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We would like to acknowledge some persons who helped us providing information regarding their company. Mr. Ali Suqrat who gave us the time out of his busy schedule to designate one of his resource person Mr. Zubair in Sundar Industrial State to provide us with the required information. who helped us a lot and provide us with the necessary details. Moreover he referes us to Mr. Ali Ahmed Javed and Mr. Mazhar Hussain (Manager Shps)at Kot lakh pat who also helped us in making and completing our project. We would specially like to thank who gave us a chance and comprehensive knowledge of strategic tools and techniques to complete this project. He really enhanced our knowledge by assigning this project and utilizing it by applying all strategies in it.


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Acknowledgement Executive Summary Company Description Mission/Vision/Strategic Goals Situational Analysis • External Analysis • Industry Analysis Competitive analysis/Competitive Pressures • NESTLE • COCA COLA-Minute Maid • SHEZAN • HALEEB MARKET ANALYSIS • Market Segmentation • Target Markets • Positioning Marketing and Product Objectives • Current Markets • New Markets Environmental Analysis • Demographics: • PEST Analysis • The Customer Environment Internal Analysis • S.W.O.T Analysis SWOT Matrix Current Strategy • Product Strategy • Pricing Strategy • Promotion Strategy • Place/Distribution • Positioning • Positioning Map (BY PRICE/QUALITY) Corporate Culture Financial Analysis Strategic Analysis • Key Strategic Issues Strategic Tools Product Life Cycle BCG Matrix Identification of Strategic Alternatives Identification & Analysis Of &Choice Of Alternatives Arguments Of Preferred Choic Strategic Recommendations Three Years Final Objectives Strategic Intent Operating Programmes To Achieve Diversity Trigger (Contingency Plan) Methodology of Research 2 4 5 5 7 7 7 8 8 11 12 14 15 16



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Implementation & Control Matrix References: 29 30 4 .

For bakery products the price ranges are uniform in all the outlets. the company believe in charity and for this they provide meals to the patients in hospitals of Lahore. To produce the best quality products. the company is committed in introducing change in the current and increase in the product lines. For any company market sustainability is very important and for this the company wants to break the monotony on a timely basis by introducing new products and enhancing the quality of current products through innovative ideas. state of the art technology to produce quality products. Price is a key factor in the growth of a company. company has invested a huge amount of capital in placing state of the art technology to meet the demands of the customers. Over a period of two decades it has grown in stature and apart from excelling in bakery products it has introduced new trends in a variety of businesses such as restaurants and dairy products business.Executive Summary Gourmet was founded by Mr. The company wants to increase its market standings by opening new outlets at key locations of the city. The current disadvantages that the company is facing is that they don’t have a paperless environment which is a major hurdle in effective communication among various departments of the company. To cope with the current and future threats. Nawaz Chatha in 1987 as a single outlet of a bakery unit. The company has a very comprehensive marketing program which includes both promotions and pricing. brochures along with push strategy. to overcome this deficiency the company is committed to implement an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner). Gourmet has a very straight forward pricing strategy and is following cost leadership strategy. 5 . The company’s major strengths include hiring skilled personnel on a permanent basis. but in dairy and restaurant business it depends on the income level of the target markets. company owned outlets (no franchise). The main aim of the company is to provide quality products at a competitive price to its valued customers. In short the company is on a growth stage and they want to compete in the market in a positive way. banners. Promotions are generally made through POP. in order to minimize the time wastage. innovative trends in providing services (especially in restaurants).

