Fighter > Warrior > Swords Man > Sword Master Fighter > Knight > Paladin > Thunder Lord Magician > Sorceress > Witch > Knight Witch Magician > Mage > Battle Mage > Witch Archmage This is the essential breakdown of how the CLASSES divide. Basically, FIGHTERS and MAGICIANS are two opposite classes. FIGHTERS are a melee class that use SWORDS while MAGICIANS are long range classes that shoot magic. FIGHTERS have more HP while MAGICIANS have more MP. I would have to assume that the DEFENSE is quite equal for MAGICIANS and FIGHTERS. Until you advance that is. SWORD MASTERS vs. THUNDER LORDS SWORD MASTERS are meant to have more ATTACK but less DEFENSE. However, by the time they‟re both 250 with all HEROIC EQUIPMENT, they both hit max damage. It‟s just more, on the journey to LEVEL 250, would you rather kill faster with a bigger chance of dying or would you rather be slow and steady? ARCHMAGES vs. KNIGHT WITCHES Honestly, I can‟t say too much about MAGICIANS. I haven‟t played them too much to be as descriptive as FIGHTERS. But what I do know is that MAGES are more fire centered while WITCHES have more of an ICE thing going on. My personal opinion is a KNIGHT WITCH because it‟s very hard to get to ARCHMAGE with the SKILLS that MAGES and BATTLEMAGES get. Until you get to ARCHMAGE, all the SKILLS that the MAGES/BATTLEMAGES have are old. There‟s so many good skills that ARCHMAGES get so you want to save up but then it makes it even harder to get there since your SKILL POINTS are saved for ARCHMAGE. Sure, BATTLEMAGES get a decent SKILL or two but it‟s just really not the same. But I recommend you try all four CLASSES.

Here are my personal strategies that I used during the boss stages. NOTE: You should already be a decent LEVEL if you did the majority of the QUESTS that were available. First BOSS: Tree Buddy, officially known as the Ent Location: Turnvill MOVES: He has three main ATTACKS that he uses. One of which can be avoided for MAGICIANS. His first ATTACK is when he summons these suicidal mushrooms. If they come near you, they start charging up for a KABOOM! This really isn‟t an ATTACK anyway, more of a move. If you realize the difference between the two, I applaud you. At least one person will get this. Anyway, the damage isn‟t that bad, but if you‟re too slow (which would be really sad if you‟re that slow) then you‟ll receive the sharp end of the stick. Yeah, the sharp end. Not the blunt end. The second ATTACK is the one MAGICIAN can avoid. If you get near him, he thrusts his branches out and hits you. Obviously MAGICIANS aren‟t going to stand next to him. The damage isn‟t too bad but it‟s annoying if that‟s the ATTACK that kills you because you thought “oh I‟m too pro for this tree”. Well buddy, how does it feel to die? The third ATTACK is the worst. He pushes his roots (I don‟t know if they‟re roots. What other part of a tree is in the ground?) and they hit you. It doesn‟t sound too bad but it‟s like a little sibling. They nag and nag. So DOUBLE JUMPING will definitely be useful here. Don‟t worry, the nagging doesn‟t last too long but if you get trapped in his nagging, well then… TRICK? DOUBLE JUMP and STOMP to avoid the explosive mushrooms and DOUBLE JUMP and move LEFT/RIGHT to avoid the roots. For FIGHTERS, it shouldn‟t be too hard to keep up with his branch thrusts. GAME PACE: I would have to say just go with the walking dude. If you still keep dying at that pace, go to the baby on steroids. If you have trouble then, go to the baby. If you STILL HAVE TROUBLE, THEN QUIT. I would just kill some MONSTERS and LEVEL up. Second BOSS: Frau Location: Haren MOVES: She has three or four major moves. It sounds confusing as to

