arm as
to tile right as possible, and

sane nore!, for 1-3 minutes. Reroc>ves
tension across the shoulder blades.

4. Make wrist lock behind the
with the hands touching the
and try to bring eJ.bows together •
Pull! Arch the spine forward

apply chin lock for 1-3 minutes.
Raises energy up the spine and
vates you!
m1MENrS: '!his short set leaves
you feeling great! Perfect for
resion, anger, fatigue or stress. G.K.
(December" 9. 1969)
J. - TABLE POSE: Squatting, with feet
1~ - 2 feet apart, pass upper arms
b e t ~ . . . . n thighs and calves, inside
thighs & outside calves), and place
hands under' heels, thighs resting
on the elb ows, spine parallel to
the floor. Hold wi th long, deep,
breathing for 2-5 minutes. Then
inhale, exhale and apply Mulbhand.
(balances the sex glands.)
2 • In EASY POSE, holding onto the
shins, stretch and oontract the spine
up and down frcim the base for 2-3
minutes. (Without back & forward
movements. '!here may be pain near
the kidneys. ) Inhale, exhale and
apply Mulbhand.,
3 - Spinal twist, using shoulders,
with hands .on shoulders, fingers
forward, thumbs back. Feel it at
the navel point. Continue for 2­
3 minutes.
4 . Spinal t;-,.;ist, wi.th palms together
overhead, arms straight up for 2-3
minutes. (For 9th vertebra.) Then
inhale, exhale and pull Mulbhand.
5 _ BODY DROPS in lDtus Pose, if
possible, or wi.th legs stretchP-d
out in front. Weight is on fists
beside the hips MUch lift the butt­
ocks and drop them ~ again for
2 minutes.
.... ,
9 _ BCM POSE: Q1 stanach, grab ankles
and arch up, pulling arms and legs
as high as possible. Inhale, stretch
up even higher, pull Mulbhand, hold,
7 • In EASY POSE, cross arms and
place hands 00 opposite knees. Inhale
deeply, pulling the arms and stretch­
ing the shoulders, hold the breath
in, and exhale and relax.
al1MENTS: '!his is an excellent prep­
aration for deep meditation. G.K.
(Some ti."TleS were added by G. K. )
6 . Legs stretched straight out in
front, stretch body forward and relax
down, head 00 knees for 2-3 minutes.
Then inhale, exhale and pull Mulbhand.
8 . FINGER I.O:K at Heart CEnter,
with long, deep breathing. Pull
har.d for 2-3 minutes. '!hen inhale,
stretch arms above head and hold,
p.xhale and apply Mulbhand.
1 0 . MEDITATIOO: Fix eyes on top
of the skull, and press the tongue
on the roof of the mouth. ('Itlere
may be pain in the nose.) Dedicate
self to the Divine.
1 _ SPINAL FLEXES: Sit on heels. mentally
inhaling Sa. t, (concentrating at the
1st vertebra or chakra). and exhaling
N a.m (concentrating· on the 4th vertebra
or 3rd chakra). for 2-:3 minutes.
To end: Inhale. pull Mulbhand. exhale.
pull Mulbhand and hold 10 seconds. Rp.pp.nt
3 times.
2 _ BODY DROPS: Stretch legs out in front.
hands on floor besided hips 1ifting body
(and heels) off thefloor. and
it drop, rapidly for 2-3 minutes.
3 _ CRO\oJ POSE: \oJi th arms straight out
in front, fingers interlaced, forefingers
extended, . pointing out to infinity before
the heart, with Breath of Fire for 2­
3 minutes.
To end: Inhale, hold, project out from
the Heart Center, exhale.
RUNNING IN PLACE: Run vigorously
pulling knees up high, with a good punching
motion for 3-5 minutes.
5 - KUNDALINI LOTUS: . Balance on buttocks
holding on to big toes, back, legs & arms
straight, with Breath of Fire for 2-3
To end: Inhale, hold, draw energy up
the spine, exhale.
6 _ TREA
KRIYA: Sitting on left heel
with right foot on left thigh, hands cupppd
below the navel. lift up the diaphragm
and chant Ong So Hung strongly
from the heart, and hear the sound at
the heart.
7 _ ARMS OUT PARALLEL: In Easy Pose,
arms out to the sides. parallel to the
ground. palms up, concentrate on the energy
coming in the left palm and goinq out
the right, forming a powerful arch
the hands, with Breath of Fire for 2­
3 minutes.
To end: Inhale, hold feel the en'?'rgy
continue to enter the left palm, course
through the shoulders. leave the right
palm. and arch overhead. Exhale and relax.

e. TO THE In Easy Pose.
hands in Venus Lock behind the neck. exhale
bring the forehead to the floor. inhale
bring the forehead to the floor silently
chanting Sat, and arise. inhaling.
silently chanting for 2-3 minutes.
9. .:>'R:1 LIFTS: Extend the arms straight
out in front. palms dovin. Raise alternate
from parallel to 60·. inhaling as
right arm goes up and exhaling as it comes
(almost a Breath of Fire).
To end: Arms together at level of 3rd
eye. inhale. hold and from the
3rd eye out to infinity. Exhale and relax.
(A) Hands in Venus Lock 4 inches above
the Chakra. palms CShakti Pose).
focus the up and out of the Crown
Chakra with Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes.
(B) Hands remaining in place. point the
forefingers straight up. continuing to
focus out the Cro\r:n Chakra. breath long
and deep for 2-3 minutes.
(C) the hands. place
the fingertips together with the palms
apart (like a teepee). and continue ·to
project in and up. with Breath of Fire
for 2-3 minutes.
To end: Inhale. hold project out. exhale
and relax.
sides. bend. foreanns up. palms flat and
faced comfortably relaxed. visual­
izing green energy. chant from the heart.
feeling a slight pull at the navel:
for 2-11 minutes.
To end: Inhale. exhale and .relax in Guyan
Mudra. and think of all the
things you can be grateful for. sitting
in shower of energy coming to you.
Love every ·breath that comes. and love
all things. known and unknown.
COMMENTS: This set attracts opportunities and opens up the Heart
Center. It allows one to approach prosperity from the Heart Center
consciousness or plane of attraction. This consciousness can be
summarized as follows: "The more I open myself. the more I can
attI"act. I don' t need to stI"uggle; I have the abi 11 ty to
Start realizing that OppoI"tunites and prosperity can come 1n different
forms than you have previously imagined. Believe that you
prosperity. and that God loves vou.
1. In Easy Pose, stretch antIS straight
overhead wi th palms together, arch the
spine as far up and back as possible

_t •••..)."{),:,

,...... !.­
and begin long, deep breathing through
- . I· \
the rtOuth with a whistle en both the
inhale and the exhale for 5 minutes.
2. A) stretch arms straight out in
front with fingers interlaced, palms
facing out.
B) Exhale and bring hands in towards
chest. Repeat and continue for 2
minutes, fairly rapidly.
C) '!hen inhale, stretch arms out
.in front again,
D) Hold the breath and bring the
arms straight up overhead, CO!ltinue
to hold the breath and repeat A, repeat
.the entire sequence for 2 minutes.
3. Without resting, stretch the antIS
out in front at a 60
angle to each
other, inhale and slowly clench fists,
holding the breath, and with tension,
bring the fists to the chest, bending
antIS at elbows. Exhale, release the
tension, maintaining an angry face
throughout the exercise. Repeat and
continue for 3 minutes.
4. Interlace the fingers as before,
with palms facing' up, and place them
behind the neck. Inhale and stretch
arms up overhead, exhale down behind
the neck for 2 minutes.

is an

6. Interlock fingers at chest level
wi th palms facing down. Inhale and
bring hands up to eye level, exhale
back down to chest level for 2 minutes.
5. Stretch arms straight overhead,
palms together, thumbs crossed, inhale
and twist to the left, exhale and
twist right for 2 minutes.
8. In Easy Pose, place hands on knees,
inhale and flex shoulders up, exhale
and relax them down for 2 minutes.
7. Place hands on shoulders, fingers
in front, thumbs in back and keeping
elbows at shoulder level, inhale twist­
ing left, exhale twisting right for
2 minutes. .
'!hen, hands on knees, still, flex
the spine inhaling forward, and exhal­
ing back for 2 minutes.
10. Roll the eyes up as far as possible
concentrate at the top of the
Meditate for 15 minutes.
m1MENTS: 'Ibis series purifies the
blood and expands lung capacity, stimu­
lating the circulatory system. '!he
secretions of the thyroid and para­
thyroid are added to the increased
circulation, and the upper magnetic
of the body is enlarged. 'Ihis
excellent preparation for begin­
ners who need to learn deep meditation.

1. In Shakti Pose, clasp
hands in Venus Lock about
4 inches above top of head,
and holding the lock tightly,
try to pull the hands apart
with long, deep breathing
for 2'; minutes.
Then meditate with hands
qn knees in Gyan Mudra for
5 minutes.
2. In the same mudra, unclasp
thumbs and press them straight
back and hold with long,
deep breathing for 2 ~ minutes.
Then meditate with han& in
Gyan Mudra on knees for 5
3. In the same posi tion,
thumbs clasped again, raise
index fingers and point them
straight up, pulling on the
Venus Lock, resist and hold
with long, deep breathing
for 2 ~ minutes.
4. Still sitting, raise arms
up to. 60
, spread fingers
wide apart and hold with
Breath of Fire, creating
a funnel leading to the 10th
gate (Crown Chakra), for
3-5 minutes.
5. Relax arms down in Gyan
Mudra em the knees and medi­
tate, going out of the top
of the head. Time open.

\ ......

_ \. .:,.\"
fAA l

,I I ,I.
i It'''.lt, - ­
,) ) BBiIlfiIl«i AND mDIKi A DAY
My friend, l.eam. never to wake up wit:haIt
,\ JlEditatial or without thanki.D;J your own unkrDwn
\. - your GJd. Ani never sleep without meditatial
aId relating to your CMl unknown, QJd, '-lbo
knows if t.c:::awL1UW shall <XDe. Keep the acccunt
clear. start the day with QJd, see the day
with GJd, ard then. God will take care of it.
Isn•t that siDple? And at the em of the
day, give yourself to God and sleep. If the
DDm:ing dawns at you again, get up and live!,
ar::ment to III"IDf'I[lt, day to day, and walk mey
with the precious gift of life. Life is a
precious gift!
July 14, 1975

Meditation in conjunction with the
practice of Kundalini yoga is the
most powerful, safe and effective
means of achieving altered states
of consciousness. The practice of
Kundalini yoga strengthens the nervous
system and the entire physical, rrental
and em::>tional being to receive and
utilize the higher frequencies induced
by meditation. Therefore, practition­
ers of Yogi Bhaj an's teclmology do
not experience destructive, traumatic,
sp::mtaneous Kundalini arousals, camon
arrong those who practice other types
of meditation and yogic traditions.
Instead, they experience the gradual,
repeated, safe and a1m:>st imperceptabJe
ascent of Kundalini energy, with
its attendant pleasures and talents
and without the traditional fireworks
and pain.
The Kundalim Yoga/MeditatioI:l a::rnbin­
ation brings the meditative mind
into everyday life and elevates day
to clay livi:lg to a higher plateau.
Yoga without meditation is like cake
without frosting, and meditation
wi thout yoga practice is like the
dessert without the dinner.
These meditations are actually pre­
meditations. Each focuses conscious­
ness to imPlement specific effects
through the mantras and mudras .
The real meditation begins AFI'ER the
chanting is done. (So be sure to
savour those precious post-chanting
nonents· to enjoy a conversation with
God or your higher self, or to use
the heightened awareness to survey
the body and take stock of its needs.)
M:>st of all, this is the time to
listen and know.
Mantras are the repeated words, sounds
ot" phrases in one of the sacred lang­
uages (Sanscrit or Gurmuki - so desig­
nated because in these languages
the sound of the word vibrationally
approximates the concept it repres­
ents). Yogi Bhajan has given us
several mantras in English, too.
Though affinnations have a powerful
effect on the mind, taking one fran
a negative to a positive mind-set,
mantras take you fran the polarities
of the positive-negative mind to
the Universal, neutral mind, and
link the fimte self with the .Infinite
Prayer is another powerful tool,
but it is usually a one-way affair,
(asking for blessings, or thanking
or praising God for those already
bestowed) . Cllanting mantras opens
up a tV,Q-way c:xmrnmication, tuning
us into cosmic frequencies I enabling
us to listen and receive, as ~ l
as press our cause.
The sounds of mantras affect the
cosmic spheres as ~ l as individual
consciousness. The meaning, . (though
unintelligible to the Western cons­
cious mind), has a powerful i.nlact
on the subconscious mind. The touch
of the tongue on the palate, addition­
ally, reflexes to impact the brain
in a scientific and precise ma.rmer ,
when the mantras are correctly chant­
ed. Repeated repetition makes the
effect "kick in" despite blocks and
scepticism, too. lastly, the music
that often accxxnpani.es the chanting,
touches the heart and opens ale's
sensitivities. This is called ''Nad
yoga" or "the yoga of the mind".
It is· of paranount i.mp:>rtance to
chant a mantra correctly. 'Ib enjoy
its full effect, ask your teamer
for the correct pronounciation, rhythm
and the prescribed breathing, melody
and meaning.
Two ways to empower mantras are (1)
to visualize the mantra written on
a screen before the closed. eyes as
it is intoned, and ( 2) to listen
to the mantra while inhaling between
repetitions. You may also feel the
mantra - pulsated at the heart, vibra­
ing in the head, circling up the
spine, or penetrating the body down
to the cellular level.
During the course of chanting, take
your time. Attend to one thing at
a time - if visualizations are spec­
ified, first set the breathing and
chanting on "autanatic pilot". '!hen
add pictures, novernents of energy
or pulsations. After a little prac­
tice you will find it is ~ s s i b l e
to hold several things in the mind
at once, and this ·will be useful
in all phases of life.
1 • First, "tune in" (with the Adi.
Shakti Mantra: CNG NAfoI), GURU DEV NAMQ)
Then do wannups, especially spinal
flexes. Follow with a Yoga set of
your choice. '!ben relax a few minutes
on the back before meditating.
2. Sit in a clean,quiet place.
Meditating at the same time and in
the same place everyday, gradually
sanctifies the area. But if you
are meditating in a subway, or stand­
ing in line, imagine a sanctified
place and program yourself to tune
out distractions. Nature offers
goOd settings like under a tree,
beside a 'stream or the ocean, and
churches are ideal retreats.
3. '!he very best time to meditate
is in the early IlDrning before sunrise
as yogis do. (Sadhana.!) 2! hours
before sunrise is the usual time
to begin - the "pri.mal hours". other
powerful times are at 4:00 P.M. and
at sunset. Bedtime is a must! Medi t­
ation and yoga actually replace sleep,
so you will find you need less sleep
when you do a IT'Orning and evening
routine (which processes the subcon­
scious fears and concerns of unsettl­
ing sunrise dreams).
4. A timer of scme sort is useful
to avoid "clock watching", and or
5. '!he hair should be ¥.'Om up, in
a knot on top of the head (to prevent
energy 'leakage I ) , and you should
be seated on a natural surface
ie. ""001, cotton, "-'ODd. The feet
should be bare.
6. You may wish to begin with short
meditations (sane are as short as
3-5 minutes in this book) and proceed
to longer ales with practice. It
is reccmnended to practice one medita­
tion daily for 40 days to achieve
its effects. 90 days can break a
habit pattern. If you like variety,
sample a different one every evening,
perhaps, but stick to the same one
every norning for at least 40 days.
7. z.t::>st of Yogi Bhajan I s meditations
are designed to attract or deliver
specific results. You can program
yourself with 'prayer or visualization
of the desired results, before and
after the meditation, consolidating
the entire effect. But, during the
meditation, concentrate on the speci­
fied techniques and absorb yourself
in the sound and the energy.
·8. What you may encounter: Because
of a misconception that one can simply
sit down and quiet the mind for med­
i tation, many people are discouraged
fran meditating. '!he mind. generates
one thousand thoughts per wink of
the eye, and. when we sit to meditate,
we becane acutely aware of these
thoughts. 'Ibat is wny we use mantras
- to focus the mind. Distractions
are the rule. Just keep going back
to the mantra, the breath and other
p::;ints of focus. You may feel unccm­
fortable during meditation, but you
will feel much better afterwards.
Since meditation is also a cleansing
process, a lot of "garbage" may come
up. This is normal, and in fact,
desireable. It means that the process
is working. Don't expect to sit
in bliss every time 1 When thoughts
cane up, don't reflect or act on
them. Just let them pass like the
flow of a river. You may even become
negative or errotional. Fine. Exper­
ience whatever happens and let it
go to the universe. The process
is working. Over a period of time,
you will be pleased at how much light­
er you feel and how certain things
no longer bother you.
9. Be sure to keep the spine perfectly
straight and apply Olin Lock (see
Appendix) , for the alignment of the
chakras and to facilitate energy flow,
during all meditations unless otherwise
10. Have patience with yourself.
Perhaps you will achieve only a minute
or two of fully focussed consciousness
during the first attempts. It canes
with practice.
11. 'Ib repeat, meditation really
begins in the spacious m:xnen.ts after
pranayama or chanting. It is rewarding
at that time to sit for a few minutes
and experience the effects of the
previous effort. You may listen to
the mantra chanting back to you, allow
physical effects to develop (like
watching the energy you have engendered
PUrsue its awn course) or simply com­
mune with yourself at a cellular or
super-conscious level. Enjoy that
time and space!
12. Daily practice for only 10-30
minutes can change the course of your
life, transform your personality and
help you to becane your awn best tx>s­
sible self! Even neditating only
once a -week produces a rrore illumined
and evelving consciousness.
A LIBERATED PERSON is always a happy person.
He does not lack in any material comfort.
He does not know any power on earth which
can insult him. He lives in grace in this
world and when he leaves the body, he is
respected for generations to follow. Every­
one can be like that. Yesterday I s sinner
can be a saint this minute! The only thing
required is a decision. "Am I to guard
my future and choose to be a liberated person
or am I to block my future and be by the
material-physical aspect of the world?"
(Not a set)
When you want to meditate but don't have ti.Ire to do a canplete yoga set
first, try one or rrore of the follCYWing exercises before sitting. End
each by inhaling, p..tlling Mulbhand, holding and exhaling (or inhale, exhale
and then pull Mulbhand and hold
F'R(X;S to stimulate the 1st & 2nd
chakras and help you sit: Squat
on the toes, heels raised and touch­
ing each other, arms between legs
fingertips on floor, and head up.
Raise buttocks, allowing head to
drop and look at knees and repeat
26-52 times. Fo1101N with forward
FORWARD BENDS to stretch legs,
stimulate the life nerve and navel
enerqy: Sit with legs stretched
out in front, bend CNer grasping
toes and exhale as you pull the
head to the knees, inhale as you
cane up, and CCfltinue. Or, sit
with legs spread wide apart, touch­
ing head to alternate knees for
1-2 minutes.
CRCM SCUA'I'S to stimulate and circu­
late energy fran the 1st & 2nd
chakras, and to make sitting easier:
Squat, extending the a:r:ms straight
ahead (or place hands in Venus
!.£lCk (Xl top of head), and stand,
repeati.ng for 26 or S2 times.
You'11 be glad to sit down.