With his commitment and strenuous effort to provide the consumers with best quality food products in a convenient and unmatched displaying manner. The company has shown an explosive annual growth of more than 25 % in its business since 1987. Lahore.Company Description Gourmet Bakers and Sweets” is the largest food retail chain of Pakistan. • • To increase outlets on key/main locations of every area of the city. Non Financial Strategic Goals • To get the maximum market share by taking an advantage of our strengths of latest technology. wellness and nutritional company at national level. best quality with competitive prices by maintaining good relations with suppliers. Muhammad Nawaz Chatha started this unique business with only one sale outlet. Mission Statement The mission of Gourmet Bakers & Sweets is to provide quality products at a low price to be the market leader. 6 . Gourmet has become a success story of business growth in Pakistan. when Mr. Vision Statement The vision of Gourmet Bakers & Sweets is to be the leading health. It is based in Lahore. own distribution. the second largest city of Pakistan known for its traditional foods and passion for eating. With their 4 processing units and 73 sales outlets plus 3 outlets are under construction they try to reach out to a huge population for their food needs. Strategic Goals This section will cover the overall goals of gourmet bakers and sweets. At moment we have more than 1700 employees working in the organization. To expand the business to other main cities of Pakistan in next 5 years.

To increase the company’s profits by maintaining the current customers through consistent quality and low prices and getting new ones by opening new outlets.• • • • • • • • • To be among the top companies in the food business. To introduce unique ideas of product marketing. To reduce the cost of production by backward integration strategy. To build strong customer relationships by providing them quality products at the low cost. To implement paperless environment throughout the company. To increase the product mix by adding new product lines. To build better relationships with supplier Financial Strategic Goals • • • • • Minimum branch revenue growth rate will be 10 % annually. 7 . To increase the number of outlets of the company 25 % annually. To double the annual sales in a period of five years. To introduce quality products for health conscious people. To reduce the cost by reducing the wastages during the production and transportation. Using paper bags replacing plastic bags within next two years.

the penetration of the global beverage brands (mainly CocaCola and Pepsi) These changes are threatening and also bringing opportunities to companies. This depression on world economy will slash down our GDP growth as well. Shezan. The fruit juices market is growing for several years. External Analysis Industry Analysis Pakistan produces good quantity and quality of fruit but because of lack of proper storage.SITUATION ANALYSIS Situational analysis involves in it both external and internal factors with respect to the environment that will have an influence on gourmet. They are more focused on drinks also because of health conscious to use natural products and increase our immunity against diseases. Gourmet has been in the food industry of Lahore for the last 21 years and is dominant in its industry because of having more market share than its competitors. coffee & red drinks. For Example Nestle. Soon they will start a new product line of fruit juices in the next two months for which a better offering is needed in order to gain more share by attracting customers. Indirect competitors are those offering bottled water. Pakistan could not earn as much revenue as it can. Overheads are sky high that is affecting cost of product and is not giving much profit in return. 8 . tea. Haleeb. Several changes take place in the fruit juices distribution channels environment in Pakistan. and will be continuing to expand. mainly because these products are aligned with general trends regarding food and beverages consumption. soft drinks. Currently the whole world economy is moving towards deflation. distribution and processing facilities. Coca Cola are Gourmet’s direct competitors in the field of fruit juices and beverages who have already captured a reasonable market share by serving all the classes of customers (high to low). a growing importance of foodservice.

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grape juice & orange juice e.c in 200ml & 1 liter packing. Target Market: Nestle targets both genders. and Haleeb. apple juice. mango juice.000 people and has factories or operations in almost every country in the world Infrastructure It is one of the world's biggest food and Beverage Companies. male and female of all the age groups. Shezan. Tourists are also the target market of nestle as they have to drink safe and healthy fruit juices.t. It targets the upper and middle class people who are health conscious and can afford to drink fruit juices. Nestlé Kit Kat. Nestlé bottled waters and Nestlé juices which include mix fruit juices. Switzerland. Following is the product line regarding fruit juices. Products Nestle offers a variety of brands of which the most well known are Nescafe.Competitive analysis/Competitive Pressures In Fruit juices its direct competitors are Nestle. It has employed around 250. 10 . Let’s take a close look of each Competitor:- “NESTLE” Nestlé was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé with headquarters in Vevey. Minute Maid.

