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Wellness Program Work Plan

Event Senior Management Support - A commitment from the top is critical to the success of any 1 wellness initiative. Create a Wellness Team - Wellness teams should include a cross-section of potential program 2 participants including employees. 3 Collect Data
a. Employee survey b. Health Risk Assessment c. Claims Analysis

Responsible Party

Start Date

Review Date

Completion Date

Program Cost

4 Draft Operating Plan

b. Set Goals

a. Mission/Vision Statement c. Choose Health Initiatives to achieve goals.

d. Develop realistic timeline to implement and evaluate the program. e. Budget - may include salaries, program materials, administrative needs, outside vendors, evaluation, and the cost of incentives. f. Communication plan to increase employee awareness and drive participation. EE Introductory Meeting a. Newsletter article b. PowerPoint presentation Monthly EE Notices a. Newsletter articles b. Email messages/payroll stuffers Survey Results a. Newsletter article b. EE meeting g. Implementation/Execution Plan - what health promotion plans will be offered and who is responsible for each. Examples: a. Monthly "Grab N Go" b. Quarterly "Lunch N Learns" c. Activities centered around National Health Observances Calendar d. Blood pressure screening e. Activities related to time of year f. Summer Walking Club h. Creating a Supportive Environment - A supportive environment provides employees with encouragement, opportunity, and rewards. i. Evaluating Outcomes
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