---.. . . . . . . , . - ~ . - ~
INVERTED CAMEL LIFTS to raise kunda­
lim energy up the spine: en back
bend knees drawing heels to buttocks
feet flat 00 the floor. Grasp
ankles and arch the pelvis up,
lifting the navel towards the sky
on the inhale, retunring to first
position 00 exhale and continue
26 or 52 tiJnes.
GURPRANAM to stimulate pituitary
and pineal glands and 6th and 7th
chakras: 5it in Reck Pose and rest
the forehead on the floor, stretch­
ing the anns out in froot, palms
together, and hold with long, deep
breathing for 2-2 minutes.
aw<RASANA (or Wheel Pose) to stimu­
late all the chakras and energize
the spine: en the back, place fin­
gertips just under the shoulders,
pointing them towards the feet,
and bend knees bringing heels to
buttocks. Inhale and lift torso
into an arch, keeping the arms
straight and try to straighten
the knees. Arch the neck and look
at the hands, and hold with Breath
of Fire for 30 seconds-1 minute,
or as long as possible. '!be spine
tingles with excitement after this.
TRIANGLE POSE to stimulate the
pituitary and relax the spine and
the mind: With feet hip width
aprt, bend over and place hands
shoulder-width apart about 3 feet
in front of the feet. Raise but­
tocks in a triangle, anns and legs
perfectly straight, and hold with
long deep breathing fran 3-5 minutes
End by pulling Mulbhand on the
held inhale. Follow with Qlrpranam.
y ~ MUDRA for rrovinq enerqy up
and opening the spine: Sit in Lotus
Pose or Siddhasana, and 10lNer the
head to the ground clasping the
hands in Venus lDck on the back,
breathing long and deep for 1-3
late the 6th & 7th chakras: Kneel
and bring head to the ground, lift­
ing feet and shins up off the ground
and balance with the hands in Venus
Lock on the back. Meditate at
the Brow Point for 3 minutes.
assume or continue in meditation
IIDSture with a perfectly straight
spine and slightly tucked chin.
Place tongue .on the roof of the
ItOUth and begin 1009, deep breathing
( 4 or fewer breaths a minute) and
presto! Instant higher coosciousness
JANUIRASANA for concentration:
Sit with the left heel in the peri­
neum and the right leg stretched
forward. Inhale, stretching arms
overhead, and exhale as you slowly
bend fonJaI'd and touch the head
to the right knee, clasping the
toes of the right foot with toth
hands. Breath long and deep for
2 minutes and then reverse legs
and repeat. This is a classic
medi tation facilitator.
hand in Guyan Mudra on left knee,
block left nostril with thumb of
left hand, fingers pointing straight
up, with Breath of Fire through
the right nostril for 3-5 minutes.
Inhale deeply, hold and savour
the space, exhale, relax and medi­
tate. Fbr a clear, focussed mind.
B) . Hands in Venus lock on top of
the head, with Breath of Fire for
3-'5 minutes, focussing eyes on
the crown chakra, talgue pressing
roof of the 1IOUth. \\ \11 1///

Tru.e S e ~ f
To Connect 'VJi th
Sit in meditation p::lsture. No
rnudra was given. Inhale, feeling
the breath pass through the eyebrows
and the root of the nose, while
mentally taking in 2 repetitions
of the mantra. Hold the breath,
mentally chanting 1 repetitiorl
of the mantra. EKhale with 2 mental
exertion. 1
the root of all mantras. It is
a 190 pad1 mantra.



slowly, with little
IlSukh" means canfort,
meditation. '!he MUL
tthe highest of all
1 happy
God is Q1e
Truth is His Name
Without Enu1i.ty
By GUru 1 S Grace
True in the Beginning
True through the Ages
True at Present
Nanak shall ever be True.
Repeat 108 times and you can redeem yourself fran 8.4 million incarnations.
In human life, you can consciously do this mantra and be free. VARIATIOO:
Inhale with 1 mantra, hold for 3 and exhale with 1.
a:MMENl'S: To repeat this mantra and go into its depths, is to be entranced
by the depth of your own soul. It is a ccxnpass at p::lints to QXi, describing
the Hurnan-in--G:rl-eonsciousness. It orients you, sets you on the right path.
This mantra has everything in it. It is both a mantra and a sutra. It
creates a sound which is like a ladder of consciness. It is also a tech­
nology and a description. It forms the basis of the consciousness we wish
to acquire - that consciousness that exists in our very souls.
~ t$tFbEJ Q;o-P o.A.G:
EJc Onll Kar
FF¥i:[,:U9_0-O i
Sat ~ - a - m
~ 50 i 0_0 J. :n
_7Yl;ORN Il'-IG
C.n... L. L ..
Long Ek
Ong f<ars
IMPORTANT NOI'E: '!his is to be chant­
ed only before sunrise!
In meditation p:>se with a straight
spine, and hands in Guyan Mudra,
take a deep breath and chant
Ek Ong r-:a:r
the "EK" being very short, the
and "KAR" long and equal in
length. Take another deep breath,
and chant
S a. t:: 1'1 a. rn Sir- i
IlSAT" is short, IlNAM
very long, and
"SIRI" just escapes your tongue with
the last bit of breath. Take ~
breath, and chant
Wahe G"\.Arl...1.
"WAHE" and "GU"
are short, and
"RU" is long.
(nus is the
breath cycle.)
en "EK", pull Mulbhand, on "CNG",
focus at the 2nd (sex) Cllakra,
on "KAR" focus at the navel. While
inhaling, continue to hold Mulbhand
Sirl WJaa Gu-ru
and chant "SAT" at the heart, "NAM"
at the throat, allowing Mulbhand to relax and energy to flow, and "SIRI"
is chanted at the 3rd Eye. en "WHA HE GURU",. energy flows out the Crc:::Ml.
Cllakra and into the aura.
CCMMENI'S: In the period of 2! hours before sunrise, when the channels are
lTOst clear, if this mantra is sung in sweet harIrony, you will be one with
the Lord. This will open your your solar plexus, charging the solar center,
connecting it with Cosmic energy, and you will bliberated fran the cycles
of karma that bind you to the earth. This is the mantra for this time
(Kali Yuga), representing the path of spiritual knowledge of the self •••Ne
tongue can tell how bright the light of cosmic energy is, and when you
recite this mantra daily, you will have this light within you. It is basic
to awakening and regUlating Kundalini energy, the basic evolutionary force
in the human psyche. (Please see Sadhana Guidelines for canplete text.)
NCJ1'E on the ADI SHAKTI MANTRA: Originally chanted for 2! hours before
sunrise, later reduced to 45 minutes, this mantra is now part of the Sadhana
of Yogi Bhajanls followers, the 4th in a series of 7 meditations chanted
every norning, at 11 minutes. This needs to go in its place. "This mantra can be chanted
anytime, but preferably before sunrise." It ~ originally given without
the "HE" following I ~ " , in the Ashtang (8 fold) fom, but Yogi Bhaj an
added the llHE
to empower the mantra on the physical plane. In the IAYA
YCGA FORM, the syllable "A" (meaning "to cane") is added to the <"Ords "KAR,
SAT, NAM & WHA" which rotates the energy of all the chakras and the aura,
and it becanes the 3 ~ cycle Spin O1ant. The long version (above) is custan­
arily chanted on Yogiji IS birthday, August 26, on llHappy-Healthy-Holy Day".
May18, 1970
1. In Ea5Y Pose with a straight spine,
eyes closed, block the right nostril'
and breathe 10 long, deep breaths
through the left nostril, then block
the lef.t nostril and breathe through
the ri9ht 10 long, deep breaths, sur­
veying the I:::ody all the while. Repeat
and continue for 2 minutes.
3. With hands in Guyan Mudra, raise
the arms to 60
and hold with long,
deep breathing for 2 minutes.
2. Place palms together at heart level,
applying a slight pressure to the
center of the chest "lith long, deep
breathing for 2 minutes and then Breath
of Fire for 1 minute.
4. Wwer the anns, hands still in Guyan
Mudra, resting wrists on knees with
elbows 3 straight, and chant the
spin chant, spinning the sound up
the spine with the breath. Let go and
get lost in the spin.
Ek. Ong Ka.r .n....
Sat A Nam .D.,.
S i ri t..Jha. a.
.I -!2- EJ( - ruM fAr-if _·A
P@ J J tit? ii D :§)
ol s' - II' wNI-R
On "EK" sharply contract the navel,
Visualizing navel energy descending
to the rectum and sex organs. en
the first "A" (after "Kar") , pull
Mulbhand (Anus and sex Organs), and
on the 2nd "A" (after "Nam
) pull
diaphragm IDck, visualizing energy
spiraling up the spine and through
the chakras, and on the "All after
"Wha, pull the chin lock and see the energy spiraling up through the neck.
On "He", relax Mu1bhand and diaphragm lock and allO'N the spinning energy
to leave through the Crown Olakra. 'Ihis is chanted in one breath. Con­
tinue for 11 to 31 minutes.
a:MMENrs: '!here are voices within us: cne is the voice of the ego,
and the other is the voice of the soul. Justify yourself before the Creat­
or, not before others. Cbnsciously remember the link between you and
your Creator. If you can keep away fran negativity, you are a living
god on this earth. '!his meditation enables one to get lost in the sound
current. Meditate. and feel God for 40 days and you will be liberated.
CCl-1MENl'S: All meditation stops at "sa Ta Na Ma" - there is nothing beyond
it. Kirtan Kriya is the m::>st important meditation in Kunda-lini Yoga.
If you could Co only one meditation, this is it! It does everything for
you and in the proper order. Over a perioo of time it can be your best
friend. Each time you close a mudra by joining the thumb with a finger,
your ego "seals" its effect in your consciousness: Guyan Mudra with thumb
and index finger effects' knowledge, Shuni Mudra (middle, saturn b.nger
and thumb) gives wisdan, patience and discipline, Surya Mudra (ring, SUn
finger & thumb) imports vitality and energy, and Ehuddi Mudra (little,
Mercury finger and thumb) gives the ability to ccrmnmicate. It is import­
ant to do this meditation properly, using the "L" form so that the sound
follows the "Golden Cord" entering at the 1Oth Gate (top of the head),
and projects out through the 3rd Eye to Infinity. As always, the spine
must be straight and the Olin Lock must be applied.

For the first 5 minutes, chant in
a normal voice (the language of humans)
and for the next 5 minutes, whisper
(in the language of lovers), and for
the next 10 minutes, chant silently
(in the divine language) - For the
neXt 5 minutes whisper again, and
for the last 5 minutes return to the
normal voice. Meditate on these primal
sounds in an ''L'' shape: let each "sa
Ta Na Ma" enter through the Crown
Cdhakra and project it out to Infinity
through the 3rd Eye.


S:lNn\ n.

Sit with a straight spine and meditate
at the B:rc:M Point, chanting the 5
primal sounds of the Panj Shabad:

("sa" Infinity, COSItOS, beginning, "Ta"
life, existence, ''Na'', death, "Ma",
rebirth) with the hands on the knees, .
el1::x::Jws straight. en "sa" touch the
Jupiter (index) finger to the thumb,
on "Ta" the saturn (middle) finger and thumb, on "Ma", the Mercury (little
finger and thumb of each hand, chanting in the "Three Languages of Cons­
ciousness as follows:
Long Sa.t Nams

A. In Rock Pose, seated on heels,
do 108 spinal flexes, inhaling as

the waist goes forward, and exhaling
as it goes back.

B. In rreditation pose with the back
straight, chin lock applied,' slow
down the breath and begin Long sat
Nams in 7 waves.

(The nands can be in Prayer Mudra
at the heart center, in Gyan Mudra
on the knees or in "sat Kriya" posi­
tion (palms together, arms stretched
straight up overhead).

Sa.t Naln

As you chant "sat" drawing out the
sound in 6 waves, pull the Mulbhand,

and as the sound circles through each
of the chakras up the spine, pull
the cx:>rresponding lock. '!he 7th wave
is "Nam", out the top of the head,
with all the locks relaxed. O1ant 108

a::MMENI'S: This meditation will cleanse the mind as the ocean waves wash

the sandy beach. sat Nam is a ''bij" (seed) mantra which can rearrange
habit patterns of the subconscious mind. As we change and develop, this
allows old habit patterns to be erased and new ones to be established.
It opens the mind to new experience. It is a good introduction to Kundal­
lini yoga. O1ant this mantra this way any time you want to feel relaxed
and calm.

November 5, 1971
In Easy Pose, hands in Guyan Mudra,
inhale and chant the mantra
Sa.t Nam Wa. (h.e)
With "sat" pull Mulbhand and navel
point. Olant ''Nam'' at the heart,
pulling diaphragm lock and tightening
with Wha He, release the
lock.3 '!- way, with "Guru", relax the
locks completely and direct the sound
out of the 3rd Eye and the tip of
the nose. 'Ihis is an individual tone
that becanes a sound current creating
a rhythm, oscillating between the
finite and the infinite.

\V)'o.at you can do in 2 hours 55 minutes and 7 seconds cannot be described.
Your breath will be autanatic. You will go through tunnoils (it's O.K.)
the 4th and 6th rib area will get tight. (It's O.K.) If the breath canes
or not, it's O.K. Continue for 31 minutes •.
To end: Inhale, hold for 1 minute, focussing at Pineal Gland, and exhale,
following with Life Nerve Stretch.
CXM1ENI'S: Stimulates all 9 glands to secrete and mix in blood. Bij man­
tras penetrate sub-conscious, allowing you to tune into Universal SOund
OJrrent. Takes you beyond this Relax on the sound current. It
becomes one unit and that is where the power lies. '!his is the best way
to master the Bij Mantra, and it will accelerate your spiritual growth.
1. C1ant "OOG" repeatedly so that it resonates and vibrates the upper
palate and pituitary.
2. Pinch the large toenails with the thumbs and index fingers, especially
effective when body bends forward and stretches out over straight legs.
3. Breathe slowly and deeply ("long, deep breathing"), 6 breaths or fewer
per minute seconds per inhale, seconds per exhale).
(Given April 23, 30, &Oct. 5, 1973)
(Given May 3, 1973)
. A. In SHAKTI POS'IURE, (Easy Pose,
hands in Venus Lock, paL'TlS Cbm,
over the solar center on top of the
head) and chant:
~ ~ ~ ; ; . Kal k¥l r" ~ ~ ~
\l A jU.(. J t'Vo- K..It L.
B _ In BHAKTI POS'IURE, (Easy Pose,
with both elbows at sides, and roth
hands in Guyan Mudra: wanen place
left forearm straight up, palm facing
face, and right forearm straight
out, parallel to .the ground, palm
up. Men reverse with right arm up,
and left parallel to the ground.)
Aka. ~ l''!a.ha. Ka,l
(Undying, great death)
~ I
With eyes half-closed, again chant:
Aka,l Maha. Ka.l
a:MMENI'S: No times were specified.
This meditation produces physical
euphoria, and the "great body" exper­
ience. Practiced for only 5 minutes
~ c h part) at bedtime induces a rtOSt
blissful and regenerating sleep. G.K.
CCMMENTS: This is a powerful meditation. It will bring innocence and
dispel fear from the personality. It is said that with constant practice,
all in the family will live to a ripe old age.
In Easy Pose, cross wrists over chest,
as if dead, and pull the lower 3
locks (MARA BANDHA). With chin pulled
in focus at the top of the head,
trying to look at the back of the
head. Pain will ccme to the side
of the jaws. It f s O.K. Vibrate
the rrantra in the center of the head:
( 1976?)
A In meditation pose, with elbows
at sides and forearms parallel
to the floor, face palms in and
bend fingers so that the tips touch
pads. Point thumbs up and circle
them for 3-5 minutes - 31 minutes
if it is to be great!
B Left hand on heart, right hand
raised rrore tn the side than forward
Sa. Ta Na Ma.
L thumb pressing each finger, in
turn (as in Kirtan Kriya - see
"Kriya for Emotional Balance and
Damage due to Cocaine Use" ) for
5-11 minutes.
C Astral Proj ection: Ibid oppo_
site anns, close eyes and look
out the top of the head. With long
deep breathing, inhale
~ . J h a . a . a. a a. a. aaa. a. a. a. a.
and exhale

' - ~

~ . ~ .
feeling the top 1/5 of the head.
en 2nd repetition, focus 3" aOOve the head. Q1 the 3rd repetition,
focus 6" aOOve the head. Continue, raising the focus on each repetition
to 1 foot, 3 feet, the ceiling level, above the roof, above the neigh­
borhood, seeing the housetops below, seeing the whole city, the conti­ •
nent, the whole earth and then the rich blue ether. '!hen be surrounded
by brilliant white light and merge with it!