PRODUCT LINE FOR NESTLE FRUIT JUICES Item Name Mango Orange Red Grapes (Nectar) Apple (Nectar) Pine Apple (Nectar) Guava(Nectar) Chaunsa (Nectar) Cocktail Packing size 200 ml 1 Ltr (normal) 200 ml 1 Ltr (normal) 200 ml 1 Ltr 200 ml 1 Ltr 200 ml 1 Ltr 200 ml 1 Ltr 200 ml 1 Ltr 200 ml 1 Ltr Rate Rs: 18/Rs: 68 /Rs: 18 /Rs: 68 /Rs: 18/Rs: 72/Rs: 18 /Rs: 72 /Rs: 18 /Rs: 72 /Rs: 18 /Rs: 72 /Rs: 18 /Rs: 72 /Rs: 18 /Rs: 72 /- Key Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS • • • • • High quality obtained by the usage of a special production process. Safety and Purity from the source to the consumer Produced locally. color and odor. Daily sensor water analysis for flavor. Own industrial laboratories that perform constant control for physical-chemical and bacteriological parameters. close to the consumer. 11 .

PRICE: Nestle is following pricing strategy through which it provides functional and psychological satisfaction to its target customer. PRODUCTION: Nestlé has been treated and rematerialized using a standardized industrial process to ensure purity and quality. newspapers. Nestle is leading producers of fruit juices. The price of 1 Litre pack is Rs. Prices of Nestle fruit juices are relatively higher than their competitors. In summers direct marketing is used for promotion by providing cool points of Nestle Pure Life where chilled Nestle Pure Life is available for instant drinking. Single level channel: Manufacturer Dual level channel: Manufacturer Retailer Wholesaler Retailer Customer Customer PROMOTION: They are using television and radio advertisements in electronic media. In print media they are using billboards. Point of Purchase Promotion (POP) : In big departmental store they have display corner in which Nestle Juices are refrigerated. The pricing strategy of Nestle is market skimming. MARKETING MIX STRATEGIES DISTRIBUTORS: They are using two types of distribution channels. Market prices of individual consumables (200 ml) are Rs.68-72. pole signs and posters.WEAKNESSES: • Nestle fruit juices are relatively expensive than other brands.18. 12 .

Distribution strategies They are also using same two types of distribution channels. Single level channel: Manufacturer Dual level channel: Manufacturer Retailer Wholesaler End user Retailer End User 13 .5 Ltr Introductory Rate Price Rs: 35 /Rs: 85 /Rs: 45 /Rs: 90 /- STRENGTHS • • • • • • • High quality Purity by using pulp(giving effect of natural juice) Heavy Promotions High level of availability Strong Brand Image No local competitors of pulp juices WEAKNESSES: High Prices Pricing Strategy Initially Coca Cola practiced penetration strategy at introductory level and after attaining the positioning they shifted to price skimming strategy.COCA COLA-Minute Maid Item Name Minute Maid Packing size 500 ml 1.

Shezan bakers opened their first outlet in ABID MARKET MOUZANG having target of Lahore with 100-150 items in first outlet. sweets. Now shezan has different product range includes “bakery products. PRODUCT LINE FOR SHEZAN FRUIT JUICES (PLAIN) Item Name Mango Orange Fruit Punch Apple Packing size 250 ml 1 Ltr 250 ml 1 Ltr 250 ml 1 Ltr 250 ml 1 Ltr Rate Rs: 10/Rs: 45 /Rs: 10/Rs: 45 /Rs: 10/Rs: 45 /Rs: 10/Rs: 45 /- 14 . cereal products and disserts and Fruit juices. Following is the product line regarding fruit juices. Infrastructure Currently it has 20+ outlets through out in Lahore operating by 5-6 family directors.Promotion Strategies They believe in the power of promotion to break the competition • • • • Advertising Consumer Promotion Trade Promotion Direct Marketing-Vending Machines “SHEZAN” Shezan bakers & confectioners started their business in 1969 and since then it is running successfully.

