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Give the equation for the formation of ammonia with conditions.

Silicon carbide has a macromolecular structure similar to that of diamond. A major use of silicon carbide is to reinforce aluminium alloys which are used in the construction of spacecraft. Suggest three of its physical properties. How is the sulfur dioxide made? Give the relevant chemical equation. Give two uses of sulfur dioxide.

Name the catalyst used. Sulfur trioxide is dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid. This is added to water to make more sulfuric acid. Why is sulfur trioxide not added directly to water? Name the chief ore of zinc. Give the steps involved in the extraction of zinc with necessary equations. What is an alloy? Draw a labeled diagram of the arrangement of atoms in an alloy like steel. How is oxygen obtained from liquid air? Hydrogen and oxygen react to form water. 2H2 2H2O Give an example of bond breaking in the above reaction. Give an example of bond forming in the above reaction.
A voltaic cell is made using a strip of magnesium and a strip of copper dipped in an aqueous solution of sodium chloride. Draw a neat labeled diagram of this cell. Which metal is the positive electrode? Why? Which metal is the negative electrode why? Name the electrode that loses electrons in this cell. State the direction of electron flow in the external circuit. What would happen to the cell if aqueous NaCl were to be replaced with the liquid bromine?