After a pleasant interval, return the same way you left.
NCfI'E: A similar meditation was given on January 16, 1973: ''Bring energy
and consciousness to the 3rd eye and silently vibrate "sa Ta Na Ma"

for 21 minutes, 16 silently, and the last 5 minutes aloud. '!hen inhale,
stretch up, and for a few minutes, chanting in the "3 voices" - aloud,
whiSPering, and silently - see "Kirtan Kriya" as above), project out

of the body going into the universe. Keep trying. cane out of the
meditation the way you carne in. Co this kriya when depressed. II

March 4. 1976
October 1971
Adi Shakti
Adi Shal<ti
Adi ShaJ<ti
Nama, Name.
Sara.b ShaJ<ti
Sa.ra.b Shal<:.ti
Sa.ra.b Shal<:.ti
Na.ma, Name.

Na.ma, Name.
Mata.. Shal<ti
Mata. Shakti
Na.rna, NaJne.
continuously exhaling, 2 repetitions per breath. If you run out of breath,
stop and begin again. Continue for 11 minutes, building to 31.
CXM'1Em'S: Adi Shakti means primal (female) por.o.'er. sarah Shakti is all
power, and Prithum Bhagawati means 'which creates through God'. Meditation
on the primal, creative power of God magnifies ones pranic potency. '!be
M::>therpower mantra can also be chanted when stars are P<:X:lrly aspected.
BHAGAtrI'I: '!be form of v.onan is Bhagauti, the C­
Goddess with 8 hands walking on the back of
a tiger (which represents ego). She has 4 hands q
bearing anns, swords and sp:>..aIs. 'Ihe sword} .
is defense, the spear distance.) In her other
four hands she holds grace - flowers, beads
and lotus biossans for purity. So half of her
represents gifts and half, defense. She is
the symbol of canpassion and power,
and grace, knowledge and arms, this Goddess
who rides on a tiger.
Inhale deeply and chant two repetitions of
the mantra
In Easy Pose, with chest out and chin pulled
in, press fingers together fran rase to
tips without touching palms. Press thumbs
together pointing them straight up, fingers
pointing straight out away fran the body
at diaphragm level, eyes l<:X:lking straight
January 15, 1989
In Easy Pose, with a straight spine,
center yourself with several long,
held breaths. '!hen place left hand
on left knee in any thurnb+ mudra-t
and place right hand on heart, as
in pledge of allegiance. With the eyes
Hara Ha.ra Hara Hara
Ha.ra. Ha.ra. Hara Hara
Hara Hara. Hara Hara
Hara Ha.re Hara Hara
Hare Hara Hera Hara
Hara Hara Hara Hara
Hara Hara Hara Hara
Hara Hara. Hara Hara
GOBINDE Sustainer
MUKUNDAY Liberator
UDARAY Enlightener
or: ;Q iIiIl J 01 d IJiI on iii! 81• ., aI
r.a ha r.a ha ra ha r.a Go bin day Ha R ha r.a ha ra ha R I't1 kun cBY_
APARAY Infinite
IIa ra ha ra ha B ha R Mar i ung Ha R hll ra ha ra ha R Kar 1 ung
HARING Destroyer
KARING Creator
4nn •• d In a
Ha R hll r.a ha ra ha R U dar ay Ha- ra hll ra ha ra ha %"\ A per ay
Ha r.a hll ra ha ra hll ra N1r nMB ay Ha ra hll ra ha ra ha R A ay
AKAMAY Desireless
O1ant with the tip of the tongue hitting the ridge on the palate. '!he
tongue must be stiff. '!he closed eyes must be fixed on the tip of the
nose to maintian concentration. O1ant 11-15 minutes when you wake up
and 11 -1 5 minutes when you go to bed (and you can listen on auto-reverse
while you sleep).
<:X:'MMENI'S: "Hara" means God, the Krishna aspect. '!he Guru Ga.itri Mantra
(without the "Hara I s ") eliminates karmic blocks or curses fran the past
and cleanses the aura so that it is easier to meditate and relate to the
Infinite. It is an ashtang mantra (meaning it has 8 vibrations which
balances the brain) given by the 1Oth and last Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind
Singh (1666-1707) • '!he tongue hitting the palate ridge activates neurons
in the brain which will bring prosperity if chand correctly. '!he closed
eyes, fixed on the nose tip, centers us and stimulates the pituitary gland.
You can make a tape of your own voice, singing the mantra in one of several
melodies, or in ITDnotone, which is said, by many, to be the ITDst effective.
Please keep track of your indications of prosperity, so that the success
of this meditation can be reported to Yogi Bhajan. GK
*Please see appendix for choice of mudra.

1) Sit in easy pose. Make an
antenna of the right hand fingers
and block the right nostril with
the thumb. Begin long deep
breathing through the left nostril
for 3 minutes. Inhale--hold for 10
2) Repeat the first exercise, but
use the left hand and breathe
through the right nostril.
continue for 3 minutes. Inhale-­
hold for 10 seconds.
3) Inhale through the left
nostril, exhale through the right
using long deep breaths. Use the
thumb and the little finger to
close alternate nostrils.
4) Repeat exercise 3, except
inhale through the right nostril
and exhale through the left.
5) Sit in easy pose with hands on
knees, thumbs and forefingers
touching, elbows straight. Begin
breath of fire. Totally center
yourself at the brow point.
continue with a regular powerful
breath for 2 to 7-1/2 minutes.
Then inhale, circulating the
energy. Relax or meditate for 5
minutes, then chant long "Sat
Nam IS," at least 3, but up to 11,
minutes if you want.
~ ' ~ ~ 'OJ: 0::.. ~ , ..,: e: e:
" ' - " ' ~ ............. - ........... """-""' -...
I ... ·a ·a .a·a Nam
Comments: This set opens the
pranic channels and balances the
breath in the two sides of your
body. It is often practiced before
a more strenuous, physical
exercise. It is great to do by
itself whenever you need a quick
lift and a clear mind. It
strengthens the nervous system,
energizes, calms and balances.

Hew to D:> It: Sit in a o:mfortable
meditative posture with yoor spine
straight. Interlace yoor fi.n;ers
with your right. thumb on top.
Place your ha.rrls at the center of
your diat:hragm line, touc:hin:J your
Close Your eyes. Concentrate on
your breath at the tip of your
nose. see fran which nostril yoo.
are breathi.n;. Within 3 minutes
YOl should knc::M. '!hen change it.
If ycu are breathi.ng priInarily
through your left nostril,
consciously change to yoor right
nostril. Be sure to keep your
shculders carpletely relaxed. You
shcu1d have a pressure at your
harrls, but none at yoor shoulders.
Practice changirg this breath back
am forth for as Ion; as yc:u like.
I minute is a gocxl time. Yc:u can do
up to 31 minutes.
What it will do for you: 'Ibis exercise will alter your energy by changing
the active nostril. If you are thinking sanething neurotic, and find
that you Ire breathing through your right nostril, start breathing through
the left nostril, instead. ('Ibis changes the energy fran fire to cool).
If you cannot relax or sleep, change to the left nostril. But if you
are irritated, depressed, or in a wierd mental state, start breathing
through the right nostril. If you are tired and need extra energy, change
to the right nostril. In 3 minutes you will be a different person.
This ability to change nostrils should be taught to children within their
first 3 years. Exercising this ability can prevent nervous breakdowns.
NOI'E: With practice, you can switch nostrils simply by concentrating
and shifting the gaze to the side you want to breath through. Another
technique is to lie down on the side of the operating nostril and put
a small cushion under that armpit, pressing it with the 'Weight of the
body. '!he science of the nostrils is called Swara Yoga. It teaches that
when one nostril is daninant, the opposite hemisphere of the brain dcmin­
ates. '!he left nostril and right hemisphere of the brain are considered
lunar, and the right nostril (and left hemisphere), solar. It is recan­
mended to change nostrils at the first sign of disease.
October 16, 1979
5it in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Relax
the a.r:ms 00wn with the e1.bows bent and raise
the foreanns until the hands are near the
shoulders, facing the palms forward and in
Guyan Mudra. Eyes are 9/10 closed. Inhale,
exhale, and with the breath held out, mentally
Waahe Gur-oo
as you first pull. Root Lock, then Diaph­
ram L::x:k and then Neck I.Dck in a oontinuous
wave-like rrotion, with each repetition of
the mantra. '!he \owt1ole spine will undulate.
Repeat a total of 9 times (9 mantra repetitions .
and 9 undulations) on the held oot breath.
Inhale, exhale and repeat. Begin practicing for
11 minutes and slowly build time to a maximum of
31 minutes •
. cn-1MENl'S: Nothing is better than this for the SUshmana Nadi and the Cen­
tral Nervous System. It will bring elaborate changes in an individual
who practices it.
O:tober 12, 1969
1. In Fasy Pose, inhale, hold, pull and
release Mulbhand 3 times, exhale,
IJ:ld repeat for 1 minute. '!hen stretch
the legs.
2. Inhale, exhale, hold the.breath out
and pull and relax Mulbhand 3 times,
inhale and repeat for 1 minute. Relax
the legs, stretching them out.
3. Unite with the Universal Spirit
(current). Let go, if only for an
instant. Union cleanses negativity.
<XJI1MEm'S: Try 40 days without negativity. Ofter all action, all thought
to the Creator. Energy that is drawn fran the navel is that given by
the mother, and not paid back. Use nourishing channels of the navel as
when in the \fOtlb.
January 12, 1976
1. Sit very relaxed in a meditation
posture, with a straight spine, hands
resting in lap in Buddha Mudra, right
in left, thumbs touching lightly, with
eyes a1.Irost closed.
Inhale and mentally chant
Mahan. Ka..l
and raise the mantra fran the tail­
bone to the head and then dorNn the
nose to its tip. Exhale, mentally
Ka 1 }<a.
running energy back down the spine to
the tailbone, envisioning a white
radiance in the spine, imagining Adi
Shakti (Goddess :Power) cc:ming in.
Continue for 11 minutes. To end,
raise hands overhead and shake them.
CDw1MENTS: Any person in a non-inproved state can do this and can rise to
any state of consciousness. ("Mahan Kal" is 'great death' and "Kalka" is a
name for Kundalini.)
2. '!hen place hands with fingers bent
sharply at right angles to palms,
right on top of left, palms down (like
a hut) 2" from collar bones, inhale and
\-Jahe G\..Al-\..A
12 times, increasing to 16 times on
each inhale. Time unspecified.
'Ihese meditations may te done together
or separately.
( V]}-1 i S "t"_ 1 <2 K r i ya. )
september 7, 1974
1. seated in Easy Pose, hands in Guyan
Mudra, focussing at the 3rd Eye, inhale
through the nose and exhale with a
whistle (opening the lock of ignorance)
for 5 minutes. Listen to the whistle
at the Brow Point and to the sound
as it surrounds you, and on the back
of the neck. (For the lower brain.)
2. Reverse - inhale with a whistle
and exhale through the nose, focussing

at the 3rd Eye for 15 minutes. * (Brings
clear consciousness, strong mindedness,
unfolds closed cavities, takes you
to unknown limits . For the upper
brain. )

3. Inhale, hold the breath and medi­
tate on the rectum, Visualizing the
4 red petals of the chakra rotating,
while rythrnically contracting and
relaxing the rectum for 5 minutes.

4. Meditating on the rectum and obses­
sions, chant

for 5 minutes, to join prana and apana.

NOI'E: We found 3 versions of this pranayam, two of which gave it as aOOve.
The third version anitted #4 completely, and repeated #1 & #2, twice (3

times in all) with breaks in between, and the durations of each were 5
minutes only, to be increased to 7 ~ minutes, with 4 repetitions in all,
after practice. '!hen it specified doing each (#1 & #2) for 15 minutes
without breaks or repetitions. The comments below came fran this version.)

CU'1MENrS: This exercise massages the brain, stimulating certain brain
cells, and produces tolerance, eliminates tension. Practice rrorning and

evening for 15 days and you will never be disturbed. The ring of the
rectum is the base of the Silver Chord and when the Chord massages the
crown, man becanes a god. '!he Muladhara Chakra at the rectum, has four
red petals representing the 4 magnetic fields; the elephant represents

wisdom and tolerance. A positive magnetic field or aura attracts friends,
virtues and high vibrations. Mind is governed by breath and breath is
the physical method of controlling the mind. Negativity is insanity or

conscious loss of mental control.
Mind is energy, not the self. The subconscious is the self. You
can make the brain work to clear the the subconscious. The mind goes
aOOve right and wrong when we have a confirmed positive attitude. By

meditating on the teacher you will get -his powe: by meditating on Q:xi
you will get His powers. By meditating on the breath, you'll get the
power of life! The rules of this exercise are: 1. You must be determined.
2. No one can help you. 3. Keep your vibrations high - (the company of a
p:>sitive man will uplift you, and a negative man will bring you down).
4. Keep Up! 6 lines describe this exercise and 6 pages describe its effects!

. .
(March 7, 1977
In Easy Pose, cross anns over chest as
follows: Place right hand canpletely
under armpit (thumb too), cross left
arm over right, placing the fingers
only under the armpit (thumb out). I
Close the eyes and drop the head
back, making the back of the neck
as short as possible. '!he breath
regulates itself as you mentally
Ra. Me Da Sa
Sa Sa.y So Hung
for 3 minutes. self-regenerating.
Sit in a canfortable meditative posture with a straight
spine. 0Jr1 the tongue up on the sides and protrude
it slightly past the lips. Inhale deeply and snoothly
through the rolled tongue and exhale through the nose.
COntinue for 5 minutes. Inhale, hold, pull the tongue
in and relax. '!hen repeat for 5 rrore minutes. (Varia­
tions include: 2-3 minutes Periods, and the practice
of 52 breaths daily, 26 in the rrorning and 26 in the
eVening. ) -
Sitali Pranayam is a well-known practice. It soothes and cools the spine
near the 4th, 5th and 6th vertebrae, which, in tum, regulates the sexual
and digestive energy. '!his breath is often used for lowering fever (and
it can cool you in warm weather). Daily practice of 26 breaths in the
m::>rning and 26 breaths in the evening can extend the lifespan. '!he tongue
may taste bitter at first, a sign of toxification, but as you continue
the tongue will taste s-weet and you will have overcane all sickness inside.
It is an excellent kriya to do before chanting the Siri Gaitri Mantra (liRA
It is said that people .mo practice this kriya have all things that they
need cane to them by planetary ether. In mystical terms, you are served
by the heavens.

February 23, 1970
A) In Easy Pose or lDtus Pose, imagine
yourself to be a very .beautiful person
and a perfect yogi. Straighten the
spine. Raise uppe::- anns parallel
to the ground, at the sides, and bend
elvbows with foreanns at right angles.
Press the hands back with palms up,
as though you are pressing on a ~ i g h t .
Meditate at the brow p:>int. Inhale "
deeply, hold briefly, and exhale canp­ / /
letly while pulling in the navel,
four times, rnentallyvibrating Sa. t
wi th the inhale and N a.. In
with the exhale. '!hen inhale very
deeply, hold the breath and apply
Mulbhanda., imagining pranic energy
flowing fran the COSlOOS to meet apanic
energy at the navel PJint. Feel very
divine and light. '!hen exhale complete­
ly, and continue to apply Root IJ:x::k
with the breath held out, proj ecting
the mind to unite consciously with
the Divine. Relax the breath and
repeat the cicyle, continuing for
<:XM-IENrS: 'Ibis meditation charges
the navel center and balances the lung
meridians, increasing the flow of heal­
i.."lg energy through the hands. As navel
energy is distributed through the nadis
the entire body is cleansed and regen­
erated. If you slowly build the time
up to one hour a day, the nerves will
be strong and the mind easily focussed.
Meditating on the breath gives you a
sense of the beauty of life and the
beauty of self. If you are to have a strong mental foundation, it must
begin in the recognition that you are a beautiful soul. self-respect leads
to respect for others, and gives the power to acccmplish tasks, be straight
fo:rwa.rd and truthful.
*5ee "Breathing to Olange Nostrils at Will':
5-1 0 minutes.
B) In Easy or lDtus Pose, rest the
hands on the knees in Guyan Mudra,
focussing at the 3rd Eye, and breath
long, deep and powerfully through
both nostrils for 10 minutes. *
Sit in meditative pose, both
hands in Gyan Mudra, right
arm raised straight overhead,
hugging ear, left on knee.
Keep both arms straight and
hold with long, light breath­
ing for 11 minutes.
COMMENTS: Works on life
nerve in shoulder for psychic
For Self-Identification
Q::tober 1974
Guruda Mudra (on which God sits to do
miracles): Ib this meditation when you
need to kn<::M who you are.
Sit in Easy Pose or meditative posture.
Raise right hand to the side, between
chin and shoulder, in Guyan Mudra,
palm dawn, fingers parallel to the
ground. Left forearm is parallel
to the ground, left hand in QJyan

Mudra, palm up, fingers straight out
fran the ribs. Wi th eyes ~ open,

Inhale wi. th a long, light S a. t
and (still inhaling) wave or jiggle N e:'l.m
Exhale wi.th a long, light ~ . ] h a
and jiggle or wave Gur'L:l •
Time unspecified.

