6th year final exame s x-ray pictures


Perforation of hollow organ -free gas in the abdominal cavity

Central tumour of the right lung (tomogram)

Intra-operation cholangiography (T-shaped drainage)

Diverticullitis of the sigmoid colon (Irrigoscopy)

Tumour of the descending colon (irrigoscopy) .

Cholelithiasis . dilation of the bile duct (Intra-operation cholangiography with T-shaped tube) .

Nephroptosis (IV urography) .

Nephroptosis (IV urography) .

Acute intestinal obstruction .

Peptic Ulcer Disease (can see niche) .

Sarcoma of femur .

Diverticullitis (irrigography) .

with billiary hypertension (intra-operation cholangiography) .Stenosis of the bile duct .

Hallux Valgus .

Acute intestinal Obstruction (small intestine) .

Obstruction below the knee level (Arteriography) .

Pneumonia of the upper lobe (lateral view) .

Pneumothorax .

Acute intestinal obstruction (Kloiber·s cups) .

Choledocholithiasis (Intra-operation cholangiography with T-shaped tube) .

Fracture of the humerus .

Normal mammography .

Fracture of coccyx .

Fracture of the pelvic bone with possibility of osteomyelitis (complication) .

Hip fracture .

Hip dislocation .

Abdominal x-ray (maybe intestinal obstruction . can see fluid level) .

Dilation of the bile duct (intra-operation cholangiography) .

Fracture of tibia and fibula (before and after) .

Fracture of the shoulder .

R-lower lobe pneumonia .

Fracture of femur .

Subcutaneous cardiac pacemaker .

Fracture of the clavicula .

Bone sarcoma .

Acute intestinal obstruction (Kloiber·s cups) .

Tumour of the sigmoid colon (irrigoscopy) .

Hydrothorax .

Total L-pneumonia Hydrothorax? .

Bile duct obstruction (cholangiography with T-shaped tube) .

Pikovsky·s drainage tube of bile duct (normal) .

maybe tumour (bronchography) .Obstruction of bronchus .

R-midline pneumothorax .

TB or Lung tumour .

Lung abscess .

Left femur sarcoma .

Tumour of sigmoid colon (irrigography) .

Total pneumothorax .

Obstructed artery (arteriography) .

Arterial obstruction .

Varicosis? (venography) .

.Not all the information given here is 100% correct .This is only for reference . please refer to someone qualified Good luck in your exams !! Thank you .If you have any doubts .

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