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Fundamental aspects of Educational Technology

Fundamental aspects of Educational Technology


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Published by: Siva Subramani on Jun 13, 2011
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What are to be the new inputs? Instructional processes should be based on the needs, abilities and interest of learners.

* Better organization of space for group learning and independent learning will be applied.

* A teacher should be a facilitator in helping the students to learn rather than a transmitter of knowledge.

* Methods to monitor the progress of student's learning at every stage and to provide guidelines.

* Information technology should find an extensive role in all teaching-learning activities.

* Conventional face to face teaching will be slowly reduced and self-study through various resource materials will be

* Open education channels are developing fast.

* Multi-media libraries should be established and promoted in the place of libraries with mere printed material.

* More credit based modular education programmes will be developed and implemented.

* There is great emphasis on the faculty staff development through regular in-service education and training programmes
at all levels. The NEP has given us the Academic Staff Colleges in Universities.

Apart from in-service education, continuing, education programmes with credit approach will be promoted.

Curriculum will be designed scientifically and linked with career development of people.

The NEP has also realized that the education system developed by the Britishers is not suitable to attain all the lofty
objectives in moulding the modern India. The NEP is attempting to re-link learning with life as it is in India and this is
very essential to achieve our aims.

In order to provide education for all including the people in the remote rural areas and to meet the increasing demands of
education, there is need to deploy the modern educational


technology and mass media. These traditional system of classroom teaching alone would not help us in attaining the
universalisation of education through formal and non-formal channels. The launching of satellite will be immensely useful
in expanding our educational programmes, which we have done.

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