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Published by Nick Stoker

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Published by: Nick Stoker on Jun 13, 2011
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My Bird I walk on the deck to see my bird. She sits there, gleaming in the sun.

Not able to speak a word. But she knows that she's the one.

She's going up into the blue Listening to my will. I'll tell her exactly what to do. My wishes she will fulfill.

I will see my first Zero We will begin our fight. My bird will fly to and fro As I move the yoke left then right.

My enemy breaks hard left As I pull on the trigger My guns miss his wing And to him a fool, I look bigger.

I couldn't, I wouldn't take this So I tried much harder Then the Zero took away my bliss As I saw him shoot down Officer Carter.

I could not let this end my fight My bird was eager to claim a win I followed that Zero with all my might I pulled my trigger and then it ends. "Good-bye.Carter and I had gone way back We went to flight school in '37 Next to me. But now Carter is better in heaven. An instant red flash lit up the sky To the Zero I say. good-bye!" . the best was Jack.

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