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Optional Geography 6 Human Geography

Optional Geography 6 Human Geography

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1. Irrigation brings about an increase in the gross cropped area by increasing

the net sown area in rainfall scarcity areas and by facilitating multiple


2. The normal monsoon is adequate only over one-third of the country-thus,

irrigation becomes a necessity in the rest of the country. Even in the

adequate rainfall areas, a late onset or an early withdrawal can prove

disastrous for the crop. Then, irrigation is required for rabi (winter crop)

especially wheat. Additional water is alos required for most crops during the

Dream Dare Win


Dream Dare Win

Courtesy : Saidai Manithaneyam



growth period to maximize yields. Thus, irrigation is essential to overcome

spatial and temporal variation of rainfall.

3. Irrigation has the effect of increasing the yield by almost 100% compared to

unirrigated areas.

4. Irrigation also stabilizes yields in face of uncertain rainfall. Also, because of

increasing use of the costly inputs like fertilizers, seeds, pesticides etc.,

which give opimum results only when adequate moisture level is

maintained, failure to supply moisture duringthe growing period could imply

wastage of valuable investment.

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