Magicicada spp.

john martone

samuddo / ocean

Even if little boys in play shd use a piece of grass or wood or a brush or perhaps a fingernail to draw an image of the Buddha such persons as these bit by bit will pile up merit and will become fully endowed with a mind of great compassion; they all have attained the Buddha way. The buddha’s relics will circulate widely --The Lotus Sutra HD 10180, a yellow dwarf star like our own Sun, had five planets detected by the HARPS (High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher) programme at the European Southern Observatory. …Two further planets were discovered in the system towards the end of 2010, making it the most-populated planetary system to date. --BBC 0ct 1, 2008

it’s another planet now cicadas

cicada shell’s my amulet cerebrum

must be same gene tells you get out of yrself cicada

yr shell — my shell --cicada kayak

cicada shell kayak too this bottomless lake

little boat on that sea lucky drowning!

every bit of you comes out cicada

lonely mobs 13-year cicadas

in my undershirt examining cicada molts

13 year cicada — what gets reborn?

cicada molt my skin color

cicadas termites how much longer being human

cicada — millions never knowing one another

cicada millions an ocean full of whales

bumbling down this road one more cicada

cicadas die legs drawn up so human

mulberries of course there’s a stain

cicadas & mulberries equal in number

ci cada wings maple keys— & still this air remains

cicadas falling out of sky all those people

imago instar nymph which are you?

sky’s one big eye glass lens

o cicada you’ve no eyelids

knowing what youre about — catastrophe

rusting — ruins all around the pea plants

peas really climbing now — youre out of sticks

bare wood shack cabbages taking shape

get out of yr head sketching cabbages

old clothespins all those lives outdoors

electrical box -there's yr opening wrens

thunder he pulls up his socks

tar paper roof trellises filling up

all you want to be one dragon fly wing

little kitchen you get all the light

elbows on a wood table solo

a wood table old friend

a bread&butter solo life

bare kitchen counters & the radio off

raining it’s a glass bowl

ten-yearold bamboo knows the trick’s to root in water

another raccoon you scrub a pear

dish towels fold ed

under-sink cabinet won’t stay shut

you wash yr spoon & brush yr teeth

come spring the mice forsake this little kitchen

in the right light you dis appear
--june 2011


Nam Mô A Di Đa Bà Da, Đa Tha Già Đa Da Đa Điêt Da Tha, A Di Ri Đô Bà Tỳ, A Di Ri Đa Tât Đam Bà Tỳ, A Di Ri Đa Tỳ Ca Lan Đê, A Di Ri Đa Tỳ Ca Lan Đa, Già Di Ni, Già Dà Na, Chi Đa Ca Lê Ta Bà Ha.