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Required Work Force

Required Work Force

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Published by: rahulnk on Jun 14, 2011
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Compensation Payable for Labor & Contractor Supply

10 June 2011 1) Required Work Force : - Fitter, Plumber, Mason, Electrician, Bar-bender, Concrete mixer,
Wall punning/ Ceiling workers, Painter, Mali etc. *Such category of people shall be evaluated and examined by our site engineer prior to appointment

2) Quality: - a) ITI Passed
b) Skilled Category c) Unskilled Category d) Semiskilled Category Conditions:1. Medically fit & free from any type of major diseases. 2. Should follow all the Statutory & Safety Norms. 3. Labor rates payable for 8 working hours & in accordance to prevailing wages payable to civil category of work force. 4. Contractor should work on labor rate basis & should achieve planned targeted work quantum. 5. Contractor should have labor license & follow all statutory regulation including workers. Compensation insurance. 6. Retention Money Deduction. 7. Weekly Billing Schedule 8. Water & Electricity will be supplied at one point. 9. Contractor can undertake work on Unit rate or chatai rate (sq ft basis).

3) Following Compensation Agreed upon S.N Description 1) Labor Supplies Category Fitter, Plumber, Mason, Electrician, Bar-binder, Wall Punning ,Ceiling Work, Painter, Mali etc. Shuttering, Steel work, Excavation, Concrete, POP, Plaster/Brickwork, Glass Work, Wood Work, Fabrication. Supervisor, Site Engg. , Project Engg. , Project Manager Agent¶s commission 10% of monthly emoluments labor received. 3% of monthly bill on labor component. Remarks Minimum employment of worker should be 1 month. If with material job is given, then labor component is considered only.





2% of monthly emoluments received.

Minimum employment of staff should be 1 month.

Ramnath Developers Pvt. Ltd, Nagpur

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