Yal 90 to a DDVie, give them yarr uaey, and
they give you a seat and start. the film for you.
Between eatiD;J p::lIO 1111 and drinking 0X:a Q:>la,
you fall asleep. Now, you didn't pay your $5.00
to sleep in that chair did yaI? lihy did yaI
do it? In exactly the same way, tlmJugb previous
lcaIma., life is gained here. It is paid for.
Yal have earned it! With QIru's grace, you did
the tbakti and then God granted you a hwBn body.
It is eamed, paid far and the title is clear.
Yal can DBke it or you can mar it. It's yarr
business. ycu1ve paid the DDJey and you are
now seated at the opera and the perfomance has
begun. (If you sleep and SDXe tlmJugb it, 1IIho
July 14, 1975
Kundalini yoga is an ancient art and
science dealing with the alteration
and expansion of oonsciousness, the
awakening and raising of KUNDALThTI
ENERGY up the spine through energy
centers called 0iAKRAS, activati...'3
them. '!his is accanplished by t.'1e
mixing and uniting of PRANA (Cosmic
~ e r g y ) with APANA (eliminating energy)
which generates pressure to force
Kundalini to rise, by means of PRANA­
YAMA (breathing exercises) , BHANDAS
(body locks) in KRIYAS (exercise sets)
using ASANAS (postures), MUDRAS (ges­
tures ) , and MANTRAS (chanted 'WOrds).
Kundalini yoga sets and meditations
also use visualization, projection
and focussed attention to attain speci­
fic effects. 'Ibis knowledge has been
a guarded secret, handed dc1wn fran
Guru to selected students for centuries
but thanks to Yogi Bhajan, it is now
offered to the public.
'Ibrough the practice of Kundalini
Yoga an individual can unite his cons­
ciousness with Cosmic Consciousness
on a regular basis by carefully per­
forming the exercises and meditations
in specific sequence and cxxnbination.
A student soon becanes adept at per­
ceiving the IroVement of energy wit.JU.n
and outside of his body, and conscious-
An incredibly powerful storehouse
of psychic energy symbolized as a
COiled, sleeping serpent at the base
of the spine (' Kundal' means 'cur1 ' ) •
Once awakened it uncoils and ascends
through the spinal colUIm'l (in the
psychic channel, SUSHMANA) to the
SAHASRARA (the masculine Crown Chakra)
at the top of the head, and triggers
a transcendent spiritual state. Re­
peated experiences produce enlightment.
ly begins to direct its flow to stimu­
late and awaken the cha.kras, for heal­
ing himself and others, and clearly
becanes a o::><reator with God.
'Ibe science is said to be 70,000
years old. Tradition attributes it
to the Hindu God Shiva instructing
his wife, the Goddess Parvati. 'Ibe
teachings were then imparted only
to the initiated in temples and m::>nas­
teries in India, Nepal and Tibet.
Kundalini yoga is closly related to
Tantra which also raises Kundalini
energy (Shakti power) to achieve extra­
ordinary consciousness. 'Ibere are
3 forms of tantra: White Tantra, which
is taught by Yogi Bhajan,· uniting
male and female energy' in non-sexual
union, Red Tantra which relies on
sexual union, and Black Tantra, a
form of shamanism.
Kundalini Yoga was brought to
the West in 1969 by Yogi Bhaj an, the
only living Master of White Tantric'
Yoga on the planet. His followers
have adapted the Sikh reljg ion, and
they 1Near the white clothing and tur­
bans with lIDcut hair that signify
purity• All Sikhs do not necessarily
practice Kundalini Yoga, and Kundalini
yoga devotees are by no means all
Prana is the basic life force of cons­
ciousness in the air we breathe and
the food we eat, assimilated effort­
lessly, and Kundalini yoga practice
enhances its absorption. Apana is the
eliminating energy stored in the lower
chakras. When it is raised and united
wi th prana (by breath retention & body
contractions or locks), psychic heat
is generated which raises Kundalini
through the chakras.
A series of one or rore exercises
or postures in canbination with prana­
yama, locks, chanting, visualization,
proj ection, etc. in specific sequence
designed to produce specific effects.
sane of Yogi Bhajan' s kriyas are cen­
turies old. '!he total effect of a
kriya is greater than the sum of its
parts. 'Kriya' literally means •work I
or I action ••
A pose or p:>sture designed to stimulate
glands, organs or body awareness,
and to quiet the mind for meditation.
Asanas often apply pressure on nerves
or accupressure points, reflexing
to the brain and body for certain
effects. '!he nost ccnm::>n meditation
asanas are:
EASY POSE (or SUkasana) : Cross the
legs cc:mfortably at the ankles or
roth feet on the floor, pressing the
lower spine forward to keep the back
POSE (Or Siddhasana): Right
heel presses against the perineum,
sole against left thigh. Left heel
is placed on top of the right heel
and presses the body above the genitals
with the toes tucked into the groove
between the right calf and thigh.
Knees should be on the ground with
heels one directly above the other.
This is the ITDst cx:mfortable asana
for many and is believed to prcm::>te
psychic power.
LOI'US (or Padmasana): Lift left foot
onto upper right thigh, then place
right foot on left thigh as close
to the body as possible. '!his locked
in posture is easier to do than it
looks and it enhances deep meditation.
'!he right leg is, always on top.
ROO< POSE (or Vaj rasana): Kneel and
sit on heels (tops of feet on the
g:rouOO) so that they press the nerves
in the center of the buttocks. (It
is named ''Rock Pose" because its effect
on the digestive system enables ooe
to digest rocks.)
(or Hero Pose) : Wi th feet
hip width apart, kneel and sit between
the feet. 'Ibis posture channels sexual
If you sit in a chair, be sure that
roth feet are flat and evenly placed
on the ground, and keep the spine
£as,; Pose.­
Re<.k.. Pe.se­
Cel€tute_ Po:.E­

A gesture or position, usually of
the hands, that locks and guides energy
flow and reflexes to the brain. By
curling, crossing, stretching and
touching the fingers and hands, we
can talk to the body and mind as each
GUYAN MUDRA: '!be tip of the thumb
touches the tip of the index finger ,
knowledge and ability. '!be
index finger is symbolized by Jupiter,
and the thumb represents the ego.
Guyan Mudra imparts receptivity & calm.
ACI'IVE GNAN MUDRA: '!he first joint of
the index finger is bent under the
first joing of the thumb, imparting
active knowledge.
SHUNI MUDRA: Tip of middle finger (sym­
olized by saturn) touches the tip
of the thumb, giving patience.
SURYA or RAVI MUDRA: Tip of the ring
finger (symbolized by Uranus or the
Sun) touches the tip of the thumb,
giving energy, health and intuition.
BUDDHI M:JDRA: Tip of little finger
(Mercury) touches tip of thumb for
clear and intiuitive camn.mi.cation.
VENCJS ux::K: Interlace fingers with left
little finger on the botton, with the
right index finger on top for men and
the left '!he Venus I'lOUI'lds
at the base of the thumbs are pressed
together channeling sensuality and sex­
uality, and glandular balance, helping
to focus and concentrate.
PRAYER MUDRA: Palms are pressed togeth­
-er, neutralizing and balancing yin &
yang, for centering.
BEAR GRIP: left palm faces out fran
body with thumb down, and right palm
faces 00dy, thumb up, and fingers
are curled and hooked together to
stimulate the heart and intensify
BUDDHA K.JDRA: Right hand rests en
left for men, left 00 right for \oltXnel1,
palms up, thumbs tips touching each
other in a receptive gesture.
area of the hand reflexes to a certain
part of the mind or body. SCrne corrm:::>n­
ly used mudras are:
(In each mudra, exert enough pressure
to feel the flow of energy through
the "nadis" (psychic channels) up
the arms but not enoUj'h to whiten
f ingertips • )
Breathing to channel and direct the
flow of prana and alter consciousness
& physical state. 'Ibe ITOst frequent are
BREATH OF FIRE: '!his is a cleansing
and energizing breath, pc7Wered by
abdaninal contractions. Pumping the
ab:Janen forces air out of the lungs,
which then re-inflate effortlessly.
Breath of fire is fast, usually 2­
3 breaths per second through the nose
unless otherwise specified.
~ G DEEP BREATHING: 'Ibis is calming
and produces an autanatic 'high' if
done properly and slClWly enough.
Place the tongue on the roof of the
IIOuth and inhale as slClWly as possible,
allowing only a thin stream of air
to flow. When you can no longer inhale
begin to exhale at the same slow,
steady pace. B:>th inhale and exhale
are through the nose. You will fill
the lO'Wer portion of the lungs first,
expanding the abdanen, then the middle,
expanding the diaphram, and then the
top, expanding the chest. If you
can slow the breath down to 6 or fewer
breaths Per minute (5 seconds of inhale
and 5 seconds of exhale), the pituitary
is stimulated, autanatically activating
the 3rd Eye. If you can slow down
to 4 or fewer breaths a minute (7';
second inhale and 7'; second exhale),
the Crown Olakra is activated by the
Pineal Gland - Instant Q:>smi.c Cons-
through the left nostril is tranquiliz­
ing and through the right nostril
is energizing. There are nany canbin'­
ations of alternate nostril breathing
for different purposes. see "Breathing
to O1ange Nostrils at Will" to assert
control over the nostrils.
SITALI PRANAYAM: Breathing through
the IIOuth, through a trough made' by
the curled tongue cools the air and
the body. It is used to lO'Wer fevers
(or the body temperature on hot days)
and daily practice is a Perscription
for geed health.
WHISTLE BREATH: Inhaling and/or exhal­
ing throughthe puckered nouth to Pro­
duce a whistle has a profound effect
on consciousness.
BREATH RFI'ENI'ICN: Holding the breath,
either in or out is a powerful tool
in creating Tapa or psychic heat,
and is often used to stimulate Kunda­
lini arousal, alter consciousness,
and body chemistry. DIREX::TIOOS SHOOID
The stilling of the rational, reason­
ing, dualistic (I am I and everything
isn It) egotistical mind to alleM the
neutral mind to focus awareness on
inner reality beyond intellectual
concepts, and on outer reality beyond
physical, earthly objects. Meditation
uses many techniques to achieve this
purpose, and produces a calm, sensitive
less' arotional, alert, intuitive,
effective, efficient and self-oontroll­
ed personaiity and- an enhanced- sense
of being and consciousness. Consistent
meditation prarotes inner Peace, happi­
ness and life in higher consciousness.

Important components in the practice
of Kundalini Yoga are focus, (we may
be asked to gaze at the nose, focus

on the spine, a chakra, the breath,
a mantra, physical functions or on
something outside of the body), visual­

zation (of energy IIOvement, magnetic
fields, thought fonns, astral l:odies,
ether, light, color, etc.) and project­

ions of consciousness out into the
universe. 'Ihese practices develop
awareness of the rrobility of conscious­
ness, the ability to hold several

things . in the mind at once and to
direct energy rrovements emp::ywering
our sense of dcxninion and potential
impact on the world.

Body locks or rtnlScular contractions
applied for the retention and channel­
ing of Prana. '!he principle ones are:
MlJI.ABHANDA: Mulbhand or Root 1Dck is
the rrost frequently applied. It is the
contraction of the anal sphincter ,
drawing it in and up (as if trying to
hold back a :towel rrovement), then draw­
ing up the sex organ (so that the
urethral tract is contracted). last,
the navel '[Xlint is drawn back towards
the spine. 'Ibis is applied with breath
retention, either in or out, and unites
the t\YO major energy energy flows,
prana and apana, generating psychic
heat which triggers the release of
Kundalini energy, and often ends an
UDDIYANA BRANDA: Diaphragm !.Dck is
aplied by lifting the diaphragm high
up into the throax and pulling the
upper abdaninal muscles back towards
the spine, creating a cavity, and·
giving a gentle massage to the heart
muscles. Stimulates the hyPOthalmic­
pituitary-adrenal axis in the brain
and develops the sense of ccmpassion.
Can give new youthfulness to the entire
body. It is applied on the exhale.
In laya yoga, the rhythmic application
of this lock achieves the highest
effects of chanting.
JAU\NDHARA BRANDA: Neck Lock or Olin
Lock is usied during all chanting
meditations. '!he chin rests in the
notch betYJeeI1 the collar bones and
the head stays level without tilting
for.vard, straightening the cervical
vertibrae, and allowing the free flCM
of prana to the brain. In practice,
the chin is pulled straight backwards
and slightly lowered. Prevents head­
aches and uncanfortable pressure in
eyes, ears and heart during pranayarna.
MAHABHANDA: '!he application of all 3
locks at once .. When all the locks
are applied, the nerves and glands are
To fully understand & experience the
Sit on heels and spread the knees
wide apart, palms on thighs. (Al Apply
Root Lock & relax it. (Bl Apply Diaph­
ram Lock & relax it. (el Apply Neck
Lock and relax it. Repeat in rhythmic
alteration for 3-11 minutes, pulling
locks on the exhale (the breath natur­
ally goes out on· the first 2 locks).
will help to distinguish the locks
and perceive energy rrovement along
the spine.
In the l::ody, canters of exchange be­
tween the psychic and physical dimen­
sions. Like transfonners they change
subtle prana into physical energy
f lowing through a system of 'nadis I
(psychic channels like the meridian
system of Oriental medicine). O1akras
are energy vortexes perceived as spim­
ing discs of light (' chakra ' means
wheel) situated along the spine.
Traditionally there are 7 of them
and Yogi Bhajan designated the Electro­
/I1agnetic Field (Aura) as the 8th.
the chakras are opened the parti­
cular talents of each are assimilated
and consolidated into the character
and behavior of the person.
FIELD: The psychic
field of energy surrounding all beings,
human or othenvise, through which
we project ourselves to others and
protect ourselves from danger. A
strong aura insures physical health
and success. Q1.e reason for wearing
whi te is to help expand the aura.
(To see auras, close your eyes and
think of a fanous 9urU, or a novie
or rock star. Next to him, imagine
an ordinary person. Beholding the
two of them side by side, it is easy
to perceive that the "star" has a
brilliant, developed aura that clearly
outshines that of the other.)
SAHASRARA: The 'Crown 01akra is located
at the top of the head and is often
pictured as a 1000 petaled lotus.
This is the individual's superconscious
ness and his link with God and Univer­
sal or Cosmic Consciousness & Infinity.
It is associated with the Pineal Glann.
AJNA: The 3rd Eye or Brow O1akra is
associated with the pituitary .gland
and it is the seat of intuitive aware­
ness. Located between the eyebrows,
it is the hcxne of the "true self",
and is pictured as a white light.
(One I s Guru can seat thernselves . there
to provide guidance.)
~ - - - - --- ~ - - - - - - - - - - ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ - ~ - - ~ - ~ - ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - -

, 83
VISHUDDHI: The 5th or Throat O1akra
is associated with the Thyroid Gland
and this is where poisens are purified,
respiration is controlled and speech
originates. It is perceived as a
violet disc, and its proper function
ensures truthful speech, a pure and
clean body and mind, and some psychic
ANAHATA: The 4th or Heart C1a.kra is
the seat of canpassion, true love,

free will and wish-fulfillment. 'Ana­
hata' means 'unbeaten' , (reminding
us of 'stout hearts' & 'having heart').
It is associated with the Thymus Gland
so its strength insures a strong irrur.une
system and a glittering aura. It
is variously described as pink, red,
golden, whi te, and scxnetirnes as dark
blue. 'It> live in the Heart O1a.kra
is to be a well-developed human being.
MANIPURA: The 3rd or Navel (Nabhi)
O1a.kra is the center of power, energy
and well-being. It is sometimes re­
garded as the 'Solar Olakra', and
is known as the 'Delight Center',
and the ' Jewel in the IDtus I - (Mani­
pura' rreans 'jeweled lotus' ) . It
is associated with the adrenal glands
and is variously pictured as a spinning
blue, grey or green disc of light.'
A strong navel chakra bestows character
and physical vitality and power.
SVADISTHANA: The 2nd Olakra, at the
sex organs, is the heme of Kundalini.
It is the seat of creative, sexual
energy and is always pictured as a
bright red-orange. In balance the
person can charmel ~ u l reproduc­
tive energy to use for other creativity
Mt.JI.ADHARA: The 1st or Root Olakra
is the anal chakra. It is associated
with the qualities of stability and
security. When it is well functioning,
the person is cx::mfortable in physical
existence. It is often pictured as
a disc of red light.
MC_ln L-ra
A mantra is a syllable, word or phrase
in one of the sacred languages ( like
5anscri t & Q1urmeki) and sanetimes
in English, which elevates or modifies
consciousness through its meaning,
the sound itself, rhythm, tone, and
even the reflexology of the tongue
on the palate. Mantra is "The Yoga
of the Mind". sane of the ItOst fre­
quently used follON:
is the Mangala Charn Mantra, and is
chanted for protection. It surrounds
the magnetic field with protective
light, and means "I row to the primal
Guru (guiding consciousness who takes
us to God-Realization}, I l::Y.::M to wisdc:xn
through the ages, I l:ow to True Wisdan,
I row to the great, unseen wisdan."
MATA SHAKTI, NAMa, N A . ~ O . The First
Shakti Mantra tunes into the frequency
of the Divine MJther, and to primal
protective, generating energy. Chant­
ing it eliminates fears and fulfills
desires. Adi Shakti means the" Primal
Power:' Sarab Shakti means "All Power;'
and Prithum Bhagawati means "which
creates through God."
AKAL, MARA KAL means "Undying, Great
death" is a txJwerful life-giving chant
remoVing fear and relaxing the mind.
BAR, HAR, HAR means "The lDrd Hirnseii
has beccme our protector, the Truest
of True has taken care of us, God,
God, God" , or "The lord HImself is
my refuge, true is the support of
the True Lord". C1anted for prosperity
SAHE guarantees by the grace of Guru
Arnar Das, who is hope for the hopeless,
and Guru Ram Das, who is King of the
Yogis and Bestower of Blessings, past,
present and future, that the prayer
will be answered, and that all one's
needs are prOVided for, signed, sealed
and delivered!
HAL tharti means "earth" and Akash
is Ether, and Guru Ram Das is the
venerated 4th Sikh Guru. This is the
1st Sodhung Mantra.
Magic Mantra so named for its txJwer
and sacredness. It is usually chanted
in reverse (Ek Ong Kar sat Gur Prasad,
sat Gur Prasad, Ek Ong Kar). Many
pages are devoted to the ecplanation
of this mantra and we are warned to
chant it in reverence. It means,
"There is one Creator - Truth revealed
through Guru's grace".
SUCH is the Mul Mantra, the root of
all mantras. It means, "The creator
of all is One-. Truth is His Name.
He does everything, fearless, without
anger, undying, unborn, self-realized,
realized thru Guru's Grace, Meditate:
He was true in the beginning, true
thru all the ages, true even now•
Nanak shall ever be true."
GURU is the Adi Shakti Mantra, and
it is very powerful for awakening
Kundalini and suspending the mind
in bliss. Ek means "One, the essence
of all:' Ong is the primal vibration
fran which all creativity flows, Kar
is "creation", sat, "truth", Nam "I1al11e"
Siri "great", Wha "ecstacy:' and Guru
is "wisdc:xn". Taken together it means,
"There is one Creator whose name is
Truth. Great is the ecstacy of that
Supreme Wisdcrn" 1

