‘Et si docente propheta’

To all Christ’s faithful who shall see these presents. Confirmation of the indulgences and remissions which the late John cardinal bishop of St. Rufina’s and by papal dispensation archbishop of Canterbury, William archbishop of York and very many bishops of England, having regard to the devotion of the people who flock to the chapel of St. Mary del Key situated within the cemetery of the chapel of Liverpolle in the united dioceses of Coventry and Lichfield, and to the miracles which God was working therein by the merits of the same Virgin, have granted to all the faithful who pray there, or who make an offering for the repair of the said chapel, or for the maintenance of the priests who celebrate [divine offices] therein, or for the adornment of divine worship in the same; with relaxation hereby of five years and five quarantines of enjoined penance to all who, being penitent and having confessed, visit the said chapel on the feasts of St. Mary and Whitsuntide and the octaves thereof and give alms for such conservation, repair and maintenance, or for such adornment, these presents to hold good forever. The pope’s will is that if any other indulgence have been granted by him to the same chapel, in perpetuity or for a certain time not yet elapsed, the present letters shall be null and void. Calixtus III, ‘Et si docente propheta’, 7 Kal. July (25 June) 1456.1

Calendar of entries in the Papal registers relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Papal letters, Vol. XI: A.D. 1455-1464 , prepared by J. A. Twemlow, London, H.M.S.O., 1921, pp.108-9.


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