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Nikon D40 Manual

Nikon D40 Manual

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Nikon D40 Manual
Nikon D40 Manual

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Published by: olapaulsson on Jun 12, 2011
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In manual exposure mode, you control both shutter speed and aperture. Shutter speed can
be set to values between 30s and ¼,000s, or the shutter can be held open for indefinitely for
longer exposures (

). Aperture can be set to values between the minimum and max-

imum values for the lens.

To take photographs in manual exposure mode:

Electronic Analog Exposure Display

If a CPU lens is attached and a shutter speed other than

is selected, the electronic analog
exposure displays in the viewfinder and shooting information display show whether the photograph
would be under- or over-exposed at current settings. If the limits of the exposure metering system are
exceeded, the displays will flash.

1Rotate the mode dial to M.

2Rotate the command dial to choose a shutter speed (see the illustration at left, below).
To set aperture (below right), rotate the command dial while pressing the () but-
ton (to display shutter speed and aperture in the monitor, press the button). Check
exposure in the electronic analog exposure displays (see note below).

3Frame a photograph, focus, and shoot.



Optimal exposure

If indicator is to right of 0, picture will be underexposed. Display at left indicates
that picture will be underexposed by 1

If indicator is to left of 0, picture will be overexposed. Display at left indicates that
picture will be overexposed by more than 2EV.

44Reference: P, S, A, and M Modes/Mode M (Manual)

Long Time-Exposures

Shutter speeds of “bulb” and “--” can be used for long time-exposure photographs of mov-
ing lights, the stars, night scenery, or fireworks. To prevent blurring caused by camera shake,
use a tripod or an optional remote control ( 33, 103).

To prevent loss of power before the exposure is complete, use a fully charged battery or an
optional AC adapter. Note that noise may be present in long exposures; before shooting,
choose On for the Noise reduction option in the shooting menu.

Shutter speedDescription


Shutter remains open while the shutter-release button is held down.


Optional remote control required. Select mode M, choose a shutter speed of “bulb,” and
then select delayed remote or quick-response remote mode ( 33). Shutter opens
when the shutter-release button on the remote control is pressed and remains open for
thirty minutes or until the button is pressed a second time.

35s, f/25

Reference: P, S, A, and M Modes/Exposure45

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