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In this era, where the technology is growing in a very faster speed and every positive change is bringing new and enhanced features with them, the cellular phones are at the very hot issue in this growing technology. The technologies in these cellular/mobile phones are enhancing and developing day by day, including new features of entertainment, and multiple options like imaging facilities, movie/animation features, sound technologies etc. When the technology is the matter, every consumer/user prefers the latest, best and interacting featured technologies and also prefers these facilities in less cost. So, in this view, there is a very big and fast competition between many companies/manufacturers of cellular phones at the world level.

the NOKIA now has a strong competitor. In this report we take an example of NOKIA. NOKIA is used in 147 different countries and over 90 million people use it. In competitive analysis. Motorola. Within its macro environment it is responding rapidly to changing demographics by currently targeting the generation X and generation Y. Samsung and most important IPhone. It is a daily usage product. the company marketing effort is well supported and coordinated by other departments. Ericsson. There are two types of marketing environment: Micro and Macro environment.2|Pa ge Summary The main objective of making this report is to gain knowledge about marketing field. Within its microenvironment. .

3|Pa ge Acknowledgement We wish to acknowledge the many people who have helped to make this report possible. who have helped in overcoming all obstacles. both directly and indirectly. deserve my thanks. We would like to express deep gratitude toward our teacher and friends. large and small. . moral and financial support for execution of our study. We owe my deepest gratitude and immense debt to our families who always prayers for our success and their very kind. The people.

4|Pa ge Content Introduction to Organization Õ Õ Õ Õ Õ Õ Õ Company Information Board of Directors Corporate Responsibility Financial Factor Mission Statement Goals Digital Bridging Marketing Objectives Organization¶s Network Õ Target Market Portfolio Analysis Õ Micro Environment Õ Macro Environment Social Factors Competitive Analysis:Marketing Strategy Õ Strategic Direction Õ Business Environment Suggestions Reference .

the environment.5|Pa ge Introduction to the Organization Õ Company Information:NOKIA is the world leader in mobile communications backed by its experience. as a responsible and contributing member of society. Õ Board of Directors:The current members of Nokia's Board of Directors were elected at the Annual General Meeting on March 27. and society in general. A clear mission statement acts as an invisible hand that guides people in the organization. for example through our global youth programs. Their specialized product is cellular phones. Õ Corporate Responsibility:Being a good corporate citizen means meeting responsibilities towards individuals. userfriendliness and secure solutions. Click here for a short résumé and information on the members' shareholdings. It is also an important part of the company's Corporate Community Involvement activities that focus on youth and education. 2003. Õ Marketing Objectives:Marketing objectives presents a brief summary of the main goals and the recommendations of the plan for management review. We are making corporate responsibility an integral part of decision-making in all parts of our business. A mission statement is a statement of the organization¶s purposes²what it wants to accomplish in the larger environment. following areas are included« . innovation. The mission statement of NOKIA is« ³CONNECTING PEOPLE´ Õ Goals:The goal of NOKIA is ³to be a good corporate citizen wherever we operate. It is a very well-known company having its vast offices worldwide. They have many household items as well. We take part in long-term projects aimed at helping young people create their own place in the world . helping top management to find the plan¶s major points quickly. Õ Mission Statement:Many organizations develop formal mission statements that answer these questions. Õ Financial Factor:Nokia achieves excellent profitability in the first quarter 2003 and mobile phone volumes grow faster than market. In marketing objectives.´ Õ Digital Bridging:Digital Bridging is an integral part of everyday business.

Thailand. it was found that its product of cellular phones. UAE. UK. In 2002. It is manufacturing GSM and AMPS technologies cellular sets which are meeting every kind of consumer¶s requirements. They have comparatively low rates than the other companies and have a very good and interactive performance and interesting features. Its products are demanded world wide and are given preference at any other cellular company in the world. So while analyzing the portfolio of NOKIA. Greece · Switzerland · Tunisia · Turkey · UAE · Yemen and Õ Target Market:The target market of NOKIA is very wide. Finland · France · Germany · Monaco · Netherlands · Norway · Oman · Poland .6|Pa ge · Current marketing situation · Threats and opportunity analysis · Objectives and issues · Marketing strategy · Action programs · Budgets · control Õ Organization¶s Network: Nokia is manufacturing its products world wide in following countries« · Austria · Gulf countries · Bahrain · Hungary · Belgium · Israel · Bosnia-Herzegovina · Italy · Croatia · Kuwait · Cyprus · Lebanon · Czech Republic · Luxembourg · Denmark · Malta · Portugal · Qatar · Saudi Arabia · Serbia Montenegro · Slovakia · Slovenia · Spain . Italy. Germany. The company will want to put strong resources into its most profitable business and phase down or drop its weaker ones. Specially in Asia. so because of these features. America and the Middle East. France. Brazil and Poland. Õ Portfolio Analysis: The major activity in srategic management is business portfolio analysis whereby management evaluates the business making up the company. people prefer NOKIA than the other companies. especially its GSM sets were making more profit to the company as compare to its other products. Nokia's largest markets were US. So the company invested more budget in this area and started development on this area to earn the . NOKIA has a very big market. China. Europe.

Nokia's new Environmental Report 2002 states the company's understanding of the environmental aspects and impacts of its activities. Macroenvironment 1.to respect nature and the needs of future generations. Microenvironment 2. is called the marketing environment. the company didn¶t neglected their other products and invested more money on the development of those products.Microenvironment:Following are the macroenvironmental factors which affects the company: · Demographic environment · Economic environment · Natural environment · Technological environment · Political environment · Cultural environment Competitive Analysis:- . We believe in eco-efficiency and sustainability . Environmental considerations are integrated into every area of company life and at every phase of our products' life cycle.Micro Environment:Following are the microenvironmental factors which affects the company: · The company · Suppliers · Marketing intermediaries · Customers · Competitors · Publics 2.7|Pa ge maximum profit. There are two categories of marketing environment: 1. Õ Micro and Macro Environmental Factors Õ Effecting Business The actions and forces outside marketing that affect marketing management¶s ability to develop and maintain successful transactions within target customers. But in the mean while.

corporate citizenship and human rights.8|Pa ge Visually. but as compared to NOKIA. Õ Strategic Direction:The mobile phone is fast becoming the centerpiece of personal communication. Õ Social Factors:Every Nokia employee has influence over Nokia's performance and reputation in issues of health. change and convergence in recent years. we can consider the following companies as its competitors:· Ericson · Motorola · Samsung · Siemens · Sony These competitors of NOKIA has also a big market. employee relations. · Its spare parts should be available in its every market. · It should decrease its prices of the sets so that the sets may become in reach of every user and the market may increase and become the cause of increasing profit rate. we remain committed to strong growth. we cannot say that they can compete this organization at the same level of competition. Õ Business Environment:Nokia competes in the global telecommunications industry in general and in the mobile industry in particular. there is no any key competitor to NOKIA as comparing its vast market and demand. we are moving from voice services to services driven by data and multimedia. security. · Memory capacity should be increased to save the different entertaining materials in the sets. profitability and responsible market leadership. Õ Suggestions Though the NOKIA is the world¶s largest cellular phone company and has the very efficient features and facilities but there are some suggestions by me after analyzing and researching about this company. · There should be replace warrenty in case of defection. safety. allowing us access to an ever-widening range of services. each of which has exhibited rapid growth. Õ Marketing Strategy As we move into the Mobile World. but still. Õ References . Today.

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