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0. Fool 1. Magician I 2. Priestess II 3. Empress III 4. Emperor IV 5. Priest V 6. Lovers VI 7. Chariot VII 8. Justice VIII 9. Hermit IX 10.

t IX 10. Wheel/Fortune X 11. Strength XI 12. Hanged Man XII 13. Death XIII 14. Temperance XIV 15. Devil XV 16. Tower XVI 17. Star XVII 18. Moon XVIII 19. Sun XIX 20. Judgment XX 21. World XXI Wands Cups Swords Pents

Celtic Cross Reading

Querent Deck Question Date

Cut Cards/Bottom Card


Covering Card

Crossing Card

Foundation Card

Past Card

Crowing Card

Future Card

Ace Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Page Knight Queen King
Wands: spiritual (fire) Cups: emotional (water) Swords: intellectual (air) Pentacles: material (earth) Aces: new beginnings 2: duality and balance 3: blending and growth 4: solid foundations 5: upsetting the balance 6: re-establishing balance 7: new awareness 8: evaluation 9: conclusions 10: completion; begin again Pages: news, messages Knights: rescue, adventure Queens: nurture, protect Kings: rule, safeguard

Self Image

Public Image

Hopes and Fears

Likely Outcome

Clarification Cards


Prominant Numbers

Interesting Combinations


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