Subject Name: Product Design and Value Engineering Subject Code: 171904 Teaching Scheme
Theory Tutorial Practical Total

Evaluation Scheme
University Exam (E) Theory Practical 70 30 Mid Sem Exam (Theory) (M) 30 Practical (Internal)






Sr. Course Content No 1. Product Design Introduction: Characteristics of successful product development, Design and development of products, duration and cost of product development, the challenges of product development 2. Development Processes and Organizations: A generic development process, concept development: the front-end process, adopting the generic product development process, the AMF development process, product development organizations, the AMF organization. 3. Product Planning: The product planning process, identify opportunities, Evaluate and prioritize projects, allocate resources and plan timing, complete preproject planning, reflect all the results and the process. 4. Identifying Customer Needs: Gather raw data from customers, interpret raw data in terms of customer needs, organize the needs into a hierarchy, establish the relative importance of the needs and reflect on the results and the process.

Total Hrs. 03





Product Specifications: What are specifications, when are specifications established, establishing target specifications, setting the final specification.



Design for stiffness and rigidity, design for production, designing with plastics, rubber, ceramics, glass and wood


S. 11. 3. definitions. 03 9. Product development . Methods selection. evaluation of costs. creation phase.Iyer. Fast Diagramming: Cost models. Oxford. evaluation of value. evaluation phase. information phase. different services. classifying function.Ulrich. Butterworth Heinmann. Prentice Hall New Delhi 2011. Selection of Evaluation of Value Engineering Projects: Project selection.Kevin otto and Kristini wood Pearson Education 2004 Value Engineering : A Systematic Approach by Arthur E. evaluation of worth.Mc GrawHill New Product Development Timjones. Co-ordinator. Mudge . application of Value Engineering methodology. designer. training plan. Steven D Eppinger. Value Engineering A how to Manual S. analysis phase. Value Engineering Job Plan: Introduction. value engineering recommendations. Value Engineering Introduction: Definition. career development for Value Engineering specialties. Initiating Value Engineering Programme: Introduction. construction management contracts. 1997 . 04 8. determining worth. Value Engineering level of Effort: Value Engineering team. Function phase. 03 10. 2. New Delhi-2009 Product Design and Manufacturing. Investigation phase. A C Chitale and R C Gupta. New age International Publishers 2009 Reference Books: 1. 03 02 04 Term Work: The term work shall be based on the topics mentioned above. Evaluation of function. Product Design and Development. determining function. advantages. Text Books: 1. speculation phase. programmes. Anita Goyal Tata McGrawHill. implementation phase. orientation. Practical / Oral: The candidate shall be examined on the basis of term-work.T. value standards. value engineering case studies.7. 3. life cycle costs. 2. UCI. Karl. 12.