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Optional Geography 6 Human Geography

Optional Geography 6 Human Geography

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The high yielding varieties (HYV) of seeds have brought about considerable

imporvemnt in agro-economics all over the world called ‘biorevolution’. The

HYVs came to India with the GreenRevolutin and have increased the

productivity by around 10% to 20%. The use of improved seeds forms a major

element in agricultural strategy. Introduced in 1967-68 on a major scale, the use

of HYV seeds has risen from near zero level in 1950 to 65 lakh quintals in

1994-95, covering an area of 71.3 mHa (40% of the gross cropped area).

Results have been most impressive in foodgrains. Wheat has 90.7% of its area,

amounting to 23.2 mHa under HYV seeds Smilarly rice has 74.6% (31 mHa)

Dream Dare Win


Dream Dare Win

Courtesy : Saidai Manithaneyam



and coarse cereals have 56.5 %( around 17 mHa) of their area under HYV

seeds. Now, HYN seeds are alos being introduced for sugarncaen, cotton and

groundnut. The cotton and sugarcane production boom in Punjab is largely due

to theuse of High yielding Varieties of seeds.

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