Purity of Holy Water The flow of poetic swords of holy wars As purity cleaned and unopened the bouncing

toes So something gleamed and beamed into my view As seen in the mirror behind the glue I engulfed and bought into this dismay But broke the rules in order to base My understanding on something so profound and wickedly clean It’s brought out a symmetrical mastery in-between The timeline squeezed the trigger through the words As the symbols dripped onto the open casket door I bounced ahead and asked for more A cleaner slate and a bigger mate In nothing more but an imaginary sight Of visionary might

I checked my mind and checked my face Unbroken lips concealed to feel a touch of my angelic bliss In case, I manifest my view in something that is not true To me and not to anyone As the life I, lead is different from the one I spoke about Before… In many ways and under glazing glory in thy name I cannot see, but break my spine to feel The door hinges rip apart my eyelid form In order to free, my own prisoned mind In something but a fairytale spoken to me in my dreams I tend to feel the compassion that I desire to bring To people all around my horizons I awoke to dripping water trickles onto my white sheets It was her and the kiss I missed Since I went into a coma before the night was done I desired to be with her But she fled the scene As I held my hands upon my throat In order to choke my load To envision visions that pronounced to show me light I escaped this devils game through that winter moment When the water dripped upon my open barring chest And I gasped for air I was blinded By seeing nothing But by my imagination Running cold into the rhythm of kissing noises.