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June 9, 2011

Red Hot NY Lawyer Tacopina Gets Big Chill From Wiseguys
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Joseph Tacopina, the handsome high-profile lawyer who delivers pithy sound-bites on network TV and backs up his legal banter with successes in court, is flying high these days. And why not? Following his most recent courtroom victory – a rape case that looked like a sure-fire loser to most observers – the smooth-talking Madison Avenue attorney seems well worth the reported $750 an hour that he gets for his talented services. But an important segment of criminal justice consumers – wiseguys – have been giving the Brooklyn-born and bred barrister a wide berth for several years. The reason: He tagged a prominent lawyer with wrongdoing charges that were never substantiated.

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Feds: Pig Or Not, You're Still Guilty Of 1998 Mob Rubout
He may have gotten a lousy plea deal, and his lawyer may have called him a pig and skewered him at his sentencing, but the feds say that mob associate John Matera has only himself to blame for the 20 years he’s serving for the 1998 murder of an FBI informer. The bottom line, they say, is that since Matera admitted his role in Frank Hydell’s murder, his guilty plea should not be vacated.

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Ex-Con Slays DMV Dilemma
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Gang Land News: America's Expert on the American Mafia

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Russell Carlucci violated a cardinal rule of thumb for mob-connected ex-cons last week – the one that says that when you're offered a no jail plea deal for a crime, any crime, even one that you don't believe you committed, take it. Instead, he went to trial on felony charges of filing a false statement with the Department of Motor Vehicles. After a four day trial, Carlucci stood the Gang Land rule on its ear and was acquitted of charges that could have meant up to four years in state prison. Read today’s column
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6/11/11 9:09 AM

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