NARS Introduction In Continuation of the efforts aimed at achieving quality in Higher Education Institutions in Egypt, the Qaap emphasizing

the importance of setting National Academic Reference Standards (NARS). Setting NARS is a sharing responsibility between sectors in Supreme Council for Universities (SCU) and QAAP. Prof. Dr.Salwa Bayoumi, Chairperson of QAAP hold two important meetings , in presence of Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Saad Shehatta, member of National QAAP committee and responsible person for technical assist and monitoring this project , with : 1- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hamdy Ibrahim (CEO of, Chairperson of literature and Humanities Sector at 28/9/2006 2- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hassan Allawy Chairperson of Sport Education sector at 2/10/2006. Both Sectors will start preparing their NARS

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