ALL PURE JUICES-(SHEZAN’S BRAND) Item Name Grapes Orange Tropical Nectar Apple Packing size 250 ml 1 Ltr 250 ml 1 Ltr 250 ml 1 Ltr 250 ml 1 Ltr Rate Rs: 17/Rs: 62 /Rs: 17/Rs: 62 /Rs: 17/Rs: 62 /Rs: 17/Rs: 62 /- SHEZAN JUICES IN BOTTLED PACKING Item Name Lemon Mango Lychee Orange Packing size 240 ml 1 Ltr 240 ml 1 Ltr 240 ml 1 Ltr 240 ml 1 Ltr Rate Rs: 15/Rs: 70/Rs: 15/Rs: 70/Rs: 15/Rs: 70Rs: 15/Rs: 70- STRENGTHS • • • Highly Experienced (Among Pioneers) Serving Low income class Market Share on Local level WEAKNESSES: • Less Promotion Pricing Strategy Market Penetration strategy. 15 . Distribution strategies They are using both direct and indirect strategies.

Single level channel: Manufacturer Dual level channel: Manufacturer Vertical integration (zero level channel): Retailer Wholesaler Retailer Manufacturer Customer Customer Customer Promotion Strategies It is using both Print and electronic media to promote its product. so it is stuck in the middle. 16 . • • Advertising Trade Promotion HALEEB “ Item Name Apple Mango Orange Packing size 1 Ltr 250 ml 1 Ltr 250 ml 1 Ltr 250 ml Rate Rs: 68/Rs: 10/Rs: 68/Rs: 10/Rs: 68/Rs: 10/- STRENGTHS • • Established Brand Name Serving Low to Medium income class WEAKNESS: • • Relatively Low Perceived Quality Lesser Availability Pricing Strategy Its prices are almost equal same as Nestle while perceived quality is no better then competitors.

fruit based non alcoholic beverages. through innovation. juice added with vitamins and others. energy drinks.e fruit jices Target Markets The people from income point of view is middle to low class is our target market. Dual level channel: Manufacturer Wholesaler Retailer Customer Promotion Strategies It is using both Print and electronic media to promote its product. Market Segmentation We have adopted undifferentiated marketing approach that assumes all customers in the market have similar needs and wants for our products i. Fruit flavored water. freshly Squeezed. is launching several new products. fruit juice with juice bits.Distribution strategies They are using both direct and indirect strategies. with yogurt. The beverage industry. 17 . iced teas. • • Advertising Trade Promotion MARKET ANALYSIS First we should know what Market is. it is defined as” a set of Potential and actual buyers and sellers who give market offerings to the customers”. fruit flavored milk drinks. like fruit flavored.

To maintain the actual customers and to attract the potential customers To provide new products with best quality at low prices based on their needs. new housing and industrial units are being set into place.Positioning “Gourmet Quality Gourmet Prices” Means High Quality with Low prices Marketing and Product Objectives • • • • • The main aim of the company is to cash on the current standing of the company in the fruit business. • • Current Markets New Markets Current Markets Our current market is Lahore city covering its key/main locations New Markets As the population is growing at a rapid rate. This is a big opportunity for the company to reach out to those customers by increasing company’s outlets & these concepts are also useful to launch new products like fruit juices ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS Demographics: 18 . To meet nutritional needs of consumers of all age groups To be the preferred choice for the consumers The market according to gourmet has been categorized into various segments which are as under.

They are also implementing concept of societal marketing by giving donations & charities in various sectors. Upper and middle class who are health conscious will prefer fresh fruit juices. For example they are providing lunch boxes in Children Hospital and contributing operation fees of heart surgery patients in PIC (Punjab institute of cardiology). religion. It is for both male and female of all age groups with all income groups. It is consumed by low middle & high class health conscious people. Economical Factor Almost 1/3 of the population is below poverty line. And these establishments and developments are helpful to further promote their product. Unpredictable law and order situation. This is the very important factor that indicates that there is potential market for purified fruit juices. Technological & Phyical Factors: 19 . electrical shortage and political instability is one of the negative factor to make it difficult for Gourmet to achieve its future growth objectives Social & Cultural Gourmet does not affect any of the social and cultural factor like race.Pakistan has large density of population. language etc. Political/Legal Factors The beverages industry is one of the five major spinners revenue in the central excise duty (CD) regime for the federal board of revenue of Pakistan and the variation in rate of CD imposition will certainly affect the beverages industry. New housing and industrial units are developed in Lahore district which offers a big opportunity for the company to open outlets in the new housing and industrial units.

