FM·200 Engineered Systems • Engineered for th.loor space required.nof cylinders and require minimal floor space.Fenwal FM-200® Fire Suppression FM-200 Modular Systems • Systems pre-calculated to provide cost-effective fire protection fora variety of applications . Nof. • Easily expandable to meet changing needs.Engineered to fit in light spaces.ard's. -Ideal for protection against multiple haz. • Most cost-effective fM-200 system for smaller applications. . • Easily adaptable to various room configurations. . • Numerous configurations and capacities enable systems to be precisely tailored to meet the coverage requirements of almost any facility• • Systems permit flexible locatio.e most Uexible protection of larger facilities.

in manned or unmanned locations . the concentration of FM-200 has reached 7%. the most flexible cylinder placement. flooding it with a precisely controlled concentration of FM-200. closing down ventilation systems and triggering the discharge of the Fenwal FM-200 Fire Suppression System. financial or historical data and works of art. All systems use the same four-step operation. and without costly and timeconsuming clean up. sounding audible and visual warnings. Next. around the world. longer pipe runs designed to 'protect larger facilities. They protect mission critical facilities such as control rooms and high-value. Fenwal now offers three FM-200 system to meet any fire suppression need. stored in containers. Second.n 1301 systems..Systems: A Choice That's Always Right Fenwal FM-200 Systems provide active fire protection that work automatically. the Fenwal control unit begins a series of actions. The ideal"drop in retrofit for existing Halo. without damage to equipment. Fires are extinguished fast. . Every Fenwal FM-200 system is custom-designed to the particular requirements of individual applications .es difficult pipe runs easy. is propelled through system piping and out speciallyconfigured discharge nozzles into the protected area. There it works two ways to suppress fire . without harm to people or the environment.and Intemet systems. Fenwal detectors sense a fire in. Simplifi. Result: in less than 10 seconds.by soaking up heat and simultaneously breaking down F'M-200 Phoenix Systems • • • • Engineered to provide the largest flow rate of any Fenwal FM~200 System. • Smaller piping requirements lowers installation costs. • Provides greater protection fliexibility.. ll the molecular structure of the fire. such as corporate..mak. • Ideallfor protection ·ofteleo . First. no matter how challenging or critical the application. safe.esinstallation . Clean. environmentally friendly FM-200 systems are designed to fully discharge their clean fire suppression agent into the protected area fast. around the clock.the protected area and immediately send a signal to the Fenwal control unit.Call your area Fenwal Distributor for professional guidance in choosing the system that is best for you. often irreplaceable assets. suppressing the fire. the FM-200 fire suppression agent. Higher system pressure.

unless you can suppress afire even faster. Lost customer confidence.II Even a "minor" fire can devastate your business. Lost revenues. They add up fast . Downtime. Damage... .

: Sysl9ms KF·0065 5M Printed in U.faster. All of it designed. seven-day-a-week performance and service.Fenwal: Your Source for Total Fire Protection F nwal has made its nam in fire protection since As the world of busin s bas chang d. more integrated systems. so has 1935. today more than 70% of Fenwal's business is in mission critical applications. Fenwal personnel are directly involved in the formulation of fire safety codes and the promulgation of the regulations that bring better fire safety into the workplace. the high-technology of its time. installed and serviced by Fenwal and its network of highly-trained Fenwal partners and distributors. medical technology and many other fields. Fenwal. Fenwal has evolved and developed . Only Fenwal can provide the complete package: an integrated system of air sampling.treet. As a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Fire Suppression System Association (FSSA). electronics.A Copyright 2001 Kldde-Fanwal. 11yo u need more Information on this product or If you have a panlcular problem or question. In World War Il. MA FENWAL PROTECTION SYSTEMS 400 Main . Fenwal is committed to the business and the science offire protection. FENWAL PROTECTION SYSTEMS. In the post-war years we pioneered linear heat d tection and explosion suppression systems for commercial aircraft. better. As such. For more than 30 years. To meet the demand for 24 hour-a-day. The product must be proPElrl y applied to wo rk co rreclly. MA 01721 (508) 881-2000 Fax (508) 881-8920 www.fenwulfire. Inc. manufactured.cal companies have relied on Fenwal for more than 30 years. detection. assumes no responsibility lor the product's suitability for a particular application. This literature is provided for informallonal purposes only. As a result. Fenwal systems have been at work protecting high-value and mission critical facilities for industry leaders in telecommunications. contact FENWAL PROTECTION SYSTEMS. You can too. alarm and control and suppression for protection of the most critical facilities. Fenwal is a part of Kidde plc a global supplier of products. FM·200 is a registered trademark of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation .com Protection 01721. (508) 881·2000. systems and services for fire protection. FENWAI. faster and more responsive services. Telecommunications and other mission criti. Ashland. F nwal technology helped protect military aircraft. Ashland. Fenwal enjoys global research and development resources and a corporate commitment to world-class quality that has earned Fenwal ISO 9001 certification by Underwriters' Laboratories and has helped assure its long-held position of leadership in fire protection systems.S.