Influenced by the release of greenhouse gases and aerosols resulting from human activities which change the amount of radiation coming into and leaving the atmosphere

What if it·s getting warmer?
A warmer climate could mean:


Extreme weather conditions ² increases variation in the yearly average number of storms and average annual rainfall Coral bleaching or death to corals ² the algae are expelled from the corals which is their main food. The corals will turn white and die, lessening the food source and breeding ground of fishes

temperature increases, thermal expansion of ocean water and melting of glaciers occur Note: 70% of the country·s population and infrastructure are located near the shoreline

3. Rise in sea level ² as global

€Destruction of Ecosystems

² for every degree Celsius rise in global average temperature, forests will experience a number of fires and pests. Plant and animal species which are unable to cope with severe drought and heat wave could become extinct

Health Problems ²higher temperatures will induce more cardiovascular and respiratory diseases - incidents of dengue fever, malaria and yellow fever will continue to increase as warmer temperature is more suitable in breeding of mosquitoes and insects that carry diseases (vectors)

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