A presentation on IRCTC

Presented By: Ayush Bhardwaj

Index Background  Organization structure  Manpower  Financial Performance  Business Activities   .

 . Book Stalls. 1999  Managing on Board Catering Services in Rajdhani. Shatabdi and Mail Express Trains and Static Catering Units such as Refreshment Rooms.  Incorporated on 27th September.Background (IRCTC) is a Public Sector Enterprise under Ministry of Railways.

Chennai & Secunderabad. Kolkata.Organization Structure Corporate Office of IRCTC is situated at New Delhi.  For smooth operations of the business across all over the country.        . five Zonal Offices are working at Delhi . headed by the Managing Director.  Managing Director being assisted by three Directors. Mumbai.

Manpower Present -4453 employees (as on 31st December. Catering and Finance. through direct recruitment or campus recruitment. Tourism.     . 2009)  IRCTC has recruited professionals in different field like HR.

  .75 Crores in 2007-08.30.a total income of Rs. 618.  Net profit of Rs.Rs. 527.66 Crores .  2007-08. 20.Financial Perormance 2008-09.  An amount of Rs.77 Crores . 46.50 Crores was earned during 2008-09 as compared to Rs.00 Crore has been provided as Haulage Charges as was provided during the previous year.

Business Activities On Board Catering Services and Static catering units  Manufacturing Packaged Drinking Water for Indian Railway Passengers  Quality Control and Complaint Redressal System   .