We will aware our customers that they will not only find the competitive price edge but it also contains extra nutritions.Although physical infrastructure of Pakistan is not very good but Gourmet has its own Industries and laboratories to meet quality standards and ensure value. For example web based communication systems which promote paper less organization. Our customers will find our products in our outlets which are situated at key locations. Since it has medium level prices it will serve mainly the middle class income group. Our Goumet juice will be a good deal to overcome constant overdrive in your life and give your body to equip yourself to fight against daily ware out. This is very important factor that indicates that there could be a potential market for fruit juices. People who are heavy users of pure fruit juices are aware about their nutritional values and benefits and light users basically use it for refreshment and to quench their thirst. THE CUSTOMER ENVIRONMENT Pakistan has large density of population. As it will be a pure fruit juice so their major consumer will be health conscious people of all age groups. It is for both male and female of all age groups. The company is putting their best effort to utilize latest information technologies in its business applications. • • • • • • Gourmet is operating its outlets in different class localities in Lahore.” 20 .

No treatment plant for industrial wastes. The company needs to develop an integrated computerized system to make things happen efficiently. Strengths The major strengths of the company will be as under.O. The company will ensure that it will do as much as it can for the society in terms of charity. 21 .W. Outlets on key locations of the city. Non availability of a website.O. Adequate pricing to meet the demands of the customers. Now we will discuss each and every step in detail. are as under. Focus on only one city that is Lahore.T analysis is a study of Strengths. Weaknesses. Great and neutral taste which suits all the family Quality is ensured at each and every step. This feature creates a sense of security of the job from lower to higher management. Own distribution network. Weaknesses The weaknesses. Excellent relationships with the suppliers. • • • • • • • • • • To gain state of the art technology to produce the products. which the company has to focus on and get rid of them. We need to reach out to as much cities as we can to gain more market share.INTERNAL ANALYSIS S. • • • • No paperless environment. It is a major strength of gourmet that they have kept all their employees on permanent basis.T Analysis S.W. Product assortment and placement. Opportunities and Threats.

So we need to focus this area in order to get to the maximum number of customers.• • • Advertisement on electronic media is not that much aggressive as their competitors do. Growth by vertical integration. i. Political instability. Employee politics. Electricity shortage. • • New housing and industrial units. • • External markets. All restaurants. Opportunities The major opportunities for the company are as under. Law and order situation of the country. The company can advertise and introduce its outlets in other cities of Pakistan to gain more market share. Less communication among various functional departments. Shezan & Malee in the field of beverages industry poses threat for gourmet. Oil pricing in the country. Publicity through trade shows. • • • • • Competitors such as Nestle. all major dairy products manufacturers. 22 . Threats The major threats to the company are as under. It is a big opportunity for the company to open outlets in the new housing and industrial units. Backward Integration By growing through backward integration we mean that we will become the supplier of all the input materials.

MATCHING. CURRENT STRATEGY We can explain Gourmet’s current strategy on the basis of marketing mix:23 . opportunities & threats are interlinked. weaknesses.SWOT MATRIX COMPARISON OF SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Opportunities Weakness Threats According to this concept strengths can be converted in to opportunities or weaknesses can be converted in to threats or opportunities so in SWOT all the four factors like strengths. CONVERTING. best quality.g having no websites can be converted into strength by introducing latest information technology. MINIMIZING & AVOIDING STRATEGIES: • Gourmet’s strengths like technology. reasonable prices and own distribution network can be used to exploit opportunity of expanding business in other regions. • Our weakness of outdated information system for e.