- - - -- - ---

Gaitri Mantra which means "Sustainer,
liberator, enlightener, infinite,
destroyer, creator, nameless, desire­
less". It brings stability to the
hemispheres of the brain and works
on the Heart Genter to develop compas­
sion, patience and tolerance, uniting
one wi th the Infinite.
GURU calls up::>n Guru Ram Das in praise
of his spiritual guiding light and
protective grace.
HAR means Creative Infinit y, a
of God. HARA is another form.
is the active form of Creation.
The name of God is the True Name.
I HUM IXJM HAR HAR: ThlS mantra opens
the Heart O1akra and means ''We the
universe, God, God. "
OOG means Creator - the Primal Vibrat­
ion from which all creativity flows.
II ONG NAMa, GURU DE\! NAMa is the Adi
Mantra that precedes Kundalini Yoga
practice, tuning one in to the higher
self. eng is "Infinite Creative energy
in manifestation and activity" ("em"
or Aum is God absolute and unrnanifested)
Nama is "reverent implying
humility, Guru means "teacher or wisdom
Dev means "Divine or of God" and Narno
reaffirrns humility and reverence.
In all it means, "I call upon Divine
\'lisdom" .
ONG SO HUNG is "Creator, I am Thou!"
a heart-opening and empowering mantra.
the life force, Apana the eliminating
force, and SUshumna is the Central
channel for that force. This helps
draw energy up the spine for healing.
Hari al1d Har are names of God.
HAl (see "Dharti Hai " ) - Pri tvi means
earth - calling on the name of the
venerated Guru Ram Das is very powerful
Siri Gai tri Mantra, and is chanted
for healing. Ra is the sun, Ma is
the M:x:>n, Da is the earth, and Sa
is Infinity. Say is the totality
of Infinity, and SO Hung is "I am
Thou" • "Ra Ma Da Sa" is the Earth
Mantra. and "Sa Say So Hung" is the
Ether Mantra.
SA TA NA MA is the Panj Shabad express­
ing the five primal sounds of the
universe. "s" is Infinity, "T" is
life, "N" means death and "Mil is re­
birth. (The 5th sound is "A".) This
is one of the most frequently used
mantras in Kundalini Yoga.
SAT NAM is the Seed Mantra or Bij
Mantra and it is the most widely used
in the practice of Kundalini Yoga.
sat is truth, Nam means identity,
or to calIon the truth, expressing
the reality of existence. Chanting
this mantra awakens the Soul, and
more simply means "really" (Y.8.1/14/89)
SAT NAM: Narayan is the aSPeCt of
Infinity that relates to water, and
Hari Narayan is Creative sustenance,
which makes the one who chants it in­
tuitively clear or healing. sat Narayan
is True SUstainer, Wahe Guru, indes­
cribable Wisdom and sat Nam, True
Identity. This is the ancient Chotay
Fad Mantra.
WARE GURU is the GUrU Ivlantra, the
mantra of ecstacy. It is not translat­
able, but chanting it elevates the
JEEO: "The ecstacy of consciousness
my beloved."
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G.T. INI'ERNATICNAL, 1800 South Robertson Blvd., SUite 182, los Angeles
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Draft for pUblication
Not to be quoted without permission of the author
Comments and editing invited
for Personal Power and Inner Peace
Rattana K. Betzel, Ph.D.
September 3,1991
something very powerful is happening on the planet. If you are
reading these words, you have noticed. We have heard for many years
about the Aquarian Age and the New Age. In the midst our excitement
and hopes for an inner, interpersonal and global reality that is
more aligned with our dreams and our visions, we seem to have been
confronted with tests that have often led us to wonder if the
promise of a New Age was a myth that only fed our illusions. In
the past two decades our personal experience has often been
highlighted by frustrated dreams, financial challenges and crises,
health problems, massive dosages of "working through" issues in our
own personal arena and within our relationships.
However, within the last year, things seem to have shifted. There
is a light at the end of the tunnel and this time there is no train
coming in the opposite direction. There seems to be an opening
without the blocks and the frustrations. We are starting to feel
relief, excitement and joy as the spontaneity of life supports us
in moving ahead toward our inner and outer goals. And even when we
are not exactly sure where we are going 1 we know we are being
guided in the right direction. We are more and more able to go
with the flow and trust that opportunities and resources will open
up at the right time and place to support us in manifesting our
destiny on the planet.
The hard-knocks preparation phase is over and we are moving into a
more peaceful time where we can focus on refining our energy and
aligning with the new vibrational frequency of the planet. The
energy grid of the planet has shifted to a higher frequency--that
of love and the heart center. To be attuned to the earth, to be
supported by her energy and to live in peace, we must align
ourselves with this heart frequency.
Much of the struggle that we have experienced is our own inner
resistance to this new frequency. Much of the emotional pain and
release has been precipitated to help us get rid of old baggage-­
thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors--that resonated at a lower
frequency and needed to be dumped in order to move into alignment
with the heart vibration of the planet. As the energy on the
planet shifts, our physical bodies are realigning at the cellular
level. We are under going a vibrational fine-tuning and balancing
of our physical, mental and emotional bodies.
As we refine our physical bodies, we are also refining our
understanding of where we are going and what is actually happening.
Our outward visions of the New Age are being supplemented by the
realization that what is actually happening is a shift into a new
dimension of reality--what some now call the Fifth Dimension. We
are dealing with more than political, economic, social and personal
upheavals and transformation. We are dealing with a whole new
period of human and planetary evolution which involves a dramatic
shift in human consciousness.
It is the time of discovering our spirit and a time of manifesting
the light and love of spirit on the physical plane. Everyone who
is choosing to align with the new frequency and move into a higher
state of consciousness is involved in a spiritual process involving
the discovery of and alignment with their soul and with subtle
cosmic energy. The process is a harmonic alignment with the new
vibrational frequencies which will bring us in finer atunement to
the earth's energy and to universal energy as we simultaneously
move into mental, physical and spiritual harmony and balance. Our
thought patterns, intentions and attitudes are shifting and we are
beginning to perceive the world through higher states of awareness.
We are becoming more sensitive to subtle and psychic energies and
more attuned to our soul. As we move into higher states of
awareness and attune to universal power, we will become an
expression of universal love and a conscious creator of our own
In sum, we are in the fast track of spiritual evolution. If it all
seems a bit intense to you, you are in tune with the fact that
never before have people on the planet been forced to go through
such rapid spiritual changes. Our souls are demanding to be
realized--NOW. Even for those who knew they had one, their
conscious experience rarely passed beyond the personality. So the
process, although tempting and even welcome, seems a bit awesome.
It involves acknowledging and accepting the gift of experiencing
the essence and truth of your being, becoming attuned to the beauty
and uniqueness of your own soul, and opening your heart to
yourself, to others, to the world and to the universe.
We are at a critical junction for our personal and planetary
evolution and the two are directly linked. The destruction of the
planet is being precipitated by the imbalance, apathy and negative
thought forms of humankind. And the destruction will continue until
there is a shift in our consciousness. This is Why we feel a
simultaneous urgency to be in touch with who we are and a need to
reverse the trend toward annihilation of the planet. There is no
more time for trivialities and superficialities. Time is short. It
is the time for truth, understanding, openness, and depth on all
The truth is that the earth can be healed through a new
consciousness of humankind that is attuned to the heart frequency
of the planet. We must own our responsibility for not only our
actions, but for our thoughts that continue to disrupt the energy
of the earth. Only balanced and harmonious thought patterns,
feelings and actions will reverse the destructive cycle. Only when
we begin to take responsibility for ourselves and honor and respect
ourselves, will we begin to take responsibility for and honor and
respect Mother Earth. The result will be a magnificent
rejuvenation and rebirth of ourselves and the planet!
We are a part of an unavoidable rapid change of consciousness. We
are being supported in many wonderful and miraculous ways to open
up to the new energies. How can we participate to our fullest
We must first accept and then act from the truth that healing comes
from inside, not from a bandage. Consciousness changes from our
core. It is at the cellular level and from the depths of our mind
and soul that we release the chaos and confusion within. As we
clear from within, we attain balance, clarity and understanding.
Our personal alignment with our own inner truth is reflected in
harmony in the outer world.
We must realize that each of our thoughts, attitudes and intentions
have global and even universal impact. Our thoughts are energy
that is projected from the mind. The nature of our thought energy
determines how we receive, hold, act upon and create energy. We
have the power to alter the nature and pattern of the thoughts and
energy in our mind. Neutral cosmic energy is available at all
times for us to use. How we use it, thus the influence it has on
others and the environment, depends on the energy filters or
program in our mind.
Each one of us must take the responsibility for our thoughts and
experiences that we have created. We must accept that change must
first come about at the inner level of each individual and that
means us. Planetary healing, peace and balance will come as a
reflection of and expression of change within us. Accepting
responsibility for what we create and our actions will change the
world. People like you and me, not "them" or the politicians, will
change the world. Each being counts and each one who takes
responsibility of his or her own life counts a lot. As we achieve
balance and attunement within, our energy is radiated out to others
and the world. The gift of each person will help heal and bring
harmony and balance to the planet.
The only thing that keeps us from experiencing the dimension of
love is the incompatibility of our energy with the energy of this
dimension. The world of love and light does not exist "out there"
some where. It exists right here right now. As you elevate your
energy, switch your focus and refine your sensitivity, you will
experience the dimension of love as though one day you became
aware of a door you had never seen before and simply chose to step
through. You will be a part of it in the same way that you are now
a part of the space in which you are sitting. As sure as you can
identify the room you are in, you will know that you are in another
reality. The furniture will not change, but you will. As though
a light were turned on, you will see in a way you have never seen
The only person who can step through the door is you. You are in
charge. No one can do it for you. You may find teachers who will
try to point you in the right'direction and try to tell you were
the door is, but you are the one who has to perceive the door, open
it and walk through. And the only way to find the door is to raise
your frequency. When you do, the discovery and the step will be
simultaneous and automatic. The frequency cannot lower itself and
come down to find you. My friends, the job is solely yoursl
Our vibrational level rises and falls according to our physical
condition, emotional mood, nature of our thoughts, beliefs,
intention and actions. It is effected by the food we eat, the way
we breathe, how much and what kind of exercise we do, and our
spiritual and meditation practices (or lack thereof). The level of
energy that we hold at a specific time and over time determines how
our life unfolds, the opportunities and challenges that we attract
and how we respond. Misfortune, struggle, pain, hard-knocks,
accidents and mistakes vibrate at lower frequencies. Miracles,
grace, love, good luck vibrate a higher frequencies. When you
lower your frequency, you create an energy pattern that creates
imbalance and discord. When you raise your frequency, you create
an energy pattern of balance and harmony.
We are learning the basics of how we create our own reality.
Creating your own reality is not decided in your mind what you want
and repeating affirmations morning and night, praying, figuring out
what it will take and attempting to manipulate your environment
until you get it. We create our reality by the vibrational space
that we create. Within that frequency, and only within that
frequency we can attract, receive, act, respond. If we are
comfortable with what the frequency we are creating has to offer,
we feel satisfied with our life. If we want something and cannot
seem to attain it, we will have more results from adjusting our
-- - ~ - - ~ - - ~ - - - -

energy level than falling asleep to an affirmation tape.
Raising our frequency also has the distinct advantage of moving us
to a space where we can discover who we are. Higher frequencies
bring us an awareness that helps us step through the restrictive
barriers of our mind and the fog of mass consciousness. We are able
to see and release illusions of who we thought we were and what we
thought we wanted. And we are able is disentangle ourselves from
the parental and social mores of what we thought we should be and
what we were conditioned to think would make us happy. We can find
out who we are and discover our life goals and mission by
eliminating the static, by dropping the emotional commotional
trauma that we inflict upon ourselves and by transcending the
collective unconscious quagmire. It is not through the fighting
and thinking of the mind that we will find our purpose. We
discover who we are and why we are here in our higher self and in
our soul.
Higher frequencies of energy bring us clarity and awareness which
helps us sweep away the restrictive barriers and illusions that
stunt our conscious growth. Reaching this awareness is one of our
most fundamental goals in this lifetime. In this state of
awareness we realize that our life has a purpose and we do have
goals that are specific and unique to our own personal evolution.
We discover that we are here to learn and grow in a special way. We
each have our own manner and method, but there are certain
universal goals. At this point in time, we are discovering that we
are here to take responsibility for our own life and to learn to
totally love and accept ourselves. In our own ways we are each
learning to overcome fear, anger, separateness and jUdgment. We
are all here to set ourselves free from the cobwebs and chains that
bind us, release the struggle, and enjoy love and life on this
planet. Relationships, raising children, community or global
service may be part of our path and mission on the planet and will
contribute to our personal evolution, but the real work is an inner
process that only we can do with ourselves, for ourselves and by
ourselves. And evidence seems to indicate that we will perish in
one way or another if we do not.
We have been beating our heads against a brick wall for years and
are finally getting to the point of realizing that there is
something fundamentally wrong with our current approach. We are
trying to play football on a baseball diamond. We have to step out
of our current reality and illusion and move into another one. We
can no longer wallow fruitlessly in the mud, pretending that it
works and that we like it. We are finally realizing that even if
we can change what is anchored in stone ( the current dimension and
system) it is the hard way to go. We have a choice to chose a path
of least resistance.
We can chose to move to another dimension of consciousness and
reality where your life can work, where we can be ourselves, where
we can do our life mission. You can move to the dimension where
you are not fighting yourself or mass consciousness, where there is
no brick wall between you and the universal force, where your power
and the universal power are one, at peace and collaborating to
manifest in you, through you who you are and what you came here to
1. Become Aware
Our first step is to become aware that there is another reality
that we can chose to be a part of. This realization helps us
overcome any feeling of loss that we may encounter on the way. We
become so delighted with what we are in the process of discovering,
that we are motivated and propelled on our path. This is important
because circumstances and relationships change as we change. For
some the change is a grateful relief for others there is some
nostalgia in releasing the past.
2. Choose
Our second step is to make a choice. Do we want to go for it or
not? I personally suggest making the decision one time, once and
for all. Many people decide, waver, change their mind and then
have to decide again. This can become a habit and you can waste a
lot of time and effort in the decision-making and undoing process.
I learned this lesson when I first decided to do my morning
meditation and yoga practice which we call 5adhana. At that time,
the plan was to get up between 3 and 4 am and do yoga and
meditation for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I was living in New Hampshire at
the time. Just hearing the alarm at that hour was enough pain in
itself. But to decide at 3:30am when it was dark out and cold and
the bed was warm and cozy whether to get up or not, I would be
doomed to failure or to torture. 50 I made the decision ONCE.
When the alarm went off, I shut off my mind, with the alarm and got
up. No agoniz ing thoughts, no decisions. The discomfort was there
for sure, but it was temporary. It was not fun, but the results
were immediate. The way I felt and the way my life began to work
made it all worth it. I had to chose between the pain of getting
up before the sun and taking a cold shower and a life that lead me
to magic and self-discovery. The long term and even short term
gains made the pain more than worth it.
It is up to you, but my experience is that commitment is the easier
path in both the short and the long run.
3. Acknowledge Who You Are
The next step is to acknowledge yourself as part of the universal
life force that is within us all, that is limitless and a part of
all things. Accept yourself as intrinsically good, pure energy and
a part of God. The life force magnifies within you when you accept
that you are a part of it and focus on that reality. As you learn
to concentrate on this fact and love yourself, the energy
continually expands.
4. Experience The Energy
The next step is to experience this reality, to feel a part of the
energy and to begin being in touch with the dynamic of your own
being. This is a life long process. There is no end point. There
are ever expanding states of consciousness, being and experience.
The good news is that it always gets better, even when we are in
the midst of another clearing phase and can't see the light for the
garbage. Always remember that the cosmic game you are playing is
set up for you to win. As long as you are committed to yourself,
any pain or discomfort is only temporary.
The process of moving into the Fifth Dimension and into higher
frequencies and states of awareness involves three steps:
1. Clearing the past
2. Incorporating the basic principles of personal power
3. Aligning with the heart energy
1. Clearing the Past
The mind and the body are the brick walls that stands between your
current reality and the glory of who you really are and what you
can experience. We have to deal with the mind to see and move
through the door of the dimension of love. The mind filters and
inhibits sensory information that allows us to move into the next
The key to understanding what we create is to look at the beliefs
in our mind that we express as emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
Our thoughts, intentions, and emotions send out encoded messages to
the universe. The nature of the messages determines what will be
reflected back to us in terms of experiences, circumstances,
interactions and relationships. We can identify within ourselves
the real causes of the disturbances in our lives.
Our task is to release the thoughts and belief patterns that
interfere with our experience of universal love. We must release
the thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and habits that vibrate at lower
frequencies and thus inhibit our experience of higher frequencies.
Our challenge is to detach from the past and step above it into
another dimension of being. Clearing the past includes the patterns
that we "have created to survive in this life that no longer serve
us and transcending the power of the collective unconsciousness
which is like a solidified gene pool of belief patterns magnified,
solidified and passed on through generations and millennium,
creating rigid walls and restricted boundaries within which we feel
we must think and act.
The clearing process involves
a. Emotional release
Clearing the imprints of the emotional traumas that we have
accumulated, especially from our childhood. It is the energy of
the emotional imprint that interacts with universal energy to
create the circumstances and events in our life. Releasing the
imprints of fear, anger, sadness, unworthiness, etc. will refine
our energy and bring us into balance and wholeness. Part of
releasing the past is accepting our experiences as self chosen for
our personal growth. When we realize why we chose to go through
certain events we learn the lesson and get the gift from the
garbage. Clearing repressed emotions makes room for the higher self
and the soul.
b. Release Old Habits and Thought Patterns
In the course of life we acquire patterns of thinking and acting
that anchor us in lower frequencies. These must be systematically
identified and replaced with patterns that move us to a higher
vibration. Old habits and thought patterns that need to be
replaced include the following:
1. Judgment and criticism
2. self-negation and denial
3. Imposing yourself and beliefs on others; embroiling
yourself in the affairs of others; attempting to convinced and
4. Victimization, fate and blame
5. Dependency on others
6. Looking outside yourself for approval
7. Trying to find and evoke God from outside yourself
8. Resisting help and love
9. Escaping and avoiding life
It is time to clear the past and alter our path. There is no time
for superficial and trivial diversions. What has been hidden must
come forward and be released. This is essential if we are to
balance the energy within us and on the planet. We can't be a
channel for universal love and light if we are clogged up with
negativity, judgment and physical imbalance. We have to clear the
way for the heart energy to flow.
c. Release the Struggle Mode
The bottom line is to release the resistance--physical, mental and
emotional clutter included. We must drop the struggle mode which

