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The purpose of this report is to assess the building based on GBI of Malaysia. Main topic is about green building and the detail assessment criteria based on GBI of Malaysia. Introduction chapter initiated the report and followed by literature review on green building and green building index. There are four stages in methodology starting from sub-heading in introduction until results of the analysis. In addition, the second chapter also provides stages of assessment process. Building background and green aspect were discussed in the case study chapter. Two building were selected, one in South East Asia (Brunei Darussalam) and one in oversea (France). Result was get according to the assessment that had been made in the analysis chapter. The case studies were selected randomly. The important of this report is to rate the building based on GBI Classification. The rating will be use as a guide for the green level of the case studies. Area of difficulties comes during evaluation because no such survey had been made by writer even a rough observation. Far location of case studies had limited the assessment concern. From the finding, it can be concluded that wood house is more sustain rather than modern mosque.