44 while gourmet is planning to offer juices in same packing but with less price. Gourmet will also offer energy drinks (specially young people. Place/Distribution With it’s four processing units and 73 sales outlets plus 3 outlets are under construction they try to reach out to a huge population for their needs. We will use point of sales promotion (POP). sports man etc) and also sugar free fruit drinks. Sales promotion for consumer with push strategy for the promotion of fruit juices. 72 & Shezan is Rs. Even it is offering various fruit juices in different packing like tetra pack (250 ML & 1. So due to it’s reasonable number of outlets located at various places (from low to middle class consumer markets) it can easily provide variety of it’s fruit juices to the customers. LCD TV. Gourmet will also serve its drinks in it’s restaurant. posters.g. Prices of Gourmet fruit juices will be lower than their competitors Price is certainly it’s competitive advantage for example it will offer 1 liter pack juice with 15-20% less in price than its competitors e. Gourmet is following corporate virtual marketing system in which the retailer also own the manufacturing and distribution channel.5ML). Promotion Strategy Unlike competitors Gourmet is not using Main media. broshuers. 24 . Nestle1 liter juice (Guava/Pine apple/Orange is Rs..Product Strategy Gourmet will offer variety of fruit juices to cater the needs of various market segments eg it will offer fresh fruit juices by following new product strategy as MARKET NICHER. Pricing Strategy The pricing strategy of Gourmet is market penetration. Although it’s strong private brand label that will be supportive in running it’s fruit juices business. Bottle juices (500ML).

Coca Cola&Shezan Haleeb . Gourmet Low Price . High Quality . Shezan Low Quality Over a period of two decades gourmet has positioned its products as quality products in the minds of the customers. The big success in the bakery products has helped gourmet to position other business products such as restaurant and dairy products in an effective manner and now this success will also support in positioning its fruit juices business CORPORATE CULTURE 25 . “GOURMET QUALITY GOURMET PRICES”.Positioning Positioning Map (BY PRICE/QUALITY) High Price Nestle. .

Gourmet top management highly care for their employees rights to grow more by getting high market share because in their view growth of the company is directly proportional with the growth of employees and behind all this practice they want to get the brand recognition globally. • 26 . To improve the capabilities of our employees we give training sessions to them at operational level to make them understand how to deal with customers. Apart from investment they have total of 73 outlets out of which 5 outlets are on rental basis and 68 outlets are owned by them. Our corporate culture involves in it a hygienic environment which is maintained every where i.The culture of Gourmet is certainly democratic where there is an open door communication between employer & employees. STRATEGIC ANALYSIS Key Strategic Issues • Distribution Channel Ownership Strong Private label brand (developed by whole seller and retailer) and this is the first private brand in Pakistan among Bakers & Confectionaries that competes with national brands like nestle. good quality building good relation ship and accommodating them in a best possible way. And from this huge investment they are expecting return on investment (ROI) from 10-15 %. Their main financer/banker is Citibank. from manufacturing plant to outlets. This thing creates a feeling of self respect within the employees and motivates them to work for growth of their organization. FINANCIAL ANAYSIS Gourmet has invested 600 million on its beverages plant. coca cola with their low price and high quality offerings. One of the main objective is to facilitate customers by providing them with good service. Our break even sales volume will be 6975 Ltrs/day in the first year and there after we will further enhance it by 10% in proceeding years. helping them in making decision after knowing their needs.e.

As our product will be at introductory stage in which we are expecting low sales because of huge competition that we have already discussed in competitive analysis.STRATEGIC TOOLS Product Life Cycle INTRODUCTION (our present stage) GROWTH MATURITY DECLINE Our marketing objective is to create a product awareness and trial of it. We are offering fruit juices at low rates and expecting negative profit in the very beginning but for the growth of our product we have made following strategies of it. 27 .