keeps us attached to the coarse vibrational frequency of pain and
suffering. When we stop resisting, we can embrace what has been so
patiently waiting for us all along.
2. Principles of Personal Power
a. Emotional clarity
Developing personal power includes physical, mental and emotional
balance. Emotional clearing gives us the space to become aware of
what is going on so that we can see clearly and make choices and
act from accurate information and guidance. It allows us to become
fully present in ourselves so that we can tune into who we are and
what we want.
Releasing fears and insecurities allows us to trust ourselves and
the universe. Acknowledging ourselves and nurturing our selves
gives us self-sufficiency. Commitment to ourself attunes us to our
life path.
b. Adopting new habits and thought patterns
Our personal power is either enhanced or sabotaged by the
attitudes, intentions and' thoughts in our mind. Setting ourselves
free to function at higher levels of perception and balance
includes replacing old habits and thought patterns with ones that
propel us to and maintain us at the higher frequencies. They
include the following:
1. Acceptance
We free ourselves when we allow ourselves and others to
experience life as it is, not as how we try to make it to be.
Non-judgment disengages the mind from reactive negativity and
frees us from exterior entanglement of our energy. We are able
to focus on our own energy and activities.
Detached observation trains us to see things as they really
are and helps us discover deeper meaning in all our life
2. Self-love and acceptance
Loving and accepting ourself expands our energy and enhances
our awareness of who we are. We start enjoying our life as it
3. Life by example
Trying to save the world does not have any impact in changing
the world at the core and saps our energy. Living your life
in harmony and balance allows other people the space, the

energy and the inspiration to change when the time is right
for them.
4. Responsibility
When you take responsibility for your own life and what you
create, the energy hooks outside of you that are attracted to
the victimization and blame mode have no more energy to hang
on to. We empower ourselves to control the events in our life
through the higher frequencies of balance and love.
5. Independence and freedom
We free ourselves when we begin to look inside ourselves for
guidance, instead of following someone else or looking to
someone else to make our decisions. We are solidly
independent when we get our own messages in our own inner
6. Sacredness and reverence for life
When we respect all things the world becomes our teacher.
When our thoughts are pure, we see the world as an ally and
begin watching for signs. The more we trust, the more is
7. Open yourself to receive
When we open yourselves up to accept love, we begin receiving
guidance, help and many forms of assistance that we did not
realize were available. This is one of the most important
factors in moving us to the new mode of ease, flow and joy.
8. Be in life
As we release tendencies and habits of escapism and withdrawal
from life and are more in our bodies and living in the present
moment, we amplify our power within and begin expressing it.
c. Chose to be in the joy and peace mode
3. Align with Universal Energy
To attune to the force within we have to experience it. This means
exercising and meditating and then sitting quietly and feeling what
is happening. We have to move our of our mind into the
experiential phase of the process. To learn to be aligned with and
receptive to universal energy yo have to practice. Awareness is
the process and the reward. The energy is subtle, it has to be
felt and not intellectualized about. You discover the energy and
your connection by going inside, feeling, being present, being
----- - - --- --- - - -- - - - - -- - - --- - - ~ - -- - ~


home. In the silence of your own being doors of awareness open up
to you. Time and discipline are required. You can't think or bUy
your way through. Now we get to the nitty gritty of personal
responsibility. YOU have to DO it. Without discipline your
changes of moving into higher states of awareness and enlightenment
are slim, in fact they are nil.
The good news is that there is a discipline that works if you do
it. And there are many choices and combinations to fit your
particular needs and goals. And that is what this book is about-­
to share with you the techniques of Kundalini yoga and meditation
that are guaranteed to carry you to new dimensions of personal
power and peace. There is only one requirement--you have to do it.
It is a time of profound and rapid change. It is a time of
dramatic and powerful choices. Kundalini yoga is about being in a
position of personal power to make the choices that we want and to
effect the changes that we choice.
Kundalini yoga is about preparing the body to accept, integrate and
be transformed by higher and higher frequencies of energy. One goal
is to become an energy center unto yourself.
Several guidelines can facilitate our journey.
1. Trust yourself and trust the process. Each one of us is being
given an opportunity to clear the past and create a new path for
ourselves and for the planet.
2. Resist any tendencies towards negativity or sadness. If you
allow any negative emotion to take over, you sabotage your ability
to effectively control your own mind and tap into your creative
3. Realize that the anxiousness, stress and urgency that you may
feel is caused by the increased frequency of energy on the planet.
Resist fear. Be clear. Be present in yourself. Spend time every
day creating peacefulness, balance and harmony within. Adopt an
attitude of mon-attachment and non-j udgment toward others and
4. Realize that when you accept your own power and responsibility
for the creation of your experience, the transition to the Fifth
Dimension is easy. The evolution in consciousness is powerful and
fun. Let go and enjoy it!
5. It is time to create trust, soles and unconditional love between
individuals. As we each evolve, we can enjoy the interaction
between whole, harmonious and independent individuals who share
their knowing and strengths.
6. As we honor ourselves and others and grow, we collectively
elevate the consciousness of humankind and bring harmony and global
7. It is a time of balance, a time of truth, a time of light, a
time of love and time of enlightenment. Chose to be a part and you
will be guided and elevated beyond all your dreams.
Kundalini is the source of vital energy and universal life force in
each one of us. It is the energy of consciousness that lies
dormant in most individuals. When it is dormant we muddle through
life unconsciously, sleepwalking, experiencing life by trial and
error, trying to figure things out but never quite knowing what is
really going on. As we awaken our kundalini energy, our mind wakes
up, our intuition turns on and we become conscious of another
dimension of reality.
Kundalini yoga and meditation is a scientific technology developed
over thousands of years to help people tap this unused energy and
power. It is a path for human evolution through body-mind
development. There are many paths in the human quest to higher
consciousness. In order to understand the nature of the technology
offered here, we will first set out (1) the approach and underlying
beliefs, (2) the goals and results and (3) the nature of the
Approach and Beliefs
Kundalini yoga and meditation as taught in this manual supports and
operates from the following beliefs:
1. Basic Nature of Humans and the Universe
Our starting point is the belief in the basic goodness of

human beings. We focus on what is RIGHT with us. We each have
a beautiful soul that vibrates love waiting to be uncovered.
We believe that the universe is a friendly place, ready to
support us when we ask and when we are aligned energetically
to receive that support. Our attitude is that it is time to
learn how to tap our power, and tune into our higher
consciousness so that we can live life to the fullest. It is
time to release outmoded assumptions of pain and struggle and
live challenging, yet balanced and joyful lives.
2 . We Have a Choice
We have chosen the lessons that we are here to learn this
lifetime, but we have the free will to decide HOW we want to
learn them--unconsciously in pain and struggle or consciously
in acceptance and peace.
3. Causality--Inner Creates the outer
Our outer reality is a reflection of what we create within
ourselves. It is therefore essential that we accept and take
responsibility for our own life and learn to create and tap an
inner reality of balance, strength and peace that allows us to
attract the life that we want and deserve.
4. Love Heals
This technology is offered from a space of total love,
acceptance and support and we encourage you to adopt this
attitude of self-acceptance and love as you move on your
consciousness journey. The space of love is what allows us to
go through our changes in the easiest and quickest way
possible. Initially change is often scary and it seems easier
to stay asleep. However, many of us are beginning to realize
that it is more painful to be unconscious and out of control
than to face our issues and move through them. This process
helps us get hooked on feeling good and the wonderful things
that start happening when we open our hearts. We find that
waking up can be an exciting discovery of life.
5. Understanding the Process of Life
This program acknowledges life as a process of unfoldment.
Life is about learning our lessons, growing, becoming, being,
solving problems and having many different kinds of
experiences. We get out of the illusion of an idealistic
future that we are striving for (which by definition is
unattainable. ) We don I t promise "no problems" but we do
promise that when we are healthy, balanced and psychologically
stable we can get through anything and even enjoy it.
6. Belief to Feelings
-Real change happens in the body at the feeling level. It
involves movement of energy, not just thoughts. If the mind
could solve our problems, we would all be happy, healthy and
wealthy! Our willingness and ability to change depends on
the actual experience of another reality. The techniques
offered here give everyone who does them and entirely new
experience of their body, inner space, own energy and
7. Motivation to Experience
It is time to move from motivation, trust and faith to knowing
through experience. It is time to move beyond the intellectual,
mental stage. It is important to have an understanding of what is
going on, what we are doing and what we want to achieve, but this
is only the initial step. Understanding is the booby prize if we
do not really experience actual changes in our life. We just get
motivated and then frustrated if we do not experience the new
reality for ourselves. We must live it to get it. To get it, we
must balance our body to align with the new frequency.
We are in the practical application phase. Now we have to decide,
commit and act to actually bring what we want into our personal
lives. It is a personal process of changing within and realizing
our personal power, experiencing inner peace and actually doing our
life path. If we are honest with ourselves and not off in fantasy
land, almost anything we put energy into at this time can work.
There is a lot of positive universal support when we are tuned into
receive it. Talking and getting excited about our dreams isn't
enough anymore. We need tangible results for real satisfaction.
9. Modern spirituality
W ~ are here on this planet in a human body to experience life, not
to escape from it. There is a common misconception that spiritual
growth means withdrawal from an active social life. This myth is
actually founded upon paths of spirituality from the past and also
from the religions and spiritual paths. From the Judeo-Christian
heritage we get the basic concept of life as something we have to
put up with and payoff our sins. Heaven is the reward to making
it through life, if you are good, atone for your sins, and suffer
enough. God is outside ourselves. Connecting with God and the
rewards for our SUffering come late--much later, after we die. Most
Eastern teachings also have as the ultimate goal leaving the body,
going some where else to escape the hardship of life in the
physical body.
The escapist philosophy is mirrored in our modern life. Mass
consciousness thrives on a quick fix and numbness.
But there are other reasons why people are hesitant to commit to a
spiritual path.

- -------- - - - - = ~
~ ~ .
(1) Life is a journey of consciousness and once you realize this
there is no turning back. Out of fear of the unknown, people try
to put off the inevitable.
(2) People often find, or think that they will find their initial
experiences unpleasant. People are afraid of what they will find
inside--"the dark side". People are afraid of themselves and
unwilling to experience their negative emotions--insecurities,
anger, fears, sadness, etc.
(3) Some are also afraid of being alone with themselves or wrongly
believe that they will have to isolate themselves from society, or
will be isolated by it.
(4) There is also a more subtle and less recognized reason why
people hesitate to follow certain spiritual paths. Many of the
spiritual practices taught today were developed during a period of
history where the goal was to escape from the real i ty of the
physical plane. When practiced, without modification to ground us
in the physical plane, the result is that our energy goes up and
out and we are disconnected from the earth. And we can't relate to
our everyday life. I have met many students of a popular
meditation technic who quit practicing because they no longer had
the desire for social interaction.
The method taught in this book addresses these issues. It is
crucial to create a new force field and path of spirituality that
is grounded and has as its goal connection with the Mother Earth.
We also need techniques that teach us early in the process to
switch channels, to be able to move from our mind and to be able to
tune into our heart and higher self. When we have an experience of
who we really are, it is much less threatening to face our issues
and we have a goal and a vantage point from which to do so. We need
an alternative between escapism and the path of first clearing the
mind to get to our purity. It is too long and frustrating to have
to deal with all our issues first. We get caught in the mind and
one of our goals is to be able to transcend the mind and have it
work for us, instead of being its slave.
Self-discovery is not possible without spending some with yourself.
But the process does not have to take all your time. The
techniques of kundalini yoga a meditation yield quick results.
They are for the modern man and woman, who desires to develop their
inner power and peace , without sacrificing their roles as a
partner, parent and friend and their need to make a living and
contribute socially. The goal is to be able to function in the
world and at the same time discover, life and express who you are.
The combination makes life meaningful. When we are balanced and in
harmony with ourselves, we are able to participate in life without
excessive stress and turmoil. As we realize the inner stress and
struggle, the outer goes with it and we find inner and outer
meaning, fulfillment, you and spontaneity.
10. You Are In Charge
Kundalini yoga and meditation is the quickest and most effective
way I know that allows you to have your spiritual cake and partake
of life too. But you still have to spend some time alone, with
yourself and discover yourself. There is no escaping the inner
process. We live in a free will zone of the universe. You have to
decide and step through. NO one can do it for you. Some teachers
can give you a high experience, but they can't keep you there.
That is your job. It is your life path and quest for personal power
to release the blocks so that you can retain the experience and
maintain the consciousness on a regular basis. Anyone who
promises to do your job for you or insinuates that he can is a
liar. Sorry, friends, it just isn't true.
There are no shortcuts to enlightenment, folks, but there are some
routes that are more direct than others and work if you do them.
Kundalini yoga and meditation offers one set of techniques that is
custom designed for this process. It is the shortest most magical
methods that I know. It helps you acquire the strength so that you
can do what it takes. It give you the experience so that you know
that it is safe on the other side and makes you want to get there.
You have to decide at every moment, but it gives you the clarity
and consciousness
experience you.
to decide. Its goal is to help YOU be able to
11. Heritage of Humanity
Kundalini yoga and meditation is the heritage of humanity. The
quest for higher consciousness is no longer an elite sport. This
means that the techniques to get there must be freely available and
accessible. And they must be complete, no hiding the final key.
Self-reliance and participation have been given lip service
politically for many years. It is time to share the techniques
that empower people to create the inner space to make the outer
goals a reality. People of lower consciousness, buy into victim
trips and the blame mentality that helps keep the status quo and
perpetuates the system. If we sincerely want change, then let's
empower ourselves and share what we know, so others can do so as
well. From a space of power, love, and peace, let's see what we
can create on the planet.
The focus of kundalini yoga is tapping, releasing, and moving
energy to create shifts in consciousness. The goal is to raise our
sensitivity and level of energy so that we can pick up signals
around us and compute them. We want to get our human computer set
to be in direct contact with the universal computer, so that our
life works automatically. Our goal is to end our meaningless
drifting and sleepwalking and move into a state of awareness where
we are able to consciously cooperate with the ever present
evolutionary forces leading us to direct connection with our higher
self and soul. Our goal is to create a constant flow and
connection with higher and higher levels of energy and to raise our
awareness to higher and higher levels of perception and
sensitivity. It is in this space of higher energy that we
experience universal power within ourselves and are able to shift
intentions, attitudes, thought patterns, and how we feel about
ourselves. Healing occurs when we align with higher energies. Our
goal is to move into the dimension of the heart where we experience
oneness with all life, become linked to universal power and our
being expands to infinity.
To achieve the following results we need to tap higher levels of
energy and awareness.
1. Connection With Self and Universal Energy
Kundalini yoga deals directly with the root cause of sUffering
and the bottom line issue that motivates us to change-­
separation from self, and disconnection from self, God and the
universe. The ultimate goal is to reconnect with ourself, God
wi thin, and our inner joy, peace and power. The process
involves releasing ourselves from illusions, issues, and past
programming and beliefs that no longer serve us. It involves
discovering who we really are--a wonder child full of delight
and passion for living. THE NET RESULT IS TO SET OURSELF
2. Relationship with Self
Kundalini yoga is about creating higher and higher energy
frequencies. It is in these higher vibrations that you can
connect and discover who you are. Kundalini yoga leads you
through a process of self-discovery. It helps you develop a
relationship with your body (energy and feelings), your mind
(patterns, games, emotions and issues) and spirit (heart,
inner child and soul.) It is about you knowing, experiencing,
trusting, taking care of, understanding and supporting you.
3 • Self-Healing
When we accept through our own experience that we are love and
joy at our core, we can begin permanent healing. From this
perspective many of our issues disappear and the ones that
need to be dealt with can be resolved from a knowing that we
are not those issues. They are lessons for us to learn. From
our place of security and safety of our inner being, we can
move through our lessons and claim the gifts that they bear.
When we work from the inner self and self love, the process
brings light to the mind. This is the process of becoming
human (light in the mind)" We can understand that our issues
are just parts of the mind that need light. This is the
process of illumination. We discover that love really does
heal. When we feel up lifted and good about ourself and our
life we are on to a healing process that is meaningful,
worthwhile and permanent. The key to this healing process is
for you to discover how great you are and that you have the
power within yourself to heal yourself. Healing does not come
from telling yourself how many problems you have and how much
help you are going to need to get rid of them.
4. Self-empowerment
Kunda1ini yoga helps you reclaim your power by actively
involving you in the basic steps of self-reliance: (a)
acceptance of your life and what you have created, (b)
understanding the difference between who you really are and
your issues and games, (c) acknowledgement of your "gifts from
the garbage", (d) taking responsibility for your life and
releasing blame and victim trips, (e) actively participating
in changing and healing your life. The process releases you
from all passive, responder, victim patterns to help you use
your own free will to be in control of your life. Because YOU
DO it, you are ABLE to shift and move to another whole level
of personal power.
with kundalini yoga you create an invincible inner strength.
You create your own energy identity which pulls to you what
you need. You become an energy center unto yourself, develop
a special independence and project an unseen power.
Kundalini yoga helps you tap inner resources that give you an
edge of power, so that you can break through that final block
and DO. A lot of people are stuck right at 99%. Kundalini
yoga propels us quickly and easily over the edge. The last
percentage requires physical, mental and emotional balance and
strength. Mental clarity, motivation and understanding got us
a long way--but they are only part of the preparation phase.
We are ready for action now. A different dynamic is needed to
jump start and keep the action self-propelled.
5. creating a Foundation Within
The willingness and the capacity to change are based in
experience and experience is achieved through the body. In the
process of creating a physical experience, we create a
foundation within that gives us the capacity to make conscious
choices which are supported by subconscious programs that
allow permanent change to occur.
A balanced body and mind play a pivotal role in achieving a
foundation within for healing. A client commented to me once,
"When I think of counseling, I hesitate because I am never
able to carry out the good advise." Many logical and sound
techniques and well-meaning advice often ends up "not working"
or the person is unable to put them into practice long enough
to see if they do work. Why is this so? The inner foundation
to implement these techniques is often absent. Much counseling
and self-help is based on the unidentified and unfounded
assumption that people have the inner framework in place that
gives them the ability, will and persistence to use the advise
effectively and follow through until the results are achieved.
This is unfortunately not the case. In fact this in usually
THE PROBLEM. The inner state, stability, strength and inner
identity of a person must be addressed first. These determine
the ability to implement desired changes. The first task is to
build inner strength and clarity. If a person is not balanced
enough to integrate information into their life, they are just
being set up for failure--which reinforces old patterns that
we wish to change.
Kundalini yoga helps create this inner foundation. It helps
you (a) develop a sense of self- identity which is defined by
your own inner knowing and experience and not by what you
think you should be and aren't, (b) know what you want based
on our own needs and desires, (c) feel a sense of inviable
inner security and safety, and (d) feel your own inner
strength and power and have the confidence that you can always
tap it. Kundalini yoga helps make you responsible for your
own life because you have the ability to respond.
6. Move from Struggle to Peace and Love
Our end goal is to shift from the mode of pain and struggle to
the reality of the heart. You will enter a new dimension and
space of being, doing and having. And you will know when you
get there!
7. Experience Real Ecstacy
Real ecstacy is a whole body experience. It happens when your
whole body is sensitized and integrated, when you are
receptive and active in every part of your being. Ecstacy is
not a reprieve or an escape from the normal pains and
distractions that bug you. It is not a few moments that you
cling to when your mind actually pauses for a second, you
leave your body, forget your problems and escape from physical
Ecstacy is when you are so balanced and aligned mentally,
emotionally and physically that you automatically let go of
all thoughts, tensions and hurt. You have moved to another
. space. You have transcended the past that cemented you into
a particular form, way of being, doing, thinking and reacting.
You have left the past behind, not temporarily escaped its