why I said three to four but I‟ll explain that soon. The first one is one where she tosses this big, icy, bouncy (what a contradiction) ball and it bounces and if it hits you, it does decent damage. Not too much but enough to kill you if you have low HP. The second/third one is where she breathes at you. Yeah, I know, how terrible. But this is where it‟s confusing. I think whenever she does that, there‟s a chance you get stunned but I‟m not too sure. I‟ve been watching while I kill her and it‟s either the breath one or the next ATTACK that triggers stun. So yeah, that‟s probably just one move. The damage is fairly light. But don‟t ignore it altogether. The third/fourth one. Honestly, the more I think about the stunning move, the more I get confused. So if someone can clarify that‟d be great since I‟m too lazy to beat the game again. Anyway, she summons icicles from the “roof” of the map and they drop. She doesn‟t spawn icicles on every pixel of the roof but it‟s still a good number of icicles. TRICK? The ball bounces pretty high so just run underneath or jump above while it hits the floor. The breath is easy, just stay away. Even then, the breath doesn‟t do terrible damage like I said. Dash to avoid the deadly icicles; it‟s very simple and easy. GAME PACE: I went moderate on this one. The dashing is the only one you need to look out for. Third BOSS: Ragna. Location: Volkino MOVES: He's probably one of the hardest BOSSES even if he's only the third one. He has one main move that you have to watch out for. The whole map is color coded. There are two different tiles on the floor, red and purple tiles. What he does is grow slightly bigger and turn a different color. If he turns purple, all the purple tiles will erupt with fire. If he turns green, all the red tiles will erupt with fire. Now you're thinking, why doesn't he turn red if the tiles are red? BECAUSE HE'S ALREADY RED :D Yep, that's why. On a serious note, if you touch one of these flaming tiles, you'll be drawn into the whole tile. It basically pushes you from one end of the tile to another. The tiles aren't very big so that's not that bad. Except the damage is pretty tough. I don't know about other CLASSES but for KNIGHTS, the CLASS with the better defense, it can sometimes one-hit

you if your HP isn't completely restored. There are other ATTACKS he has but they‟re not really worth mentioning. TRICK? Slow down the game pace in the OPTIONS section of the MENU. It gives you more of a reaction time to move along tiles even if your character is also slowed. If you do go fast, you‟ll need either a fast reaction time or pre-movement skills. The reaction time depends on how fast you see the color and move. You need to always keep your eyes on the BOSS and blindly attack. The pre-movement depends on what color he goes first. He usually alternates his colors. Green and purple and so on. He doesn‟t always alternate but it‟ll usually be the opposite. So just wait the first ATTACK out, and get on the right tile. Once the flames die out, move onto the other tile. The issue with this is that he sometimes does his little tile move twice in a row, right after each other. GAME PACE: I actually went fast for this one but I would recommend going baby speed or baby on drugs speed until you‟re playing the second time around. Fourth BOSS: Sandworm Location: Arbana Desert Yepp, Sandworm. I didn't make it up. Apart from me poking fun at the creativity of the developers, this angry fat worm is out to crush you. It has a few decent attacks. One of them lets him move underground and then BURST! He pops out and hits you. It does decent damage to you. And no, DOUBLE JUMPING does not avoid the move. The ATTACK you really have to watch out for though is where he curls up and rolls into you. It's a lot like Ragna except instead of flames, it's a worm. It has the same push back effect. TRICK? Avoid getting cornered by the worm. It'll deplete your HP into nothing. That's right, NOTHING. :D Apart from that, just avoid that move altogether by jumping over him. GAME PACE: I actually went running boy on this one. I used my MAGE and just kicked the worm out of him. It was surprisingly easy too. Fifth BOSS: Minotaur Location: Lette A classic boss. In all those classic Greek myths where the Minotaur is so mean and makes all the villagers want to cry, except here, it's real. YEPP. REAL. The villagers at Lette are all terrified and they describe it pretty well. If

you read the entire cut scene in the beginning of the game, you should remember the two people who were all awesome and went to the tower. Well, according to the villagers and the Minotaur, they barely escaped that BOSS. MOVES: The Sandworm and Minotaur both have a similar move. The bull charge. In the Sandworm's case, it rolls and crushes. The Minotaur just puts its horns down and runs. That‟s the first move. It also disappears and summons Skeleton Soldiers so you can waste your HP and MP on them. The Skeletons aren't terribly tough. They're the same ones that are outside the BOSS MAP. This really isn‟t much of a move. It‟s more of a sissy trick that he does. TRICK? Just rush it. GAME PACE: I went moderate/running boy on my MAGE. It was actually very simple. Just be sure to jump around a lot to heal. I actually think I beat him without retrying. Surprising for a MAGE. Sixth BOSS: Death Knight Location: Skypia This is the same Death Knight that was in your TUTORIAL. MOVES: All he really does is split into two Death Knights. If you only hit one, that might not deplete his HP. If you're unsure of which Death Knight to hit, hit them both. :D I‟m pretty sure the second version of the Death Knight doesn‟t affect his total HP so just hit them both like I said. TRICK? I would have to say that this is the hardest BOSS. With good reason too. It‟s in the TOWER! YEAH! THE TOWER! GAMEPACE: I went slow and steady on this one. Well more like druggie baby but if you‟re having trouble, just LEVEL up more. Seventh BOSS: Deathwing Location: Dragonia This boss is a piece of cake. All you need to do is stand on the platforms and attack. The platforms do disappear so just jump onto another. All his attacks are very easy to dodge and don't do too much damage. You shouldn't even die once. The platforms disappear quite fast (which irritates me quite a bit) but just keep jumping. It‟ll definitely take a while to beat this boss though.