In the beginning we have to bear heavy capacity cost failing to achieve economies of scale. We will make it available in our all outlets. As per our market research we see a potential growth in fruit juices due to change in behavior of consumers towards natural product (because of health consciousness). IDENTIFICATION OF STRATEGIC ALTERNATIVES 28 .Initially we will offer a basic product means by keeping the available packages (pack size) to make the customer familiar and easy to understand and absorb our product. And will reshape our strategies according to PLC model. BCG MATRIX gourmet cash cow ? Growth Rate Dog Market Share As we are launching fruit juices and we will try our level best to put it in category of STARS (by getting high growth & high market share) of BCG matrix.

gourmet pasteurized milk.e dairy products (gourmet powdered milk. ARGUMENTS OF PREFERRED CHOICE The preference will be made on the kind of situation we are in so accordingly we will take a decision. IDENTIFICTION AND ANALYSIS OF & CHOICE OF ALTERNATIVES We have different alternatives to support our business or to minimize our loss. further gourmet fruit juices. And these all products are related to beverages plant so they are working as an alternative to one another and also playing a role in supporting company based business i. For example first we launched gourmet milk. 29 . STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATIONS THREE YEARS FINAL OBJECTIVES Our 3 years annual objectives include launching of multiple products regarding beverages i. STRATEGIC INTENT Our long term plan is to get maximum market share through cost leader ship. This will also result in increasing the turn over. then gourmet water and then gourmet cola. & gourmet fruit juices) that will support each other sales. gourmet squashes & gourmet powder milk are included in our future projects. Gourmet will only place his own products in their outlets in near future replacing products of other brands by manufacturing the same products with their own brands.e of bakery and confectionaries. • • • • Invest more Wait & see Harvesting Start Divesting.As we are following multi product strategy in which we are not only launching fruit juices but also other items to sustain gourmet business and making brand extension along with other product lines that will act as an alternative to each other.

OPERATING PROGRAMMES TO ACHIEVE DIVERSITY As we are consistent with existing Food product line that is in growth stage and will stay in the same product line so we don’t have any operating programmes to achieve diversity. Currently they have a plan to launch fruit juices by entering in the market with market penetration strategy that will prevent to enter new competitor and in case of entry of new competitor they will further reduce the price by maintaining or keeping same good quality. i. Under prevailing economic crises there is probability of increase in production cost due to high inflation rate and imposition of new taxes. Unless we do not capture the whole market to its maximum level along with stability we will not go for it. Our whole business is based on multiple product strategy so in case of any failure of one product the other product will support the gourmet business. METHODOLOGY OF RESEARCH 30 .e Keeping customers stick to our brand through cost leadership strategy. TRIGGER (CONTINGENCY PLAN) This is a basically situational plan which we used to divest unproductive product and promote profitable products. Gourmet has planned to reduce cost by and backward integration.The strategy behind launching fruit juices is to get maximum turn over. So in this way their contingency plan will be cyclical as per situation. Establishing outlets at national level.

2009 to May 01.2009 Control Measures Survey current customer about their likes and dislikes Pricing (Maintain price) Nov 01. 2010 Verify if the market share is increasing or not from monthly sales report. 31 . But now we will establish marketing department along with R& D department.Nov 01.2009. For the last ten years we were keeping the sales record of the competitors which make us aware about significant changes in trends and responses of customers and it helped us to forecast future sales and making effective strategic decisions. IMPLEMENTATION & CONTROL MATRIX May 01.2011 Product (Testing & Launch) Time Frame May 01. The R&D department will be responsible to perform situational analysis.We have no special marketing teams or R& D department. We will conduct surveys of customers to find out there preferences about Gourmet products and analyze sales reports to identify significant trends. 09-Nov 01.

k 32 .Office Automation Employee training seminars Feb 2009 Survey to measure popularity REFERENCES: Websites: www. 2010 Verify available force updated with systems are appropriate software and evaluate the sales Promotion May-July.

com Names Mr.coca-cola. Zubair Mr. Mazhar Hussain Manager Shop 33 . Ali Surat Mr. Ali Ahmad CCO Gourmet GM Gourmet Beverages Plant Manager Shop Mr.www.