tenacious hold, gasping, grasping for a few more seconds of
bliss before your are brutally dropped back into your old
You vibrate effortlessly in this new dimension of love and
freedom. It is yours; it is real; it is who you are and you
know it. There is no thought of time to pull you away from
your new home. Your are there forever. Your body is aline,
every cell is dancing to your own tune. You feel it. The
mind and body are one and you are one with the cosmic force
which is you and flows through you.
There is no desperate attempt to cling to the experience. You
enjoy it while it is there. You are present, grounded and in
your body. You physically feel and merge with the earth and
the ethers. There is no separation. You are stable and secure,
yet fluid and free. You are one. You are free to be you.
You are your essence, love, light, peace, and courage.
Sounds like what you have always wanted. Now how do you get it?
Kundalini yoga and meditation offer a comprehensive set of
techniques that give you the capacity to change and take charge of
your life. Promising ideas are great and we don't have much trouble
getting motivated to have a more rewarding and fUlfilling life.
The real test is to be ABLE to release past programming and shift
to what we want. You will learn basic tools that allow you to have
an intimate relationship with yourself, be healthy, and be able to
take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and
spiritually. The process includes the following:
1. Body. mind balance
The,physical state of our body determines our reality and our
awareness. The human body was designed to serve us to attain
health, creativity, joyful living, and conscious awareness.
But it must be nurtured and taken care of to serve us in all
these ways. Every part of the body must be stimulated and
activated for it to perform all these functions. Kundalini
yoga and meditation were designed specifically to
scientifically activate the body for optimum human experience.
When the body is not activated through exercise, the mind
~ ~ ~
stimulates it through thoughts and emotions. Tensions builds
when the mind and body have no release. This is how the body
accumulates and stores memories, patterns and programming.
Kundalini yoga and meditation activate the body to tap and
balance your energy and power so that you can have clear
communication with our mind, spirit, inner child and heart.
The body can also be restored and old programs released
through scientific movement. The body is always searching for
balance, harmony and fulfillment. When the body is balanced,
the mind becomes calmer. A simple example is eating sugar.
Sugar depletes the body of necessary nutrients. The effect on
the mind of this imbalance is depression. When the body and
mind are at peace we can release past baggage and the
emotional charge of pain in our past. We can see what we are
doing, assess behaviors that don't serve us, chose to release
them, see what would serve us better and learn new skills and
behaviors. When the body is out of sink and the mind is in an
emotional commotional state, it is difficult, if not
impossible to successfully move through these steps of the
healing process.
Kundalini exercises nourish and revitalize the nervous an
glandular system which removes disease and prepares the mind
and the body for higher states of consciousness. " The energy
of the glandular system combines with the nervous system to
become more sensitized so that the totality of the brain
perceives signals and interprets them.• man becomes totally,
wholesomely aware. That is why we call it the yoga of
awareness. And as the rivers end up in the same ocean, all
yoga ends up by rasing the kundalini in the man. What is
kundalini? The creative potential of the man." (YB p 25 K)
2. Feeling awareness
Kundalini yoga is a means to raise your awareness to higher
forms of perception. Healing, opening the heart and higher
states of consciousness happen at a subtle feeling level that
is beyond the mind. Kundalini yoga helps us develop this
feeling awareness. It systematically leads you through a
gradual unfoldment and discovery of deeper and deeper meaning
of yourself, the world around you and your connection with
universal energy. At the feeling level you become aware of an
infinite inner space and experience a simultaneous inward and
expansive unfoldment of more powerful and real dimensions of
existence and energy.
3. Inner process and Connection
Kundalini yoga helps you create a space where you are able to
learn your 'lessons and move through life--to move through
negativity, denial, depression, mind games and destructive
emotions; to look at your own belief system; and to integrate
within yourself the values, goals and results that you really
The exercises create physiological changes which allow you to
experience an openness, a flow of energy and balance that
gives you an experience of security, serenity and love. In
this space we can look at our issues objectively and
unattached, as though they are something happening in our
lives, but not us. Peace and strength become a physiological
reality in our body and a feeling experience. Resolution and
release of the past require release from the cells and tissues
of the body and at the feeling level, not just mental clarity
and playing within the mind and the intellect. Have you ever
tried to talk yourself out of abandonment, insecurities and
fears. It doesn't work. You have to experience at a feeling
level a sense of security and connection.
(1) physical balance and higher frequencies of energy and (2) inner
communication and connection are the keys to healing and
consciousness. The body stores the memories of old wounds and
habits. There is a subconscious programming that calls the tune
whether we consciously desire to act and react in a certain way or
not. (And usually we do not.) Negative emotions, thoughts, pain
and destructive behaviors can be thought of as blocked or
solidified energy and the absence of light. Where there is
immobility, stress, tension and pain, the energy does not flow
freely and we are literally trapped by our own energy
Kundalini yoga is a science to dislodge the blocks and release the
energy so that the light turns on and the energy can move freely in
our body. Meditation is the art of experiencing the energy.
Through mental clearing and release, we are able to focus our mind
to enhance the utilization of the energy within and out.
Meditation is the tool that allows us to communicate with ourself-­
to experience the connection within between our conscious and
higher sel f and the connection between ourselves and universal
Kundalini yoga offers the physical-emotional techniques.
Meditation offers the mental-spiritual techniques. Actually they
are a team that works together to establish physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual balance and integrity. They are intricately
linked to give quick and powerful results. Many of the things we
do for relief only deaden the pain and cement the trauma at deeper
levels. The goal of kundalini yoga and meditation is aliveness. To
be alive we have to release the past that we are carrying around
like dead weight.
4. Mental-Spiritual and Physical-Emotional Balance·
Grounding and Facing Our Issues
The motivational, information phase of our spiritual journey just
required mental clarity. In that clarity we also started realizing
the nature ·of our old programs and thought patterns that keep us
stuck. It is one thing to know what we need to work on and it is
quite another to break through the barriers of habit, release the
dysfunctional past and adopt habits and patterns that serve us.
The mental phase does not require or accomplish this release and
The upper chakras ( throat, third eye and crown) are the mental­
spiritual centers. Here we can tune into clarity and light without
facing our issues. In fact the mind is brilliant at putting our
issues into storage through denial and spiritual illusions. Many
spiritual practices have attained a masterly of spiritual illusion.
It is not that hard to open the third eye, experience white light
and bliss off into a feeling of oneness. This is great at a certain
level. The basic problem is that mental-spiritual energy as
experienced exclusively in the upper centers is not grounded and
you do not stay in your body. You can feel great, temporarily
clear your mind and connect with spirit. But this is only half of
the story.
The upper centers put us in touch with the mental, masculine,
father-spirit part of our being. For complete balance, clearing
and grounding we must also be in touch with the other half of our
being. The lower three chakras--navel, sex center and base of the
spine are the physical-emotional centers. They are the feeling,
feminine, mother-goddess earth connection. The lower centers ground
us so that we can bring the spirit light through our whole body and
into the earth. When we are not grounded, our energy goes up and
out and we leave our body. We need to be able to also bring the
energy down so that we can ground, relate to the physical world and
be functional in our daily lives. We need to be magnets and
channels for universal light on the planet. For this we have to
have a base and that base is the body and specifically the lower
part of the body. In yogic terms we call the first three chakras
the lower triangle. We can also call the lower triangle the issue
area because it is in the lower energy centers that we face our
We will discuss the nature of the chakras latter, but briefly the
first chakras relates to security and connection, the second to
self-love and ability to create, the third to identity, power and
action. To balance the energy in these three areas we need to be
able to bring spirit energy down through our body. This process
helps us face our issues and move through them.
Kundalinli yoga helps us be comfortable in our bodies, so that
feeling is a positive experience and grounding is possible. When
we are grounded light energy can move to the lower centers, instead
of up and out. Grounded in our whole body, we have the support and
the power to release and move through our issues. The energy
movement in the body needs to include both moving the energy up
from the earth and our own body and bringing spirit energy down
through the whole body. It is a circular, connected flow that has
been missing. As we connect earth and spirit energy within us, we
will experience a complete dynamic which is infinitely more
powerful than disconnected or one directional energy flow. As we
make the connection between earth and spirit, we connect the
masculine and feminine energies within us. This is the link that
not only allows us to be healed, but heals the planet as well.
5. Aligning the Chakras
The goal in aligning the chakras is to attain a balanced and
harmonious expression of all aspects of our being. Each chakra
corresponds to a part of our being which is manifested through the
proper functioning and secretion of the corresponding gland.
Our energy centers, like our whole body, are either operating in an
optimal balanced state or they are not. Our goal is to do whatever
it takes to move to a more aligned and balanced state.
A properly functioning glandular system is a major goal and result
of kundalini yoga. "Each endocrine gland is associated with a
chakra, or energy transducing structure in the aura. The chakras
represent different frequencies of energy as well as different
psychological states. The balance of these chakras is intimately
related to the balance of the corresponding endocrine glands. This
link is a basis for understanding the relation between mental and
physiological states." (p. 279 Gurucharan) The gradual activation
of the energy centers and associated glands results in higher
levels of consciousness and emotional, mental and physical balance.
Most discussions on the chakras concentrate on symbols, colors, and
location and esoteric meanings, such as the number of petals at
each center. These factors are not of crucial importance. In fact
they may serve to distract us from the critical questions--where is
your consciousness, how does your life work?
Another misconception about chakras is interpreting them as good
and bad, higher and lower. Each energy center helps us identify
aspects of our being, each of which we strive to achieve higher
states of development. The lower chakras are NOT the bad chakras
and the upper ones the good ones. This is not only a
misperception of the totality of our existence, it in effect
rejects as bad the feeling, Earth, feminine part of our being.
Our use of the terms chakras and energy centers is to help us
clarify the development of our consciousness process. We need to
avoid locking ourselves into symbology that keeps us in a mental
frame that blocks our growth.
The most practical and useful way to identify balance and alignment
is to observe your state of consciousness. For example, one test
for the third chakras is are you angry and want to use your energy
to get even or are you motivated to action for the highest good of
all concerned? These are the kind of questions we need to ask.
The following chart will give us guidelines to help us determine
where we are at and where we want to be.
- ~ ~ ~ - - - ~ - - ~ - - - - _ .. _ . ~ ~ - - - - - _ . __. ~ - - - _ . _ - - - --- - -_.- ---_... _.- ----".. _- - - ~ _ ...
Feelings of instability on physical plane
Poverty consciousness
Financial issues
Inability to let go and trust
Feeling of isolation and disconnectedness from environment
Inability to relate to the physical world
Desire to leave the body
Physical plane is in order
Belief in abundance
Prosperous state of mind
Feeling of connection with the Earth
At home in your body
Ability to trust
Desire to be here and enjoy life and the planet
Obsessive behaviors
Including sexually
Tendencies to jealousy and revenge
Crave connections that you feel you don't really deserve or can't
Lack of satisfying creative expression
Hurt inner child
Sexuality is an integrated part of your life
Opportunities of creative expression in all aspects of your life
Feel connection with others
Feel secure in yourself
Healed inner child
Not centered
susceptible to illness, lack of vitality
Inability to commit and sustain action and intentions
Inability to break habits
Me first
Quest for personal power
No consideration for the common good
Lack of integrity, dishonesty
Anger, revengeful
Victim, blame mode
Personal power, vitality and health
Ability to commit, persevere, keep up
Ability to change
Ability to take the common good into consideration
Desire to contribute to society
Action oriented and able to act
Take responsibility for own life
Emotionally attached
Dependent relationships
Codependent behaviors
Weak immune system
Alienation from life purpose
Inner Conflict

Compassionate detachment
Self-love and self-esteem
Balanced relationships
Strong immune system
Ability to heal oneself and others
Do what you come
Commitment to the gland plan
At peace
Fear of communicating
Inability to express self
Hesitant in interactions
Ability to fearlessly communicate and
speak one's own truth
Self confident in interactions
Have to figure everything out
Have to have physical proof
I'll believe it when I see it
Stuck in the mind and intellect
Intuitive knowing
Can sense when things work or don't
Mind serves higher self
Can listen inside and get an answer
Know only physical reality
Deny existence of realities beyond what can perceive with the 5
Distrust and negate higher forces
I have to take control and go it alone
Alienated from soul and inner being
Experience realities and energies beyond those perceived through
the physical senses
Open to the existence of realities and energies that we haven't
Ability to experience inner self and soul
Trust a power beyond ourself
We can use this chart as an informal gauge of our physical
condition. The psychological and emotional states listed are
directly dependent upon the proper functioning of our endocrine and
glandular and nervous systems and the distribution and flow of
energy in our bodies--all of which relate and affect the alignment
of the chakras.
It is important to keep in mind several points. (1) There is no set
order for the balancing of our energies and our chakras. Each
person has a sequence that reflects his or her own pattern of
growth. (2) Any combination of chakras can open simUltaneously. (3)
As we watch our growth we see that we progress a little at a time.
Life is a process. We move through one issue, and then to another.
We come back to the same group of issues over time, but each time
we bring greater insights and move deeper into our inner healing
and self discovery and empowerment.
Although it is useful to look at each energy center or aspect of
our being separately, it is the net result that is most important.
We work together as a whole, so the dissection of the parts is
useful only to a certain point. Energetically the net result is
seen in our aura or our overall projection of energy, which is a
compilation and blend of all the signals coming from our physical
body and psychological inner space. The questions that we can ask
ourselves to evaluate our overall well being include the following?
What kind of choices are you making about your life?
Are your responses to situations and circumstances preemptive and
proactive or reactive and revengeful?
How do you evaluate or relate to your experiences?
To what extent do you accept your life and to what extent do you
action out of fear, need to control and jUdgment?
What is your attitude toward your future?
How do you treat yourself, physically and internally?
What are you doing with your energy?
What are you attracting in your life? Is it what you really want?
To what extent have you released the struggle?
The satisfaction and balance that you feel in your life is the best
gauge of your emotional and physical state. Our goal is have our
body in a state that facilitates our quest for permanent peace, joy
love and aliveness.
a. What is Kundalini Energy?
Kundalini is the cosmic energy that is the life force in every
human being. Kundalini is the human aspect of the dynamic
universal energy called Shakti or the Great Mother of the universe.
The root meaning of Shakti is "to be able or to have power". In
each individual the kundalini is the power to become or change, the
power to act and to manifest. The kundalini-shakti energy has two
forms: (1) a dynamic, active, creative and manifesting power. This
is the energy that we actually use to maintain our life. It flows
through our nerve centers, connects the body and the mind and keeps
our physical, mental and emotional bodies in working order. (2) a
latent or potential power that lies dormant. This is a reservoir
of surplus energy. It is a static support for the entire body.
The center of the kundalini energy is at the base of the spine.
Only small amounts of this energy become dynamic. The latent energy
is more than a storehouse of neutral unused energy. The energy is
imprinted with the creativity and potential that is uniquely you.
It is encoded with all the talents, powers and memories of your
soul. It is like your treasure chest that you can chose to
systematically discover. As the energy is activated it moves
through our chakras or energy centers, each of which is a different
aspect of our human beingness. As the blocks are cleared and the
qualities of that aspect of our being is released for expression,
the changes are computed and communicated in our brain. Tapping
previously unused energy opens up previously unused parts of our
brain, expanding our awareness and consciousness.
The kundalini is thus real and symbolic of our potential to reach
higher spiritual dimensions. It is the life force that allows each
individual to live. The amount we activate determines whether we
just exist or whether we awaken to consciously connect with our
higher self. It is the energy of consciousness that we can use to
integrate and transform ourselves. It is our personal reservoir of
power. As we tap it, we tap our inner resources, gain higher forms
of perception and increased awareness. As it moves, we become aware
and change because it activates formally unused parts of our brain.
b. Awakening the Kundalini
The awakening of the kundalini is an evolutionary process which
results in a gradual expansion of consciousness, increased
happiness, and a release of negative emotions and thoughts and
dysfunctional behaviors and habits. As we release the energy we
experience breakthroughs, talents open up, and new opportunities
appear that allow us develop and use other aspects of ourself. As
we awaken, we become connected with our inner guidance and we
effortlessly begin to chose to incorporate in our life behaviors,
thoughts and practices that bring us more inner peace and physical
and emotional health. As we wake up, we are less and less tempted
to dissipate our energies in ways that do not support our highest
good. As we awaken we are guided by our soul and not driven by our
The goal is tap our full potential as a human being. "Hu" means
light and "man" refers to the mind. It is a process of bringing
light to the mind and then living in this consciousness--"being"
the light. The goal is the union of our masculine and feminine in
one body and union of individual consciousness with universal
consciousness. The process is a spiritual adventure.
c. Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini yoga is a scientific method of raising the kundalini and
thus raising your consciousness. Kundalini yoga creates a balance
between masculine and feminine energy which produces a synthesis,
the result of which is a consciousness awareness and a clear,
bright and expanded energy field or aura. Kundalini yoga involves
both a masculine and a feminine component. The masculine component
is the action, the exercises, the movements which activate, direct
and open up the energy. The female component is the relaxation
between exercises and at the end of the sets which allow the energy
to move, circulate, realign and heal. With the relaxation, the
being becomes receptive and energy is automatically released and
expanded. The feminine component is the surrender to your own
energy and divine plan. The process moves you from a mechanical
unconscious robot to a vibrant conscious individual.
The process of releasing your power is not done through the will
and mental concentration. The exercises activate the glandular
system so that it secretes optimally and stimulates the nervous
system so that it is strengthened. They redirect and move energy
and stimulate blood flow so that chemicals in the brain are
released. The change in body metabolism and brain chemistry results
in increased sensitivity and a greater capacity to receive,
perceive and interpret signals from your environment. (YB 24, 62)
The exercises accomplish and upward flow of energy, bringing the
energy up from the base of the spine and also up from the earth.
The relaxation allows the energy to descend, nourishing all parts
of the body and clearing blocks with the higher energy frequencies.
The relaxation allows universal spirit energy to enter from the top
of the head and descend to all parts of the body, grounding it and
connected you with the earth, as well as bringing this energy to
the earth. When the earth and spirit energies meet at the heart
there is an expansion of energy.
You do the techniques and the techniques produce a result.
The result is a circle, the aura, the birth of a being beyond its
~ ~ - - - _._.._ ~ - ----"-- ~ - _ . _ - - . ~ - ..
masculine and feminine parts. The product is an energy field that
cannot be overwhelmed by negative forces, and does not create or
attract them. The result is a sense of self, personal power and
attunement. The result is a shift in dimensions and a release of
the struggle.
Raising the kundalini is the process of spirituality and
consciousness raising, whether it is called that or not. It is a
process of moving from gross physical existence to more subtle and
vibrant awareness and creativity, which necessarily involves
unleashing energy and untapped potential. There are many paths and
techniques to facilitate the process. There are also many promises
and claims and it is often difficult to distinguish which are valid
and which would be the most appropriate for you. The goal of this
section is to help you sort through the information by giving you
a method to do so. First, we will describe the principle methods
for raising the kundalini. Second, we will outline the permanent
questions to ask about each methods.
Methods for Raising the Kundalini
1. Mental Concentration and Meditation
A common traditional approach is through the mind. Raj yoga is
technique of bringing light into the mind. The idea is that through
prolonged mental concentration one can train the mind to transcend
the physical body, the mind itself and the "demons" inside. The
idea is to recognize one's weaknesses, fight them, eliminate them
and transcend into a pure space, i.e. recognize and master your
dark side. Through the development of mental powers one acquires
the ability to transcend all attachments, including sexual desire.
This process involves intense concentration "on specific sensory
nerves such as the tip of the nose" and on the chakras. "Such
concentration helps to withdraw the consciousness from its
absorption in the physical body, and to master the quality of
energy associated with a specific chakra. Meditation on a chakra
along with the repetition of a particular thought form (manta) and

