Welcome this is Andrea Proctor Google group creation tutorial.

For this purpose of this project we will have students log onto their Gmail account where they will access group at the top of the screen. A student will be assigned to be the webmaster of the group. At the bottom of the page students can access a link called create a group. This class we will be called ETEC 674. Students will go down to create my group. Welcome They will click on create my group this will be a public form for everyone. Students will enter the password. Once the Google group has set to the page student can invites other students to the group to participate. COMM 691 is an example of a Google group. In this COMM 691 students had posted on the weeks assignments. Students are able to address scholarly articles and other students are able to comment on their post. This is has been a tutorial on how to form a Google group. Thank you for watching.

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