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Optional Geography 6 Human Geography

Optional Geography 6 Human Geography

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1. Capital costs of big irrigationprojects are high, makingtheir progress subject

to availability of resources.

2. Investments ar lmpy, i.e., they have to be incurred in big amounts.This

makes tham vulnerable to ‘leakages’.

3. Big irrigation projects have long gestationperiods. Even on completion of

projects, the water does not reach to eintended beneficiaries for lack of

fieldwork to supply the water.

4. Since complex engineering works are required, the big irrigation projects

place heavy demands on the available suppies of cement and steel.

5. Big irrigation projects result in submergence of large areas,

oftenincludinghumand settlement, thus resulting inlargescale displacement

of population. Thus, these schemes involve the attendant problems of

rehabilitating and compensating the project-affected people.

Dream Dare Win


Dream Dare Win

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6. Big irrigation projects or dams have often been criticized for the harmful

consequences on the environemntand ecological balance. Big dams

submerge large forested areas and sometimes fertile culturable lands.

Without compensatory forestry, the loss of trees distrurbs theecological

balance of an area. Also, lack of adequate soil conservation measures in the

catchment area result in silting of reservoirs, which reduces the capacity and

life of these reservoirs, and has the effect or reducing the efficiency of the


7. Due to political compulsions, the scarce resources are distributed over a

number of projects, which leads to inefficiency in terms of time and cost


8. Since a substantial part of irrigation potential is concentrated in the

Himalayan region, which also happens to be a seismically sensitive zone,big

irrigation projects in this region have to take into account the concerns

regarding safety.

9. Delay is alos caused by the time takenby the farmers to switch ovr to

irrigation-based frming practices.

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