a visualization (yantra) can awaken energy from kundalini and bring
it to that center." (K Rama p. 37)
2. Devotion
A send method is through devotion and faith, to look to and believe
so strongly in a higher power that through grace it manifests
through you. This involves prayer and meditation a divine force,
Christ, Krishna or the Divine Mother or devotional chanting. This
is known as Bhakti yoga or devotion. This method usually
incorporates some type of selfless service or seva that one
performs in humility and love. By serving others you feel connected
and feel love. These acts are supposed to refine the character and
help one feel divine love which gently and automatically awakens
the kundalini.
3. Body and Mind
Traditionally the physical preparation of the body has been called
Hatha yoga. It uses asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing),
mudras (hand positions) and bandhas (locks) to prepare the body to
be a conduit for higher energies. These practices awaken and
channel kundalini energy. (36) As latent energy becomes dynamic
pranic energy the body reaches higher levels of alignment, which
automatically brings peace and balance to the mind. The body is
not condemned or neglected but understood. The body is used to
transmute its own energy to reach higher levels of consciousness.
The relationship between the body and mind is recognized and
utilized. As Yogi Bhajan explains "you make your energy and nerves
so sound that the mind does not think of anything which is
negative." (146-K)
4. Tantra
Tantra is the internal union between masculine (shiva) and feminine
(shakti) energies.' Those practicing brahmacharaya (37) or mental
and physical celibacy learn to absorb the sexual energy inward and
direct it upward.
Those practicing sexual tantra yoga with a partner also learn to
raise their sexual energy, individually and in sexual union.
Through the power of love and the dynamic physical interchange of
masculine and feminine energies, couples transcend the mental
realm, experience higher states of awareness, and transmute the
kundalini and sexual energy for rejuvenation, healing and spiritual
5. Grace
There are several methods of receiving an energy boost so to speak
from the outside which helps release physiological land mental
blocks, imparts divine energy and results in increased spiritual
awareness or a "cosmic experience." In some paths this is called
shakipat. The teacher sends his energy through the student and the
student experiences a transcended consciousness for a certain
period of time. The connection and transference of energy can also
be made by reading the writings of a master or meditating on his
picture. (70) The idea is to awaken latent abilities and give the
student an experience that will strengthen his faith and his
resolve to pursue the spiritual quest.
How to Evaluate the Method for You
All the above methods work if they are appropriate for the student
and practiced consistently. The question is which ones are
appropriate and which ones would you be able to incorporate into
your daily schedule? There are several questions that can help you
find out.
1. What is the Method?
Do you feel comfortable with the method? What are the specific
techniques used? Are there any? Sometimes we find that there is
not much more than an intellectual explanation of a good idea. If
there are no specific techniques that lead you to a new space, good
idea or not, this method is not going to do you much good.
If there is a program, how do you get it? How much does it cost?
Is it easily available or are there special requirements to get it?
How long will it take to get the full program? If the techniques
are secret, unavailable or too expensive, look some more.
2. What is the Purpose and Goal?
What is the purpose of the method? To release the practitioner
from life, to escape from the world into heaven or Nirvana? To
help the student improve his life here and now and reach deeper
states of fulfillment and happiness? Are the techniques actually
designed to do what they say they will? Few spiritual practices on
the market these day state that their goal is to release you from
the physical plane. Yet most of them were designed when this was
the primary goal. So even when the claims are very practical, such
as stress reduction and increased concentration, the results may
make you want to dissociate from worldly activities. There is a
fine line between realizing that you need to spend time alone and
communicate with yourself and losing your desire to participate in
healthy social interactions. But you can tell if your practice
empowers you to do what you do better and gives you a deeper desire
and capacity to do what you want to do.
3. What Are the Results?
The only way to really find out is to do the techniques and monitor
the results for yourself. How do you feel before and after? What
changes do you notice in your life? Are you getting what you want?
Give yourself some time. Often spiritual practices bring up a lot
of issues and old pain and wounds. This can be good because they
can be healed and released. But you certainly should not feel all
bad and your new space should facilitate going through what you
have to and dropping the past.
4. Who Is in Charge?
If there is a teacher, what is the student's relationship to the

III teacher? Is he or she after disciples that are dependent upon him
and mindlessly serve him? Or does the teacher help you focus on
, L
your own experience of self? Is there an initiation that only the
teacher can perform? Or does the teacher give out the techniques
that allow the student to initiate him or herself? It is often
invaluable to have a teacher who is willing to share powerful
technology and teach you how to use it. But there is no substitute
for becoming your own master through the development of your own
inner guidance.
Many of the practices sound good and are if yo can do them. Common

teachings are exemplified by the following examples:
(1) Meditate on your true nature and your soul and you will
automatically be transformed and purified.
(2) Live in harmony with the environment.
(3) Do self-less service and you will feel incredible love and
(4) Meditate on Krishna or the Christ light or the Divine Mother
and you will merge in infinite love.
If you are at the stage of your spiritual evolution that you can do
any of the above, that is fantastic, you are blessed, go for it. -­
For most people it isn't quite that simple. Maybe it used to be
5000 years ago. But today there is so much stress and interference
environmentally, in mass consciousness and in our own psyche that
when we close our eyes to bliss out on divine love, we experience
confusion, negativity and conflict. And if we think that is who we
really are, we are really in trouble and it certainly don't want to
know any more.
If you have low self-esteem, are enraged at your mother, can't
concentrate, can't sit still, don't have the power to change your
destructive habits through will, you may need some preparation for
divine meditation and selfless service. People need psychological
and inner child healing to identify their issues and release them.
And people have to feel from an inner space of connectedness with
self in order to release negative emotions and negative psychic
imprints from traumatic experiences.
The body and mind are intricately interconnected. Balancing the
body is one of the most effective and quickest ways to alter the
mind and achieve emotional stability. That is why a physical
science like Kundalini yoga that impacts the emotional, mental,
physical and spiritual being is so invaluable. It brings you to a
point of balance and eliminates the emotional confusion and
negativity that is caused simply by being out of sink. From this
place of balance you can identify what are real issues and blocks.
From this point you can use Kundalini yoga and meditation as a
powerful tool to facilitate your growth in conjunction with any
other psychological, spiritual, or physical disciplines that serve
you at any stage in your growth process.
The point is that the change process involves a complex array of
factors. To claim that any set of techniques or path, including
Kundalini yoga and meditation, is THE answer just doesn't pass the
credibility or the practical tests. What is true is that
physiological balance is either essential or particularity useful
in achieving grounded spiritual consciousness. And Kundalini yoga
is one powerful and effective methods to attain it.
A few additional comments.
Qualifications like this technique would work but your lack of
self-esteem for example is preventing results, can be valid and
they can also point out the inappropriateness of that technique for
you at this time. Then pick one that helps you experience a sense
of your inner love and strength so that you can have a sense of
self worth.
sometimes techniques work but they are incomplete. A very common
one is any technique that helps you raise your energy but does nc
ground you. Devotional singing and chanting, for example, a.l.°e
wonderful to feel a state of bliss. But you have to connect with
the Earth to have much luck in bringing this state of c o n s c i o ~ s n e s s
to everyday life and manifest on the physical plane.
There seem to be a number of teachers from the East touring the
West offering their blessings to students who fall at their feet.
It is undoubtedly powerful to be in the presence of a human being
who has reached higher states of awareness and to receive energy
from him or her. There are masters who have an incredible
connection to universal power who can blow you away in a few
minutes as they speak or touch and put you into a state of bliss
for a few moments (never long enough!) The main question I would
ask is does this person teach you ways to attain and maintain this
feeling yourself? In other words are you being given the tools to
become your own master or are you being put in a subservient
position of dependence? interaction with a real teacher is
invaluable, but make sure its a real teacher. with few if any
exceptions there are no easy answers for uncommitted students. If
you do not follow a discipline it is not possible to maintain the
energy highs that a teacher can impart. And one remains in a state
of confusion, awe and speculation about these mysterious powers.
A combination of techniques is usually necessary. For example, you
cannot meditate your way out of fear because the resolution of the
emotional imprints that caused fear in the first place happens at
the physical-emotional level and not must the mental-spiritual
Leaving the body in blissful meditation can contribute to mental
peace and give you a spiritual experience. Mystics shave been
doing it for centuries and many of the spiritual practices today
use the same techniques which produce the same results. The result
is often a space cadet or the attainment of super natural powers or
siddis. The pitfall with manly of these techniques is that they
concentrate only in the upper chakras, focus only on mental powers
and usually result in going out of the body. When the physical
body and in particular the lower chakras are neglected, the
emotional issues of life are also suppressed or denied. And thus
we read the stories about so called enlightened gurus who sexually
abuse their students. They take advantage of their students
because they have never faced their humanness and dealt effectively
with the human emotional issues that everyone on the planet has to
deal with. The true master is the one who has dealt with them and
integrated all aspect of his or her life.
Be equally forewarned about teachings that advocate ignoring the
lower chakras and emotional and sexual life because if you are not
strong enough to conquer these lower forces you can get lost. If
such is the case, then they should be teaching you techniques that
help you "conquer these lower forces" not helping you to suppress
and ignore them. If they promise that illuminating your mind with
automatically illumine and heal of lower chakra issues, check
carefully with people who have followed this path and see what
results they have attained before you spend a lot of time doing
something that might not give you the results that you hope for.
Watch for the hidden warnings. Those that claim that sexual
indulgence is harmful are usually claiming that all sexual activity
is harmful. If that fits with your belief system and life style,
ok. But it doesn't yo might chose not to add another layer of guilt
and disfunction and go instead for liberating yourself of these
attitudes so that you can have a meaningful and fUlfilling sexual
There are two tests for any promises. What results have others
achieved? Try to find people who are in comparable circumstances
to your own. Of course, there is no substitute for testing out the
techniques yourself. If you feel comfortable and you get results
in a short period of time, yo may be on to something. If not, there
is a lot out there to chose from!
Is Kundalini Dangerous?
There are a few authors who seem to attract attention that have
made various claims about the danger of raising the kundalini. It
is important to clarify exactly what they are talking about.
I. What Are They Talking About?
First it is important to identify who is talking from a personal
experience and what kind. There are a few authors who have actually
experienced a spontaneously raising of the Kundalini where they had
a total shift in consciousness. The most widely quoted is Gopi
Krishna who did not prepare his body through physical yoga or
breathing and mantras. He himself states in The Awakening of
Kundalini that if the body is not attuned, a full blow kundalini
awakening can result in negative experiences. The lesson is
however, not to instill fear in people of their own life force, but
to offer techniques that help them avoid the experience that he
had. In Kashmir, Gopi Krishna was asked "why he wrote about such
experiences without emphasizing that this is not the experience
when actually practicing kundalini yoga." He replied, " I still do
not understand the kundalini. The experience has been with me for
twenty-seven years. I have translated the old texts, but they are
written in a symbology code. So to this day, I cannot teach you
anything. I can only encourage inquiry." (135)
other authors have been influenced by these and similar writings.
Often when you investigate they themselves have not had a kundalini
experience. They are writing from lack of knOWledge or intellectual
interpretation of heresy. ( G)134) And since they are in so much
fear they have not even practiced techniques designed to prepare
the body such as kundal ini yoga. So to warn against either
kundalini experience or against kundalini yoga without even having
tried it is unfair and dishonest. It is important to find out what
techniques they actually have done and what experiences they have
What is important is to find techniques that are designed to
prepare the body for a vastly increased frequency of energy. It is
like preparing the body to move from a normal 110 voltage to 3000
voltage. The main question is which techniques actually prepare
t ~ e body to vibrate at higher frequencies and prepare the student
to gradually and painlessly experience an evolutionary release of
the kundalini energy.
2. Motives and Consequences
Those that claim that "kundalini is dangerous" and try to scare
people into not searching for or practicing techniques that help
them raise their consciousness are overtly participating in or
unconsciously buying in to a political and religious tradition of
keeping the masses unempowered by not giving them the tools that
lead them to real self-empowerment. The result, intended or not, is
to keep people dependent upon outside forces and subservient to
those in authority that control the resources and keys to economic
and political power and to "spiritual salvation." It is an elitist
manipulation, conscious or not, to keep people numbed out so the
those in power can maintain control.
Lip service to an ideal does not count. Manty will deny that this
is their motive. What counts is the result and the impact. Anyone
or any political, economic or religious and spiritual group that
keeps the most powerful tools for themselves and does not actively
search for and advocate ways to help people empower themselves and
become responsible fork their own lives is participating in a tacit
conspiracy to prevent fundamental change and social transformation,
collectively and individually.
Conscious people are dangerous to the status quo. They cannot be
lied to, manipulated and used. Unconscious people are endangering
the planet. They pollute the psychic atmosphere with their
negativity and destroy the physical environment with pollution and
wasteful use of precious resources. the real threat is
3. Fear or Freedom?
The "dangerous" school is fear based and fear motivated. The fear
is of life and living. With-the energy shifting so fast on the
planet people will experience higher frequencies whether they chose
to or not. The solution is not to be immobilized by fear of
reality but to prepare oneself to live in the world as it is and
welcome the powerful forces that are facilitating our change in
ways that we never dreamed possible. We are blessed to have so
much support. The only thing that is dangerous is not to align
with what is happening. A horse and buggy might seem safer than a
car. But is it really if the only road is a California freeway?
It is important to realize that there are things in our life that
we have more influence over than others. It is important to
separate illusion from reality. There is the reality of working
within our own divine timing and within our unique potentials and
possibilities. There is no guarentee that even if we avoid all
preparatory disciplines that we can avoid having a kundalini
awakening. There is also no guarentee that if we prepare diligently
that we will have one. There are many who have practiced
disciplines including kundalini yoga for years and are still
waiting for the big awakening. All we really can say for sure is
that we can consciously cooperate with our personal inner
evolutionary process to facilitate and enjoy our goal of expanded
consciousness and live more peacefully and joyfully.
Good techniques are essential, but YOU have to do them, you
have to step through your fears and inertia. The gift is to
have the tools that make this possible. This program gives
you the opportunity to participate in your own healing and
life unfoldment.
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