The first CLASS ADVANCEMENT takes place in Turnvill. After the Chief tells you to go to Haren, the Special Officer beside him has a quest for you. The QUEST is for you to kill 20 MALE KANGAROOS. After you do so, he asks you if you want to go: FIGHTERS: 1. WARRIOR MAGICIAN: 1. SORCERESS 2. KNIGHT 2. MAGE

The second CLASS ADVANCEMENT takes place in Arbana. It's available when you reach LEVEL 40. By the time you reach Arbana, you should be 40 already. The quest wants you to kill 30 YOUNG SANDWORMS. The portal to get there is right beside the Special Officer. After you kill 30, he advances you. There are no more decisions now, just advancements. The third CLASS ADVANCEMENT takes place in Skypia. It‟s available at LEVE 80. You must kill 50 DREAM REAPERS in the Mysterious Tower. They‟re very easy and it‟s good EXP if you just go up and down the whole Tower. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! You're now a ________. Instructions: Fill in the appropriate word from the word bank to complete the sentence. THUNDER LORD SWORD MASTER KNIGHT WITCH ARCHMAGE

If you don‟t know what SKILLS are…*face palm* NOTE: You can save your SKILL POINTS for the next CLASS ADVANCEMENT instead of using it all on the current CLASS you are. BUILDS are different for every player. Instead of listing BUILDS that I used and what‟s a decent one, I‟m just going to say what you NEED and some good SKILLS. There‟s no creativity, no room for different things if we all did the same thing. ALL CLASSES: All CLASSES should have ONE POINT in STOMP. DASH ATTACK is an option. I don‟t really use it myself but STOMP is the one you need. THUNDERLORDS: You need to max: DEFENSE MASTERY, REGENERATION, DEFENSIVE STANCE, HP MASTERY and DAMAGE SHIELD. Good skills: DIVINE HAMMER and LIGHTNING STORM


When you go through the TUTORIAL, it asks if you want to use MANUAL or AUTOMATIC ALLOCATION for your SKILLS. ALWAYS GO MANUAL. You get to change things up. And the default STAT BUILD sucks. As for builds, they‟re very easy to do. THUNDERLORDS: I would probably say to go pure STRENGTH. Your DEFENSE is already good since it‟s natural. The CRITICAL and AVOIDABILITY RATES don‟t really matter. Sure it‟s good to avoid MONSTERS a lot but if your defense is high, that‟s just overkill protection. If you have everything in STRENGTH, your damage is decent enough to not need critical to kill MONSTERS. If you do decide against pure STRENGTH, just make sure your DEX isn‟t over 150. It‟ll kill your damage and you‟ll burn POTIONS because you take too long to kill. Some SKILLS won‟t be available if you max them out right away because of the MP cost. That‟s why some people put INT into their STATS. That‟s a big no-no. Just slowly raise the SKILL LEVEL while you actually LEVEL so that you can increase the SKILL LEVEL while being able to use the SKILL. SWORDMASTERS: Pure STRENGTH, again, is the way to go. DEX is decent but it‟s not really good since STRENGTH adds HP and then you‟ll have more HP to work with. If you do decide to add DEX, again, cap it at 150. As for INT, read what I have for THUNDERLORDS. ARCHMAGES: Pure INT. „Nuff said.

KNIGHTWITCHES: Same as ARCHMAGE. Reason? Because STR and DEX just aren‟t for you. It‟s just not it. If you do decide to do it and your MAGICIAN turns out good, once they add PVP, you vs. me. REFINING Honestly, this is really confusing. I was talking to a friend and he had discovered something weird. It‟s kind of hard to explain but I‟ll put it in an example. Put in five lv. 150 normal EQUIPMENT and put in five lv. 130 MAGIC or EPIC EQUIPMENT, the outcome should be a lv. 140 item that is EPIC or such. That‟s what he found out and I‟ve tinkered around with it. It‟s kind of confusing like I said. I would just avoid that altogether. TITLES There are 38 in-game titles to obtain. Make sure to collect them all and then sync it to your Game Center account.

Written by BananaKMA
Edited by GAMEVIL Inc.