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BHS Ninth Grade Orientation August 9,10 & 11, 2011

You are invited to attend Cardinal Camp 2015. Cardinal Camp is a fun-filled introduction to your high school years. It has proved to be a successful effort to help incoming Bellaire 9th grade students start on the right track for an exciting journey to a diploma. For three days in August, you will be introduced to a variety of activities and experiences: *Receive your school ID *Become acquainted with teachers and staff *Tour the campus *Make new friends General information: -Check-in tables will be located in the foyer to the multi-purpose room -Students will be sitting on the floor and moving from place to place throughout the building, so dress comfortably - Shorts (finger tip length) and tennis shoes will be the appropriate dress -No tank tops, muscle shirts, hats, caps or head coverings. PLEASE DO NOT BRING PURSES, BACKPACKS, ELECTRONICS, ETC PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW AND MAIL TO : Cardinal Camp 2015 C/o Bellaire High School 5100 Maple Bellaire, Texas 77401

All students applying prior to June 17, 2011 will be guaranteed their selected camp session. Applications received after June 17, 2011 will be handled on a space- available basis.
(cut along line and mail to Bellaire High school at address above)

(PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY ALL INFORMATION BELOW) _________________________ LAST NAME (Please Print) _________________________ FIRST NAME (Please Print) ______________________ PHONE

__________________________________________________ ___________________ _____________ Address (Please Print) Apt.# City ZIP _______________________________________ DAY TIME PHONE NUMBER(PARENTGUARDIAN) ________________________________________
CELL ( Circle one------------P/G or Student)

Parent/Guardians email Address______________________________________________________________________ Students Email Address______________________________________________________________ Please check the session you would like to attend Cardinal Camp 2015! ______Morning 9 a.m. 12 p.m. _______Afternoon 1:00 p.m. 4 p.m. FAX 713-295-3763