The Bad Little Kangaroo

by Arthur Lobel Parts(5): Narrator 1 Narrator 1: Narrator 2: Narrator 3: Narrator 2 Narrator 3 Mr. Kangaroo Mrs. Kangaroo


There was once a small kangaroo who was bad in school. He put thumbtacks on the teacher's chair. He set off firecrackers in the lavatory and spread blue on the doorknobs. Your behavior is impossible! I am going to see your parents. I will tell them what a problem you are. said the principal, who went to see Mr. and Mrs. Kangaroo. He sat down in a living room chair. Ouch! There's a thumbtack in this chair. cried the Principal. Yes, I know. said Mr. Kangaroo I enjoy putting thumbtacks in chairs. A spitball hit the principal on the nose.


Narrator 1: Narrator 2: Principal: Narrator 3: Mr. Kangaroo: Narrator 1: Mr. Kangaroo: Narrator 2:

Mrs. Kangaroo: Forgive me. But I can never resist throwing those things. Narrator 3: Narrator 1: Mr. Kangaroo: Narrator 2: Mr. Kangaroo: said Mrs. Kangaroo. There was a loud booming sound from the bathroom. Keep calm. said Mr. Kangaroo to the principal. The firecrackers that we keep in the medicine chest have just exploded. We love the noise. The principal rushed for the front door. In an instant he was stuck to the doorknob. Pull hard. There are little globs of glue on all of our doorknobs. said Mrs. Kangaroo. The principal pulled himself free. He dashed out of the house and ran off down the street.

Narrator 3:

Mrs Kangaroo:

Narrator 1: Narrator 2:

Kangaroo: Narrator 1: Such a nice person! said Mr. . they all threw spitballs at each other across the dining-room table. Kangaroo said. Supper is Mrs. Never mind. After the dessert. Kangaroo and their son enjoyed their evening meal. A child's conduct will reflect the Narrator 1. Kangaroo: Narrator 3: Mr. ready. Kangaroo: No doubt he had another appointment. Narrator 2: Mr. Mrs.Mr. and Mrs. 2. I wonder why he left so quickly. 3 (together) Moral: ways of its parents. Kangaroo.

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