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Unshackled - A Survivors Story of Mind Control

Unshackled - A Survivors Story of Mind Control


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Published by: OpenEye on Jun 13, 2011
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After my second brother was born in 1961, we moved across town to
a two-story, red brick home on East 36th Street in Reiffton, a sedate
community. Already a tomboy, I found lots of places outside to play
and hide.

I was painfully shy when I attended Reiffton Elementary School, a red
brick building several blocks from home. Although I made good grades,
I was frustrated when teachers wrote on the backs of my report cards that
I was shy. I couldn’t help it!
My inability to socialize created other problems. I was usually the last
child chosen to be on a dodge ball team during recess. I tried not to
cry when the leaders of the two teams argued about who would have to
take me.

Still, school was important to me. It was my safe place. I do not yet
have any memories of having been abused by any of my elementary
teachers. They were my lifeline to sanity and morality.4
Because I received positive attention from the teachers, I worked hard
to please them. They treated me as a good girl, worthy of attention and
praise. From them, I learned to treat others fairly and to obey rules. They
proved to me that some adults were fair and honest. I’m grateful that they
cared about me, because they laid the essential foundation for my sense
of morality and social responsibility.

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