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Introduction to Career Skills

Introduction to Career Skills

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Published by: Umoru Earnestina on Jun 13, 2011
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To prepare for a promotion, always think about how to do things better. That's one of the
defining characteristics of leaders. How can you do something cheaper, faster, or with less
waste? Consider the following:

•Demonstrate critical thinking when you report to your boss. Rather than
accept things as they are, think how you can improve them - and come up
with innovative ways to do those things better.
•Understand the big picture, and incorporate it into your decisions and


•Look for things that aren't being done at all. Innovation isn't always
improving things that already exist - it's often adding something of value as

•Put forward your ideas, even if you aren't sure of the response. This
demonstrates both your imagination and willingness to take risks. Be
prepared for many of your ideas to not be accepted.

If you prove that you're interested in improving organizational performance and that you can
come up with some original ideas, this can be a great way to set the stage for promotion. Learn
more about innovative thinking in Practical Innovation.

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